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  1. LandlubberWookie_IRL

    [edited] MECHANICS

    Love being set on fire in a BB yet again 10 times in the space of 3 minutes and having cruisers penetrate Bow on, absolutely [edited]magnificent to fire back and watch shells land no where near where I aim, not to mention the amazing 4k limit damage from [edited]YAMATO SHELLS. But hey its awesome to use our health pool.....which lasts 30 seconds while your on fire for 3 minutes, one fire starting directly after another..directly after you have had to use your damage control that takes 1:30 seconds to cool down....it is awesome to have guns nerf'd to the point of might as well be aiming at a [edited]MAP BORDER........WARGAMING BALANCE YOUR [edited]BB GAMEPLAY, HARDER TO SET ON FIRE OR QUICKER COOL DOWNS ON DAMAGE CONTROL.....oh and as a side note....MAYBE [edited]GUNS THAT DO THEIR JOB would be nice again......BATTLESHIPS ARE SOMETHING TO BE FEARED but I guess Wargamings Mission statement is we like giving things to just CV/CL's and DD's.....BB's can go [edited]themselves!!!! FIX your house!
  2. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    How awesome it is to be set on fire every 10 seconds.....it is also equally awesome that a Battleship Bow on can be penetrated by everything......equally awesome watching Battleship shells bounce and shatter off cruisers........Battleship gameplay is a joke with no advantages.....a Battleship thanks to developers is now nothing to be feared just something to get damage points from...........Wargaming might want to look at Balancing Battleships........becasue nothing screams fun more than being set on fire every 10 seconds, watching your shells landing no where near where you aim and by the time you activate a repair party and health regeneration you have lost that same amount of health mostly from being penetrated by everything and set on fire again in the 10 to 15 seconds those modules are working..........I love Battleships made of wood.....should issue marshmallows to cruiser drivers.......really they are having a roast they might as well have a [edited]snack too!
  3. LandlubberWookie_IRL

    BB *edit

    Yamato, 3 pens on another BB........4k damage....set on fire twice...use damage control and then health regeneration....in the space of the modules timing out from use....then set on fire again 3 times.....awesome mechanics....really awesome. Looking forward to BB's going the way CV's did with no one bothering to play them much in the future.....
  4. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    Love being set on fire constantly.....love watching Yamato shells bounce off a broadside cruiser.......love the spreads going where I am not aiming.......could you nerf us in BB's some more please!
  5. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    Love playing almost 10 rounds in T10 batles in T8 ships....absolutely awesome MM
  6. I love taking my battleships out, being set on fire every 2 seconds, watching shells overpens, bounce on broadside cruisers, or getting overpens on a bow on cruiser.....and then being spammed to death with fire and over penetrated bow on by said cruisers, yes being in a BB is very balanced. Not to mention the weak AA now that the 'balanced' CV's can drop torps right next to my hull with no [edited] given by the planes and no reaction time for me to turn my ship........even though the AA sees and is pointed onto the Squadron miles out and I am already turning like the devil..........but having the advantage of repairs every decade does help keep the fires down and the flooding to a minimum. I do love watching a spread on my German BB's ESPECIALLY, I don't see any bias honestly, my spreads heading off to the next map because apparently I was aiming there without prior knowledge. I do love how such a big ship has only 3 modules at most...........one for a repair every decade, one to recover health that is currently being spammed off by fire.....the other a useless spotter or fighter aircraft where, lets face it, we have seen kites with more capabilities....yes being in BB is fun........very balanced for BB's. Same kind of balance as taking guns off the Gneis because it would be too powerful, but putting 16 on a French one isn't. Pretty much going to see what War Thunder have to offer soon...........and I ain't the only one.
  7. LandlubberWookie_IRL

    Atrocious MM Constantly

    Atrocious Matchmaking is a constant
  8. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    Clearly it is all in my mind. Clearly I must 'get gud'. Clearly I know nothing about Armour v's Penetration. Clearly I hang at the back and snipe.
  9. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    Obviously and this is for the idiots who missed the point, the 'get gud' morons specifically, 7 kills in one round in a BB pretty much wasn't a fluke. The point which needs to be restated that you overlooked I will clarify, MM T8 constantly pushed against T10's.....now if you clowns care to read the statement and understand it instead of the 'get gud, mimimimi' COD tard answers by all means come down to any come against me TIER FOR TIER, but if your attitude is the 'get gud' kind or the T10 class of mimimi moron, well I can just let my gameplay speak for itself, and any moron who goes off to quote stats....here's is a thing, hard to get good positive stats when your T6 is pushed in against T8's constantly*, or your T8's are pushed in against T10's constantly*, as for armour v's penetration pretty much Moot Points on a game that is not historically, mathematically accurate considering the Balance, Gneisenau how many guns historically, mathematically did and should it actually have, and lets not even mention the laughable nerfing of the accuracy, considering what German guns were known for.
  10. LandlubberWookie_IRL


    Why is it when I pick a ship class and tier I am always, not once off, not every now and again, ALWAYS, put into battles that are two tiers above my class?? I do not mind a hard fight, I do not mind fighting a ship above my tier, or two tiers above, but when I am constantly thrown in against ships that I SHOUL NOT BE IN AGAINST in EVERY ROUND. After all I work hard grinding to get that tier to fight that tier ship in that tier of battles so why is this not happening? Why is it my BB shells ricochet laughably off a cruiser, where spam fire from a cruiser has no problem penetrating my BATTLEship bringing down my HP rapidly, laughably again, where another BB has np deleting my ship like I am made of citadels or firewood? It does not make for fun good and enjoyable gameplay constantly being thrown in against heavier tiers where I have little and no chance of enjoying the game. Battleships set on fire like we are made out of tinder? Poor spreads, where in actual historical naval gunnery the spreads became more and more accurate on specific targets after each salvo, laughable ricochets on cruisers, woeful (and I do mean [edited]woeful) Tiering. Every advantage is given to cruisers and destroyers for stealth and fire and modules for radar, hydro etc. etc. Fair enough, but there is no balance for Battleship players to play the class because it is now more frustrating annoying and NOT FUN or enjoyable in anyway lately now. I do not mind a hard fight, even one against the odds, but lately this game for me has become so unenjoyable more frustrating and not rewarding as a Battleship player, I also play cruisers and destroyers, but officially its now a joke. My highest kill rate in a round has been 7 ships in a Battleship same tier and one above, nowadays......since I am thrown in two tiers above my class by the time I get into the fight because my class off BB is slower, less manoeuvrable and outranged, I pretty much just move across the map to get fire spammed (after all I am made of wood and not steel) and then deleted in one salvo from a higher tier BB while I watch my shells do less damage than a cruiser. At this stage where me and friends were starting a clan, we are now so frustrated to the point of moving on to other games, not bothering to play much anymore and highly recommending to other players/ friends to avoid it so as to save themselves the experiences we have had for the last month. And we really did enjoy this game up until 3 weeks ago. Randomly being thrown into one tier or two tiers above my class is fine........EVERY [edited]ROUND, is a bit annoying now! Or is it just me???? Probably will fall on deaf ears???? gl and hf lads, lasses, non gender specific gender fluid social justice warrior types (think that covers everyone lol)