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    Fixing my session time for clan battles

    Thank you for the info.
  2. majordrawback

    Fixing my session time for clan battles

    That’s not the issue. The problem is when a server choice is highlighted for today, the ‘fix’ button remains greyed out and inactive so the session cannot be chosen. It worked fine yesterday, just not today.
  3. majordrawback

    Oil event buggy or we get screwed

    We also had a member who’s stars were reset to zero twice yesterday. First when he was on 3 stars and then again when on 10 stars. We submitted screenshots but have not had any replies.
  4. majordrawback

    stupid proships ru

    This has also just happened to a clan member. He logged on today to find yesterday's 3 stars has disappeared. He re-started attempts today and has just now had a further 10 stars disappear.
  5. majordrawback

    Looking for an active but casual clan battles clan

    Hi akkarrin, I was in a similar position to yourself. My previous clan participated in only 9 clan battles during season 2 and had no plans to participate in season 3. Five weeks ago I joined [-ENF-] Elite Naval Forces and have now participated in almost 70 of the clan’s 170 CBs so far! There have been victories :D, there have been defeats :( - but it has always been active and fun. If this sounds what you are looking for then check out the info link provided by Nighthawkish in the previous post. cheers, MD
  6. majordrawback

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    Applied and got accepted earlier today - many thanks :)