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  1. that's actually not the reason at all why they removed it @THE_GENERAL89, people were exploiting the bug in xp gain to get over 10k base xp games in it by sitting in the filth and healing each other
  2. yeah we are still recruiting, just hop on our discord whenever you're free to discuss further details @xoverx81
  3. just a casual bumpage don't mind me :D
  4. pm-ed you in game CamaKarzie ;)
  5. Also in typhoon league because that's how we roll ;)
  6. 10/10 would recommend :D
  7. Let's make OP great again :D
  8. theraven8989

    Public Test 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    you just have to win 10 random battles guys ... no specific ship required ( I've done mine in the tirpitz and kutuzov for example )
  9. The title pretty much says it, wanted to know if any of you guys know what's coming next
  10. theraven8989

    2.5x captain xp mission on hold until when?

  11. theraven8989

    2.5x captain xp mission on hold until when?

    well if we make enough noise I'm sure somebody from WG will reply eventually
  12. the title pretty much says it ... I would like to know when is the 2.5x captain xp mission from GNB going to be scheduled and I'm sure I'm not the only one
  13. theraven8989

    Ranked start date

    wasn't ranked supposed to start in 7, 8 days time? now it says that the launch date for the next season is unknown ... did WG delay ranked again?
  14. theraven8989

    Patch Changes Feedback

    can we see the patch notes somewhere?