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  1. Ashwanen

    AA changes in patch 0.5.3

    I guess I will sell my Ranger as soon as this patch goes live. No point grinding USN CVs line anymore. Or any CVs line past t4-5 for that matter... But, hey at least Langley is OP as crapnow, maybe everyone should buy himself a Langley and go raping every single Myogi that dares sailing out there
  2. Ashwanen

    what's hapening?

    So it's just the EU server being down or this is an issue related to the 8mb mini-patch? It would be nice to have an answer by somebody from WG. But i assume that since we dont speak russian we wont have any until the problem magically resolves...
  3. Ashwanen

    Texture glitch in menu.

    Got the same problem too. I played last night coming back from work and the game ran perfectly, but this morning this issue appeared. I haven't changed or updated anything in graphics or drivers since last night... Any idea why this happens and to fix it?