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  1. _GrimLock__

    Looking for competitive and fun clan

    Thank you for reply's it can be closed
  2. _GrimLock__

    Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    Dont do it! Gk yes is harder to learn.You have to adjust to her size, clumsiness but its a solid T10.With bismarck u will face anyways T10 ships because muh t8MM.
  3. Hello as the title says im looking for both a competitive clan and fun aswell :)
  4. Was a pleasure to play with you guys .
  5. _GrimLock__

    Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    @Ferry_25 Use the ap for under 14km targets, unless they are cruisers.U have god like concealment i usually tend to sneak around, flanking and stuff.At the tier the He is not yet the nuclear one, and considering u get uptiered a lot with t8 nowadays try to find a balance between HE and AP.I go with he for USN BBS and german ones, i get a lot more damage on the superstructure with those shells, for the rest AP. Dunno for me AP tens to lose a lot of penetration over range, and combined with the low fuse time its a matter of roll the dice and pray u get a cit or a pen.Dispersion is wonky aswell sometimes and that doesnt help. I suggest u take expert loader for T1 skill to swap quickly between HE and AP.Im not doing that fancy in my monarch either because by the time i've learned her tricks already passed on. Hope this helps a bit
  6. It goes both ways.New players can learn these things at a faster pace.Its a tool at everyone disposal.But as a cv to master the spotting of the combat area takes time and practice.
  7. Well its easy if u are in a situation of a perma radar u know its at least 1 des moines+moskva there.You take into consideration the range you had been spotted, duration, overall position of the smoke, distance between the caps, rate of speed at which the caps and taken etc.RPF is a really powerfull tool when used right and in combination with the other factors u can know exactly who is radaring you, who is shooting at you, whats in a smoke, who is a sneaky roamer that tries to flank you.
  8. _GrimLock__

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    After hundreds of containers finally!!!!
  9. _GrimLock__

    Slow HE in high tier USN CCs is excesive

    They are fine.Balti and des memes are not long range gun slingers.U get close with them, u use cover from islands, ambush enemy's etc. If des moines had the same reload +zao arcs u would had the recipe of an op ship
  10. _GrimLock__

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hello DaviTactic Unfortunatelly your stats and overall ship pool arent at the standard we are looking for. We wish you the best of luck finding a suitable clan!
  11. Just met Admiral_noodle.Our team was really good and even tho he was low tier he delivered.
  12. _GrimLock__

    Win Rate

    A single player can have a huge impact on the outcome of the battle.Getting down the right targets, push the others away...making a large of the enemy part chasing you around the map while the team secure point and deletes low hp targets. Huge loss streaks can happen yes, but losing so many battles it means u are not playing the objective well enough. And about the no life thing.If u have good stats doesnt mean u dont get out in the real life Some have jobs, sidejobs, family kids and so on and still manage to have respectable results.So calling a player a no life just because he has better stats than you doesnt mean that all he does is sit and play all day long.In long term is just a lame excuse, brought up because u refuse to evolve, learn and adapt to the game
  13. _GrimLock__

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hello Its_Maverick I am sorry but you don't meet our requirements. I wish you all the luck finding a suitable clan for you. Have a nice day and fair seas !
  14. _GrimLock__

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    Thats it u cant with grozovoi and its a ru dd afterall.You are just way too easy being hit.And when u take some shells it hurts