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  1. VIadoCro

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    I like it too. Went from never playing CVs to having 2 T10 CVs now. But why is the pilot flying the planes also the only guy that can steer the ship? Why can i not steer the ship (f.E. with arrow-keys) while having planes in the air? That is really bad design.
  2. VIadoCro

    Pizza Navy!!!

    In my case two perks are kinda obsolete now, since i also specced for Superintendent, since both premium Ducas have hydro and DefAA. Now the Italian cruiser line doesn´t get neither.
  3. VIadoCro

    Hill worse than Nicholas?

    I messed up stats. nvm.
  4. VIadoCro

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    WG: "We want to incentivise players to play lower tiers" When the Benham-grind is done i will ignore announcements and just play some rounds in Emden and Tenryu. When the French boats become available i will level from Enseigne Gabolde up. T2/3 is too fun to skip
  5. VIadoCro

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    BBs in particular have the most time to check what´s going on. With 25-30 seconds between the salvos... though some players seem to be staring at the target for 30 seconds while drooling on their keyboard. Sure, battleships are slow to manouver but since the torpedoes were visible for a while he could have avoided them. The fact that the BB-player also instantly came up with name-calling and stat-shaming without waiting a second for an apologize tells me what breed we are talking about. @UncappingBadger Sure, your torps, but i wouldn´t say 100% your fault. Anyway, the automatic penalty system blames you 100%. Forget what happened and move on.
  6. Don´t let anyone from the German forum see your request, they will tear you apart The German branch still has not a single FreeXP-ship (nor Coal, nor Steel), so they are all hoping to get their hands on Siegfried.
  7. This is not Flamu, it´s Flambass. Also, WG did already just announce that the NTC-thingy is on halt and will be revisited. Maybe it was the combined pressure of all the players + CCs + this exact petition that made this happen. ok man. *** I think WG had three versions of this from the get-go. They presented us the worst one which we ofc denied. So everything that comes afterwards will be "less shitie" and we will accept it. Let´s keep an eye out and NOT accept everything that will be presented. We have our little victory here but WG will still try to sneak in some gimmicks.
  8. A survey to this topic, made by the CC "Flambass" And here the link to the survey directly: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdf02XrdSv6wjlsdxqnkpUV0FNIfoC1Jw2mW_t-kEEEVwN1xw/viewform
  9. I just tried to watch the "Weekly Community Stream with Ev1n!" and gave up after 30 minutes. Are you guys from WG sane? You blame the new NTC on players because they skip low tiers. Well ofc many guys skip low tiers - what can they be used for again? -Missions? no, it´s T5+ -Scenarios? No, it´s T6+ -Daily missions? No, it´s T5+ -Campaigns? No, it´s partly T9+ So playing low tiers feels like a waste of time if you want to obtain one of the high-tier freemiums. I have so many T2-T6 premiums (plus Tenryu), real ships with an interesting historical background. I barely play them because i feel left behind when i do. Also, don´t give out "early access" to 80% of the playerbase when a new line gets introduced. You guys did this to yourself and now blame it on the playerbase. P.S.: @Crysantos @Tuccy @Ev1n maybe don´t remind your viewers (=paying customers) multiple times on stream to be constructive while being destructive yourself. You tell us in a diplomatic manner to go uck ourself and expect us to be polite. I left you a thumb-down.
  10. i am all in for Kinugasa, sister-ship of Aoba: - less AA than Furutaka (i know, poop) - two Torpedo-tubes more than Aoba (2x6 woo-hoo) Rest is the same. Make it a premium/freemium and there you go!
  11. Giving "early access" to new lines was stupid from the first moment on. They made it the usual thing, so a part of the playerbase skips 80% of a new line. now they realized "poop, low-tiers are starved of players", so we have to re-grind all ships Enjoy your glue, WG.
  12. Flambass just mentioned in a vid that FreeXP-ing won´t be possible. Dunno how they want to do that tho.
  13. VIadoCro

    Uptiered CV Implacable = Unplayable. GJ WG.

    That. With all that T9-prems around i think +/-1 MM should be doable for high tiers. But no, T8 ships get nuked by T10 planes - and T8 planes by get shredded by Mino etc. I bought Lexington days ago and can´t force myself to play it. Experience with the British and Japanese CVs tells me that i will see almost exclusively T10s - while having stock planes. So Lexy turns into decoration. But I am sure that according to WG secret stats i am wrong, being an average potato anyway.
  14. VIadoCro

    Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

    And we even have two of them in-game. Karlsruhe and König
  15. VIadoCro

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    That But: The error is with the playerbase. "We" play only BBs so no chance for a realistic fleet-setup. @Beastofwar i have a secondary-build only on Bismarck and it´s fun, but i wouldn´t call it competitive. The accuracy/randomness just spoils it.