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  1. Desteban

    Terrible - pretty much as I wrote (and even more)

    Yes it does, it shows that the ship can actually perform. If you are disgusted with the ship its on you not the ship. You wouldn't believe how many people hate Khabarovsk. Still it is one of the strongest DDs in the game! Had a good laugh at that. Flamu was telling absolute BS, no T8 DD would have let him win that game because his team was throwing it. You on the other hand do more avg dmg with Terrible than with Kiev and she is a very competetive DD. I mean even more than Udaloi and that is a T9?! Don't even start about WR because those of your DDs I saw were all below 50%. Your whole claim here is that you bought a ship that works as advertised but doesn't behave to your liking so the product is faulty? As already pointed out if anyone is at fault for buying it that would be you...
  2. Desteban

    Terrible - pretty much as I wrote (and even more)

    You do see that altough flamu only complains about this ship he made 4 kills and 170k dmg?
  3. Desteban

    Terrible good/BAD in premium shop

    @Midway67 You type @ then the Name and below should pop up a field with profile names matching what you have typed. Just select the one you mean either with mouse or arrow keys and tab. Well I was just messing around trying to see how far I can take it and was suprised by that as well. But like I said if he went all in on me I would have propably lost. After that I went on to try a brawl with a 13k hp Zao and barely won with a 8k trade. Reload booster is fun and stuff but there is only so much you can do in 15 sec. After that it becomes a "normal" T8 DD at which point you are just food for TX. Yeah thats why I am still not sure wether IFHE is a good Idea or not. Unfortunately I had played exactly 0 games with a French ship before so I don't have a cpt. I don't know what Richelieu needs for cpt skills but you don't need to retrain her to Le Terrible since she is a premium an can switch cpts freely. Won't hurt to try I guess.
  4. Desteban

    Terrible good/BAD in premium shop

    @Midway67 I like the russians because of their speed, Le Terrible has quite a bit more on that front and the 4.x seconds rudder is also great. With AFT she has 14.7km. I do have to admit though I had a hard time even hitting a DM at 13km, the shells do get quite slow after 12km. Shouldn't be a problem for BBs but anything smaller and more agile you can't effectively engage at those ranges. Apart from that she has 8km torps that are pretty decent, and the reload consumable makes short work of DDs. I even did ambush a Grozovoi, pulled the reload consumable and had a firefight at close range where the Grozo started retreating. Finally got the kill with a dmg trade of 20k vs 5k but the reload consumable isn't enough to finish off a TX gunboat. If she didn't retreat and had tried to duke it out with me this certainly would have snowballed into either my loss or a very very narrow victory. So while the DPM isn't insane the base firechance of 10% is super duper awesome and I am already looking forward to putting all fire related skills on her because she certainly will be my new number one firestarter.
  5. Desteban

    Khabarovsk Torpedo Poll

    @wanninger17 I had the double rudder an engine upgrade before the LM. The Idea of making Khaba even more sluggish felt like heresy to me. I tried a few cpt builds with the LM in coop after I got it and I wasn't impressed at all. By pure chance I forgot someday I still had the LM equipped and took her for a round into a random battle. She performed so good I fell in love with her. Give the LM a chance to impress you and if you still don't like it just unequip it. I do have to admit though there seem to be several ways to successfully play Khaba than just the way I do it. So by all means do what works best for you.
  6. Desteban

    Khabarovsk Torpedo Poll

    I never said anything about smoke ... On paper the rudder looks absolutely trash, but lets face it. Khaba turns like a brick, with or without the rudder upgrade. I just point her in a general direction and shoot off with 48kts. At 12km+ you are basically invincible. And if you are fast you don't need to have much rudder input to initiate a turn so it really doesn't feel that bad. Had even a game with a friend where we took the middle cap on mountain range while both being spotted and farming some BBs. It was hillarious because half the enemy team was shooting, shima torping us and nothing hit so we successfully capped. Khaba is a brick but a very fast one and at range the shell flight time gets exponentially worse so it gets very difficult to hit her even with Moskva or Zao.
  7. Desteban

    Terrible good/BAD in premium shop

    Just bought it and had 2 matches with a 10 pt cpt. She is a blast to drive! I feel there are some issues to work around since the shells become quite a bit floaty at 12km+ but damn. She packs quite a punch and feels like a mini Khaba, bought her on just that assumption and I am glad I was correct. 53 kts are just ridiculously good... So anyone tried IFHE on her?
  8. Desteban

    Khabarovsk Torpedo Poll

    Yes, LM has: –6% to main battery loading time. +8% to main battery maximum firing range. –13% to main turrets traverse speed. So if you build a gunboat this thing will make her the uncontested King of DDs. With AFT you range should be somewhere like 14.6 km I think and with BFT and AR you should be able to see a reload of around 3.3 seconds. With SI you have 26k health + 50mm side armor which makes her very resilient. Well I don't know if I qualify as a source though since I am obviously biased. Khaba is my most played, most successfull ship. But if you are searching for a true gunboat, it won't get any gunboatier than Khabarovsk, thats for sure.
  9. Desteban

    Khabarovsk Torpedo Poll

    I am honestly not in favour of buffing her. She is currently pretty strong and any buff you give her just take her closer to OP territory which in turn takes her closer to being nerfed again... A bit less range than Tashkent but higher rof, additional turret, 50mm troll armor, better speed. Pre LM Khaba I would agree. With LM she plays like the good old days and dominates just everything.
  10. Desteban

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I am not actually sure what the argument against that change is? I mean it wasn't like all of a sudden BB AP would arm on DDs and everyone and their mom started doing it. It worked since I started playing this game, hardly anyone did it back then though. When I was grinding my Iowa there was no radar and shima was still OP. Back then was when I decided I would shoot AP at DDs because the HE didn't do enough dmg to justify the ammo switch. Gradually over the months this became popular but if anything DDs were stronger/had more impact back then. And now with all the radar/hydro and planes around you guys want to tell me that this is bad for the balance? People played BBs when there was no radar and shooting DDs with AP wasn't even common sense. They still worked... Lets see how it pans out in testing and decide then. But past metas show you could live without relying on penetrating DDs with AP. On the other hand most people here propably get more citadel hits with their BBs per round than pens on a DD.
  11. Desteban


    Khaba can do the very same, with IFHE it will shoot cruisers to pieces. The funny thing is Harugumo is slow and sluggish, so radar cruiser can counter her hard when she sits in smoke. Khaba doesn't even care about radar and is notoriously hard to hit. If I had to choose what I would face rather, a well played Harugumo or a well played Khaba I know of which I would be afraid of more. But sure if a Haru can dissmantel your ship with its guns then it must be OP. She can't even spot you herself when she sits in the smoke unless you are shooting with some big guns. For her to be able to farm you is equally your fault for miss playing. And if she were to open water gunboat she would melt faster to you than the other way around. God, you guys better pray to never encounter a competent Khaba because it makes Harugumo look like mikey mouse. Khaba can spot you, shoot you and still avoid dmg. All by herself. Oh and if you suck enough she will even take a cap during that time. Try that with OP Harugumo...
  12. Desteban


    Also hab noch nen paar Spiele mit deiner Skillung die du auf der vorherigen Seite gepostet hast gemacht. Vielleicht auch nur subjektiv aber ich glaub ich bleib lieber bei meinem IFHE und verzichte auf dafuer auf BFT. Ich mache einfach gefühlt mehr dmg auf Kreuzern mit IFHE.
  13. Desteban


    Bin ganz Ohr was besser ist. Ernsthaft, ich hab keine Ahnung was ich lieber statt IFHE hätte. Hab schon nen paar Sachen ausprobiert, sogar CE mit 8.9km concealment aber ich kann nicht wirklich behaupten das dies besser ist. Ich war sogar überrascht das die Khaba von der schlechten Sichtbarkeit mehr profitiert, spielt sich einfach entspannter. BFT is auch nicht so überragend, klar sind 10% gut aber nachdem ich auch noch AR habe ist der Effekt gerade bei so niedriger nachlade Zeit relativ gering. Meine Geschosse machen einfach zu wenig schaden als das es sich lohnen würde. DD frisst die Kiste ja sogar ohne Legendary Modul ziemlich einfach auf. Alles andere lacht über meinen traurigen HE dmg oder winkelt sofort an sobald ich mal AP drauf jage. Ansonsten hab ich AFT, SE und DE. Aber selbst SE brauch ich momentan eher selten. Wirklich ich hab keine Ahnung was ich anders skillen soll. Aber gut, das ist meckern auf hohem Niveau. Die Kiste ist ja doch insgesamt ziemlich stark ...
  14. Desteban


    Wait, a buff Khaba thread? Disregard everything those gentlemen above me said OP. You are absolutely right, she is indeed in dire need of a buff! I swear I need more firechance, thanks to those cpt skills that reduce fire chance I can hardly burn down BBs anymore?! Its getting ridiculous, I mean I make more firedmg with Wooster than with Khaba. This is Outrageous! BB fear some CL more than the King of the Sea Stalinium Khabarovsk!? To be more serious though with Legendary module she doesn't really suffer from "CL has better concealment than me/radar range and rapes me" like other DDs... Not like they didn't shoot me but that rainbow of shells they made kinda didn't hit much...
  15. Desteban


    Ich weis, man schnallt kein IFHE auf die Khaba. Aber als ich letztens nach 3 Spielen hintereinander nur 3 Feuer bei über 300 Treffern hatte is mir die Sache doch ein wenig zu bunt geworden. Vor lauter Wut meinen cpt neu geskillt. Die Schlachtschiffe haben ja dank cpt skills und modulen die Möglichkeit die Feuerchance ordentlich zu senken. Mittlerweile hat ja fast jeder die Möglichkeit genutzt, ganz davon abgesehen das Schlachtschiffe mit ihrem AP sowieso ziemlich undankbare Ziele sind. Tja was soll ich sagen, ich jage hauptsächlich Kreutzer und DD. Schaden is zwar nicht mehr so ausfallend wie wenn RNG mir wohl gesonnen ist und ich nen paar Schlachtschiffe abfarmen kann, aber trotzdem konstant bei den 100k. Dafür ist es natürlich auch unheimlich befriedigend eine DM oder Worecester abzureisen. Aber ansonsten sind die meisten Kreuzer nen anständiges Ziel und nachdem IFHE mitterlweile nur noch 1% Feuerwahrscheinlichkeit kostet hab ich mit Signalen immer noch 10%. Khaba mit LM ist einfach ein Traum, hatte heute erst ein glorreiches Match wo ich viel gegen Kreuzer gekämpft habe. Man beachte den potentiellen Schaden und wieviel ich tatsächlich kassiert habe