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  1. scharnhorst43

    Hr. Ms. Tromp

    Eventually (..) we will get the Ruyter, Tromp, Jacob van Heemskerck, Java, Admiralen class dds (Kortenaer/Piet Heyn/Van Galen/Witte de with/Evertsen), Gerard Callenburgh class dds and maybe even project 1047 batllecruiser. All you need is a lot(!) of patience. As much much as I'd like to see these ships as soon as possible in the game we have to be realistic: we'll have to adjust to WG pacing of bringing out new ships/ tech trees. It's a Russian game where they obviously want to give priority to Russian ships/playerbase (see fictional Russian cruiser line, revamping Russian dds and we still dont have the paper Russian bb line..). This is the reason why we still dont have RN BBs CAs and dds, no French navy and no Italian navy yet. The Dutch will be implemented after all these forementioned (..) so the wait will be a few years unfortunately to see them ingame. Maybe if we are lucky a few/one of these ships will be added as premium along the road.
  2. scharnhorst43

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    This is such a great game even with it's flaws (ridiculous HE spam/damage) but we got the short end of the stick with our (EU) server. In hindsight I would have never(!) joined the EU server and I wonder how many would abandon EU server if you could just switch over without having to start over from scratch. These moronic missions only promote trashy gameplay and to think that people got paid to come up with this BS...
  3. scharnhorst43

    Do you think Gneisenau should have 283mm option?

    Just hoping after several months and good sales of Scharnhorst they will give the Gneisenau the 283mm; I will grind the German BB line with pleasure if/when they decide to do that.
  4. scharnhorst43

    Do you think Gneisenau should have 283mm option?

    Gneisenau without 283mm is just not right; releasing scharnhorst (with derp accuracy) without USS Alaska as counterpart is also just plain stupid. The Alaska is basically US version of scharnhorst so how hard can it be to release them at the same time to help the already/often broken MM. Gneisenau with 3*2 380mm that have facepalm accuracy at T7...What will the mirror matchmaking be for this ship? Any other T7 BB has far higher caliber and better armor. Taking the WG Gneisenau out to battle will be like a T7 Kirov weakly armored paper ship with big guns becoming the favorite happy meal for any t7 BB. Hype for german bb line is over for me; I was only interested in Scharnhorst and Graf Spee anyway.
  5. scharnhorst43


    All this nonsense started because WG for whatever reason did not want to/cannot include submarines and refuse REAL manual control of secondaries in WoWs. So they took what was a support vessel (DD) and created this hybrid monsterhunter that looks like a DD, but behaves like a stealthy submarine with the agility and speed of a DD by claiming that DD is natural enemy of BB to justify it. This (arcade) nonsense is the root of all this mess, because DD was NEVER the counter/enemy of BB it was the CV(!). More on this in the last part of my post. DD should be there to hunt subs (..) and sweep minefields... oh ok we dont have them ingame; well no problem, because DD should do its other job which is escorting/screening for cruisers and batlleships in a Taskforce (TF) and not stealth close range yolo-ing enemy BBs; with their (long range) torpedo attacks they can support/deal crucial blow to the enemy while the allied cruisers and bb(s) from TF duke it out with the enemy. That means practically ingame buffing torpedo damage for DD, but no more inivisifiring/ridiculous close range steatlh executions and instead more smoke (balancing of course duration and reload time ingame). Thats what DDs did if facing an overpowering close range enemy to not get DELETED; smoke it up to cover themselves and allies. To disencourage this bs close range yolo torpedo executions of BB by a single DD, the secondaries should be buffed if WG doesnt want to/cannot give REAL manual control of secondaries. These secondaries aren't useless decorations; they were invented/implemented for the sake of dealing with close range DDs and cruisers! Now before all the complaints start about BB are already OP; they will be "impregnable fortresses" deleting everything in sight or from camping afar, let's get to the true enemy of BBs and all surface vessels; the aircraft carrier (CV). The CV has been practically nerfed out of the game by not even being able to defend itself or do (consistent) significant damage to the enemy. Don't get me wrong even if I'm a cruiser and BB-player and never (will) play CVs, I believe that just like IRL also ingame the CV should be the most powerful and precious unit of your fleet. That means no more than 2 CVs per side (random) and the squadron set-ups have to be re-balanced properly. This is not complicated at all; why not start with two simple solutions. Give every CV the option to choose for a "real strike" setup with torpedo bomber/dive bomber squadrons that can delete any solo/yolo ship, or the capacity to have a "clear sky" setup protecting your fleet, allied CV aircraft and scouting enemy ships. This will force players to not go useless yolo with 1 or a few ships, because they will be deleted swiftly as it should be. MM just needs to mirror match the CV setup so you wont get boring CV gameplay where a CV cant do nothing against fighter superiority and you have both CVs cancelling each other out being useless the entire match. WG needs to emphasize teamplay simply by putting the right ships together at the beginning of the match, which happens quite often already; have 2/3 TF's in random so they can sail directly to the agreed objective. Anybody choosing to yolo or camp like a pussy somewhere on the map should now be casually deleted (CV) because the odds are not in their favor anymore; more likely less players will feel the need to yolo and more teamplay is enforced as it should be. nb: To be able to move as a TF we need (slightly) bigger maps and no more small maps where BBs have the range to shoot anything from/at the edge of the map.
  6. scharnhorst43

    Kongo captain skills?

  7. Please wargaming dont trash this great game; I can live with "romulan cloaking" DDs (because no submarines ingame and it wont be fun if dds get one-shot all the time) although I'd prefer more smoke than cloaking. Ridiculous firestarting from puny 130mm guns np it's all in the game; CV's that can delete any ship np also; that's how it should be and is IRL anyway. But besides the terrible WOT-style camping on EU server which is a problem of the playerbase being cowardly camping pussies; having more than 3 DDS in MM is just ridiculous torpedo spam galore. It shouldn't be that hard to limit dds to a standard max of 3; more than 3 dds kills the game and is no fun at all (maybe for the dds it is) but it should remain world of warships and not arcade world of TORPEDO SPAM; especially on the smaller bathtub maps where BBs are demoted to coastal batteries.
  8. scharnhorst43

    The Dutch Navy options

    As much as I'd love to see (many) RDN ships included; we dont even have RN, French Navy nor Italian Navy yet so its gonna be a long (!) wait before any Dutch ships get in the game. And when they get in the game they will (probably) be all premium ships.
  9. scharnhorst43

    PROPOSAL: Full German Capital Ships Line (BB/BC)

    All those paper ships...I have say to I don't care one bit about them and that goes for all the lines.....as long as we get the few real ones first. The kriegsmarine was just a small fleet for goodness sake. The pocket-battleship Graf Spee/Lutzow, batllecruiser Scharnhorst/Gneisenau and battleship Bismarck is all that the Kriegsmarine needs added to WoWs. So that means just 3 ships...plz wargaming save the paper ships for last (when you run out of ideas)!
  10. scharnhorst43

    Wake up, WG: you lost 50% of players in 5 months

    Yes, max last weekend was around 24000. More than enough to have some great games; if you can avoid stupid team players and MM is a little nice. Lowest number at night these past three days were between 1000-2500 and that was between 0500-0700 in the morning.