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  1. OhLookItsItsAMNI

    Is WoWs is a powercreep game?

    yes it is
  2. we use voice coms, but if you want to se conversations join the KOTS discord
  3. yes we did. nobody is positive about it
  5. @Crysantos I will try to give you an image from most of the players i know i can pass to you some constructive ideas witch the most time you keep igoring them and the whole community is asking for long time Why we don't want NTC 1 We don't want to grind ANY line again for once, not even two not even three times etc. 2 We play this game for 4 years, and finnaly we got all the lines grinded, we had free time for some periods and we grinded fast, maybe now a lot of us doesn't have enough time to grind again because life change 3 I have a limited time now to play the game and if i got killed from a level three ship because he got supper buffed and he didn't event played well i am going to quit rage. 4 Not brigging this ships in CB means that this system is already failed, and yes Uniques captains are broken and they never have to be brought in the game 5 Those are straight buffs without even a nerf like the Legendary upgrades 6 Do i want to play again some low tier ships? Hell yeah but not grind them again - So thats why fix your MM so the low tiers are viable and leave your old same excuses about the MM. make it straight +1/-1 and thats it 7 OLD power creepted lines. Whole German tech tree, Pan asian DD's, Khaba 8 Level 3 Kremlin with SE + 10 HP buff talent against someone who first timed joined with his North Carolina 53K HP, imagine the poor guy with his NC how he is going to expirience this encounter 9 Harugumo level 3 with 1.9 Reload come on please... 10 Improve Slava-Yamato accuracy by 10%? for real? 11 Many others examples as the above 12 ME PERSONALY i do not inteant to stay in this game. As Ev1n said in your stream IT IS NOT A DIRECT PAY TO WIN SYSTEM. So it is basicaly a P2W system
  6. I am not intented to grind this whole game again for three times. And i am not intented as well to play against players with the same ships and with advadances. Already make me think about quiting even today, it is the worst decision ever made, changing the principals of this game after four years
  7. that would make many people stop playing randoms and focus only in CB's. In long terms lets take me as example, I am not intrestisted grind again every line because its boring A.F. That means if i have the same ships and many people have advandance against me with HP or CD's etc this will make me play only CB's. And to be honest if i am playing only CB's the game for me will be over in less than a month. So my opinion is that this adjustment will slowly kill the game OR most of the oldest players will quit the game really fast.
  8. OhLookItsItsAMNI

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    CV's are still broken. Only in the hands of a very weak player are not capable for great numbers. Still a good CV player can hit easilly more than 200k dmg. Just once listen some feedback from the competitive scene. IMO they need more nerfs, They are still capable to do crazy amounts of dmg without crazy flying infront of half a fleet
  9. OhLookItsItsAMNI

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    Congrats on your rank1. Next time aim half the time to rank out.
  10. Or this thread as so many others of yours show's that you like to write whatever nonsense you like just because you like to attract the attention of this forum.
  11. Yes but not for him