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  1. Leusov

    Fun with missions: Design your own!

    First - read this thread EU weekly missions: a constructive feedback thread. Second - What parameters we can use for: Missions: wins, ship kills, damage (all, sink, fire, ram, torp, main gun, secondary gun, CV bomb, CV torp), plane kills, number of (main gun hits, secondary gun hits, fires, floodings, destroyed modules. first spot, ribbons, torp hits, CV torp hits, CV bomb hits), achievements. Rewards: ships, commanders, credits, signals, special signals, port slots, commander slots, exp, free exp, commander exp, doubloons, camos, flags, consumables, modifications, special modifications, premium time, containers. Third - Time frame (hour, day, week, month). What is my offer: Three difficulty modes with 3 missions in each other: You can choice one, but if it too hard for you, you can drop it (with loss all progress) and take another. And you can complete all three alternately. 2 weeks for all. Lieutenant (easy) - Any ships IV-VII - get 1m damage in any number of battles. Any cruisers and battleships IV-VII - get 1k main gun hits, get 15 citadel hits in any number of battles. Any ships IV-VII - kill 15 ships, get 200k fire, flooding or ram damage. Reward for all: 10 signal containers, 1m credits. Captain (normal) - Any ships V-VIII - get 2m damage in any number of battles. Any ships V-VIII - get 1k main gun hits, get 500k damage to cruisers in any number of battles. Any ships V-VIII - kill 30 ships, kill 100 planes, get 30k exp (not base) in any number of battles. Reward - 100k commander exp, 20 Ocean Soul camo, 10 signal containers. Admiral (hard) - Any ships VII-X - earn one First blood achierments, earn 3 Devastating Strike achierments in any number of battles. Any ships VII-X - get 2m damage, earn 3 Fireproof achierments, earn 3 Confederate achierments in any number of battles. Any ships VII-X - earn 3 High Caliber achierments, earn one Kraken Unleashed achierment, in any number of battles and get 3 captured or assisted in captirig ribbons in one battle. Reward - 1 supercontainer, 200k commander exp, 250 doubloons. P.S. Yes, i know this will require a small improvement of mission system. I will write mission tasks without it next time.
  2. Leusov

    Event Calendar - June

    MrConway, please pin this thred in main page.
  3. Did you vote, Commander?
  4. Leusov

    Some interesting info around the world

    0.6.6 HSF tier VIII destroyer Harekaze stats https://sea-group.org/?p=2893&lang=en New PvE medals https://sea-group.org/?p=2884&lang=en
  5. Leusov

    [Idea] Win/Loss streak rewards

    Do you want to lose specifically to get a -10% post-battle cost bonus? I don`t fhink so. Wins get you better reward anyway.
  6. Leusov

    [Idea] Win/Loss streak rewards

    Sometimes we winning 2, 3, 4 or more battles in a row on same or different ships. Sometimes we have bad days, hell no MM, detonations on first salvo and defeats with 200k damage and Kraken, I have an idea how to reward players, who win or loss 3+ matches in a row: For 3rd, 4th and other wins in a row on same ship - +20% credits for each win above third inclusive. It`s not a disballance reward, but good opportinity for earnd more credits For 3rd, 4th and other wins in a row on different ships - +10% credits for each win above the third inclusive An exception for 1 and 2 - If you have win streak on 1.Atago, 2.Lexington, 3.Bismark, 4.Bismark, 5.Bismark you earn +30% credits for 5th win (10%+20%) For 3rd, 4th and other losses in a row - -10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle repair. This feature is an interesting things for weekly missions/events (win streak exactly, no loss streak), future campain missions and will help to latten out disappointment of multiple defeats. What do you think?
  7. Leusov

    Event Calendar - May

    May be yes, may be not, May be Oleg, may be NOPE Btw, i don`t want this ship, but, if WG want to gift me some new camos... It will be great.
  8. Leusov

    Elemental camo in premium shop

    Do you really read messages in thread? Look 2nd message
  9. Leusov

    Elemental camo in premium shop

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Day_(9_May) WG made new camo timed to this holiday.
  10. Leusov

    Event Calendar - May

    MrConway, i see interesing anonce on RU WoWs cluster timed to the Victovy Day with good missions with final reward russian III tier cruiser "Oleg". Do we will have same on EU server?
  11. I`m collecting camouflages. How can i buy or earn at least 1 Team Fire camo for my collection if in in team water?
  12. Leusov

    Event Calendar - May

    Pin "Event calendar" page or image or link on https://worldofwarships.eu/. Some empty space on rigt side.