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  1. Gnirf


    some of the tasks are easy in the background but takes time f.e. shot down 300 aircraft in EU ships T8+ so play smart and as soon as possible.. Edit: Easy means they will get fulfilled automatically given enough games if you have the EU DDs. But as I said those games takes maybe some time as all games do not have CV or they avoid you. I have now Swirzki on Halland and have around 10 tasks left, and these are all one game tasks. It would be fun if I can make all but I guess given the no1 spot demand in many of these that it will be some left when the 6 month period are over.
  2. Gnirf

    Founding a clan

    A few points, Be really sure why you want to have a clan, instead of joining a more suitable clan than your old. Simply because most players are already in a clan. Personally I have a economic clan so I pay less/no attention to CB, not that I am unintested but we are too few in our clan that seem to want to engage in that and it is not something that I must do. You do need numbers of active players to get up a decent clan base , the steel and coal bonuses are hard to get for smaller clans. So you need apart from CB actives if you are aiming for that also players that gather oil by just playing. I have one vice leader, we were part of a this clan when the founder and some others disappeared so we decided after communicating with him to send a ticket and take over the clan. I got the leadership simply because I wrote to the support but I always confer with him and a few others if they have ideas for the next facilitiy to aim for. We want the expensive top steel and coal but we do not forget the cheap ones for service costs etc. as they are interesting for newer players I guess a broad approach so that the cheapest 3-4 facilities in each category are bought.
  3. Agree fully, one of the worst ships in game T5 and up, maybe the worst, only for the tokens and later only for events, as per your view.
  4. Gnirf

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    I have played since a few weeks after release and then you have two lines, now you have a huge variety. If the grind is too heavy players feel that they can not get the ships they want - many are naval enthusiasts like myself and while i have been able to progress alongside new releases I play far more than most 15-25 hours weekly since start. Remeber that the grind must me acceptable to those who may play a few games daily, we need players it is not serious to count games for players like myself and say that they are easy. To grind F2P to a say T10 with a decent selection of lines takes maybe one year or more. I have a friend that I have tried to persuade also interseted in Warships but he hesitates while it is fun the time that he can put in are not very high so even if he is guided my me it will take a long effort before he reaches anywhere near the famous WW2 ships. After all do not forget that is what attracts many of the players. And even if you are given the superflags in some quantities they do not reach that far if you are not willing to pay a lot. People that earns money and can spend huge amounts on progressing captains are not the standard that we should judge after, it must suit casual but serious players to.
  5. Gnirf

    Naval battle star awarding

    Always check on the results after battle the second screen if you have enough XP not the forth
  6. Gnirf

    0.9.5: still collecting soviet tokens?

    Well if you look at history the chances are close to zero - I can not recall when the directives and same tokens have been used for 2 updates - the dockyard have been announced to do that I think, otherwise not, just buy extra if you need that is WGs thing and desire
  7. From the free token containers majority 5, a few 10s, some have been open en masse f.e. stage 2 + the daily then 13 = 100 so some over 5. bought Bgartion as the boost seems endless and with that fixing Mikoyan for 1 st week. Meaning (105+210)= 315 tokens weekly. As usual you must more or less decide first week if you want to spend or not and as usual the RNG free way of obtaining tokens is by a ship. Quite a lot of these events have been biased in the way that if you are prepared to spend on something there usually pays to spend on ships early on often with doubloon compensations or more tokens thinking of Hill in the Benham campaign f.e. which helped to get Benham a lot. As I have a 5 token bundle as first 500 doubloon its out of the question. With these 1260 tokens I will reach T8 Tallinn maybe the permacamo for T9 if I get lucky but probably not.
  8. You forgot to add that she is a movie star. Acting as Graf Spee, Yes fighting with RN Cruisers in the Battle of the River Plate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battle_of_the_River_Plate_(film)
  9. Gnirf

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    I am sure that WG happily takes your money for the Digital Spring Party in the normal Premium shop and gives you some doubloons for compensation
  10. Gnirf

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    Yes IJN have been given many fantasy ships that never did perform anything, or even existed. Take for example the pure napkin design Mikasa.
  11. i too admit that this is a factor to weigh in when you purchase a premium, compare with f.e. buy it in the armory later or by christmas crate. I have so many premiums however so I am pretty close to know that I do not have any low tier premiums to get before the T7-8 appears so for me waiting for christmas is viable. But these fantasy ships are not that necessary for me as I have all old Soviet cruiser premiums incl. Kutuzov, Kronstadt and Smolensk. If I recieve them later fine. but I grind the new Soviets as usual, burned plenty on EU DDs as I am from Sweden so this time I abstain. It is many real ships that we are missing that I might be more interesting in as premiums - some battlecruisers f.e. or a Dutch ship for building up more EU captains, also some real RN ships.
  12. sure but 25 is the norm, it is the same when it is 200 % wins that is the time when i try to max out
  13. 25 games it is. Not more- But you do not waste 3x XP on botting , you play these games to the maximum with or without flags. So you can not say that is infite play and it is smart to save special flags for such occasions at least you should have papa papa and such in stock.