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    Hello sailors!

    I am ultra new here and I am hoping for a few heads-up. Ive always wanted to play this game but waited for the right time to start playing. Im a frequent player of World of Tanks blitz, I wouldve tried the PC version but felt it be better if I play something different. I have played a couple of games but couldnt cause the game kept crashing on my old laptop. My first question is what is suitable to play WOWS on? Ive got a laptop in mind that I would work on hopefully play WOWS on. I would be grateful if someone would gives the link ive including a comb over? I would want to play it in relatively good quality e.g. 720p or above (http://www.very.co.uk/hp-pavilion-15-ab130na-amd-a8-processor-8gb-ram-2tb-hard-drive-156-inch-laptop-with-radeontrade-r5-graphics-black/1600109329.prd) Secondly, what lines are best to start with. I have a rough knowledge of game mechanics via Jingles and Baron. But ofc thats not enough I understand Thank you for reading this!