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  1. absolutely not, skill>>time if player dont enough skill for higher ranks no matter he played a lot or not, he will stay at low ranks
  2. i dont know why some people keep saying wargaming isnt a charity club, this is business etc.. cant they see price of contents?? this game is too overpriced, its not worth to spend one penny i bought tirpitz 1 month ago and now im totally regret for it, i wish i buy FULL game from steam instead of 1 SHİP edit; and i will never ever spend money on this overpriced game again!
  3. _Lawine_

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    next time give us more reasonable missions, and do not add this missions again: -500games in 5 weeks, -gain x missions in single battle kamikaze r event missions way easiyer to GNB and has pretty award, i force myself to complete the missions and gained 960 diamonds from missions and 200 from facebook to gain something pretty for secret award like in kamikaze r event but i have only got 4 ports slots(im not a ship collector, and dont prefer t2-3 ships) and 10 flags each, i prefer 800-1000diamond for t5 ships award, you stolead my time wargaming and i will never force myself for ''SECRET'' again next time say big prizes is just 10 camo begnning of the event
  4. actually even with tirpitz its not easy to make pretty money after sunk without premium at avarege game, i know lots of people disagree me but pls read all of them before judge after sunk 78k+45k (2 premium consumables) + ammuniton etc= almost 145k normally i gain avarage 300k credits and after sunk i lost half of my credits ant its not cool, especially i bought tirpitz for making money and iam little diassappointment , in my kamikaze r i can easyly gain net 250k-300k no matter i sunk or not and t5 games r way easyier to t8 games i dont say tirpitz isnt a good money maker but she is not worth to her prize for money making
  5. hmm you dont know north carolina and you didint experience the her sigma buff, im not expert other accuary stuffs but i can tell you now her shells gruops better than before while her dispersion same as before i dont think changing tirpitz sigma value dont make her op suddenly same as nc
  6. ı dont ask for dipersion buff, actually dispersion can be stay same , im asking for sigma buff as same as nc
  7. you understand me wrong, your hit rate at close range should wreck others and should done more damage but it seems not, this is maybe for 3 reasons 1- you try to hit bbs and they angled you well and you cant damage them 2-you aim well but rng and dispersion dont let you make high damage 3- at close range other team instantly focused you and you sunk before done damage i think its because for second and third reasons, am i right?
  8. but your damage isnt good as your hit rate even with torpedo damage, maybe you r dying quickly at close range(%25 surv rate) and cant make good damage?
  9. we r talking about base stats, you can go full stealth with nc too! about bows armor its not all about paper stats, their bows type r different so you cant decide with paper stats nc have 6 front gun, better aa, better gun confirigation also you can dodge torps with ncs better turning circle radius
  10. i dont said she is up, but without torps yeah she is absolutely up -insane armor==> actually nc bow armor outclasses tirpitzs armor also nc have 6 front gun -best maneuvrability==> she is best in maneuverability but also nc has pretty maneuverability also you forgot bad aa and bad torpedo defense and bad concealtmant, with this 3 carries can hunt you easly also dont forget she have lowest gun caliber
  11. with lowest gun configuration and worst dispersion, she is not fine
  12. their max range dispersion is same, not same range dispersion