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  1. What about Yukikaze with the 35% coupon and doubloons bought for 50% or free, is she a sensible option? I have the other IJN DDs mostly incl. Harekaze in version 1.
  2. Gnirf

    choose container

    The value is low but not zero. You do not own the pixels on the streaming servivce like Netflix either. The value is entertainment. I do not value my whisky in the collectible sense (some do) but for the enjoyment when I use them. I am old and have gradually change the perspective on the intangible goods. Anything that you buy that possess future enjoyment/enhanced enjoyment is a benefit with value whether it is digital or tangible goods. If I can get enjoyment from digital goods it is a benefit because my apartment is full. If I buy new tangible books I need to get rid of old books. So I do a cleaning of some books from time to time.
  3. Gnirf

    Good news about Operations

    Tsushima mission with bot RU BBs, when? Jutland mission with lots of Battleships (RN/or German on the other side) You play the other nations T3-6 and the Enemy composition changes but they are ofc 50% more.
  4. Gnirf

    Upcoming or recent must have ships

    I guess the point is that you can play them as cruisers when there is a cruiser mission if the kiting /flanking play style is not to your liking. I am not convinced of them either but this may be seen as an advantage compared with playing Strasbourg as a BB. I see them as aline brought in to draw out the releases time wise without exhausting new real lines. Surprised that they have not brought out alt . RN/US DD lines with some other gimmick. RN = more conventional torps/smoke and US the other way around or a hydro US line like the Germans with shorter smoke. If you want to play a distinct playstyle but likes a special nation this is the way IMO, with real ships.
  5. One thing that I have in mind though if you like me have so many thuosand camos that you will not be able to get rid of them (as you will get more each year from missions) , I wonder if it might be better to at least use a lot before the exchange as we now can stack. I assume there will be little use of having 8000 100% bonuses as you sort of get new ones at the lower end. I would have preferred if you could exchange upwards too. Should we think differently if we have really high numbers, I have at least 6000 camos single use with various bonuses? + 2-300 of each special signal.
  6. Gnirf

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Had bad experience in my Izmail when I regrind the RU BBs for the 4th time, in a stock hulled Izmail with the range module fixed I managed to reach almost my damagerecord ( Less than 2000 away), a fine game but not enough. Over 1600 Base in a T6 game and more than double the 2nd, well to say that help was somewhat lacking is not too much. Nevertheless it is always nice to have a few megablaps.
  7. Problem is that a few of these discounts are more important to time as we could not buy if we have in store. If that would have been the case at least a limited number it would have been less critical. Personally I have regrinded/resetted lines with this date in mind so that I am ready with those 3 regrinds I have done a few days before this last week where we have had this discount. Now I cant regrind/reset as I would like. It is the same as you count with Black Friday/Christmas event etc those extra special things is a question of customer relations , now you create disappointment. I want to point out a few other changes - previously the SCs if you got all ships you got compensated with the drawn duplicate in doubloons - now it is 1500 which is unremarkable. If it at least would have been the last christmas introduced steel compensation when you are out of ship drops - now I am punished for being a Top grade customer and player i.e. both spending and playing amongst the top percent. Likewise if I want to buy flags it is when the doubloon discount on some economic flags and type 59 camos (which are good) are only possible if you have 0 , you would have increased the income a lot if you allowed targeted buys of those flags for doubloons even if you have in store. (But we miss out on sales on the flags packages in armory?) No, because if I have 200 Zulu hotel and 1500 Papa papa the value of extra Papa Papa is zero but I use Zulu Hotel quite a lot and would have done even more if I would have been able to use and buy them separately. Coal goes to coal ships so that is not an alternative. For us who have huge stores the abilty to pinpoint is of great interest and you miss a lot of sales there. I find it very strange that a lot of activities punishes the customers that have been the frequent buyers and brought in the most revenue, when some more flexibilty would lead to greater income and higher customer satisfaction. . Maybe the rework in economy /flag/camo will adress some of those issues.
  8. I am doing the same the tier X in a line + coal/RB/Steel ships and new gifted low tier early access ships gets their upgrades when it is on discount. I have enough ships to play to wait, only when there is a hip I really want to play in randoms I buy the upgrades and on regrinds lots of upgrades will get released.
  9. yes sad. if it is cobi kits, own merchandise, Sabaton tour, Warship museum event etc then OK. Got it as well, answered a lot i am unsure. It is like a state survey asking kids how much do you drink and then filling in 20 whisky a week to make them shocked.
  10. Interesting T5-6 will have 152 mm guns, May that wil be Agano at T5 and a developed Agano w 8 guns(were designed), T7 155 mm guns that is 3 alt Oyodo (better as a prem iMO) as it is only 6-155 mm, Chikuma as first designed with 12-155 mm and Mikuma 15-155 mm (sister to Mogami), maybe they drop the 155 mm on Mogami then. T8-10 pure fantasy I suppose (DP 150 mm). But like Zao has some scant reference in Japanese books maybe they have something to base it on. I have the Bible on Japanese cruisers and I can not recall anything from there but it has passed quite a lot of time since that book arrive so maybe something has been published in Japanese language sources. Does anyone know? Below snipped from WoWs website. Japanese Light Cruisers By fall, we'll have added Japanese Tier V–X light cruisers for testing. Their concept is in development, but we can already safely say that all ships of the branch will have 610 mm torpedoes at their disposal, and their torpedo launchers will have wide aiming angles. As for their main batteries, the Tier V and VI ships will have 152 mm guns, the Tier VII ship will have 155 mm guns, and high-tier cruisers will carry 150 mm dual-purpose guns.
  11. Yes or they arrive at the Public Server. Hermes and Cherry Blossom I played a lot in those days, the night battle part in Cherry blossom was quite a different thing. Grinded my Chapayev captain there to 19.
  12. I have grinded SinOPs captain a lot in this ranked season, here is a fine game from today
  13. Gnirf

    Puerto Rico dockyard returns!

    The steel compensation is really nice for us who got the PR in the first run , personally it costed 2 boosters to make it doable. So it will be an extra steel ship but on the other hand I might save it until f.e. a withdrawal is announced as one can only use 1 coupon/6 months. Next is already earmarked for the British Battlecruiser. And yes like many have stated I have hardly played PR outside snowflakes, in the first months it was sort of forbidden to take her out. And the US non torps ships are not my cup of tea which I have painfully discovered in randoms long time ago, but maybe I do another try. i play DM/Salem a lot in coop.
  14. Gnirf

    Easter Egg Hunt Results Round TWO

    Nothing yet.....