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  1. Kaz3Kamy

    Frustrating Potato Teams

    they should make a special server for "genius potatos" or 100 question for passing to rank
  2. Kaz3Kamy

    CV Rework Discussion

    WG should stop listen to not so inteligent ppl. The old CV was alright ........
  3. Kaz3Kamy

    World of Carriers

    To all those CW lovers *edited*.............. 84 plane kills in mino and i still get droped by CW ......... its very balnced game when the *edited* in cw has infinite planes and he/she dosent give a crap about plane losess ........ and dont even get my started on DD vs multiple CW/Radar Edited: Removed insults.
  4. Kaz3Kamy


    Feed the hamsters pls
  5. Kaz3Kamy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  6. Kaz3Kamy

    [RO-RN] Romanian Royal Navy is recruiting

    Salut! in game nick Kaz3Kamy daca mai este loc
  7. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    The FIre Spammer
  8. you just set lose the hordes of [edited]doing "lest see how many torps i can launch from a crusers behinde my team"
  9. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    The russian Cruiser whit no armour and Kutuzov guns
  10. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    Hey Buddy
  11. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    2 Games on Kirov "the Brick"whit the big guns
  12. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    Grinding whit the mini BB
  13. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    the marvels in ranked games
  14. Kaz3Kamy

    New Youtube Chanel

    Holding The Line