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  1. Gnirf

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

  2. Gnirf

    the "carry harder!" thread

    And I was thinking that if you do 185 K Damage ( I know it is a lot of fires) when you are bottom tier in Lyon in a T9 Match that it should be enough to win............
  3. Gnirf

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

    Yes, looked back too in my notes. Snowflakes and events like this that rewards ships in ports are good for collectors that keeps every ship. Especially when reset lines ships are given automatically. So it seems that many players should take note and maybe save more portqueens at least at higher tiers.
  4. 102 Premium/freeXP/Steel/coal + 1 Dragon + 9 ARPs (4 Kongo, 4 Myokos and Takao) Missing: Arkansas Beta, Iwaki Alpha, Graf Zeppelin, Diana Lima, Ohio, Thunderer, Colbert, Harekaze, Makarov, Fujin, Yudachi 1 of the Dragon ships, All Azur Lane ships/variants, all Black variants + all steel ships except Stalingrad + perhaps something else I have forgot
  5. Gnirf

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

    You might get coal in your supercontainers I got f.e. 15000x3 in my 20 SCs last year
  6. Gnirf

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday WG and WOWs staff. You have created a great game and best wishes for the future And thank you for all the generous gifts I am about to recieve!
  7. @TrangleC , As you have played so few games, I must ask you this question just to be sure, what distances do you play at when you saying that you hit 2 shots with a Kongo out of 8? It is by default that Battleships do not have 5-7 out of 8 as they would be too powerful. Also do you wait to fire until all turrets (below left in the ship icon) are green, dispersion is worse otherwise. Damagewise it is also sometimes advisable to hold your fire vs a target that presents bad angle, it is maybe wiser to wait or choose another target, especially on the lower tier maps when there at the beginning at least might be several - do not be too focused if there are other ships that might be easier to hit good (broadside).
  8. Gnirf

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

    I can understand that, however WG has every anniversary rewarded T10 ships so there is some consistency in it at least - i.e. grab as many T10s as you can. Ofc players like myself are extremely rewarded - I hardly dare to mention the numbers I can look forward to in SC and the Gift containers, the numbers will stare in your face and I can feel somewhat embarrased - at least a few could be given f.e. 1 per year in the game without demanding T10s. But it is what it is.
  9. Gnirf

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Naturally the populations are different and own language section is one indicator but has WG ever indicated numbers of players from different countries and purchasing/playing habits? F.e. is probably Naval interest higher in Netherlands than in Poland as the Dutch naval history is far greater for centuries. Now I will not see this as a competition , just that number of players are affected also by other variables than population numbers.
  10. Gnirf

    What to do with credits (silver)?

    You can play also........
  11. well small breaks I do too between games + going for extra food/water other needs, I stand up and watch the game go or wait doing other stuff if I am sunk early and need to do something so I fully agree to that.
  12. Hello Forumites, Saw an interesting topic on NA forum that I have not seen here (certainly been sometimes I guess). How do you prepare for a long gaming session? Do you have drinks, snacks , food or other things prepared? Walked the dog before you start etc Personally I often prepare myself with water/Pepsi/Beer/whisky depending on the day, today it is a whisky and water , some snacks before todays evening session which I am about to start. My cat has been given food. Though he usually disturbs several times despite that by placing himself over the keyboard....
  13. Gnirf

    What to do with credits (silver)?

    It is so true, the bottleneck for me was when I grinded several lines and reached the top tiers more or less at the same time, after that it has been a breeze as there is only 1 line at a time. Before that it was a struggle - later no problems -when you keep all the ships it is also that all missions when you recieve ships as a reward gives credits ( a few times doubloons) so the credit increase have some times during the christmas events f.e. been huge. Luxury problems of course. One thing is clear it is almost necessary to play on premium when you reach the higher tiers as the ships itself are so costly with modules/upgrades even if you are good it is not enough if you want them in reasonable timeframe.
  14. Gnirf

    What to do with credits (silver)?

    Yes true and it even saves time and effort compared with losing the credits when you regrind the lines. I have reset 3 lines so it will be interseting to see how much I have lost when I return to my 3 T10s , still at a surplus as i am only at T7/6 and its higher up the real outflow comes. Have not bothered with buying signals for credits yet. When playing coop I do not care but the inflow covers my random and ranked play.