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  1. DuckHuntPr0

    Plz alter that noise

    I can kind of understand what you mean, bandsaws and CNC took mine....What kind of audio output do you use? Earplugs are often hell of a lot worse than good old headphones that cups the the entire ear, instead of just shooting the crap right at the eardrum..If this is the case, then WG should at least cut the higher Hertz from the sounds (which i, and sure alot of others, can't hear difference if they did remove it or not). Meanwhile, if using Linux and Wine, turning down "treble" a bit should be fairly easy on a PulseAudio/Alsa...But I'm sure there must be those kind of Equalizer tools on Windows OS' as well. If even just at "Control Panel > Sound".. (https://www.google.no/?gws_rd=ssl#newwindow=1&q=windows+sound+output+equalizer) . E.G If using headphone, have them set to that, and not stereo speakers. ...To me it just sounds like (counterstrike) flashbangs..
  2. DuckHuntPr0

    Plz alter that noise

    It happens to me, alot, but i can't really tell high pitch frequencies any longer. Don't know to the audio format WoWS uses, but to me it sounds wierd it should be a problem unless people use headphones with volume turned way up ridiculously loud (past safe-for-work 80 decibels). Though past that point, the high Hz might be annoying, but the low/mid Hz would then be far more damaging in the long run.
  3. DuckHuntPr0

    Plz alter that noise

    Consider it as a flashbang grenade? After all, you being captain of the ship, is in there, in the citadel...With all respect, expect some "weird things" to occur should a 10cm+, highly explosive round (a bomb) hit your station(?) Be glad there is not "headshot!" where the entire bridge deck and command section would "in reality" get smeared along the remaining steel like juicy paté(?)..
  4. DuckHuntPr0

    Why there is nothing like kill assist or count as kill

    For some reason, when you say that, i got a vision of the nut-crazy Scrat squirrel from the Ice Age movies..
  5. DuckHuntPr0


    Since the lame part of the playerbase so often scream "Report! Report! Please ALL Report!!!" against even people who are NOT playing at that moment (afk), for maybe having to take a s*it at the toilet or trying to survive a heart attack...Why should they not do the same against enemies who sink their ships, or team who accidentally hit them with a shot trying to guard them? It makes perfect sense that they, being lame, salty, sore loosers, impatient, raging, unreasonable and childish players, would do such; Without even considering the labels of the option-categories given in report menu. In my short captain career, i have use 1 report, and that was today..Against a teammate who practically smirked (and seemingly admitted) when accused by enemy players of aimbotting (and also since when i try spectacting him after i died, nothing made sense and view going haywire with fps drop++ when i tried). So i reported; "BOT", not because i was sure he did, but for wanting and hoping a GM to look at the case more closely. ...(I think we even lost that match..) The advice i was given was simply "ignore it".
  6. Learn to both loose or win with same grace every time?
  7. DuckHuntPr0

    advocating terrorism

    Sadly; Expect shitty internet-a**holes to appear, yelling for success of hitler, mao or stalin, for the death of others, and for matchplayer's (even teammates), to commit suicide...But yeah, not acceptable any of such. Use report function, perhaps print screen a screenshot should it be very severe, then put the screenshot toward WG support.
  8. DuckHuntPr0

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Here is my settings, on much slower computer ( i can not get 60 even if i tried, but i get decent fps that i dont notice much problem) Linux Mint Mate x64 Wine 1.9.5 (chosen from PlayOnLinux wine version manager) With 1.7 or 1.8 from apt-get however, i get garbled sound and music. GLSL enabled and DirectDrawRendered set to opengl, all else to "default". NOTE: If the installing/updating often crashes during download and updating, go to WoWS launcher Settings menu and turn off seeding, OR better yet download the patches into 'updates' folder with a torrent client, before running the Launcher. (the .torrent files are found in 'updates' folder, as they appear). Every in-game setting on low in 1440x900 fullscreen on slow computer, Quad Core and dual nvidia 9600GT (Wine is bad at SLI btw, if at all) but its highly playable here imo, and yours should have no problem) Skål!
  9. DuckHuntPr0

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    It's a shame that WG can not come with native linux client. Eventhough Wine works quite perfectly to run both tanks and warships..
  10. DuckHuntPr0

    What is criteria for report?

    Oh ok, i was under the impression from reading WoT forum about the system that too many e.g reports for "poor sportmanship" would lead to autoban needing an appeal. That at a GM looks into it seems far better... Anyway, this thread i feel has moved way out of the topic, if there are no actual given criterias for a report. Cheers for answer! Keep the guns loaded!
  11. DuckHuntPr0

    What is criteria for report?

    I do as well. And kudos for it. But it's frustrating if e.g one team, can punish a teammate into ban by just mass reporting... I have reported 2 times in my rather new WoT career, both were for intentional teamkilling (several shots, turning them blue at kill). But then i found out "blacklisting" and hoping that works much more effective. However: Original point was, "What is criteria for reporting?"...that system sucks if a team/group is able to "gangban" a player simply for being AFK.. Reporting should have a reason for it, agree? Are there none, as those there are in World of Tanks? Or (hopefully) do they apply there as well?
  12. DuckHuntPr0

    What is criteria for report?

    So there is no "shortlist" of infringing in World of Battleships? (That's kind of ok though, i have yet to see anyone teamkill/grief in the game). In world of tanks, i seem to remember there was requirements; a few categories to choose from at reporting what type of infraction thought committed.. It would be nice to know a shortlist if there was, other than the obvious from all WG games... But yeah, Being away from keyboard or control, was never included in those...
  13. DuckHuntPr0

    What is criteria for report?

    I have not played Warships for long. But i've seen some yell for "everyone report" a player (on my opposing team, most notably), who was unfortunatly afk. When i remarked that being away from keyboard is hardly a reportable offence, i was told by the "instigator" that he knew all the requirements for reporting a player...the AFK was even on his own team. What use is there, and what incentive, to punish players from having to leave control? I doubt there is any to begin with even....Yet this one's teammate told me that "bots are the same as afk".... If risking being report for having to use the toilet to take a sh*t, or answer the doorbell; How is that even an offence that could build up to a X days ban? There is nothing that puts me off more about WG games so much as seeing players virtually scream "ALL report <player>!!", when there seem to be no incentive for actual report...