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  1. albinbino

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    2 Santa containers: Anshan and 10.000 free XP.
  2. albinbino

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    For me Aigle was hard to play in comparison to other DDs, used it long time ago because needed it for some missions. I never played it after that. But sure will not sell it.
  3. albinbino

    Legendary Upgrade opinons/debate.

    I unlocked for Kurfurst, Republique and Minotaur, I am not happy with any of those. The one on Kurfurst is maybe OK, but i sold it during the last Ranked season (real ranked season), because i could not afford to have less range than enemy cruisers :).
  4. albinbino

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    It does.
  5. Well i think they did something in last patch that only people with weak machines (borderline sufficiant to play) such is mine can really notice that well. I think WG must change thier game requirments description on home page, becouse what is mentioned there right now it does not fit reality, game in practice is more demanding than that.
  6. Intel Core2 Quad 2.33GHz 4 G RAM, DDR 2 ATI RADEON 512 MB DD2 , 128bit And some simple hard disc of 400 G. My net: ADLS 5 MBps/512 kbp I am not now home to doublecheck, but this is it i am pretty much sure.
  7. Well, mine FPS drop to 15 when shooting and torping start, and stays like that till end of battle, maybe even goes lower for some seconds. Prior to update i have been playign about 30 battles per day due to legendary upgrade grind and had no problems. But yesterday after i did the update, i wanted to contiue i realized i cant. Somehow played 3 battles, but horrible expiriance, tried this morning, the same. Everyting seems interrupted during the battle, shooting, torps travelling, ship traveling, even sound of events lags. Cant play good, cant hit anything as i want, so i must stop playing in order my teams not to suffer because of me. I guess they did something to the game in last patch, something that players with strong machines cannot notice so easy, but for me with weaker machine it has drastic impact.
  8. Am I the only one who has problems after yesterday's update to play this game? Everything was fine before update, but since then it is almost unplayable with so low FPS, simply game does not run smoothly anymore for me, always delaying every action i make in the battle and breaking it. Dont know what to do, played thousands and thousands of battles, but now i simply cannot play it anymore. And all just for that little update. I admit i dont have strong machine, that is why i always play on lowest settings possible, that is not problem for me, i got used it, but now i cannot go any lower. 2 years ago i made post here how i always fear when WG announces update, and so many times unfortunately my fear was justified. Looks like will have to make long pause and wait for some future update that maybe will improve this situation for me.
  9. No. I dont think this will happen because they will be losing credits a lot. Because during the battle i notice those who play extra defensively and pretty much being useless for the team, and every time i check their stats after battle. Especially i check damage they do in that ship they played, and every time it is too low. That is why i stay with proposal, in one package to increase costs and incomes, profit would be the same, but that is why punishment for carelessness and low engagement would be greater.
  10. albinbino

    RN CV's in testing

    I stpped CV playing after they inyroduced manual attack. I would play CVs sometimes but i hate manual fights between fighters strafe. Simply becomes too much for me, i am not good at all with it. If WG removed fighters strafe and i dont care if they kept manual drops or not, i would play more often.
  11. Well i had the second proposal but i did not present it, that is to reward wining team with more credits, similar what they do with XP, this would increase competitive play drastically, but it could lead to higher toxicity, which i don't mind, but WG does. Anyway all i am proposing to make Random battles more engaging for players by giving them some extra goals.
  12. How to make players to approach Random battles more seriously and with bigger interest to win? We witnessed several attempts and changes by WG so far to come up with adequate battle economy for ships in post battle repair costs and income, but in same time not to compromise players playing styles in the battle too much, and as a conclusion i would say this has not been completely successful, since there are more options left to be explored. Biggest problem is lack of caring by many players how well they do in battle, lack of their interest to do things in battle before they die. I am referring to Random battles, it is really sad to see right on the start of battle, in opening minutes ships getting killed one by one, and most caused by irrational moves. In the past this was more common in lower tier battles, but now it is very present in high tiers as well. It is very defeating to see several ships dying so fast in battle, as it has usually from one team, and then you who is remaining and trying to win are supposed to save that battle, which is 90% impossible. I will come out here totally honest and say that even I was struggling to find proper interest in continuation of Random battles after playing month long Ranked, but due to competitive drive i manage, many do, but also many don't and never have had it. As solution my proposal for WG is to increase ship repair costs after the battle, but in same time to increase battle incomes. This would not hurt WG economy, because overall profit that players make would be still the same, but in the same time it would: stimulate players to do well in battle, not do die carelessly in opening minutes, to fight viscously until their last HP left, penalize AFK, force players to improve and most importantly it would make Random battles more combat spirited. In case this is implemented, than as side effect for risks and dangers that come for DDs players who are aiming to cap, and also higher presence of radars, i would propose capping to be rewarded more, as compensation for high costs battles and risks they take, just idea but not critically nessecary.
  13. albinbino

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    They could have thrown at least 1000 steel in rewards. :)
  14. albinbino

    WG plz bring back T10 Ranked

    Let me add that decision to give Zao 12 km torps has effected seriously battle styles in tier 10. I will say in negative way.
  15. albinbino

    WG plz bring back T10 Ranked

    It was huge difference to play Random again after playing so many games Ranked. The quality of battles between these 2 cannot even be compared. No cooperation, no carrying for win, no carrying for dying or not in first minute of battle.