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  1. DarkPhariah

    Automatic driving/firing ships in warships

    coop with a thunderer? no it was normal battle ofc I suppose the point is that we actually have software out there that can somehow drive ur ship and shoot ... maybe not very well but they try at least ... i like this game because of no cheaters .. if wg cannot make the cheaters go away .. then i definitely need to find something else to play ... i know cheat happens .. but its always in the companys effort to prevent cheaters .. and if wg just allows this then i quit ..
  2. Last game I saw a thunderer sail straight into an island and then he began to shoot at kremlin through the island .. so clearly someone was controlling something - and he just kept firing ... so automatic ships in warships is a thing .. thats great ... or that sucks .. to the point where i should just reconsider what i am doing here ... sigh .. so dissapointed .. because this should not happen and WG should have banned that account long time ago ... ffs
  3. DarkPhariah

    (Bug) Stuck in Dockyard

    I have not been able to access docks because it hang when trying ... So I tried in safemode and so on with no luck .. so after many attempts over the last days, today when I tried again to go to docks and it hang as usually, I accidentally moved the mouse cursor to the clock area in the right lower side of screen and it immediately began the welcome screen to the docks .. now the docks works and it no longer hangs .. man .. seems I missed some days now at the docks .. ohh well ^^ Cheers!
  4. DarkPhariah

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    i thought the subs would be more halloween like - not saying halloween subs were perfect, but they were fun to play .. these new subs are lacking somehow, they are 'probably' 'workable' - but i want something else with the subs .. maybe give me a t10 premium sub - then we can discuss whether or not subs will work ingame :) Cheers!
  5. DarkPhariah

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    how can there be 78 pages .. talk about 'The wall of text' .. WG are u reading this?!? (we stay up all night)
  6. DarkPhariah

    Is this normal these days?

    sry to hear all that ^^ for once my update went smoothly .. i am not saying i can actually access the docks .. but i dont need docks to gain ranks so all is fine :) i use a small corei3 and a 1080ti .. loading times are decent .. not great .. seems they have allready fixed all the files .. game is down to 3500 files .. now i really wonder why it runs sluggish for some ... WG?!?
  7. I did not find any google info .. and I am so very curious ^^ Cheers!
  8. DarkPhariah

    Mods Policy

    well its nice to know I wont get banned from using aslain :) :) Cheers!
  9. DarkPhariah

    Mods Policy

    They could .. but they don't ;) Cheers! edit: the client makes a checkup on the mod files given a manifesto .. if files not outdated they get loaded by the client .. no report to wg .. at all ...!
  10. DarkPhariah

    Mods Policy

    WG do not know if you are using a mod ... This is just normal gaming policy .. It would be nice with a comment from WG regarding aslain though .. But I will continue to use aslain and new aslain download just completed for install ... Cheers!
  11. DarkPhariah

    could not load system ressources

    send me ur laptop and i make it run wow .. ^^ dell computers can be tricky because of slight driver variations .. but this is prob not a driver prob as such .. some software/dell bundles can really mess up ones system .. of course i would do a complete re-install with drivers only - but that does take some skill and should not be committed ... try run wow in safemode - if still crashing goto windows management and look at windows software report and see what crashed warships .. if nvidia related .. well if intel related it could be something with speedstep, hibernation file or even swapfile .. i love dell computers but they can be tricky .. hope u find a solution ...
  12. DarkPhariah

    Collections .. help

    well fair enough that kots cannot be completed .. then delete it if i dont want it? anyway thats only half of it .. what about the "shipbuilding" collection .. never to be completed? or? delete it? :) Cheers!
  13. DarkPhariah

    Collections .. help

    well IF it was just possible to buy either kots or shipbuilding containers then I would not complain .. but I DO read carefully and these collections can't be completed or bought in the armory, not for coal, credits my mom or anything else .. I am just telling what is not working - and as I mentioned I just want to be able to complete a collection is all - OR MAYBE DELETE THEM .. Could I get a comment from WG? Cheers!
  14. DarkPhariah

    Collections .. help

    Hi WG, When will I be able to complete your 2 new collections that have been added to the game in the last 6 months .. Right now I get collection items I have already collected and I still have 2 collections not done - and I dont get collection item for those that i need .. These are the collections I still have not been able to complete: "Shipbuilding" collection "King of the sea" collection If you don't want me to be able to complete these collections then at least you should allow me to delete them .. I have been asking this before and again and I get totally ignored .. Cheers!
  15. DarkPhariah

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    lol! nice one :)