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  1. Yes, it was one game that we did not have the time to do much before it was over. When you want to do damage ibn coop DDs are the best. Have you got more experience with RN cruisers now because this game was nothing in that direction. I went over to random after this game, as usual when I have done most/all the daily missions. BTW I did get Hawkins the T5 Cruiser among the free containers when I finished the 2nd directive a few games after this fight. So I got at least 1 with the Camo which I liked even though the T5 seems not be liked by other players. I would like to get the T6 or T7. The T6 in the kit Airfix world (Suffolk) had boxart not to different from the camo in the old days. Until we meet again
  2. Gnirf

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Sure, But I am from Sweden and the topic is Swedish legendary captains. If I count the numbers of people not knowing the difference between Sweden and Switzerland you should be amazed and I am therefor not the slightest amused by a comment about Swiss captains. If you do this to be fun is one thing but some of us from Sweden do not like jokes based on that theme.
  3. Gnirf

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    You do know that there has been some Swedish navy battles if you go further back? But as you are from England i can uinderstand that this is not part of your School days. Problem is that they are wrong era so they probably have to make up a name for the WOWs period.
  4. Gnirf

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    You naturally go to the well known store in Japan with outstanding sortiment?
  5. Gnirf

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally a good Izmail game - one of my favorite ships - after 3 losses came this game. 2001 XP is quite good at T6 for me at least.
  6. Gnirf

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Well König serves me as usual , better Xp than no1 in enemy team but to no avail.
  7. Gnirf

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    None, well I hope for at least 1 from the close to 30 (or 30) that I can get. I know that my first doubloon bundle is not a ship so that route is not so interesting , I am stocked with premium signals so it is not valuable to me this time. But I want 1 ship with that camo......
  8. True, just grind or the free lootboxes take what you get. But I like the pema camo tbh.
  9. Well if we go on earlier Early access you were often on average with max free boxes get 1 or maybe 2, and if you bought say 20 or so at least 3. It also says "higher chance" for ships w premium boxes, so does that means that the odds are not 4/65 but higher in descending order for the ships (T8 lower than T5) if we follow older traditions? It is impossible to do informed decisions as usual.
  10. Gnirf

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    It seems so for me too. I know that I had the torp/cit directive on stage 6 finished with the game I played when the directives disappeared.
  11. Suddenly between two games all directives disappeared they should be active to the 14th. Anyone else?
  12. Gnirf

    Not worth buying discounted premium time

    As long as I enjoy the basics of the game I still think that premium time is well worth the prize i.e. you want the stuff in the ordinary events and grind ships in future shiptrees = Premium time valuable and if the prize of lots of stuff like camos have gone up a lot I still think Premium times at this level of discount is pretty OK if you plan to continue play. I have 500+ days so not for me anyway this year.
  13. It seems that the level of directives are geared so that a mix of these qualities are the average target for WG, lots of work but doable if you could play the most/whole period. that meant that Gorizia was to be reached by a decent number of players, but no more for free.
  14. I have answered 6 as I am currently on stage 6 now, stage 7 I will not bother with no chance I can manage those huge XP numbers without spending huge numbers of special flags for a token number of steel. I will finish stage 6 if I want, but I am not sure yet that I will do it or prioritaze playing more varied ships that these directives includes. 4/5 I wil get it is the citadels on IJN/RU BBs that is the short stick. It is a question if how many more coop games I want to spam. Sure the tokens will bring some credits that I do not need. It depends on how many I need on late sunday.