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  1. Pincopallino945

    Gettoni Shark

  2. Pincopallino945

    Gettoni Shark

    A cosa servono i punti fedeltà e i gettoni Shark?
  3. Pincopallino945

    Modifica profilo

    Ciao a tutti, tempo fa ho messo il mio profilo "Privato" adesso però vorrei tornare a metterlo in chiaro ma non sono più capace di farlo. Potete aiutarmi per favore? Grazie
  4. Pincopallino945

    Aggiornamento 0.7.5 - Feedback generale

    occorre aspettare fino alle ore 13
  5. Pincopallino945

    Mouve high rank commander to another ship

    When i assign a high rank commander to another ship of the same country do i have to pay 500 doublons to keep all his experience points?
  6. Pincopallino945

    Which ship has radar?

  7. Pincopallino945

    Which ship has radar?

    How does it work? Which DD has the sonar?
  8. Pincopallino945

    Which ship has radar?

    May be i'm wrong but i believe to have seen some german DD with radar. Is it possible?
  9. Pincopallino945

    Which ship has radar?

    TY very mutch. Very useful !!!
  10. Pincopallino945

    Which ship has radar?

    Hello all. I would like to know which ship has the radar (not hydro). For example i well know that russian cruisers have; but which others? Could anyone please list to me here? TY
  11. Pincopallino945

    Damages made

    A friend of mines sayd to me during play how many damages he was making and how many i was making by myself. Can anyone say to me how to read the damages we are making during play?
  12. Pincopallino945

    Arp haguro

    Ohhh i discovered i have many ships!!! Takao - Haguro - Ashigara - Hiei- Aruna - Kirishima - Kongo Until will I have those ships in my port?
  13. Pincopallino945

    Arp haguro

    I gain Arp Haguro but i do not know what it is. How can use it?
  14. Pincopallino945


    Sorry i do not understand :-( Yes i use WASD to control my ship (or better up-down-left-right arrows) but i do not understand how WASD can be used to cheat...
  15. Pincopallino945


    I cheat?? How is it possible to cheat in this game?