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  1. WIllkommen im Forum! Und schön dass du auf Details achtest und fragst Alle Schiffe außer Zerstörern haben eine Reduzierung der angebenen Trefferwirkung der Torpedos. Bei Schlachtschiffen bis zu 50% (max Wert bei der Yamato). Beispiel New Mexico mit 40% reduktion: ein Torpedo mit 17.000 Trefferpunkten "Nennschaden" verursacht da nur 10.200 Schaden (wenn er den Torpedoschutz trifft). Daher ist es gerade bei Schlachtschiffen schwer sie mit nur einer Salve zu versenken. Hinzu kommt, dass Teile des Schiffes "gesättigt" sein können, also schon schwer beschädigt sind und bei weiteren Treffern nur noch einen Teil des Schadens nehmen. Die gesättigten Teile erkennt man daran, dass sie geschwärzt sind.
  2. VIadoCro

    matchmaking afte years of WG updates

    that 10 out of 24 ships are BBs? Yeah, that´s ridiculous. They are like cockroaches.
  3. No missions from free crates so far, despite redeeming bonus codes for extra-crates etc I bought ONE crate yesterday and got Rhein-mission. I wasn´t overly interested in the whole event, but since there is currently nothing that would make me spend the few thousand doubloons i accumulated ... i thought wth and bought one. I think that´s my first T4 techtree ship with a permacamo.
  4. VIadoCro


    Flambass has yesterday* shown it on stream (in-port, no gameplay) and explained detailed stats, guns, torps etc. So it might be "near-finished" And it might come very soon: *EDIT: oh, it´s after midnight, so not "yesterday" but the stream on Thursday, 9th of July 2020
  5. My first thought when i saw this: this is for achievers. They don´t appreciate to see a well-known silhouette or a well-known name like Devonshire. They only care how much XP they need to grind on that dumb boring low-tier ship to get to the only tier relevant (TX ofc). The new UI is a ape-proof console surface with very generic symbols. I dislike it.
  6. VIadoCro

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Someone must have loved the Rasputin from Halloween.
  7. While re-grinding the line myself i found the Ibuki very strong. Used concealment to get close, fired torpedoes and kited away while setting fires. And had reload expert to never miss a broadside asking for AP Overall it was "comfortable to play" (WG-wording). I agree with OP and consider resetting Zao again. I always had Tenryu, Aoba, Myoko and Mogami* kept in port. *after the harsh nerfs got partly reverted Well, that´s what i experienced too, with several of the ships. Guess back then the trouble was due to my lack of skill and not due to the ship having weaknesses.
  8. VIadoCro

    Some STs Ruining the Games for Others

    I had the same thing happen when Graf Zep was in testing. I was happy to finally see a German CV in-game (sorry, CVs were a rare sight back then), but was shocked when he just charged full speed into enemy - and was first to go down. Few games later the same guy, same ship, same thing happened. I wrote him in chat "you STs have a responsibility" - and got splattered by verbal feces from him. Is a ST obliged to test every new ship and class? Aka "you have to do 10 random-games in that new CV no matter what"? I have no idea how that program works, but if someone has to test and doesn´t feel like doing so - you volunteered, do it or leave the program. Don´t spoil it for others just have a shiny Alabama ST.
  9. VIadoCro

    Ranking is too difficult.

    Ranked can be a "beach". Take one day break from it, play random or better another game. When you return a day later, the curse should be broken.
  10. same case with me; never got a ship until six months ago and then 2 in a weeks time. I got the Massa B which is great because A) i play BB only and B) love these un-historical gangstah-blakk camos (sarcasm, if not obvious enough). And if that wasn´t enough i got the Massa normal (aka non-black) a week later. While i understand that many would gladly take a free Massa, i am rather... "ungrateful" about it
  11. VIadoCro

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    for zero? Why didn´t you use the coupon? I hope it is. I invested over 20 minutes of my time to write ... "a lot". Especially when they asked me about my opinion Amen. WG, print this in XXL and hang it in your meeting room.
  12. VIadoCro

    PT - 0.9.6 - Balances changes

    Oww, ah, so, if some spreadsheet says that BB suffer too much from torpedoes - you will cut the torpedo-damage 50% across the board, incl prems. I will not get Kidd then. Thanks for the quick cure (of my Must-have-reflex).
  13. VIadoCro

    Shikishima annoying after ROAAARR

    Lucky you if it´s only one ship that annoys you. I have an annoyance with the supermagespectacularBOOOOOM every time a ship explodes. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOM Hence been playing for over two years without any in-game sound because no separate slider for that
  14. VIadoCro

    State of BBs

    was just about to post the same I mean WG really has to do something about this, or soon there will only be cruisers and destroyers left.