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  1. HystericalAccuracy

    Currently planning to get Tone......

    The pricing is surprisingly low for a ship that on paper looks very good, and has a special talent. But the "will be nerfed later"-label, plus the upcoming changes in the captains-rework-rework... Currently there is so much happening "below the surface" that I can not recommend buying anything. And after resetting lines multiple lines to get Siegfried, the outstanding secondary-monster - and now being stuck with a bad BB that burns forever I advise against buying any ship for real money. And Siegfried wasn´t even nerf-able the way Tone is.
  2. HystericalAccuracy

    Nur ne Kleinigkeit

    Der mittlere Anker wurde auf allen Deutschen Schiffen weggelassen, da bei hohem Seegang das hindurchspritzende Wasser starke Gischt (Sprühnebel) bildete und die Sicht behinderte. So auch auf unserer Scharnhorst im Spiel; anfangs hatte sie korrekterweise keinen mittel-Anker; dann fand jemand ein frühes Werft-Foto auf dem sie es hatte, Spieler fanden es "cool" und WG rüstete ihn nach. (Wieso MvR einen hat und Immelmann nicht beantwortet das jetzt aber auch nicht)
  3. HystericalAccuracy

    The 14th season of CBs will feature double CVs at tier 6?

    Reminds me of paintball-matches in complete darkness. And WG-oficials sit there, watching it all with their infrared-cameras, laughing off their rears. Sure it´s fun, for them at least.
  4. HystericalAccuracy

    (Poll) How much will you bid for 100k coal?

    So do I. I know marketing tricks and am resistant to them. Aw gawd I am a sinner. You got four dockyard-ships: ZF, Hizen Ancho, Odin; you are responsible for prices of the event going up. You have Free-XP ships; Fries, Nelson; you too interchanged fake currency* for virtual pixel-ships. If prices go up it´s your responsibility. * reminder:
  5. because WG would have to exclude their own navy + their favourite child CV and their soon-to-come submarines. The old playerbase got replaced by achievers and speedrunners (win 3 rounds in co-op, then buy a T9). You expect these youngsters to research boring old ships and they pay extra to play these boring old ships? Fewer people will play this mode than operations and WG can not earn money with it. But I share your dream of it eventually happening one day.
  6. HystericalAccuracy

    Weimar in the Armory and Premium Shop

    105 pound. In € it´s 122
  7. HystericalAccuracy

    U.S. Navy Cold War Battle-Carriers: The BB(V) Plan

    "USS New Jersey (BB-62) was scheduled to be the first of the converted Iowas. (...) A flight deck was added ..." Iowa-class-hybrid incoming. Ahem... Let me guess: standard-acc players get TBDs, premium-players get the jets?
  8. HystericalAccuracy

    Welcome to "Ranked" MM

    Division-play also skews stats: I had a player from "some big clan" playing really badly, dying first and then blaming team for being bad. I was confused and looked into his stats. - ca 60%wr overall in randoms, not bad - solo-wr: 48%. Sooo, yeah. Also, what is this: I thought karma can not go into negative?
  9. HystericalAccuracy

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    The line starts at T3 again, that´s good! We get a whole line of CB´s that´s good! They are not a own class, but labeled as BBs - uh, ok. Guess WG will still make it work.
  10. HystericalAccuracy

    (Poll) How much will you bid for 100k coal?

    1) I wanted a sink, I got a sink and "sunk" my credits. And even for a good equivalent. Both trade-partners are happy. 2) I skipped the first round of auctions completely. Prices still went up. If you blame that on me your logic is flawed. Here in wows we have people which bought Puerto Rico or ARP Yamato for real money. "Help" them if you are so worried about people buying overpriced stuff. If you feel like you miss out on something that´s your problem. I don´t. Nono, you just cackled
  11. Yes, but not all. Like mentioned, PapaPapa only for coal. No idea. Haven´t done the math because in this case it doesn´t matter. I am glad I could sink my surplus.
  12. HystericalAccuracy

    (Poll) How much will you bid for 100k coal?

    And you are participating in this topic. Congrats on inflating the cost of coal I guess? "how I think" you think a lot what I think. But it comes down to: I saw a good opportunity to convert basically useless pile of currency X into useful currency Y and took the chance. "FaLSe sEnsE oF ExluSiviTy" can you make it more drama xD And what fomo are you speaking of? See above. I just wanted to get rid of what I don´t need. Like you can return your empty bottles to the shop from where you got them and get money for it - that´s what I did. Or maybe you keep all your empty bottles in your basement, who knows. I assume so, maybe. You just wrote a book about "Morale and ethics of trading" or so, while I got rid of stuff I don´t need. Not more, not less. Actually you are putting in a lot of effort into a thing you don´t bother with. Because you wrote quite a wall. Look, I don´t care about the (USS)Constellation, therefore I don´t go to the thread about the ship to berate everyone that when they buy this fake ship they keep the spiral rolling etc. Do you see the analogy?
  13. HystericalAccuracy

    (Poll) How much will you bid for 100k coal?

    Lamenting about "fake" resources - on a forum about virtual goods and fake ships.
  14. HystericalAccuracy

    Kitakami is coming

    reminds me of Austin - but I may be wrong since I don´t have Austin.