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  1. Dear reader, Do you like this game to??? but so know and often you have questions or problems or you feel under pressure??? Then did you send a ticket to the Wargaming.net Customer Service in hopes off being heared or helped??? So that is what i did and i feel very unstatisfied by their "help", in fact they didn't help at all they just gave the same answers back at you that they will do with everyone. I'm a 50 year old player and i recieved a lot of help to play this game thanks to my son. I play every day i even surpassed my son in play time and ships and so i tryed my best to get the missions done. So this is what happend; Last weekend or more there was the Lunar-new-year-marathon Event Missions. There where 5 missions. 1 missions would be completed if you had done all 4 missions succefully atleast that is what ingame looked liked. I only needed 1 more Mission, this was Mission 4 something with 20.000 xp without modifiers i played a lot last Sunday and in my last game i played i would succesfully completed the mission and i did. i was killed before the match ended so with good thoughts i logged off. After working on monday and in the evening logging back in i had no reward no ship. I created a ticket and they won't do anything about it. They say: "Since you did not complete the mission, you will not get the reward." I found out on the news tab on the official website that you need to win 1 more game after you had succesfully done all 4 missions. I didn't know about that and didn't recall it listed in game. For me this feels the same as everyone with their grafspee challange does the event / mission end on 19th or on the 20th??? if i would have known that i needed to win 1 more game i would have play that Sunday 1 more game!!! The game is so beautiful but slowly i feel so more hate, unsatisfied, disrespectful.
  2. Who think the same as me over unfair battles from level 6 to 8 to fight against 2 levels higher. Level 6 have to fight level 8,level 7 fight against level 9 level 8 to level 10. Also when you have premium ships that we buy or win in the game, they are no match against two levels higher. We don't buy or win premium ships for filling up Higher tier matches. Hopefully you guys think the same as me and help me for more fair battles I wish you all good luck and fair seas!