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  1. Jonybernas

    PT 0.9.4 - General Feedback

    I think the PT is down cause the subs thingy has ended
  2. Jonybernas

    Server down at the moment?

    In that case, why they give premium days to keep the servers down (I payed for it)... screw them.... I hope they give back what I've payed...
  3. Jonybernas

    Server down??

    they say some are unable to connect to battle.... I would say more then same....
  4. Jonybernas

    Server down??

    I want a compensation.... the remaining 14h until ranked end, are passing by....I have other games to play....
  5. I also have the same issue, try to enter a battle only for the ship to return to port. I have tried different tier ships, all same result


  6. Jonybernas

    Server down??

    Same here... can't enter a match. I get thrown back to the port
  7. Jonybernas

    very weird bug, possibly game-breaking

    Same here....
  8. For some reason, I can't enter a battle... it starts loading and then I get back to port....
  9. Jonybernas

    Russian Cruiser Trailer

    When will these cruisers be available to research in game? Any idea???