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  1. drmajga

    Pearl Harbor - 3 neue Maps

    Die von @_Riko_ vorgeschlagenen Karten Pearl Harbour und Ärmelkanal sind die besten Karten, die ich je bei Wows sah. Ich hoffe, dass sie irgendwann so ins Spiel kommen. Ich mag das derzeitige gespiegelte Einerlei gar nicht, meine Lieblingskarte ist Solomonen.
  2. Wasn´t there something with the speed of the DEs being below 30 knots? Could be difficult to balance. But a mid-tier freemium to derp around? And a DD? I take it!
  3. drmajga

    Spanish Community Leftovers.......not anymore

    I wonder what will happen with Spanish ships in-game, will we ever get any? For example the Canarias which sunk/captured more than 30 enemy ships; she surely earns a place in the game.
  4. In that case i didn´t get the blend not at all no worries. I see this as a conversation.
  5. Like the puny Italian MAS15 did sink one of the biggest BB of the Austro-Hungarian navy. And afterwards managed to escape because irl you had no chance of hitting them. https://xray-mag.com/content/demise-sms-szent-istván https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/A_Szent_István_csatahajó_pusztulása.ogv ho ho !!
  6. or just take five seconds and google it: Also, 53 knots is pretty badass.
  7. How about real-life economy? Guess no one would play BBs then because one battle would cost 100x of the same game in a destroyer. Hey WG, didn´t you want to counter the BB-flood?
  8. drmajga

    Umfrage zum CV gameplay

    Das unterschreibe ich so. Es macht erstmal Spaß, aber nach 20 Minuten Nervenkitzel mit jämmerlichen 20k Schaden dastehen... Aber ich habe bisher auch nur T4 und T6 gespielt. Wäre für langsamere Flugzeuge, längere Anflüge aber dann auch ordentlich Schaden am Ziel wenn der Torpedo trifft.
  9. drmajga

    Some interesting info around the world

    Model of the USS Georgia
  10. drmajga

    Working invite codes

    Thanks @MyszygeneKopf
  11. drmajga

    Friendly bots eating torps like it was candy

    I agree with this. But the problems come from bots seemingly running into your torps on purpose. Who do you speak of? If you mean my posts: i spoke about the italian torpedoes with extreme range and slow speed which leads to an insane travel-time (i think one minute till max range). Which makes their use risky in many situations, for example when the own team starts rushing the enemy base half a minute after you threw your torps in that direction - i can warn my real teammates but not the bots.
  12. drmajga

    Friendly bots eating torps like it was candy

    Ok, with the Leone i will not contest caps but only torp-spam from the border - problem solved
  13. drmajga

    Friendly bots eating torps like it was candy

    While i generally agree with "your torps, your responsibility": try to apply that to Italian ships. Duca´s torps (both Ducas) have 12km range with abysmal speed. On a smaller map at Tier 6 that means: you torp a ship in cap A, one torp misses and goes all the way to cap B - where it hits a green bot that seems to eat it on purpose. Or when you´re in a knife-fight and the torps miss (because reaaaly slow) they keep running for a minute. And green bots keep charging into them. While it is possible to warn friendlies by clicking on minimap and writing "TORPS" in chat - bots don´t react to this. Getting punished for the bot´s errors (or WG´s bad programming) is wrong. And soon we will get the Leone, a destroyer that carrier the same fish.
  14. drmajga

    When a Team doesn't know where to go...

    @RedAnark Guessing by its position, your Tirpitz is a spy of the enemy team.
  15. Amen. In the first battle with the full-AA-Sims i downed 17 out of 30 planes and was confident to be done with that stage after the very next battle. ... and then i haven´t seen a single carrier for the rest of the day. After 12 battles i still was at 25/30 planes (killed some spotters).