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  1. Gnirf

    So - three days - what's it going to be?

    I have over 500 ships so the race for new ships are not so urgent. I will use it in the end, but as several ships in the dev. phase are not announced what type of method you will aquire them I want to wait until those 5-6 ships are presented as I might want 1-2 of these. My reserve goal amount have been around 25.000 steel as this is 1 ship (if they withdraw). So if I have other tasks to do, new lines and regrinds just these ships that are missing in steel now are uninteresting. Coal, RB ships I am fully stocked and buy as soon as a new ship becomes available, so the hoarding of steel have not been any tactical thing.
  2. Gnirf

    So - three days - what's it going to be?

    I have not decided yet, they are some ships which we do not know about. I will probably not use it directly. I have around 100.000 steel. Missing FdR (not playing CVs), Balao (hate subs), so the alternatives is the Plymouth, Austin, vallejo and the German DD. Do not feel any hurry to grab one of these, I buy any ship if there will be an announcement that it will be withdrawn. Coal, I have around 1 M and all ships so Brisbane is no problem. I use the coal only for buying 2x50 % off Indian Delta set and 1 upgrade radar or speed each coupon reset. Have all FreeXP ships so this influx made no difference. I have bought 1 steel ship every coupon, and had one in mind all the time so used more or less directly, but one can wait until last moment i.e. a week or so before next reset.
  3. Gnirf

    So The Nottingham... Why?

    It will be the camos. I am apparently lucky with getting a fantasy captain in first slot, but I have them all as 6pointers and I am not planning to use them. Even if the camos do not represent any value, I kind of like the Victorian colour scheme so I can use them as alternative outfits. Albemarle has only a christmas outfit so there is certainly need for that nicer scheme.Less camos to get from the distant voyagers containers in the future I guess. The ship? No way. Probably in the Santas containers.
  4. Gnirf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Last monthly supercontainer before nerf- 100 Delta Flags which I use so OK
  5. Gnirf

    Battle Pass in Update 12.4

    It depends if there is some indirect gains, f.e. during this update when the reward was T8 Cruiser + cpt one indirect reward was that you got the bonuspackage for T9 through a mission. So even if you do not value the extra stuff in a Premium battle pass do pay attention if there are anything similar here before making up your mind.
  6. Gnirf

    Update 12.4: European Destroyers

    It depends, the value is much less, however in some circumstances depending how you value progress (and I am a heavy regular player). If you need extra coal 15.000/12000 Coal this/next season + ev. bonuses 15%in many cases If you want extra blue boosters 15x3 =45 this season, next 12x3=36. Also if you have a huge amount of RB that you will recieve during the period. How do you value the 100% first win bonus? Especially if you do a lot of coop for the missions, it is some value, I have calculated it to at least 150-200.000 Ship/Elite/freeXP for me. Naturally it is which prize you set on that, it is not good value compare to the premium battle pass, but it might be a better value than other offers. Also if you bought the doubloons at discount
  7. Gnirf

    So, about the credits and its "abundance"

    Well as a player of more battles than you but as maybe half is coop so there is not so much difference as the numbers suggest, I have nearly all tech tree ships apart from the newest lines. My take on the captains has developed through the years, but currently all tech tree ships have a 10 p as minimum, that is the dominant number from up until T5 and above to T7 in tech trees that I do not play after release, but when I do regrind lines or get fond of ships/lines, I often set next level as 14. 14 is the goal on everything that is t8 and above with 21 on the T10 as an endgoal. Now after the move from 19-21 as max I am behind this goal a lot ofc., but 14 on T8 and above I have managed to reach when I have left the T8 on newer lines and I have really also tried to move all ships from 12/13 to 14 in a dedicated effort to get the next skill. This have taken priority to getting the 19 to 21 this year. I do a dedicated regrind now in Royal Navys BCs where I play from T3 and up and then reset, that I play the lower tiers is for historical reasons and with heavy boosters it is only a few games. I am on the 2nd reset now and my goal is to get Duncan at T9 to 21 before I grind to the 21 on St Vincent. With say two more resets at least I will reach 14 on Tiger (mid part to 12 atm), Renown midpart in 12, and Rooke halfway in the second regrind just passed the 14. As I do not want any captains on the unlucky number 13 on principle, I always use Elite XP when I reach 13 to go directly to 14. The early access often gives you the T7 for free, sometimes the T8 as now in both US Hybrids and LA Cruisers. In Hybrids I reached the 14 level when that T8 was finished but I start the T9 with a 10 p captain, LA I am still on the free T8 but will by the time I reach T9 have 14 my desired level for that ship. I have when it has been 80% discount on 10p (300 dbl) bought necessary captains on lines that I need captains for. But older lines with lots of premiums from santas crates I have some depth in my reserves (IJN , US above all). This way i never move captains upside tiers but they stay on the ship and a new 10 pointer takes place on next ship. It is not unusual that I use Elite XP to get the 10p to 14 on the T10 captain at least. The road to 14 from T10 is not so long as one could think (for me just grind 10-12 and elite XP to 14. With so many premiums and first win that step does not take so long. As you I find the superships worst. I have not really grinded any captain on these, but instead grinded and on a few exceptions moved from lower tiered ships. A few have been totally eliteXPed up to 21. CVs and Subs are excluded from my system as I do not play them at all (subs) or little (CVs). But now I am currently working/grinding on a number of supership captains IJN DD/BB (both on 14), US DD on 12 and French Cruiser on 18. As missions is based on wins I use alot of high tier premiums in coop FW so f.e.the US DD I play Somers and Benham in coop. The road to 14 is slow but steady. Atm the random/ranked grind is on my Colorado captain to get thet from 19-21. But after that the US Humpreys captain will be grinded a lot in randoms on my collection of US premiums for a more speedy grind. I try always to work with several captains at the same time for variety. I also use the credit way to buy and dismiss captains for elite XP. Now when Ranked have been T8/9 I have fully utilized my Missouri to get credits for later conversion at the same time I grinded several US captains from 19 to 21.
  8. Gnirf

    Free XP Ships

    How is your influx in the future of coal? Are you usually taking the Premium Battlepass? If so you are also getting boosters which help lessen the need for FreeXP and also providing new sources for both coal and FreeXP. Are there lots of coal ships on your list? I would say at leat take the Azuma if one think of coal prizes sofar but have not seen them yet for the FReeXP ships - maybe take both as FReeXP
  9. Well, I am sometimes lazy, but did check in on my missions, I knew there would be a mission for the Tashkent and the 1st stage requires that you play Tashkent. I required Tashkent on sunday. But I also noticed that there is missions for Gorizia and Hood, ships that I have before, that also has respective ship in stage 1. So even if you are not participating in the Exchange, but have these ships before, you have these missions. The reward is not spectacular but it needs attention as they unlike many other missions requires the first stage with the specific ship to get going.
  10. Gnirf

    new bonus code (mission)

  11. No you are wrong, as the question is how you perform. That means that one player is given - yourself. Your assumption is based on that all players are random. If you are a 45% player, over a long series of games that is what you will achieve if the rest of the players are random. And if you are a 55% player that is the result you will get.
  12. You have always more players during winter.
  13. The captain to the right seems to be Fubuki.At least it workef so for me. From Reddit:
  14. Yes but the comparison is using credits only not doubloons at all, so I frankly do not understand your comment. It is cheaper using the buying and dismissing method for credits than buying vouchers for credits which you use for 3.750 Elite XP /voucher
  15. I answered yes, but I feel really disappointed about the exchange rates. But I have 1M Coal and no ship (including the FreeXP ships) to buy and as I buy the Premium BP the monthly coal increase is such that I will take the Tashkent, but it is damn expensive. Nothing else is interesting, they are simply to bad. The interesting exchange rates would have been converting various resources to steel and RB points, the you might even consider quite bad exchange rates if we use 1000 Steel = 15000 Coal. Let us say that it was 50.000 Coal to 1000 steel I might have consider some steel. The FreeXP bundles where you the first time exchanged vs 3 ships and other things and now recently against signals at least were offers in a region where you might consider them, the first one I bought every bundle for FreeXP but I ignored this last one except for a few ones.