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    So I'm a long time gamer and my small claim to fame is that in EvE I am "Soul Reaver" This character was fortunate enough to be part of a very small but elite clan called "Cult of Cthulu" way back in early EvE we had no small amount of fame at the time.

    I am also into Motorsport and part of team and build and race my own cars. My current car is a Mk2 Seat Leon Supa Copa..

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  1. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    I can compare Apples with Apples if you like. Actually, the Shima one isn't too bad. 25% torp reload and in slot 6 too.
  2. Dragnorak

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Oh well. Nothing like a good swing of the nerf bat of gay abandon to get pulses racing. Radar on YY is so situational anyways. Without good support, you're better off with smoke. You can scare a dd out of cap with it ive found but still smoke I think is better. Great nerf, time to play another line. Hmm Haru or Daring..
  3. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Are you mentally ill? Ive noticed that a lot on these forums and it's probably why I stopped posting a year ago. You create a thread and immediately you get slayed for Creating the wrong thread Being wrong Not doing things how others think you should be doing them. I already stated that I wanted it to be a surprise and then I admitted that I didn't phrase my opening post in the best way and yet you still want to BANG on about me being uniformed cant google properly etc etc It's like an illness isn't it! I do find it tiresome. I'm sure you're a nice person in real life, most of us are but get into a forum and man does it bring out the mental illness in a lot of people. This constant need to disparage and put others down for the slightest infraction.
  4. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Ok lets change it up then. I DO think it's a worthy module but it's in the wrong slot. No one in a non pure gun boat is going to trade off their Stealthiness for a bonus of 9 seconds on torp reload.
  5. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Yeah, you're right. I was actually trying to get across that its a lot of effort for not much value. For me it was not much effort as I play YY all the time but if you set out to grind it then man it takes ages to achieve and then its meh I didn't write it right..
  6. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Im not after your sympathy, don't need it never went looking for it either. Ive not even grinded to get it. I play YY all the time. I'm just pointing out it's a crap module.
  7. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Well bully for you. I chose the Oooo let's keep this a surprise route. Anyway, the fact I got the jack in the box and not the golden egg is moot. The point is it is a nice module but in a ludicrous slot. I am NEVER going to sack off my concealment for 9 secs of torp reload. It's a tradeoff module like Pap said. BBs get buffs, oh the shock of it! And we get a small smelly pile of dog leavings.
  8. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    Have you never done that Mr Snow in your life ROFL. Or has your life been one magic roundabout after another, me thinks not eh! Yes, I'm disappointed with it because it's rubbish. The fact I kept it a surprise is irrelevant.
  9. Dragnorak

    Advanced Modules, No thanks..

    So I grafted and then I grafted some more to get my advanced module for the YY. Damn, it takes an age. I didn't want to check anywhere to see what this module would be as I like surprises. Boy was I surprised ROFL For all my hard work I've got a crappy 10% torp and main gun reload 104 to 93.6 on torps and 3 to 2.7 on guns but wait for it. IN MY CONCEALMENT SLOT I already give up 200 meters to Shimas 5.6 (5.8 me) and now to use this piece of dog poo I've got to give away another 700 to go to 6.5 so 900 meters in all So I giveaway 700 meters of stealth for 9 seconds. I can wait 9 seconds. NO THANKS>>
  10. Dragnorak

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    The two things I dislike about it most are 1. The ridiculous mechanic of it pinging you through rock. yes yes I know its a game but that is just daft. Radar only works line of sight in the real world and it would be better if it did so in WOWS. As it is your average Des player finds his nice little beach, parks his ship and gets out to set up his barby, waits for the cap ticker to go red and then radios his ship to activate his radar. Rinse and repeat. 2. That every man and his dog now has a radar module. It is not uncommon now to see 3 to 4 radar ships in a T10 game. Yes sometimes Ill get a game with none and I'm like result but the norm is 3 to 4 radar ships. So I don't cap, I sail wide, I wait, I figure out where it is and play away from it as much as I can whilst at the same time enduring a deafening cacophony from my team about capping and spotting. The 2 things I've learned from this is 1. Developers are not the wisest of people but think they are 2. You can't please your team no matter what you do as a DD player
  11. Dragnorak

    Conqueror is IMPOSSIBLE to citadel!!1!!!1!

    The thing is if you're getting cit's against you then you're out of position and or have allowed yourself to get flanked. Concentrate on your positioning and the Mini map and this won't happen to you. Plan your turns. Plan ahead. Where will I be in 3 minutes, where will they be?
  12. Dragnorak

    Conqueror is IMPOSSIBLE to citadel!!1!!!1!

    Aim Fire Turn Drop speed Go stealth Aim Fire Turn Drop speed Go stealth And you're gonna get a chance at my CIT like when? I NEVER expose my side ever... Ive only got 40 odd battles in mine but that's how I play it, seems to work quite well..
  13. Dragnorak

    Has anyone else noticed??

    I think you're reading the wrong thread and getting yourself all confused. I started it of saying I had a general feeling that teams were getting worse and worse. I don't recall proposing any solutions.
  14. Dragnorak

    Has anyone else noticed??

    I don't know what I want, it's a common theme in my life :) Seriously it was just a general observation of mine. It's a good point you raise though and maybe I just have to work harder and carry more.
  15. Dragnorak

    Has anyone else noticed??

    Well that would be fine apart from that I was not and am not "moaning" about it. As I stated it's an observation on my part and nothing more. I have nothing to back it up with. That feeling IS my only evidence and I agree it is anecdotal..