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  1. Well guys they would perhaps want me to start a new thread but all the same I'm done on here it's developing into a torpedo show as I thought it would. Everyone wants to finish his enemy and the next and the next so he can rack up lots of pay dirt. I would really like it if the Game was tired into era's rather than ships but I doubt that will happen. You only need to look at world of tanks to realise what the team has aimed at. Cheers guys and gals have fun I'm off to read a book. My name was supposed to be "Spindrift" but I kind of liked how it turned out.
  2. Sindrift

    Chopped up

    I find collision avoidance operates too early it's like bouncing off unseen cushions on a snooker table. Hey? What? Where are we going now???
  3. Sindrift

    german ships of glass

    German cruisers made of glass? My little Emden and Coalburger are great little ships compared with the St Louis for instance which has 20knts short range guns compared with German ships turns like a truck on ice. Should I go on? I thought that the Karl was bad until I tried the St Louis, now give me the Karl over this old tub any day of the week.
  4. Sindrift

    noobs read, im sick of loosing games couse you suck

    I think I have an answer to your problems mate. Only play the top tiers. They can't be noobs so you are bound to find people as good as your self.
  5. Sindrift

    Most handsome and most ugly ship in the game

    Best in the Game would have to be a late Yanky cruiser, they just seem to get better as time went on, and the ugly duck is, more difficult to assess. I'll go for the Chester which is against what I think is really ugly but looks to have too much freeboard.
  6. Sindrift

    Most handsome and most ugly ship in the game

    If you like weird warships try the French stuff about 1870's to early 1900's. My lord the Redoubtable I think is shocking. For instance they stuck to tumble home sides which made them look odd. However they had some very strange looking ships and they were never tested in anger so who knows how good they were. Quaint I think. Of course this was the transition period from muzzle loading gun to breech loaders and so I suppose it took a while for designs to settle and best use the new fangled technology.
  7. Sindrift

    Ranked ... Yet AGAIN

    As a tester I assume that's a similar job as a moderator on other forums, yeah? So your job is to moderate not give opinions on persons on here. Your job is to edit bad language or move threads to a more appropriate topics if they are of a similar vein. One final point before I quit this game completely (Which by the way I decided to do about a week ago and due to the amount of xp required to move up.) The search engine on hear is as abysmal as it can be. I have never been able to find any thread/topic I want to so perhaps the search engine needs a buff, to use the jargon on here.
  8. Sindrift

    Ranked ... Yet AGAIN

    Flyto: Yes multiple salvos one from port side the other from starboard torps. Not that I'm sure what I'm talking about here but that's exactly what it looks like to me. Is it not possible to fire your torps in banks rather than all together? I just had a game in old Louis where all I did for the duration was weave about dodging tors. Had the guy kept the spread close I would have been dead. However not really what I call fun in a Victorian era cruiser and just the sort of mismatch I think ought to be done away with. Place old ships in an old ship class. Who ever heard of a turn of the century cruiser showing up for a bun fight with carriers? Oh and what happened to my previous post don't like getting a taste of your own eh?
  9. Sindrift

    Ranked ... Yet AGAIN

    I guess it could be there intentionally to give the destroyers a chance. However I too feel it's over played this cloaking bull. It's not as though they are easy to hit especially if you are in a battle ship, they have time to fire torps in one direction and then from another and all before you reload. Also hitting them with the main armament in a battle ship is almost impossible if the guy knows what he's doing. Edit for Question: So is it illegal to have destroyers disappear? Or is it part of the setup? I know I've had them disappear when they are really close which is nonsense. Also when in this situation you do need control of the secondary armament. ilhilh go away and grow up it's fair that the guy here wants to question how the game works and the only way he can learn is to ask as I do too.
  10. Sindrift

    I think the report system needs a update

    Perhaps he had mates on the other team? Or in a clan so that they wish to help their mates. I don't know but it is I think the most written about subject on World of Warships. I've also confessed to accidently firing on ally's but it was an accident for which in the next match the guy took me out. Here's a scenario: You spot red the other side of an island. You get ready to blow him out of the water as he appears. I've already adjusted my sight level to the water line. Out he pop's and blam he takes a full broadside. It's only then that you realise it's a team mate but in the same type of ship. The enemy is still behind the next row of islands beyond this island. Embarrassing and unfortunate but unlike what you had unintentional. Perhaps he's jealous of your Avatar I know I am I think it's the best I've seen for this game. Good Luck matey.
  11. Sindrift

    Sudden battle stutter

    Yeah I've had it a few times. Win 10. I put it down to heavy load on the AI after all it has to cope with perhaps fifty guns all firing in different directs and all at differing trajectories, Perhaps 16 ships at differing speeds and so on, etc. There again what do I know. However sometimes the sky above the battle looks like November the 5th. I'll try and keep an eye on it and perhaps remember the situation, (ship wise.)
  12. What a Grinch. Black list me PLEASE.
  13. Sindrift


    Drigtol: I have trouble assigning my main guns to a target never mind secondary's. The Kawachi is like a bloody shot gun even at point blank it will miss with everything you chuck at the enemy. Two shells fired from a single turret put a shell each side of the target. "Now I'm warning you the next salvo will be right across your bows. Or perhaps across your stern, I'm not too sure really." What's all that about. Stretching the game a bit longer? Azalgor: No? If you are in the Itchy the secondary's open up on the enemy when close. To me it proves that the so and so sailors have been on the SAKI again! They couldn't hit the side of a barn door. (Next time in port there will be no leave for the crew!)
  14. Sindrift

    The holy grail of a ship is missing!

    I suppose you could have a fog horn for when you are in smoke. Or perhaps that whoop whoop eeeek noise when you are about to crunch into an ally. Sorry, but to me, it's a bit of a daft idea.
  15. Sindrift

    Too many dds!

    DDs are certainly a pain in the buttocks if you are in an old BS. Unless your aim is first shot spot on they are very hard to kill. What I have found so far is it's difficult to get a origami cruiser close enough to torp with much success as it's more like SUCK Cess-pool. KABOOM! Though it sounds to me like most of you have been playing for a while so I doubt my opinion amounts to much.