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  1. TommyScaletta

    Ultra-god-tier AAs and carriers

    I understand what you're saying, but the problem is that a Des Moines will eat your planes even without defensive fire. When you just pump out as much ammo as you have against aviation, chances are your accuracy isn't the best. That's why I proposed to lower the damage output. The problem is not only defensive fire. The problem is that some cruisers just have blatantly overpowered AA, like Des Moines. That's why I would nerf AA in general so these ships still retain the best-in-class AA. Balancing CVs is a mess.
  2. TommyScaletta

    Ultra-god-tier AAs and carriers

    Except for Des Moines, Neptune, Minotaur and Hindenburg. They will just keep wrecking your planes. Even if they're alone, not playing with the team whatsoever.
  3. TommyScaletta

    Ultra-god-tier AAs and carriers

    quoted post removed Everywhere. No. Take this example: There is an enemy Des Moines with defensive fire driving around alone at C. Right now, you would immediately forget about attacking it since it is a Des Moines. Assuming AA was nerfed and defensive fire wouldn't make AA overpowered on every ship, you would be able to attack it. I didn't say nerf the AA to a level where it becomes totally useless, just nerf it to a level where lonely ships can be attacked. Des Moines would retain very good AA, so attacking it would come at the cost of some planes, not all squadrons you were attacking with.
  4. TommyScaletta

    Ultra-god-tier AAs and carriers

    Guten Tag As most of you know, there are some ships that are untouchable for any CV-namely Des Moines, Minotaur, Neptune, (Hindenburg) and pretty much everything with defensive AA at higher tiers. I think that no (lonely) ship should be able to single-handedly wreck a carrier. So, I'd generally nerf the AA (especially in higher tiers since there is no ship with really bad AA). Not to a point where even a DM won't shoot down a single plane, instead to a level where a T10 CV can attack a lonely DM without getting his planes rekt in less than 5 seconds. Also, I'd rework defensive fire since that one is my biggest concern. The manority of ships at T10 can equip defensive fire. But defensive fire boosts good AA (or even god-tier AA in case of DM) to a completely new level. My suggestion: 1. When defensive fire is activated, the average damage output of all AA guns that are affected go down to 60% of their original value. 2. When activated, accuracy of incoming planes slowly gets reduced. Yeah, I got nothing more to say. Have a nice day.
  5. TommyScaletta


    Kurfürst can be an effective ship, but once there is someone who knows how to properly fight it....you will get annoyed quickly.
  6. TommyScaletta

    Balance Changes

    There are so many balance changes to be done....I will just talk about what I'd do to T10 ships. Please note that I do not own all of these ships. You probably consider a few changes I'd make garbage, if so, please explain me what you would do. General: -remove stealth firing from all ships -weaken defensive fire and AA so no ship in the entire game can be invulnerable to planes (especially applies to Hindenburg, Des Moines and Minotaur) -bring back double carrier games for Tiers 8-10 (CVs are even bigger of a threat and dogfighting expert might sees more use at higher tiers (considering the tier difference bonus it gives) -change overmatch mechanics (so a Montana can finally do *something* against the mighty Yamato) Destroyers Shimakaze -increase main battery gun range so it is at least on par with Yugumo -shorten the reload time of main battery so it is at least on par with Yugumo -decrease torpedo spread for torpedoes launched tight Khabarovsk I'd say it is somewhat balanced after the russian DD line got an update. Gearing -increase reload time to 3,5 seconds -increase gun range to 11,8km Z-52 -increase AA guns effectiveness -make the defensive fire consumable accessible in a separate slot Grozovoi Remove it so it is balanced. Cruisers Des Moines -increase shell velocity by 5% -shorten radar range to 8,49km Hindenburg -increase AP penetration by 30% -increase secondary battery gun range to 5km Moskva -increase radar duration to 30 seconds -increase reload time to 12 seconds Zao -reduce fire chance to 17% -shorten reload to 13 seconds Minotaur -increase reload time to 4 seconds Battleships Yamato -increase reload time to 35 seconds Montana -give it the armor layout of North Carolina -increase speed to 33kts -increase secondary battery gun range to 7km -increase accuracy (historical accuracy) GG. Kurfürst -shorten reload of 406mm guns to 28 seconds -increase reload time of 420mm guns to 35 seconds -increase bow armor thickness to 60mm -increase accuracy (historical accuracy) -shorten main battery gun range to 19,8km (makes the use of a spotter plane much more viable) Aircraft Carriers Hakuryu Nothing to be honest. I'd rather buff Skillway. Skillway -shorten arming times for all types of aircraft to around -Fighters: 30 seconds -Torpedo Bombers: 28 seconds -Dive Bombers: 32 seconds -decrease accuracy penalty of torpedo and dive bombers when in range of a ship with activated defensive fire -increase bomber accuracy -Loadout changes: -Air supremacy 3/1/1 -Balanced 2/1/2 -Strike 1/2/3 Finished.
  7. TommyScaletta

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Two days ago I had a game where I shot down 87 planes, even beating the 82 from the original post (Cpt. Obvious). No clear sky. Solution to this questionable achievement: Fix the plane count. -Shoot down 50 planes in a battle as CV or -Shoot down 30 planes as a cruiser/battleship/destroyer in a battle
  8. TommyScaletta

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    I was up against a Midway, but I cant provide a screenshot of the team composition anymore
  9. TommyScaletta

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    My last clear sky was last year in my Saipan....and that was the second time I ever got that achievement! Look at this: In a total of 72 battles in my Midway (2/1/2), I shot down 31 (24,5 for all players) planes on average per game. In a total of 122 battles in my Hakuryu, I shot down 20,2 (20,6 for all players) planes on average per game. If I was up against a Hakuryu, I would have to shoot down at least 50 planes, 68 against a Midway (not counting floatplanes). With floatplanes, that number would go up to about 70 for Hakuryu and over 100 for Midway. That requires: -none of your teammates to shoot down many planes (and now you have a Minotaur/Hindenburg/Des Moines in your team) -the enemy carrier to constantly send you his planes (meaning you need an enemy carrier that doesn't know crap) -the enemy carrier to not attack ships with strong anti-air, otherwise they will loose many of their planes, resulting in less planes for you to shoot down (requiring an enemy CV to know what he is doing) Look at the last two points and you will see the problem with clear sky.
  10. TommyScaletta

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    The mission forces you to get one at Tiers 8-10 but I still think that this is hilarious. So far, in over 4000 battles I got two clear skies, both of them in Saipan I believe.
  11. TommyScaletta

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Hello (hello) I just had a Midway game where I shot down 82 planes and didn't get a clear sky (see attached screenshot). Right now you need to destroy half of the enemy planes and destroy at least 30 to get it. I am too lazy to do the maths here, but shooting down more than 82 planes is something that almost never happens. So I'd suggest to lower the requirements for this achievement. My suggestion: -Shoot down 35 planes in one battle to get a Clear Sky. Coincidentally, the last mission I need to complete in order to have every campaign at 100% is to get 3 Clear Sky achievements. Maybe lower that to 1.
  12. TommyScaletta

    Progression for the new captain skills

    Hello I copied this from here ( http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__4640#topmost ). Skill points XP needed before 0.6.0 XP needed after 0.6.0 Total Before 0.6 Total After 0.6 0 0 0 0 0 1 1200 1500 1200 1500 2 1300 2500 2500 4000 3 1500 4000 4000 8000 4 2100 6000 6100 14000 5 3400 9000 9500 23000 6 5800 14000 15300 37000 7 9600 21000 24900 58000 8 16000 30000 40900 88000 9 25000 41000 65900 129000 10 37000 54000 102900 183000 11 53000 69000 155900 252000 12 74000 87000 229900 339000 13 102000 108000 331900 447000 14 136000 132000 467900 579000 15 179000 159000 646900 738000 16 231000 189000 877900 927000 17 294000 222000 1171900 1147000 18 369000 259000 1540900 1406000 19 1000000 300000 11540900 1706000
  13. TommyScaletta

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - German Destroyer Branch

    Hello everyone. I am currently at the glorious Tier 5 german destroyer, the T-22. And I have to say...this is probably the worst ship I've played so far. Overall I think that the german destroyer line is underpowered. Especially the T-22. The T-22 has absolutely pathetic concealment and you only get 0,7km to drop torpedoes (assuming that you have the upgraded G7A T1 and a camo that reduces your detection range to 6,8km). The artillery is bad, every other destroyer will totally dominate you and considering the broken matchmaking as of now...you get it. Compared to the other 3 lines of destroyers, the german ones have nothing that speaks for them and are overall just worse USN DDs. Not worth grinding.
  14. TommyScaletta

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    Overall a fairly good update. The only thing I am missing are the old voices (the radio chatter is somewhat messing with my mind). And then there is the new second premium camo for Tirpitz that EU players have to pay for while NA, RU and Asia got it for free. And some other missing stuff that EU doesn't get.
  15. TommyScaletta

    General thoughts (5.15.1, T10 Balance, Economy, Commander Skills,..)

    It is not debateable, those 4 seconds will rarely save you. The biggest gun is in this case the best one. More penetration, higher damage. Making Montana the most maneuverable from them all is a vital part of buffing it to a competitive level.