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  1. Gnirf

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    None of the maximum Free Containers +.the 5 for Exeter
  2. No the packages for doubloons in the Arsenal (fly Strike win) (max3/50 crowns each) which can be exhanged for Florins as well then next week , depending on what you need Florins/Crowns
  3. You can get crowns in the Arsenal and then exchange for Florins (max 3 packages)
  4. Gnirf

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    T2 Mikasa T3 maybe Bellerophon nowadays (longer range than Dreadnought) or Nassau/KA T4 Ishizuchi/Nikolai T5 König T6 Warspite/arizona T7 KGV T8 NC/alabama T9 None T10 Montana Favourite tier overall is T6 I have all silverships on every tier, but some of the ships I have played too little in randoms or too long time ago.
  5. Gnirf

    naval battle

    Yes they do, but if the 300 barrier is the current one , it is that barrier that you fix.
  6. Gnirf

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    1. Black Swan 2. Chikuma (prenerf) 3. Bogatyr 4. D-T 5. Maybe Exeter, the other ships I have played so little last year or so 6. Budyonny/Leander 7. Can not really decide maybe Fiji 8. Chapayev/Kutuzov 9. I am not fond of anyone maybe Buffalo 10. Zao
  7. Gnirf

    Air Supply premium container?

    This! look at what you get in the packages, if you value a 10 p RN captain and all the flags it is lots of special flags and even more ordinary so value that for you. That is why I bought the Exeter as that gives lots of extra, the doubloon return pays for the crowns in the arsenal + 5 extra containers. The Florins is the key.
  8. Gnirf

    Do we keep Early Access XP?

    RNDDs /French BBs yes we kept them
  9. You would not be able to get the T8 without money even if you would have fixed everything from start, depending on WGs flow or lack of the last week.
  10. Gnirf

    Naval Aviation Collection

    Hardly any problem as the drops in the normal daily containers will get you there for free in the end. At least 50% of the dailes gives you items. I have it all completed and so will you, but do not forget to toggle in the collection that you should have them in the normal containers.
  11. Gnirf

    old WoWs music

    Have you searched all soundcloud tracks? I have found more or less all tunes from the start, it is several hundred so i am afraid you have to search for it yourself. My favourite in the map OST World of Warships Red sun Artur Toktash , that start I like very much.No 17 maybe in that list I get first when I open up It is still played in the game quite often.
  12. Gnirf

    Is there going to be another set of directives.

    Dont forget to calculate with the extra good flags (7x7) + standard and the 10 p captain - it is worth something
  13. Gnirf

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A nice and very close König game. Got 38 plane kills and therefor made the directives . We were way behind but managed to creep back, in the end it was 2vs 2. Mutsuki and me vs 2 ships I got the Yubari but was caught by fire which I could not do anything about, fortunately my last salvo killed him and the Mutsuki w 1000 or so hp left managed to kill its counterpart equally low. Can not be closer. Certainly among the top 5 games funwise and 2690 Base XP in a T5 Battletier is great at least for me, absolutely one of the best at that tier that I have made. I complimented him ofc , luck was on our side and plenty of points in the Hall of Fame hunt .
  14. Gnirf

    De Grasse weak without healing abilty ?

    La Gal has the reload booster now so it nullifies that advantage somewhat, DeGrasse does not have that.
  15. Yes but play IJN DDs in coop -there you got good dmg but do not play as in randoms especially if you have bots in your team, trick is to smoke up at the right moment (just before concealment range) when they see other ships in your team (very important), stop and kill the enemy DD with guns so you conserve your torps then rush the BB if there is a say 1 DD /1 Ca /1 bb where you spawn. BBs at T10 are 90-100 K. But you rush them close so you hit with all /nearly all. But this is coop tactic where you abuse the system (bot behaviour) not random. I have found this tactic to work well in coop as a DD. If you play early/late it is often a lot of bots in your own team so you do not even have to have bad concious . The cap thing esp if defence counts is also good in coop, just remember to stay outside the cap yourself then you get the defence caps when enemy bot enters, at least a few.