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  1. zombysqad96

    CV's need their own game

    I dont want to adjust my gameplay if there is a CV in a match, REMOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  2. zombysqad96

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    Capping BBs to a set number(3-4 per side)wont work. This worked for CVs because there were never than many CVs playing to begin with(even in 2015 and at the start of 2016), now there look at BB numbers, there are always twice as many BBs in queue than all other 3 classes combined this would just make the queue time go through the roof. Lovering BB armor also would not work, it would just make all the BBs sit even further back and play the sniping game. I say stop giving them cruser consumables, buff torpedo DDs(the IJN ones). and nerf the retard proof AA.
  3. zombysqad96

    NA gets Katori, we get nothing... Again....

    We won't get a thing unless we cause a shitstorm as big as it was for Santas convoy event. And i personaly think that WG EU are some of the most greedy and sleezy [edited]I have ever seen.
  4. We won't get a thing because WG EU are some of the most greedy slizy [edited]i have ever seen, in my opinion they should be fired. But nothing will change unless we cause a [edited] as big as it was for Santas convoy event.
  5. zombysqad96

    Super Crates and Upgrades

    I got a supercontainer just now with the hydro upgrade inside. Are u [edited]kidding me u stupid WG [edited], why defuck did u put these garbage items in supercointainers.(This post was made cuz i needet to vent my frustration just now)
  6. zombysqad96

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Ds is not a ranked season its a "[edited]YOU GIVE ME MORE MONY" season. Dey dont give an aunce of a crapabout the players and the state of the game jut money, money , money. CVs have been killed dey dont give crap, everibody says dont put in RPF-dey put it in, dey dont listen to what anybody has to say. The game is infested with BBs and dey dont lift a finget to change that. The rewards for ranked are crap from 10 on, those upgrades are soo stupid and designed by people with 0 gameplay understanding, and then dey put those trash upgrades into containers and call it a supercontainer WTF u [edited][edited]. Ou ou ou and dey cant have people getting good free items so on top of those reatrdet upgrades beeing in supercontainer they lover the number of flags per container(flags from 5 to 4, camos from 5 to 2). Serisly [edited]all of you WG staff u dont listen u never give a crapabout feedback, your yust a bunch o greedy assholes worried about how to release OP premium ships.
  7. zombysqad96

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    They should make the ranked MM so that both teams get a belfast if dey are in match. I am soo sick of beying on the team vith no belfast, your DDS are just severely handikapped and if they pushup they die. Or atleast the MM should make sure that both tems get a radar.
  8. zombysqad96

    Nerf to signal flags containers

    Ds container will slowli turn to complete crap, mark my words. And at some points dy will start selling them for cash too.
  9. zombysqad96

    What's your ranked games experience like?

    Simple, the team with the belfast always wins and if both temas got belfasts the team with more belfasts win. Its the most scumi insane pay to win crapthat WG has ever pulled.
  10. zombysqad96

    Belfast/Premiums & Ranked

    The team whithout belfast or less belfasts always looses. Also the side with techtree DDs is also doomed to loose. Ds is insanely pay to win
  11. zombysqad96

    Do battleships need a little help?

    BB babys still cry to nerf everithing that deals damage to them.
  12. zombysqad96

    To much fire`?

    BBs still whining even after IJN DD nerf and the CV death.
  13. zombysqad96

    To the Cariers owners..

    Lok at this idiot lol
  14. zombysqad96

    PTS 0.6.0 Participation rewards?

    Got an email from WG sayinglease note that the rewards for this test are only available until 27th of February 2016. Dammit I missed it by a year Anyone else ds unlucky?
  15. zombysqad96

    You had a chance to try RDF. Will you keep it?

    US and IJN DDs yes plus US and RN crusers also yes, everithing else no.