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    So I'm a long time gamer and my small claim to fame is that in EvE I am "Soul Reaver" This character was fortunate enough to be part of a very small but elite clan called "Cult of Cthulu" way back in early EvE we had no small amount of fame at the time.

    I am also into Motorsport and part of team and build and race my own cars. My current car is a Mk2 Seat Leon Supa Copa..

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  1. Dragnorak

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    But this is my point. In those few short sentences of yours I can glean a lot of information. Who enters ranked with a 10 pointer? The guys you were up against are experienced, more so than you it seems This is NOT just down to the ship they are in There are other factors at play here Ranked is an anomaly and can't be compared to Random
  2. Dragnorak

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    Yes they can and they do. I'm not getting personal here with you but you play Mini at 44%WR right? So yes I totally get it that when you look at server stats you might think to yourself ships are OP. I play Mini at 61%WR and I'm only playing her at 25% of server stats!! Fujin I play slightly better at 66% but I actually perform better, well according to PR and damage in Mini and it also feeels like I do also although my frags are slightly better in Fujin. I have struggled to work out what the difference is myself and failed and Ive played them both equally. It's not just the ships it's the players in them and a few other factors also. Also there are some other very significant stats at play here. I play as a solo and always have but I guarantee you that should I join a decent clan with training and team-speak and I start playing with them my WR would significantly increase across all my ships. Why? Simply because then I'm playing with several other players all of which can carry a game so my statistical chances of a win increase. If you nerf premium paid for ships then you nerf a business model as I for one wont be buying anymore premium ships if they are just the same as vanilla ones. What would be the point of that. You buy a premium because its a premium and because it has a very slight edge in some way or another although I struggle to feel what that edge is when I play Mini and Fujin myself but I do see it in the top 10% of players stats granted. But how many times do you come across a top 10% player? Not often. Interestingly the difference between Fujin and Mini is only seen when you get to the top 10% of players. The super unicums in awesome clans. At 25% these ships both play the same WR wise.
  3. Dragnorak

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    The funny thing here is that DD's have been nothing but Nerfed since I started playing them LOL. They have been in a constant state of nerfing to various degrees and for various reasons. It is not now uncommon for me in Shima to be facing 2 Cv's and 5 radars. I suggest the OP try's to play DD's (with a consistent WR above 50%) and then come back and make another post about the subject.
  4. Dragnorak

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    Some of these ships only "appear" OP because the players playing them have tons of experience, are VERY good in them and use a 19 pointer. To a casual player of course that's going to look OP.
  5. Dragnorak

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    Do you want me to worry about this or just stop playing? Perhaps I should stop playing if numbers are down (supposedly)
  6. Dragnorak

    Is WG Anti DD

    Well initially on the first CV drop I was very negative on high tier DD play (my normal throw my toys out of my pram reaction to all change in my life) but since then Ive worked around it pretty much. A lot of my games in Shima now are twin CV and even up to 5 radar ships and you can still work around it. Yes you have to be aware at ALL times and not rush into caps and radar range or you will get blatted pretty quick. So radar is doing what it is meant to do and denying me free reign of the field of play. BUT if you sit back a bit and spot the radar ships and be aware of their range (I have a post it note with them all on) you can dip in and out and still be effective. It does take a much higher level of skill, concentration and awareness though granted. Of course it would be easier with only 1 cv and say 3 radar ships and sometimes you do get that game. T8 to 10 play is especially hard now not because of these things but also because a lot of players of lower skill levels are playing those ships now and you can't carry a game alone you need your team to be half decent.
  7. Dragnorak

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

    Here are some tips for you. Pick a ship you like. ONLY play that ship Watch videos on that ship Learn that ship Master it Get the WR in that ship above 50% It does not matter if its add or BB just only play that one ship until you can play it consistently. Then and ONLY then repeat the process with the next ship. Also do NOT switch classes. Stick to one ship same class. If you do this you'll learn.
  8. Dragnorak

    2 types of players

    Depends what you mean by "let a DDs Slip" I don't even know what that means.
  9. Dragnorak

    2 types of players

    Ive had enough T8 Cv's kill my Shima! The thing is just get on with it and play your OWN GAME. Do your best. You are with a bunch of players you have never met before. Some will be good and some will be poo, just deal with it and play your OWN game. There are a lot of vets players in game and a LOT of new players. When I was new I was playing Shima at 40%WR consistently and did not have a clue what I was doing. And this was back when Shima was easy to play and there was no radar ROFL so how BAD was I? Try your best to be a little forgiving of new players. It's hard now especially for DD players. That is now the hardest class by far to play well and it is not uncommon to have twin cv now and also 5 radars to deal with. back when I learnt we had none of that rubbish to deal with. Be forgiving of new players.
  10. Dragnorak

    The best pay to win ships now?

    Fujin, Whats not to like?
  11. Dragnorak

    where is this player base heading to...?

    You will only become Unicum if you play with your clan who are Unis. Their collective experience and team-play ensures they win most games as they all carry hard and play, train and talk together. As a solo it is VERY hard to reach 60%WR
  12. Dragnorak

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Learn to carry hard ROFL. Gone are the days when a 4 ship kill carry won the day. Now you need 7. When I get sick of twin CVs and 5 radars at T10, T5 and ol Fujy is quite cathartic to be honest. Please hide the player names and then post the screenshot, SS, removed due to name&shame Excavatus
  13. Dragnorak

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    THIS is total bollox. What they are doing is scrimping on hiring and paying for a professional test team to do their UAT phase and you guessed it using US the PAYING customer to test it for them. Company's normally fail when they start doing that as yes PAYING customers are NOT paying to be UAT testers.
  14. Dragnorak

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    Well I for one have stopped playing my DDs altogether. No point. I'm playing ranked and a little BB at T10. DDs are dead to me in this new meta and achieve nothing worthwhile but constant retreating. Pointless class now.
  15. Dragnorak

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Ive given up totally playing anything in this new meta as I just plain don't like it. It's simply a game I don't like anymore. Thankfully ranked has just started and there are no CVs at all so I can get some DD action in there at T9. Not ideal but better than nothing. I can honestly say that I wont go back to the main game until there are some radical changes to the current meta as It is just not rewarding anymore. I can't play stealth and stealth is what I want to and enjoy playing so that's it for me.