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  1. LDPDC

    Charles Martell

    CM is indeed strong. In my experience Henry was crap until I understood how to play it, then it was buffed and became almost disgusting. Funniest part of H4 is AP vs Hindenburg, dunno why exactly but it is a slaughter.
  2. LDPDC

    Have you noticed getting more AP over pens lately?

    Noticed à lot of overpens with cruiser AP in cases I did not expect them, but did not bother posting since no replay and no way to compare... I suspect this is real but quite a minor annoyance.
  3. LDPDC

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    To my knowlege there is no official documentation on the matter. You can split the question in three distinct points: - Is the crosshair calibrated for a given distance and a given target speed? This is very easy to demonstrate: > If it was not calibrated for a given distance then when travelling up and down on your screen (and changing the range to target), the ticks would change size to adapt to the fact that 1s of target movement is seen much smaller from far away than from close up: it is clearly not the case > If it was not calibrated for a given speed then the ticks size would change upon locking a target: clearly not the case either - Is it correct that the crosshair is calibrated for 15km & 30kn target? No solid documentation on that, but: > I never came up with anything incoherent with this data & the forum seems to always agree on this mater. Best is too try by yourself. > Notser did a video on this too and I think he mentions these figures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbBEIQVUOBk - Is it correct that if the crosshair is calibrated for a given target range and speed you need to adapt relatively to this parameters: seems obvious to me but I never read anyone else saying it explicitely for the range > Adding of substracting ticks according to target speed si well shared (Generaly expressed as something like "For IJN cruisers give +1/2 ticks") > Adding ticks when closer and removing some when farther away is not widely shared but in my experience can easily be reproduced by either shooting at targets far away or playing low tier cruisers and paying attention: engagement generaly happen around 10km and if you do not take into account the correction you tend to miss with shells falling behind the target: just try against some bots or a friend in the training mode
  4. LDPDC

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    If you look at the full picture, it boils down to the ratio between the augmentation of shell flight time and the correction for the reticule: for instance if the flight time is multiplied by 2 between 15km and 20km you would still need to give more lead, just not twice as much :D Not that I know ;) Here is how I did compute it (hope I made no mistake): Ticks(distance) = 15/(distance)*flight time, with distance in km So: @5km: Ticks(5) = 3*flight time @10km: Ticks(10) = 1.5*flight time @15km: Ticks(10) = flight time @20km: Ticks(10) = 0.75*flight time (so -25% and not -1/3 as I incorrectly mentionned) can provide full explanation if someone wants to check for errors
  5. LDPDC

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    You do not mention the distance. Are you aware that while dynamic crosshair adapts to the zoom level it is set for 15km and closer you have to lead more and farther to lead less? For instance, aiming at a target doing 30kn @20km, you have to remove 1/3 of the lead so for a flight time of 12s that would be 8 marks on the crosshair. (I have a doubt if it is 1/3 or 1/4 would need a paper and a pen to check)
  6. Hi! I registered to be able to test the new CV gameplay firsthand on the PTS but for some reason never got the e-mail :s I'm about to buy both Mushashi (with coal) & Kronstadt (with Fxp) before they dissapear but I fear that being low AA ships they will become port queens soon after the CV rework. More broadly what is to be expected? Speccing into AA will come back? Ships with strong AA will become stronger? Or AA will be leveled and useless for every ships (that's what I understood from various readings)? Thanks for any input!
  7. LDPDC

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The 2 free crates brough 10k Free XP & a Terrible: pretty good!
  8. LDPDC

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Main reason for a change of this kind would be to avoid a relative buff to RN HE-BBs relative to others. Not sure its needed and I found I had more fun playing BBs with the change: you now need to look at the minimap and have to change ammo to close in on caps (Admitedly on a very small sample of T6 games with QE)
  9. LDPDC

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    Fanboy or not, nobody likes the RN BB "gimicky crap" and I would have loved a line of Warspite like ships. I was simply reminding that this game has never been about realism and that the suspension of disbelief is everywhere: for instance the post mentioned Jean Bart "enhancements" but turned a blind eye to Monarch fictionnal 9x15" on crack (25s) one tier lower and list goes on. Back to facts, Vanguard is printing very normal stats so far (Very much OP but few battles) while JB is clearly underperforming compared to Mushashi, a ship that has... 27 times the number of battles and is way cheaper.
  10. LDPDC

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    The worst part is that the portable dock that helped RN ships succeed in so many real fights, their thermo shells that had 50 years of tech advance and the cloaking device they used to sneak on enemy cruisers have not been realistically simulated on Vanguard. Absolutely shocking!
  11. LDPDC

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Not my experience at all, grinded the Akat & Mahan recently and Akat definitely felt much stronger. @El2aZeR: ok with your point, the more a ship is played the less stats are relevant, which is true for both Gearing & Shima (still 47% of all T10 dd games). People always associate it with patatoes joining en masse but there is at least another effect: it is very rare to get a game without at least one shima on each side.
  12. LDPDC

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Massive liability? Then Gearing must be quite a big liability too, considering that their stats are so close.
  13. LDPDC

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Yet, for any game of any type, something that tops the performance & the popularity needs to be nerfed. Else, everyone ends up playing it. Low performance, low popularity => UP, buf High performance, low popularity => Hard but strong for expert players, needed for variety, keep as-is Low performance, high popularity => Fun and balanced, performance down due to popularity, keep as-is High performance, high popularity => OP, nerf, performance not down even with patato flood, obvious issue As far as I understand (I do not own the ship), Hindenburg was low/high (fun) went to high/high after uneeded bufs, now nerfed to low/high again, could need a buf if goes down to low/low. Now obviously there are much more to this but many people took the time to highlight it in the thread, like the constant patching of a line whose role is no longer clear, to end up with an AP brawler being played as HE long-range line...
  14. LDPDC

    Realistic Radar

    Wait... has it been established that radar ships did overperform?
  15. I did not repeat the core of my argument in the second answer, which is that the stats show no issue on IJN line performance or popularity (except a deviation for top performers that could be linked with the extreme popularity of the line, something that has been explained in details by other posters in this thread). Now, if you feel more comfortable with personnal attacks, explain what in your experience made you so unhappy about IJN dds performance. Your public stats seem to show that you suffer much more with Russian dds than IJN ones and that you where unable to even reach the performance of UP Yugumo with OP Fletcher... Edit & On topic: what the hell is this hydro accoustic search? Given the range it must be air accoustic search: a guy on the bridge listening to ambiant noise :)