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  1. modigea

    Sims bugged armor

    found a bug on tird gun top thickness plating. Only 1mm , should be 20 as on the other guns
  2. modigea

    Why is Midway so extremely bad ?

    maybe wg didn't like the The Battle of Midway Movie I'll Guess the good CV players have found out that it stink, and use Haku (the superiour CV navy
  3. that insane bloom guns nerf when shooting is as they already has implemented the Radio Positioning on this line, as you are visible to all players on the map
  4. Maybe NeXT feature will be that the fort can also sending Torpedos out. By sinking the lead ship of the German armada headed for Oslo, Oscarsborg Fortress saved the Norwegian king and government from being taken captive in the first hours of the invasion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dr%C3%B8bak_Sound
  5. Impessive aim bot hax from WG, should be reported. Promoting snipe tactic from borders, since it too risky entering the mid/Danger zone
  6. modigea

    [FEEDBACK] Sound

    This is what Yamatos guns should sound like http://soundbible.com/1807-Explosion-Ultra-Bass.html
  7. modigea

    0.5.12 Update - Economy Changes Explained

    What about CO-OP economy, any changes. , Nobody play T9/10 because all loses credits. If XP and credits are low, then Maintenance cost should be accordingly
  8. modigea

    Funny moments in wows

    Gneisenau does a hillclimb maybe this video Clip belong in the Bug's thread, but it had to be sheared here. Anyway You can also post some funny moments in this thread too. I think i know what is creating this, and that is LAG. cause i had similar xperience in Gran turismo 6 online, where packed loss would lead to the game having problem placing the car on the right Place and drawing it Complete (Wheels above the car lol
  9. modigea

    Credit income on tier VIII plus still too low with premium

    Ferdi (streamer) had one game today in the Moskva. he has Premium and lost 76k in a win game With 157k damage. this is soo bad and i don't want to grind for this ship when we get shown the finger by wg
  10. modigea

    Lo Yang vs Benson

    Nice game General, respect. Did you use 6km Torps ?
  11. modigea

    Credit earnings in Co-op

    co-op is soo bad With tier 9/10 ships . Noe ones play it because credit loss , so you don't get a game if try to join a match, and why should they With tis meta
  12. modigea


    buff incoming in 0.59 patch https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/06/21/wows-qa-21st-june-2016/
  13. Is it possoble to make the UI install scalable, I have trouble installing this mod cause i have a 55 inch TV as monitor, and has a view distance about 4 meter. So i have increased text/font in win 7 to be able to read text well. I have 1020 x 1080 rez in win 7 and screen. My install screen on this mod http://bildr.no/view/djBGTWFw
  14. modigea

    Ansan needs justice

    WG found ot that they nerfed the 130mm gunboats too hard (9% fire chance to 7) and buffed them back to 8%, but they forgot to buff the Ansan guns (they are orginally Soviet guns wirth same shooting detection penalty 5,9km. plz fix it or maybe reduce detection penalty, if you dont agree they are the same guns , With another label
  15. modigea

    Being hit still after detected went off

    no bug apparantly