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  1. I can only speak for the Ishizuchi as she is worth her money and easy to perform in. Mutsu, though I have very few games in her is a disappointment, she is not fun, I rather play Nagato. I have hesitated to buy both Kii and Ashitaka as I hated Amagi A-hull and Kii well I have all the IJN BBs and captains in everyone , but Kii has at least the working shells and decent AA, have none of these two.
  2. Even if it is a slightly different KGV clone much better than the first version, a BB should be played as a BB.
  3. True, and w its original torps it is at least a threat to DDs. The number of games that you may accomplish nothing vs the few that will be great will hardly be a prize worth paying. With 5-6 targets on large map, manouvreing pass and away from DDs even more to reach your targets and it will certainly be visible through torp rating which Shimas who have it will not enhance game enjoyment.
  4. I can tell you about the real thing from Sweden some decades ago how a new painter (artist) had an exhibition and got fine reviews from art critics and so on, after a while the creator was found to be a monkey fron the local (Borås) Zoo. It was a great idea to get all so called "critics" a slap on the nose.
  5. Both are good, One advantage in general apart from the hydro/smoke is that Z has faster reload on the torps. If the radar on PA is useful enough I do not know yet. German Hydro is longer lasting , personally I have also the hydro modification which makes the duration even better
  6. Been there for a while, but sure it is a milestone OP. You can even get a medal from me.
  7. Given some thought I suppose I can fix it on my Kutuzov so there will be elite XP automatically (19 p Cpt)
  8. Thx makes it important which ship you end the mission with, makes it also less attractive even though I have RN ships to use
  9. Now the thing remains is does it look different among the classes, I was also surprised about T8.
  10. I snipped away the pictures. Interesting effort. One thing is that we maybe progresses to fast and you started with a difficult line. But otherwise I agree a lot. But what is the solution? Difficult, many players are very experienced now, and to be a new player requires patience. It is rather tough some times here in the forum when we say to a disappointed/frustrated player, Git Gud or you have only played 15 games at T8 so you know nothing , which is correct but the player may have say 1000 games and is still a newbie, just think of it maybe 250 hours /4 games/hour). That is quite harsh for a game. I have 14000 games but I am still learning and CVs I have barely touched (less than 100). OTOH it is good that you learn the whole time. Perhaps the 2+ removal at T5+ would help.
  11. All ships that you can buy for doubloons are shown in the "open without Mod" tech trees for the varying nations. Not every premium that you can buy in the Premium shop is in the tech tree. New Premiums are always exclusively in the Premium Shop in various bundles and may enter tech tree later. Belfast if that is a recent screenshot are probably then shown with its old prize, but has been withdrawn from sale just like Kutuzov and Perth ca two months ago. You might maybe recieve them in supercontainers, maybe in the Santas gifts if they show up again, please take note if they release them then as last year it was clearly stated which ships you could win/get. There are a few other premiums that are withdrawn f.e. Nikolai and Kamikaze/Fujin as WG withdraws ships that are considered OP sometimes. Perth may return the other two probably not. It was when the smoke were changed that these ships were withdrawn together with refund option.
  12. While is certainly part of the situation you have lot of players even veterans that have lots of trees left. Well I have all techtrees apart from PA and CVs at T10 but I play most at mid tiers and T10. Seldom 8/9. But if I have had the working situation during my first 20 months I would not even be close to my situation now. Your post give me however lots of inspirational thought which is only known to WG f.e. progression amongst different players, how long players remain, what is the reason that they quit/stay Which tiers, which lines etc does people start now compare with the old days where you had only IJN/US etc..
  13. There are sometimes discounts on this so pay attention
  14. Stick to the big boys and play more as a support shipm is a general rule but in a DD heavy meta and with spamming HE cruisers of T10 + Lion you are a prio target in Biz, Enemy has also Biz and Tirpitz so you have your opposite number. But 5000 dmg is pitiful and indicates that you either were deleted by CV early or if you survived longer had the wrong position. But sometimes the gods are against you. But I play lots of cruisers and for me the German BBs are first on the list if I do not have a better target nearby like a close DD f.e.. Well I obviusly prio targets soundly, but if I have a US, RN, German or IJN BB at similar range all others things equal the German tends at least for me be the easeist target.
  15. commendable effort and thx for publishing this. As a starting point in the discussion. I read though the reddit page also. I agree to some points there where the number of upgrading is shown, I know it is anecdotal but I feel yhay in T8 you are often more alone i.e. facing larger number of T10s than in f.e. T6. But those numbers need more work and it is interesting to see just the basics.