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  1. drmajga

    Newport scenario after changes

    don´t hurt yourself yes, that´s bad. now i will facepalm... Nope, not always. But i see many times that battleships are hanging in the back (or actually parking) and shooting stuff at range. That´s not wrong but it´s way easier than having to constantly manouver to avoid getting damaged and also requires skill to do some damage to the enemy. And instead letting the people practice and get better over time, i see calls to ban them and make place for more easy-mode-pointandclick BBs. But the game is dumbing down anyway, so welcome more BBs. Oh wow, ONE game. You just destroyed that same argument a few lines above. May i ask you to stop your strawman right there? Apart from the Japanese mainline, every DD-line can use their guns - and that´s what i also did in the posted game. Bringing Japanese tropedo-boats to a scenario is bad, yes, but why generally limit all DDs to one per match? I would say it´s up to the player (and some RNG) whether he is useless, not the ship type. And battleships do attract a higher percentage of bad players because they are more forgiving to misplays. I am against a limit of destroyers, too bad we already have one for random battles (max 4), which opposes any historical fleet configuration.
  2. drmajga

    Newport scenario after changes

    Ok, that explains the bordergrinding BBs in every single random-game i have. Being alive is top-priority.. Here again my screenshot from hours ago. Tell what i am missing. Looks like it is time WG starts to hand out medals for survivng a match even if not really contributing to the victory. While the most useful ship in a scenario is mostly the cruiser, i am against a destroyer-limit. They already are a rare sight.
  3. drmajga

    Newport scenario after changes

    How should that help? You think more BBs would bring better results?
  4. drmajga

    Miss dream

    that´s bad. But what DID you get? Let us know!
  5. drmajga

    Server Problems

    Nope, me and my clan-mate still can´t get back in Waiting....
  6. A bit OT, but how is your progress guys? I am currently at 7/40 and wonder whether i am doing ok so far
  7. Commonwealth Week Sadly, only one Commonwealth-ship discounted (the oldest one) and no new ones. Would have been happy to see the HMCS Ontario introduced or Haida for less dubloons. Instead we get an new American prem and some older Brits on discount But i look fwd to get the Dreadnought
  8. drmajga

    Naval Underdogs: Poland - Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the hint but we know it´s the "Emerald". It would be nice to have a premium variant of that ship, so if not British then at least "European"
  9. drmajga

    Naval Underdogs: Poland - Discussion Thread

    Interesting article! Why did i never hear of the 30-day escape of that Polish submarine? I read countless naval books but that one was new to me. Also, i see a potential T5-cruiser for the Pan-EU tree:
  10. This video is to bring us information and some data, it´s not meant to win a prize. I do like this calm style over the ususally over-edited, super-flashy vids that cater to today´s audiences with their super-short attention spans. Just take a beer, relax and listen to two dudes speaking about some updates for 20 minutes You can read all the same info somewhere on Reddit or FB, no need to waste your time with the video. I think these two guys did a good job, especially when you consider that English is not their native language. Amen. Keep this format
  11. drmajga

    Inbound weaboo.

    +1 for this one. Take your time, make mistakes and don´t hesitate to ask here when you don´t understand why this or that just happened (blap, bounce, no-dmg-pen...). See you on the open seas!
  12. @josykay "historically correct" is a well-known meme... tho not to everyone it seems. Apart from that, the ship got sunk by a yoloing torpedoboat. So my not-so-serious statement is somewhat true.
  13. seriously, that would be a historically correct aspect; Viribus´s sistership got sunk by a yoloing Italian torpedoboat. Tho with ca 24 secondary barrels...
  14. drmajga

    promised T9 Premium DD: finally here?

    you mean like - Tashkent would be a premium - Udaloi is the T9 gunboat (main techtree) - Neustrasxyz is new T9 torp boat (alt techtree) ? Actually... makes a lot more sense than what we have now. I like that I wonder whether i would get Tashkent as a premium for free or my 4000 dubloons back - i bought the permacamo a while ago