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  1. Gnirf

    premium ships

    Well if you want a christmas present Alabama is a good choice and more suited to other US captains than Massachusetts, as that ship needs a dedicated captain. If you like others say play in coop you should be alright, but you need far more experience first in random. But the buying thing is not the same as playing thing.
  2. Gnirf

    Russian Battleship Line

    As a T3 ship it is possible to use various design proposals before the Gangut class, which are for example various Vickers designs or from the Port of St Petersburgs office with twin turrets (p200 ff) McLaughlin, Russian and Soviet battleships. Now as traits for Russian battleships, I would give rather slow loading but long ranging guns and heavy shells, because they were so built in the lower tiers. Weak torpedo protection, rather thin armour but large zones of side armour which are decent against HE spam less so against AP shells. very bad AA and moderate speed except for the Borodino class battlecruisers which seems interesting. We know that the 12/14 inch guns of the WW1 Era had heavy shells compared with other nations. Nikolai was very OP but the Gangut design with turrets 2 and 3 pointing inwards are inferior in WOWs to Nikolais 3 forward turrets pointing forward. I also think that Nikolai is far less OP now than before, the other navies ships have their gunrange buffed and the ship is slow. Ships like Orion introduced. That it punishes newbies is beyond doubt but it has weaknesses.
  3. Gnirf

    New life for Tier 2 to Tier 4 Premium ships

    I can not give enough upvotes for this as this would be a great opportunity to use ships and also allow Daily missions in scenarios. It should be easy to code as valid regardless of tier.
  4. Gnirf

    Newport scenario after changes

    True as you always win in Co-op unless bad times where there are almost only AI even in your team. Have grinded LM in Coop a lot and such boring two-three ship grind (in order to change immediately after getting sunk) is time effective in T10.
  5. Gnirf

    Miss dream

    You really need luck OP. The rare ones are possible to get, but it often requires you to have almost all other "easy" drops.
  6. Gnirf

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Seattle w range module is tolerable, it is not the first ship I skip. Suggest you wait however, other ship lines are easier. While the dpm is OK sometimes lack of torps is not fun when players rush you.
  7. Gnirf

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Yes, have them all too. This year I therefor buy none, but last year more than 100 of various sizes to get the last 5 (kamikaze second last, Gremy last). Still have a 200+ Frosty Fir Camo. The chasing of these last ships is really an addictive drug.
  8. Gnirf

    How to fix dispersion

    If you have the Nikolai (like I do) , you know why other BBs have less accurate guns at low tier.
  9. Gnirf

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    I will probably go Man Sec on my Massa, (Iowa), have already more conventional 19 p US BB captains in NC and Montana. But will probably most use Massa in Coop - got her in SC so I have the other US Premiums for normal play and all Silver ships. I like the guns on US ships so Massa is therefor not my first choice. But a secondary build for coop suits me ok then.
  10. Gnirf

    Haida, eh?

    Ofc, every ship must be kept. No to be serious as we do not know about the usefulness in the future of Haida in a special coomonwealth tree , she might turn out to be very useful in the future. WG seems sometimes to place the odd ship as an requirement so why not? I think you could use Haida in Dunkirk scenario? If you have Jervis on cooldown, then take Haida? You may have better credit income in Haida, On principle I think it is bad to sell premiums.
  11. Gnirf

    Four goal haul

    I guess that one alternative is to give 4-goal haul as an achievement (got the idea as it was during its period) in co-op only. Killing 4 out of 8 is not that common, and a modest reward associated 2 type 6 camos or so. (it was more Ovetchkin camos than that I know).
  12. Gnirf


    Personally hope for a RN cruiser split (at T1, i.e. first heavy on T2)) for heavy cruisers, but therefor we need a few Premums also ofc.