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  1. VIadoCro

    WG date inconsistency

    That would also be fine (in fact even better). I wrote the name out just to make it 100% "goof-proof"
  2. VIadoCro

    WG date inconsistency

    It may seem somewhat unprofessional, but how about always writing-out the month´s name? aka February 4th 2020 instead of 04.02.2020 which can April 2nd or the 4th of February
  3. VIadoCro

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    nah, i am sure that was a one-off And yes, i did commit suicide
  4. VIadoCro

    Daring Model changed...

    For now we have only depth charges for ASW. The squid and other late-war systems (homing asw-torps etc) may* be too strong vs subs and get (temporarily) removed, like jets got removed from CVs.
  5. VIadoCro

    Suggestion: Increase secondary range of cruisers...

    Don´t forget the salut- and flare-guns!
  6. VIadoCro

    Poll: Which ship are you most looking forward to?

    I voted for Krasny Kavkaz it woud be a very interesting sniper with only 4 single 180mm high-velocity guns. With Glorious you meant this one? Count me in then, though i expect it to be a balancing nightmare for WG. A light cruiser with BB-guns, how do you balance that? T5 maybe?
  7. VIadoCro

    CV Rework Discussion

    That surprises me, it was one of the most sought after ships in wows. Wut? Wat? Where?
  8. VIadoCro

    Next free XP ship?

    None at all? Too bad, i thought that the controversial* Gorizia could be a candidate for free-xp. *because SAP + loooong reolad + only Ita-CA without torps
  9. VIadoCro

    Edited* in clans?

    There are many "4fun"-clans, or such which just want to have the benefits. In that case stats do not matter, they take everyone who plays a few times a week to collect some oil. Many times the members don´t communicate, play together or even speak the same language. I left such a clan about a year ago.
  10. VIadoCro

    This is not right.

    You are bottom-tier, get focused by several ships and go down in few minutes. What´s wrong with that? You end up on the wrong flank (happens) and get smoked by 6 ships. There´s nothing wrong with that either. ah, the problem is that you guys were in BBs... Well, the masterrace BB was not immune to smaller units irl (rather the contrary) and they are not be immune in-game. If another class ends up in the wrong flank they sink in one salvo, not after minutes. To me it looks like you are just angry for having a bad game, like everyone has once in a while.
  11. VIadoCro

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    ... and reloads in half the time. Edit: Oh wow, Montecuccoli gets a reload-NERF: 13sec > 14.3 sec
  12. VIadoCro

    First directive stuck

    Lucky guy No seriously, she looks good but is challenging to play
  13. VIadoCro

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I accumulated over 1mil xp in the Duca d´Aosta (64%wr) and was very happy when i got the Montecuccoli from the first free crate. It is basically the same (half-sister) ship so i jumped in with my 19-pts captain and plenty of experience. But dear lord, this ship kills my enthusiasm for the new line. Regarding Genova which on paper is exactly "my thing"... also nope. Makes no sense playing her over Exeter or Furutaka. Facing a charging New Mex i scored 23 hits before being blapp´d. All ricochets or shatters (hooray SAP). Without fires i can do nothing in such situations. The two torps that did hit caused basically no damage. This heavy cruiser is a heavy disappointment. With Genova i was only once the top-scorer and it was tiring. I felt like a rabbit on the run for the whole duration of the battle.
  14. Is this how the permanent camo looks like, that can be bought from the armory for Italian tokens? If so, i will take it Btw is that the T7-Zara? I got the Genova from the 7th crate and i like it.
  15. VIadoCro

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Destroyers move out fast and spot in front of their fleet. This is especially important in games without carriers. If you get overwhelmed by enemies, it can be wise to retreat, repair and attack from ambush. OOPS I thought you are a new player and need some advice, but then i saw the battle-counter I´ll post this anyway...