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  1. Desteban

    CV Stärken und Schwächen T8 Premium :)

    @Fox_Gecko Wollte dir auch nichts unterstellen Saipan Bomber: 2451 * 6 = 14 706 Graf Torpedo Bomber 1709 * 9 = 15 381 Kaga Torpedo Bomber 1451 * 12 = 17 412 Enterprise Bomber 2033 * 9 = 18 297 Lexi Bomber: 2043 * 9 = 18 387 Mal als Vergleich mit allen Modulen und cpt skills um die hp zu buffen. Hab jetzt mal nur die "Hauptbewaffnung" von den jeweiligen Schiffen genommen. Ich würde sagen da sehen die "Papierflieger" der Kaga recht gut aus.
  2. Desteban

    USS Lexington, vs USS Enterprise......

    If nothing else this is atleast consistent with how you seem to perceive yourself. I mean yes, Kaga has many planes and they are kinda weak. But if you use them like kamikaze planes you will run out of planes rather sooner than later. The reason she es great for beginners is because you can make a mistake and lose an entire squadren to it without being as harshly punished as on the other CVs. Doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake to begin with and you should avoid using your planes for kamikaze attacks. On the other hand if the AA bubbles are too heavy you can still use them for some high risk attacks without being entirely useless which most of the other CVs can't. Doesn't mean this should be your go to tactic. At the end of the day you will have to accept that your planes die no matter which CV you are in. The question is how many can you sacifice and what can you gain by doing so. You always need to find a good balance between risk/reward. Her biggest advantage to having many planes is that you can spam the same type of plane with a full squad even mid-late game. So you don't need to change the type of your plane because your squadren is not at your carrier yet. One of the reason I use TB almost entirely unless I am hunting a DD.
  3. Desteban

    CV Stärken und Schwächen T8 Premium :)

    Dein Beispiel hätte mit anderen CVs auch nich mehr Spaß gemacht. Trotzdem 90k, damit ist denke ich alles gesagt. Hilflos is die Saipan wirklich nich und das die Kiste nur dadurch 'gebalanced' ist das sie weniger unfug anrichten kann wenn die AA stärker ist macht sie halt nich weniger broken wenn sie mal top tier ist. @Fox_Gecko Ich will hier nich die OP keule schwingen aber wenn Leute behaupten, dass die Saipan die schwächste von den Premiums ist, dann verzerrt das doch ein bisschen die realität^^
  4. Desteban

    CV Stärken und Schwächen T8 Premium :)

    Ich glaube wir wissen beide das die niedrige Anzahl der Flieger nur Leute ausbremst die damit leichtfertig umgehen. Jeder der seine Ziele sorgfältig auswählt profitiert doch schon ziemlich von dem hohen Schadens potential. Gerade wenn man top tier ist, dann tun einem die Gegner Schiffe schon fast leid. Aber nur fast
  5. Desteban

    USS Lexington, vs USS Enterprise......

    What kind of question is that? No ship in its stock configuration is comparable to a fully outfitted one. And most certainly not Lexi to Big E?! But the Lexi is not a bad ship at all when upgraded, I would say Big E is easier to play though. If you actually told us what your comparison was about we could help you better.
  6. Desteban

    CV Stärken und Schwächen T8 Premium :)

    Also die Saipan ist definitiv immernoch broken. In nem T6 Match sucht die Zertörung die sie anrichten kann ihres gleichen. Auf TX kann man immer noch alle Schiffe droppen die nicht extrem starke AA haben. Man muss halt isolierte Ziele angreifen. Aber der reine Alpha Dmg den die Saipan raushauen kann stellt die anderen CVs in den Schatten
  7. Desteban

    Full stealth build worth it on IJN CVs?

    Because Kaga got those delicious HE bombs?
  8. Desteban

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I use it on DBs. They are you hardest hitting weapon and usually are the longest time vulnerable to AA. The TB i just use to follow up an attack but not as a main source of dmg. With the DB you can also delete DDs so they are a rather versatile weapon.
  9. Desteban

    Full stealth build worth it on IJN CVs?

    Yeah thats why every bit of stealth helps. If you only let youself be spotted when you are already attacking you can get a suprise drop on them. Ever tried torping a LM Zao? That thing is so not fun to drop at... I usually start the attack when the AA start shooting so the first wave of clouds hit the airspace above me. Kaga has rather fast sight stabilisation so I didn't skill for it on my cpt neither do I use SE. My cpt has an old/bad build that I haven't touched in a while. But tbh those Kaga planes sure can take a beating considering they are supposed to be super weak and I haven't even put SE on them. Imho the other CVs with worse concealment suffer alot more from strong AA than Kaga does.
  10. Desteban

    Full stealth build worth it on IJN CVs?

    Nah, that sums it up pretty good already. Since Kaga can aim pretty fast with the TBs you can come out of stealth start the attack, dodge first flak wave and make a drop witout any losses. Don't know about your playstyle but the stealth certainly pays off against those cruisers with a fast rudder.
  11. Desteban

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Still not sure how to feel about Enterprise...
  12. Desteban

    Can someone review a CV replay?

    I only just got Lexington myself but I have played most of the premium CVs and therfore have a bit of experience on T8. So if you don't mind me giving you some advice: Did you take all plane hp buff skills for your cpt? Because sometimes it looked like your planes were made of paper. I just played my first round in Lex myself and also according to the stats her planes should be pretty durable. So if not definitely add Aircraft Armor and Survivability Expert. Taking the the rocket fighters at the start to spot is a good idea but you fly too deep into the enemy AA. Don't really fly straight into the enemy spawn, stop a bit before and just fly along the flank. So when a ship sails into AA range they hit you from the side and not the front. That way you can turn away faster and recieve less dmg. Always watch for the yellow sign that says AA, don't wait for the actual shots to appear. Also what I noticed you waste too much planes by going into AA heavy zones. I mean always keep 6-7km distance to Cruisers and BBs unless you want to attack them otherwise you just waste hp. Make your strikes count, don't fly into the middle of the battlefield, both rounds had quite a few ships being alone on the flanks. If you can take them out of the game you relieve your own ships alot more than trying to get ships you can't finish off. Of course helping your DD against the enemy DDs is important at the start of the round. But the moment a DD goes into smoke don't even strike the smoke, just leave a fighter above and move on to the next target. Plan your route to the targets so you don't fly over enemy AA until you reach your destination. If you do that your planes will have alot more HP left and you can do atleast 2 strikes on most ships. You sometimes seemed to just take a squad and then search for a target. Plan your attack before you select the squad so you have the right squad for the right ship. No point in going out with a squad only to realize there is no good target f or torps around and switch back to rockets for example. Watch the mini map pre deployment and look for isolated targets or enemies at key positions where your team needs help. You can plan the next attack run already while en route to your attack. Oh and very important, you can have your CV move to a position automatically when you go to the map with "m" and click on it with the mouse. As a CV every minute you don't attack someone you are wasting time so don't bother with actually steering your CV yourself unless you really have to. Thats just some basic stuff but you should do already alot better when you give more care to target selection and avoid AA better.
  13. Desteban

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    So the point is to spam even more torps than Kaga but with fewer planes? I might as well stick to Kaga then... I mean she was nerfed not too long ago so that could have something to do with it.
  14. Desteban

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    I am serious here, is GZ really considered good? If so please somebody point me in the righ direction on how to use her because compared to the other premium CVs she feels kinda weak to me. Doing well with the others but GZ seems like a hopless case to me
  15. Desteban

    Saipan CV - Do you like it ?

    Wait what? Graf is like a well made but blunt blade. Everything on her is nice except you can't put out dmg. Saipan is a monster, still getting to know Enterprise but no doubt Saipan is one of the strongest T8 premiums...