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  1. Well this time are now one of the few times/yearly with extra win bonus. when we started playing in 2015, it was nearly always 100% on weekends. US server had less. Then you really wanted to play a lot on weekends as there were so few camos around.
  2. The captains if you have them assigned to a ship will not lose their assignment. I have one captain for each ship so they just go into reserve and then you put them back when you rebuy/reghrind that ship. However if you have no captains or the regrinded ships it works as in any tech tree line retrain is needed. Therefor choose ships that you have captains for and let them stay.
  3. Now when I am posting this I have reset 7 lines in 2019, 13 lines in 2020 and have only reset 2 lines (1 yesterday) in 2021. I have around 35 000 RB points and missing the 2 latest so Paolo Emilio soon within reach. I have also over 4 M FreeXP in case I need a quick boost. I have deliberately changed my tactics, now I resetting lines that matches with captain grind 19-21 i.e. takes them in some order when I want to elevate T6-9 from 19-21 which I had in many lines. So I grind through the tiers up to 10 research so I can do a new reset while not buying the T10. I play through most stock now in order to save FreeXP. I know 4 M is a lot but i want to be ready if WG decides to release new T10 FreeXP ships, and also be ready to crash through lines if I will be short of RB points for a ship that is getting removed. Now atm I am regrinding Royal Navys battleship, when the Cpt rework hit I just were on the brink to finish the 19 p from T7 and up. As I want KGV to have 21, I have restarted RN twice this year and are now on the T3 as it was yesterday the last one. Now I have several dormant T10s so to speak so this BB tech tree the final one were I will get the T7-9 so to speak to 21 (Lions is at 21 so the Elite XP there finishes the remaining on T7 and 8 after I played through these. Then I buy Conqueror and gets 5x6000 in this case so this will boost the RB points ofc. T5-9 single figures of course. Conqueror is a ship that I later will grind to 21, whilst f.e. Yueyang I do not like much so this will be boosted on reserves/credits. I have as a goal to have all T10s on 21 + ships I enjoy. After the double bonus reset I plan to go to IJN double DD lines where I have from T6/T7-10 and IJN BBs T6-10 on 19 but I will probably satisfy myself w T8-10 in the DDs at 21. BBs si the goal 21 from T6 where I have Fuso/yamamoto. So I have taken a more grind captains and RB at the same time approach. I do not like it but if it is ships that I enjoy playing it is not meaningful to get on strike so to say. Better use your energy/signals/camos in the most productive way. As I say now when I need to grind i play even the stock versions in coop when I do something else at the same time , watching football, talkning w friends in the phone so that grind goes by itself. Now i have only 1 grind but I will d 3 IJN lines at the same time , it is more efficient with daily win bonus etc.. Main reason sofar that I have done 1 line is that I was quite tired and angry of the rework and had to settle down and think of how to proceed. One thing was to only play a limited number of ships to not have to spec many captains, while the rework effects took place and new changes etc. So how have you changed your behaviour towards RB over time. Do you play /grind and have the captain rework changed your approach? No FreeXP ships in a long time? Is it worth to hold on to?
  4. Gnirf

    Daily Login bonus

    Thx I found it, I was checking the ordinary settings pages. It was on auto before so strange that it was decoupled when reinstalling the game.
  5. Its a free ship, I thought it was pretty OK but fragile when she was in the tech tree. Perhaps you are new so you do not remember that Kirov was the original T5 Cruiser in the Russian tree. Much better than the other T5 Kotovsky and the other free crap cruiser that we got.. Do not forget to keep it , otherwise it will show up in a crate for you!
  6. Gnirf

    Daily Login bonus

    Had to reinstall my game yesterday. I am not sure if the daily login bonus screen have disappeared. Is there anywhere in the settings one can check this?
  7. Gnirf

    Love the Lighting!

    T9 is at the moment in a sweet MM-spot and f.e.it is a great ship to use in ranked. Even if you are not like myself that collects and saves every ship - good ships at every tier I recommend every player to spare, higeher tiers also gain good snowflakes rewards, steel /flags if they are continued in the future. Jutland is one of my favourite T9s and she has better concealment f.e. which I like but I have not played Daring enough in Randoms to really make a good judgment. But Jutland is very good (too good for WGs taste as she will be nerfed).
  8. Gnirf

    Hey WG, thanks for ranked bronze.

    Perfectly good for some new regrinds or to play Izmail - as you will autoget a enemy T6 BB of probably less quality
  9. Gnirf

    Kure Port.... the music

    Anyone that have found the track on soundcloud - there are so many WOWS tracks, I know many have over and over again praised the art department but I want to mention all the various small music songs the amount is staggering!
  10. Izmail game which brought i 2300 BaseXP but more important gave me my third 21p. yes I am running Kuznetzov on Izmail. This is the Russian ship I am weak for. My first 21p I reached a few days ago König and Lion. All grinded from 19-21. I have not rushed anything and jhave only accumulated more credits and Elite XP since rework as I wanted it to settle. I could fix around 12 more or so when I want.
  11. Gnirf

    Torpedo ricochet: should it be a thing??

    Sadly I must downvote your suggestion. The torps should have no rng built in.
  12. yes me too. my Friesland will ofc be used but the rest had to be recruited, a few will be had by the "free" ships that may be associated in a early access event.
  13. Gnirf

    Love the Lighting!

    The RN DDs really starts to shine from T7 and up and Jutland is one favourite ship at T9, apart from slow speed I think they are comfortable to play, no real weak ships but decent/good in most areas. The type of DD I like, I am not for gunboat DDs. Have regrinded the line as the only DD line apart from IJN DDlines.
  14. Sort of what Yedwy says. But better look at ranked as randoms where you personally have greater influence (1 of 7 instead of 1 of 12 players) and as only wins matters for the steel playing for win if the goal is to get steel is actually better than you might think. Bots are more in the hands of WG to do something about not the gamemode in itself. You also in general choose ships that you perform in and are not subject to -2 MM. I play for 9 wins in bronze leaugue - and I do play for the win but if i end at 5th or 4th rank or whatever is not much concern to me at least. That helps keep you sane. I played in the same manner in old ranked , down to 10-12 or so depending on time so i usually got good rewards vs effort. Naturally I am way behind in steel ships, have only 3 so far, but I have never resorted to spamming ranked.
  15. Well I voted the last option train in premiums as this is the common way. But now with the credits for captain option (dsimissing several times etc) it is perhaps easier to use a new recruited 6p and push him to 10, use elite xP or using premium ships or a combination thereof. It is technical as I always have elite XP to use should I want. That is valid for up to 10-12 p or so. My minimum captain regardless of tier in random. I cpt per each ship and I keep all ships. However with higher level captains the cap of 500 doubloons is worth it. I transferred a few in the past. Moskva I had to reassign with doubloons f.e. when that ship turned premium, back for the Petropavlovsk. When the rework took place I did some reshuffling to do it for free. Moved my destroyed captains on Bogatyr to Donskoi and Chikumas to Myoko (19 pointers ofc ). But it is a technical thing more or less, I have several premiums in all nations so that option always exists.