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  1. Jeffrey_Fallang

    To "Iowa" or not to "Iowa" that is the question...

    This is discouraging, I am an IOWA class sailor and embrace the idea of fast battleships but it appears as the developer nerfed all the good things about the design to level the playing field. The IOWA should be the ultimate expression of the design not the Yamato.
  2. Jeffrey_Fallang

    Battleship players: what is your problem? Why won't you tank?

    I agree, our mission as BBs was to achieve our supremacy as far away as possible and still deliver plunging fire. We get in and brawl and the bots and bad guys will swarm us and pick us off quickly. I AM a battleship sailor and I achieve more by not brawling between islands. Cooperation and team work is the real issue here. I can support anyone as long as I can fire accurately and have the range. Hot dogging DDs and Cowboy cruisers make my life interesting though.
  3. Jeffrey_Fallang

    Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    when I am a BB I stay a respectable distance from my DD because either he or a cruiser will or might hot dog kills by sailing into each others path and of course, someone gets killed...what can you say. I have seen some crazy stuff so if you have a team mate that gets in close enough to repel boarders, let them have their way, you can still get long range kills...I try to avoid damage so stay away from cruisers and destroyers until I can get a series of broadsides in. For me, plunging fire is the key to my accuracy which is not good right now, but I am perfecting it. Brawlers will make you go pink if you engage the enemy because they will sail in front of you or worse ram your target. Its an unfortunate consequence of the game mechanics but better to avoid your more aggressive team players till they get killed, they are not team players by definition and just want to bust a nut on the first ship and get a kill.
  4. Jeffrey_Fallang

    Battleship Sailor

    it was nvidia experience software, uninstalled it and reloaded games, working fine. The launcher in the nvidia stuff created a major conflict for the WOWS installer and launcher, all is well now.
  5. Jeffrey_Fallang

    Battleship Sailor

    I was playing just fine until the recent update which occurred in conjunction with the latest Windows 10 update and corrupted myclient file, etc. I cannot reinstall because of a firewall issue that did not exist before. Three days now tech support cannot figure this out and I cannot play...pretty bummed at this point. There are lots of things I like about the game, but it is terribly slow with bot behavior being just ridiculous and predictable. Hoping I can make it to the USS MISSOURI before the whole problem blows up on me, but not impressed with tech support, huge waste of time.
  6. Jeffrey_Fallang

    anyone else?

    oh my yes.
  7. Jeffrey_Fallang

    anyone else?

    well, even after CC cleaner, a thorough scan of the registry and reboots with AV turned off...the mysterious launcher issue continues. The wargaming tech support guys are dumbfounded I presume since they rehash the same Tier one list of possible solutions to include powering down my modem...ROFL....really? Its frustrating, I am currently now on total uninstall status right now, not playing, just protesting, I fear there is a flaw in the installer or client...either way the developer is not around to ask.
  8. Jeffrey_Fallang

    Iowa help

    As a former IOWA class sailor from USS MISSOUR BB63, her forte is long range gunnery. If the ballistic trajectory is correct on the AI then further away is better for plunging fire for AP, bit closer for HE, but that seems a waste too. I served three years and I am surface warfare qualified on 5 inch, 16 inch and Tomahawk and Harpoon. I was grinding my way up the tech ladder when my game launcher failed to update my client and everything crashed, hopefully tech support can help, but I think I am talking bots, because its always the same 5 things they recommend....utter rubbish...LOL.
  9. Jeffrey_Fallang

    anyone else?

    Hey folks, having a devil of a time trying to reinstall the game and the launcher is getting hijacked by a much older version. I have tried for three days to get tech support to recognize the problem and they have failed. Has anyone else had this problem and recommend a work around just short of asking for my money back? This is happening to all my games. Absolute rubbish.