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  1. taraza40

    Captain skills for RN cruisers

    I like the SE for more healing,nothing special.Still more useful on a cruiser than on a battleship+it's more useful for me than Vigilance,since i never go into smoke without the hydro ready.
  2. I'm currently at the Edinburgh with a 13 point captain(PT,AR,SI,SE,CE).What other skills i should take for the minotaur when the captain reaches lvl 19?
  3. taraza40

    Z52 questions

    I don't really know how to play this ship anymore,i tried every way.I played 238 battles so far in it and I don't know how i managed to not observe how bad this ship is.I enjoyed all the german destroyers from tier 2 to tier 9(especially the T-22^_^).But the Z-52 is not a satisfying ship.Guns-mediocre-even Shimakaze can kill you if you miss some shots,HE is poor,AP is good but very situational(gearing is the only ship you can damage considerably,even Khaba gets overpenetrated).Torpedoes-Mediocre to good:Good reload,High speed,only 8,poor damage,worst range at tier 10 (Khabarovsk not included).Maneuvrability-Bad,speed-mediocre,Concealment-Worst DD concealment at tier 10(Khabarovsk not included,again).AA-doesn't really matter,Good hp. I may be too whiny but i don't find the z52 fun to play,the only things that keep me from selling it are->my first and only tier 10 ship,decent torpedoes,hydro.Any ideas?Tell me if i am wrong,i don't mind being criticized.
  4. I got a captain for the z52 with 18 points and i don't really know what to chose between Surv. expert and BFT.Both are useful to me since i like to fire those guns but i find myself struggling surviving sometimes..Any opinions?
  5. taraza40

    What should i do?

    I just got 2 spotter modifications 1 hours ago from 2 consecutive supercontainers and i don't know what should i do with them.Should i sell them?(1.3 millions sounds nice).Ps:I don't use the spotter all that much
  6. My last(personal) advice on this topic:Always fully upgrade the next ship with free xp.Free xp should be used for upgrades and not for freemium ships(Missouri,Musashi ,Nelson).I always fully upgraded ships from tier 4 and above because they are so much better than their stock configuration and the free xp is worth to be spent on these upgrades.If you don't have enough free xp to fully upgrade,go for the most important upgrade(hull most of the time,sometimes torpedoes,sometimes guns).
  7. 1.Phoenix will be good when upgraded(good guns and good maneuvrability) 2.Don't stick to low tier ships too much ,they are equally bad and should be treated as low tier wot vehicles,not important at all(because they don't teach you much about the line you play) 3.From tier 5-6-7 the line you play will start to learn you how tier 9-10 play.(For exemple:Tier 6 cleveland starts to show you how Des Moines at tier X is played.)
  8. Don't bother playing Ijn DDs from tier 6 to 10,very unreliable compared to US and KM.Akizuki and Kagero are the only high tier dds worth to play.
  9. taraza40

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Bots are getting more intelligent than some people,tbh.
  10. taraza40

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    You are joking,right?After getting angry every match in a bb from tier 3 to tier 8 (nassau-bismarck) and some other bbs,i find cruisers the best ships in the entire game(not counting Cvs).Also flooding is something normal in naval warfare,if you want to avoid flooding don't ram...i mean avoid torpedoes.Cruisers are way better at almost everything.Also,if people are dumb to sail broadside at 10-18 km in front of battleships(as cruisers)they deserve to die(in game of course).In almost 500 battles in cruisers i only got deleted 2 or 3 times in the chapayev cuz i got beached.
  11. You should try russian cruisers,just stay at 13-15 km and fire he.Good fire chance+good rate of fire+good range.The armor is not good but it will take lots of overpens.If things get hairy you can just kite enemies pretty easy.Also the speed is good (especially the tier 9)
  12. taraza40

    Noob question about cruisers

    Lyon and richelieu are kinda good imo.
  13. taraza40

    Noob question about cruisers

    I played 450 games in battleships and i already had enough.Crusiers are way easier to play for me considering the fact that most bb players are like stormtroopers.Same goes for dds same goes for CVs,way easier to play than battleships(at least for me). +I played some cruisers in the test server and did very well in them:Donskoi,Moskva,Myoko,Ibuki,Zao,Hipper,Roon,Hindy,Fiji,Edinburgh,Neptune,Minotaur(Especially this one). Should i consider getting them?(the list starts from Myoko)
  14. taraza40

    Test server question

    What is the reason for this?