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  1. Commander retraining bug?

    Its to expensive to spend free XP that way, but I agree that from T5-6 at least it starting to get more important with 10p. Personally I am in a heavy grind to get all my captains to 10 p on every ship, from T2! and up. I have so many camos in port so I can spend them as I have many Perma camos the usage is now more or less at the same level as influx. Placing Frosty Fir on low tier ships to get the 10p. Enourmous job and it will take some time, some I grind some I use eliteXP on. Roughly 10-12 ships are left. Especially DDs I want 10 p on. I do not care if I play them, probably never in many cases but I admit that I have set this as a goal to increase the motivation, I need a goal, and all non CV lines are at T10. Therefor I grind captains. I can see that after 18000 games as a collector the points on my captains starting to rise, I have only 9 19 p but a huge number between 14-16. When a captain approaches the last 2 points I often start to grind that particular captain(s). I have a Bismarck among my 19p and the premiums to collect but I do not like Bismarck, too derpy guns. Might buy Eitel Friedrich just to get motivation. Rather play Scharnie instead + König Albert but in last case the XP is low. The Halsey campaign draws time however.
  2. Commander retraining bug?

    Yes true, as a collector I wanted 14 p on all the new US CL, that meant 4 ships with 14 points. That bled my elite XP dry completely, despite having a few of them at 10 points. But as a whole the eliteXP thing is great. Now I need a lot for the 2 IJN DDs at T9-10 , just these 2 are roughly 800 K for my two 10 p free IJN commanders, to bring to 14p. If you like me are a collector one must take every chance to get 10 p captains so I usually buy 10 p with the premiums if I it is a country that I am short of captains for the future. Have 5 RU BBs 10-12 p and 7 Italian 10 p 4 RN 10-14 for the DDs so I think I am in decent shape. But even if I have some 19 p I want to like the ships also. And it takes a while to get 1000 K or so. And I am very afraid that the Italian cruisers will be boring/mediocre Abruzzi is downrigth worthless , Aosta tolerable, but if they are ships that need 14 p to function I will advance very slowly.
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    True, the only ships for me are Roma to 30 % and its not even in the tech tree yet + maybe the Z39 to 50%. I seriously doubt either of them. More likely Hood, Arizona, Scharnhorst ships that has been in game long time. All these are in my port. Doubloon rebate disappearence does not matter , I have 20000+ and I do not have anything to spend them on, so I would not have any incentive to buy even with the old rules.
  4. 999 Containers

    Problem is that he forgets to select the collectbutton......
  5. And the range is 14 km for the 152 mm guns with 5 sec reload and 20% Fire chance, MV 900 m/s and the 10x120mm guns (secondary) range 8 km with 4 sec reload and 15 % fire chance. It will bring an interesting addition to tier 2.
  6. Well it is difficult but nevertheless if you are good at the game you will do it eventually, I have done the mission goals ,sadly not when it is selected so it will come in the end. I do always the campaigns in such a manner that I save these missions for last, the one/off missions so to say if they are not particularly easy. I try to combine some of the long grinds as these must be done like win 18 games as top 3 and so on. Now I am at stage 5 and have the 12 heroic and 32 any achievements chosen , starting of today so in three games I have played I have 1 achievement. Trying to find synergies. Later I take those that I have ships for but are difficult one/off as if there are new campaigns these are easy to let go. I have no problem with that some missions are really difficult. The captains is reachable for all by repeating.
  7. Well I agree with you in principle but it was an actual plan and 200 mm belt is rather tough for a cruiser.
  8. You can put the original Zara plans with much heavier armour in the game at T8
  9. server down?

    same her still
  10. Well if you played Furutaka after the top config change I understand - if I remember correctly the upgraded version at the start of WOWS never had the 3x2 config.
  11. Daily Missions in July - Your Feedback

    II hope both for variation and more missions I agree with MrFingers post above, that if these are the missions instead of anything else it is mediocre a clear negative turn - if they are supplementing other missions it is ok.
  12. Well OP: My take on this; The wargaming have introduced a fair amount of missions and new camos which speed up the grind - we have lots of very XP rich camos today, however it is somewhat strange that they have made the camos almost 50-100 % more expensive, even if we factor in the higher quality. Camos with 100 XP + 100 commander XP could be had for around 20 EUR /200 pcs now its like 35EUR. They should decreas id anything to speed up the grind. Older premiums are discounted/bundled from time to time, but the tech tree offers of bundles which was rather frequent a while ago, does not exist today and tech tree are for those with many ships like myself completely empty. Expensive premium flags also help. I guess WG can do more , increase the first win bonuses and so on - more xp -rich missions, etc for the F2p players - introduce a extra premium variant with double grind/credits to speed up the process even more. I personally do not need it , I started when there was two lines so I am keeping up so to speak. I am not sure if there is a problem that you have variety and lines to choose from. That many players today can start with their country /ies of interest /origin must be seen as attractive. The main problem for a newcomer might be more in that many players are mature and have veteran captains on low tiers so that the disdavantages of being new without at least 10 p captains are far higher today fairly early in game. We oldies learnt in somewhat easier surroundings. The shop with the one piece at a time thing is badly constructed, other stores have buy 3 get the cheapest for free, or discounts on everything now and then. They have never been an incentive to buy several ships or other packages at same time unless it is prebundled and the more ship you have , especially with the new doubloon rules it is less likely to be of interest. I have recieved 3 coupons in the 20-30 % range this year- nothing to buy. As even the 100 flags bundles are at a discount of 5%, I could not even buy them. Even though I feel appriciated by recieving personal offers the coupons have so many restrictions that more or less only premium time is the only thing and I have roughly 400 days already, when you for 3 consecutive coupons do not find anything to buy I am more annoyed. At least give the coupon its value on everything reduced with the discount already given in store. I agree with you OP that older premiums should be discounted more, at least from time to time. But things like the Indy mission we have today might be a first, take an old premium and present it in a mission as a gift. That is something I like. I have seen some reactions on these matters from WG staff - that hard core buyers are a little left out - but they are a small group? - and that some sort of store may be created. My suggestions will have to be in combination with such a store that if you buy several things at the same time regardless if you buy them as gifts for others or for your self - (should be able to combine) you have discounts when you reach certain tresholds regardless of whether the things you buy are a discounted bundle or not. I have around 20000 Gold atm that I find difficult to put to any use and all new premium ships comes with bundles with flags etc that I want but with gold that I cannot use. The more ships you have the marginal value of each premium decreases so the less attractive the overall bundle is the less I will buy. I have abstained from several ships as I wait for the to come in the tech tree even if they are not discounted there. I see very little appreciation for the around 2000 EUR I have spent on the game in extra discounts, but I am probably part of those hard core buyers that WG staff announces are at an disadvantage. But I see ways to come around that problem. That is to give discount coupons like 20/30 % on everything - no restrictions if so I might have buy something but WG must enrich the premiums in tech tree after a while, or put them more in rotation. So I can find any use of the doubloons.
  13. Zao torpedo angles

    Great , just as I suspected, will change then.
  14. Seattle captain skills last 5 pts

    Well I am currently grinding the Seattle, I use PT, LD (yes I hate being out of engine, rudder), DE, IFHE, CE. Now I have 16 pts + I am keeping the ship - in fact I am starting to like it despite ups and downs, I have the range module and when the bug gets fixed it will be around 18 km. I have another 14 p in store for the Worcester. So I am toying with the last 5 pts, I see 2 options AFT the aura of over 8 km with 90 dps is long, combined with PM. But I am also toying with BFT/SI to get extra radar (heals I seldom use all, get very seldom sunk because of no heal, ) but a radar more might be welcome, or BFT to get that 20% damage increase on AA when the CV is foolish enough to attack. But then I can combine it with AR, for that reload buff. Most other cruisers I take AFT on without reflecting much, but the light cruisers are somewhat different as IFHE and DE seems necessary in combination. Any input?
  15. Zao torpedo angles

    Is the Zao 12 km torps a no-brainer, how should i think about them, any input from those who play Zao and have changed would be most welcome. I hardly use the 8 km torps, some times as area denial, but 12 km you may have use for for annoying hits, or do I think wrong? So the extra loadtime should be no problem?