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  1. ok to late then .. lol .. wg i think u are overdoing this ..
  2. try keep 15km distance to yama with mo .. see what happens .. i sink yama all the time with mo .. just saying ..
  3. haha good laugh ! I have not seen this one .. voted ofc Well I also thought it would be the pinup .. Ruska for the world .. lol! :)
  4. Well right now I am on win7/nvidia ... and I will probably be the next couple of years also .. but my future plan is Linux on ati and maybe amd. In a future far far away ... Cheers!
  5. DarkPhariah

    Waterline: Episode 3.1 + 3.2 - Discussion Thread

    Thx WG, I love ur work :) Cheers!
  6. Ok thats black .. Click the magical button Elena says .. what button? lol Edit: (I think the button is in the next wg post that arrived later) so this does seem to work after all ... Cheers!
  7. Well i hope u will get a good event ! I live in denmark and i dont get out much ..
  8. DarkPhariah

    Replacing Steven Seagal is not ok !

    Thats just awesome made !! Super !
  9. DarkPhariah

    Bug Reports

    There is a problem when rebinding Minimap zoom in / zoom out. The minimap zoom, defaults to +(plus) and -(minus) when exiting the game. You can fix this manually by edit preferences.xml and find MAP_SCALE_MINUS and MAP_SCALE_PLUS replacing the wrong values with 'normal' values like this (here I have bound U to zoomout and I to zoomin: <MAP_SCALE_MINUS context="battle" type="down"> <VALUE key="KEY_U" mods="" index="0" /> </MAP_SCALE_MINUS> <MAP_SCALE_PLUS context="battle" type="down"> <VALUE key="KEY_I" mods="" index="0" /> </MAP_SCALE_PLUS>
  10. DarkPhariah

    Replacing Steven Seagal is not ok !

    Well ya exactly its a good joke (makes us all laugh and stuff) .... its so sad they remove him :(
  11. DarkPhariah

    Replacing Steven Seagal is not ok !

    PLS dont remove my favorite commander That really sucks so much its indescripable DAMN!
  12. DarkPhariah

    Update 0.6.10 Server Issues - Compensation

    Hey thats some smart thinking there .. should not be needed though ^^ I love the comment about the Sinclair ZX81 .. its WWII simulation after all ... (I am now at 10% and bored to hell)
  13. DarkPhariah

    Update 0.6.10 Server Issues - Compensation

    Since update 0.6.10 I have not been able to play :/ After update it would not display ships in port - so I did a file checkup in the launcher and it began downloading 10000MB, thats ok, BUT the download speed was around 200KB/sec and of course I had to stop that since it would be completed like tomorrow or never :/ So I have tried re-installing and right now my launcher downloads with approx. 600KB/sec (when its not 500KB/sec) ... That's about half my bandwidth only - we need bigger fileservers - the torrent solution is not enough and does seem cheap :/ I am like 5% done reinstalling - this will take the rest of my friday at current speed. Not being able to play for 2 days because of update is not ok.
  14. DarkPhariah

    In game UI disappears

    Well this has also happened to me - not very often though - a couple of times lately .. I run Win7 so its not win10 fault ;) Cheers!
  15. DarkPhariah

    Display Game Statistics ingame issue

    Hi Folks, (I am running without MODS) Options --> Controls -- (Other) Display Game Statistics Has stopped working, when I press assigned button nothing happens. I have tried reassigning key only - dont work. Any suggestions? (yeah I can reinstall - and I prob will at some point..) THX in advance !