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  1. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Finals of King of The Seas between OMNI vs RAIN Enjoy people!
  2. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Hello Boyz! Best game from King of The Seas VII Saturdays (27/10) Co-cast with Flambass, PROMF vs OM. Enjoy!
  3. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    A tad late but here we go! The craziest Competetitive game I have ever seen! This is truly something special! Wish we had more of these games!
  4. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    KOTS VII Qualifiers entire Cast is up! Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYQp2k5htDk&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hello Boyz! So from this post (Below) start writing down what you would like me to ask Flambass about. Remember to keep it clean! Either post down below or PM me directly. I will pick 5-10 questions from you in the end!
  6. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Interview with Flambass will take place next week after first round of KOTS. People I urge you to please post questions to me that you would like me to ask Flambass about. Could be anything but keep it clean. Also spread the word. I will choose around 5-10 questions from the community so hit it.
  7. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Stay Tuned for Date and Time
  8. Aschwell

    Aschwell Twitch, Youtube & More

    Here we Go Boyz! RQL Shipstorm Saturday Cast with me and Flambass. Enjoy
  9. Whats up Boyz! Name is Aschwell and I am a new streamer of World of Warships and other games from time to time. Also started an Youtube channel where I will try and upload funny videos, Reviews or Casting material of various Tournaments. I have been playing on the competitive scene since 2 years from now and also won KOTS V with WGP2W. You can also join my Discord server or Twitter to stay in tune when I will be streaming. Check it out in links below! Have a Good one Boyz https://twitter.com/Aschwell1 https://www.twitch.tv/aschwell https://discordapp.com/invite/zz3bGtM
  10. Aschwell

    Matchmaking Tier imbalances.

    Damn u man gib it back then
  11. Aschwell

    Stream Give Away Saturday 29th

    Hello man, Nice, but btw what do you mean exactly with PM? PM you for divs or what?
  12. Hello guys my name is Aschwell and I am an old competitive Warships player. Some of you might know me and many others probably not. I have been playing World of Warships for more than two & half years now and have been playing Competitively for around two years. Biggest merit is winning Kots V with WGP2W but I have been participating in many other tournaments as well. I recently started streaming on Twitch where focus will be on playing Ranked, fun Divs in randoms and also Clan Wars. Furthermore I will also do Youtube videos in the future leaning on the more fun side with also Ship & Game Reviews. This Saturday I will be doing a Stream event with Runner357 from 12pm-16pm where I will be doing a Giveaway of in-game stuff to celebrate the birth of my channel and also my own upcoming Birthday the following day after. To participate in the Giveaway all you have to do is to tune in on my Twitch channel and click that Follow button! Eeezy Peezy Following In game goods will be given out! 1. Royal Navy Tier VIII Destroyer Cossack 2. German Tier VI Destroyer T-61 3. 5x Royal Navy Containers 4. Premium Time 30 Days 5. Premium Time 14 Days Hope to see you there guys and spread the Word! https://www.twitch.tv/aschwell https://discord.gg/zz3bGtM https://twitter.com/Aschwell1 Much Love Aschwell
  13. Aschwell

    Plz Matchmaking why?

    That´s highly advisable since that takes so much time. But I really like your attitude that you would indeed prove me wrong in every point. You must think very high of yourself :) (Had a feeling you would check up all the other posts I have made haha). Man you have to much time, spend it on other things that will give you more value, my honest thoughts :) Yes I could have painted but honestly would not changed the fact that I am talking to a lot of deaf ears and that WG doesn´t give a penny about it. And btw, I am answering now since I don´t work today, Swedish national holiday. Any other day even weekend I would not care. I´m so done wasting my time on game forums arguing with half the poeple, proving someone wrong or bla bla, it´s a waste of time because it´s only a damn game which will die out eventually. Sure I still like the game in a way hence why I am trying to do my part of making it better, in this case complaining about MM but in the end WG will almost never listen. So why should I give them more of my time and money. Peace out.
  14. Aschwell

    Plz Matchmaking why?

    Ok Mr Forum sleeper who more or less get´s involved posting in every forum post there is on this forum. Here´s an advice get a job and if you don´t have any, get a life. Don´t be an smartass by calling others stupid. Since I have a life I don´t linger around on forums picking fights with others and trying to win every discussion so I can feel supreme. Because yeah that will truly make me succesful and accomplished lol. Sure picture had names but it never said or targeted any individual players as being crap. Only the MM but of course some people will find problems everywhere. And No I really don´t care that much about the rules nowadays for a dying game and a company that is treating it´s playerbase as stupid sheeps. (Yes, I´m aware that i violated the rules, but that doesn´t make me incompetent now does it. I stated that WG is covering their dirty tracks, which is kinda true and even more sad for people who don´t understand this).
  15. Aschwell

    Plz Matchmaking why?

    Good job WG to Edit the screenshot now so that no one can se the clear evidence of your amazing MM. Always lovely when a company is ashamed of what they are doing and trying to cover up their dirty little schemes.