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  1. Desteban

    Khaba needs torp range increase

    I would be fine with Khaba and LM if WG didn't just release Kleber and had Macau in the pipline. The joke isn't that Khaba was strong or Kleber/Macau are but that they nerfed Khaba for the very exact strengths that they now give to those french DDs? They nerfed Khaba initially which she definitely earned, but they kept nerfing her while releasing stronger ships at the same time and now we have this mess. I would be more than fine with a rudder buff, but would gladly take more range as well...
  2. Desteban

    How to Moskva

    What? No, you gain even more accurate guns, 21 km range and lose some percent in turret traverse. Sucks that you didn't get the mission for LM because it is one of the few that is actually worth the grind.
  3. Desteban

    limit number of smolesters?

    In literally every DD I have I rather play against a Smolensk than a DM. But continue...
  4. Desteban

    Friesland... Sigh

    Are you trolling? According to your own stats she has the best WR among the DDs with more than 10 battles. Yeah wrong, I play her first line. Pretty much need to because there hardly is anyone who pushes a cap anyway. I am confident you have no idea what you are talking about. Bottom line is she wins games, imho better then the other T9 DDs. Regardless of what she can't do, she has some serious impact on the outcome of the game.
  5. Desteban

    Friesland... Sigh

    I actually think it is very versatile because I can deal with almost everything on my terms. I agree that I can't just lob shells at a target and call it a day. But the fact that I am very strong at capping gives my ship an advantage in the game modes that rely on it. Hence the WR. I don't think so, it takes a while until there is nothing left in the superstructure. But when that happens she is still a flamethrower and has some great AP. Yeah, I am a bit suprised myself but the bow on tactic hasn't really worked out yet for any ship trying to rush my smoke. I am not even sure, what is second line to you? Because there are very few ships I can think of that can have an impact on the game and be second line. Unless we are talking about a game mode without caps there is no ship that can win you games for playing second line consistenly. Given your reasoning so far I doubt you understand much about how I play this ship. I am not even sure you understand how those stats are nice? 84k is not much for a dmg farming ship. 71%WR are nice but they aren't happening because I am a second line ship pretending to be smolensk.
  6. Desteban

    Friesland... Sigh

    Maybe it is because I was playing alot of RU DDs and had to figure out how to get a cap even with crap concealment. But 6.4 on Friesland is super easy to deal with, even more so because that ridiculous hydro is 5km and at that range my guns give me a default win against DDs. But if you thinks those 71% are because of divison mates then you are actually right. Given that this is the ONLY DD i have such stats with I am actually considering it a bit OP. But sure, ask for buffs... What could possibly go wrong
  7. Desteban

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Actually thats the most hillarious thing about it. It seems only BBs complain about her but imho she is absolutely devestating against cruisers. Granted I didn't find a HIV yet, Zao, Stalin, DM, Wooster, Mino all died to me without much of a counter play. Stalin obviously took a while and is fairly dangeorus. But the static smoke spam only gets you so far anyway, for all I care they could remove the smoke, stealth and torps. It wouldn't even matter to me, its basically a Wooster on steroids. I can camp behind islands and shoot people on the other side of the map. Brawl DDs, kite BBs and depending on the cruiser either be at range or defeat them close up. Those guns are a gunboat captains wet dream, I gladly take the citadel for that amount of pew pew pew.
  8. Desteban

    Wrong voice for UK Captain "Hood"

    Yeah, I don't know why but thats propably the most interesting aspect of it. I mean it is kinda like those flags you can put on your ship for taking part in events. Whats the point if you can't show off to everyone that you grinded (bought) those captains.
  9. Desteban

    Wrong voice for UK Captain "Hood"

    That would actually make me use those F buttons more often, just to hear other ships respond! Do it WG!
  10. Desteban

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    No matter how often that gets repeated in this forum, it doesn't make it any more true. Kleber is actually the only ship in that comparison that even has the speed to sail from flank to flank and be the vanguard for the team. But even so only Khaba has 50mm and repair party to tank dmg and be in risky positions. Khaba has a unique playstyle for the simple fact that there is no other DD as tanky and as fast at the same time.
  11. Desteban

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    Khaba has 30 from the back and 40 from the front. Not sure about the front ones but from the back she is safe of DD AP.
  12. Desteban

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    Actually Khaba has great firing angles, unlike Mogador I can safely angle against DD AP and still use all my guns. Not sure how Kleber is but I assume she is similar in that regard to her predecessor.
  13. Desteban

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    Since I am going to angle the moment I spot you, the best you get is 2 ap salvos at me. Everything else will need to be HE and against 50mm Khaba thats a fight you won't win even with Main battery reload booster. Just ask Harugumo, she loses every time and doesn't even need a special gimmic to speed up the reload. Surely enough back then many DDs started a gunfight with a Khaba only to lose right away. Altough nowadays usually people know better. Oh boy, I am sure. Just a quick recap though, how fast is your gearing? How long does it take you to even get in the cap? I am there way before you But in all seriousness, if you try to take a cap while I am around you better have some serious support. Because when not it will be a 1v1 and I KNOW where you are. So hunting you down while your sneaky Gearing tries to cap isn't really difficult at all. Worst part is you can't even run away because I am faster, so unless you DO have some ships that are actively supporting you while you cap I can take you apart and there is nothing you can do about it. There is lots of discussion to be had about balancing Khaba but in regards to a simple DD vs DD Khaba is not just barely OP. It straight up murders them. But when my team is eating crayons at the map border and I am up against 2 radar cruisers + your gearing I am going to lose the cap and can't even hunt you down. Again, not the DDs fault itself, just that I am getting clubbed by bigger ships because I can't play the sneaky game.
  14. Desteban

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    Nah, thats a bit simplistic. Khaba ranges from ridiculous strong to anemic depending on the enemy ship line up, map and spawnpoint. It has happened a grand total of 0 times that my Khaba was outgunned by another DD in even a semi fair fight. While a stealth DD can be a proper pain in the butt, I usually spot the torps and don't let him close to my ships. When my own ships stay too far back and the enemy is pushing into the cap I have to concede the cap. Not because of the enemy DD but the support it has. In a DD vs DD fight Khaba was still king when I tested her the last time. Haven't met a Kleber yet but going by what I know from my Mogador I see very little reason for Kleber to win. Klebers Torps a supremely dangerous and in combination with the guns might make it difficult for Khaba, but the guns alone are way too weak.
  15. Desteban


    So much salt in the internet about Smolensk. When I finally encountered some ingame I was actually dissapointed by how underwhelming they were. To be fair though I don't play BBs lately so maybe she is more of a thread to those. But in DDs and CAs alike I don't get the point, if she isn't in her smoke I can shoot her and if she is I just stay concealed... Maybe I need some more games against her but the playstyle is similar to Kutu and everybody adapted to Kutu as well.