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  1. Vugbar

    Flooding effects & ship spotting technology

    Flood effect is really nice! But flood is much fast now....so, good job? Nope!
  2. Vugbar

    Ranked Season 10

    What is your position in wg staff Shingetsu?
  3. Vugbar

    Ranked Season 10

    Stalingrad is unsinkable from any angle...ask around.....Its wg policy to reward broadcaster and marketing players.....
  4. Vugbar

    Ranked Season 10

    Hmm .....Stalingrad? Indeed balanced!
  5. Vugbar

    Ranked Season 10

    Never t10 in ranked...it s a sad joke....already exist clan wars...so, what for in ranked?
  6. Vugbar

    Ranked Season X

    Sorry, but is a sad joke T10 ranked....
  7. Vugbar

    Battle interface

    All settings the same. Still no aim on torpedos.
  8. Vugbar

    Battle interface

    No mods and i reinstall the game
  9. Vugbar

    Battle interface

    Hello guys, After current update, my dd's battle interface has a strange issue. The torpedo targeting mechanism is damaged. Is missing :-(. It's a new setting or what?
  10. Vugbar

    New User Interface

    Hello guys, After update my torpedo lost their aiming mechanics. It's normal ?
  11. Vugbar

    Battle interface weird

    Dear mate, this is what i'm talking about
  12. Vugbar

    Battle interface weird

    Hello guys, After current update, my battle interface in dd plays has a strange issue. Torpedo green path and aiming mechanics (white proposed salvo path) is missing. It s a new settings that i missed or what?
  13. Vugbar

    Romania players only

    DA! Si eu si eu....Vugbar in joc.