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  1. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    I have a 19 p captain in my Bogatyr, DE AFT BFT etc so it is dirty - fun for me not for the opposition...
  2. Repair/Servicing Costs for T8+

    Naturally, but if you play a PvP battle in T4/5 you are likely to make a big profit to finance your coop battles You do as you want, but I prefer to lower the tier when I am less concentrated, the coop gives me nothing. On lower tiers action is there, with small maps and players firing just like the bots.
  3. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    The thing is now that the game is mature for many, I have myself hardly any captains below 10 even at T4-6 , if they are not in grinding/training phase. That means when a new player start now the opponents are to a larger extent more experienced and have better captains, knows the planning/managing of captains. When I started in 2015 the palyers may have been better but the majority was new players like myself. Therefor if you mismanaged your techtree grow it did not matter so much because many other players did the same, today it is different and it is therefor far more important for new players to prepare themselves with captain skills etc. I can see the frustration from new players but my advice is to plan better for the step up in tiers and do not be afraid of the learning curve. It is a little like chess this game.
  4. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    It was about time the showed us something as it has been months since the split news. Considering they want to release it in the spring they must soon be in supertesters hands. Waiting more for the new ones in the light cruiser line. WG starts with the least exciting ones.
  5. Yes interesting to talk about OP ships in the silver line, there has been a few that now has been nerfed sadly, Isokaze with old torps and Shiratsuyu (w smoke and Trb). Most lower tier ships are Op in a veterans hands but I guess I have a few: Umikaze fast reloading farreaching torps at T2, and Duguay Troin and Orion at T4 that are very good even for a beginner. You have ships like St Louis also but she is slow, maybe Nassau. Chikuma at T2 are very rewarding for a good player who knows to aim, Bogatyr with a high end captain , DE, BFT, AFT is extremely good. She can take the AFT range far better than the other low-calibre crusiers at T2 and 3.But these ships have drawbacks that are making them less OP for a new player with low end captains
  6. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Lower your tier that you play in with a ship you like, 21 games and 3 wins indicates you are part of the problem - not necessary because you are bad but you play on tilt - start with a low tier ship . I Always warm up in Bogatyr St Louis or the like in a easy to play ship with RoF (not BB low RoF or DD)- that means often 1 win easy in max 2 games and solid performance regardless and you do expect bad teams here, but the enemy is likely same. Sets you in good mood.
  7. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    First of all it is a game... the other team may be equally bad, I try to do as good as possible, you know carry harder thread... at lower tiers in my favourite ships I maybe able to turn the battle or if you are in a DD or BB with Alpha strikes you may kite and try to hold on the other flank as long as possible, if there is on Two Brothers a Lemming train I choose sometimes the othar flank to defend it by kiting as long as possible. I try to have a positive mind - if a few very good players are in the long run enough aggresive and succesful - things might change - I try to have positive mindset as long as possible - only when the number of ships and overall situation deems no hope I despair. If you are in the right ship and right situation you might get really get good results. I have some of my best games in lost/difficult situations, the games that ypu really remember are the hopless ones , when you win like I did with 2 against 8, my teammate in a DD capped enemy cap, and i defended against 8!, when I finally succumbed he just had time to cap before enemy - sad that I could not see the enemy chat - memorable. Besides when there is a Lemming train and you happens to be in front - if you start in a DD on left flank you go left on Two Brothers - if the whole team follows - what can you do - hardly reposition. But a new game is minutes away. Remember that even though a few early ship losses often lead to snowballeffect if the teams are of equal skill - the team may not have lost is most valuable members - the really good players may not have had time to influence the match and vice versa on the enemy team - (the positive effect in your mind when sinking 2 enemys shoul we not discount), Also say that you feel that the team is Lemming - even good players have to make the decision to go with the lemming train or not - the correct way might be to join and push harder than the enemy- the alternative in a slow ship might be worse - there might sometimes be desicions well they might be objectively wrong but not unnatural -as the alternatives are worse- personally when the game start let us say on Okinawa - most players avoid a or the upper cap on the icy map- nevertheless if the teams (the DDs and others seems to decide for AB) it is often less chance to stubbornly refuse- I am of the opinion that a bad plan that the team adheres to hard and fast are far better than uncoordinated play. Well the odds are worse than BC on Okinawa but some spread out and a Quick cap might work, at least better than the alternative no plan. Edgehuggers ... more difficult - get some bad karma if you need to but otherwise hope that the rest of the team is good. But it is a game no more - the key to blame bad teams is psychological - but be realistic - the teams are random and players might be good but just are placed in the spawn when they have little choice. Personally I am a carrying player often in the lower tiers/mid tiers but less so the higher up I go as I play mainly cruiser there and are more a good support player, as the cruisers damage grow over time like with Kutuzov or Zao which are my favourite ships. I enjoy playing with ships - so do not overreact on a team in a single game - I am realistic so if you feel that you had too many games in a row with bad teams, play some lower tier games where you carry the teams to get a positive feeling. I have my Bogatyr and Chikuma or now since the Christmas Boxes the new Dirty sealclubber - Gremyashy. So when you feel some games go against you play some games in ships that you like - do not grind a frustrating ship - I hated grind Donskoi f.e. and the RU DDs and they took very long time, the US cruisers I stopped at T8 Before they buffed T8 and 9. Choose ship lines that you like.
  8. How many French BBs did you get?

    Well to see the drop chance of the tiers, as in some other posts in some threads in this matter it seemed that they did not come in order. It seems that a decent amount got T5 and 6 far less T7 and minimal T8. If you only could get T6 if you get T5 Before it is not necessary.

    Are u serious, there have been plenty of negative comments already which have been corrected - you will have more chances in future missions
  10. Premium Major? I think it is rather the new Pepsi for testing at T6, where it will be when the US split takes place. It is logical that New Orleans at T7, balti at T8 etc will follow soon
  11. How many French BBs did you get?

    Since the object was to show drop rates I got 2 of the 25 French missions, (in fact in the first 12). My Aigle containers have give 0. Nevertheless OP you miss 1 thing, which tiers? Personally 5 and 6
  12. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    It is hardly possible to copyright a battle in WW2 - but you might disconnect it from any movie references - however if WG is smart that naturally the sponsorship to the film is connected with alltime usage of anything related. BTW what in the campaign can be copyrighted? Do not remember much if anything from the movie that are referred to in the campaign.
  13. Well interesting topic, there were a giant statistic topic in this matter , perhaps it was on the NA server where it was some interesting figures/diagrams. Because it is not only a matter of which MM tier you get 8, 9 or 10 it is also the distribution, it is a huge difference between playing a T8 cruiser like New Orleans in a MM of 7 Tier10 3 T9 and 2 T8 than in 2 T10 3 T9 and 7 T8. I play lots of cruisers and I have almost quitted the crusiers in T8 and 9 only Kutuzov which I play alot ( which can do with uptiering very well) and a few times Chapayev. I do not like the Git gud answers as it is by default a more defensive stance needed when you are bottom tier, I therefor mostly plays T10 or mid tiers, only ships that can take the uptiering well I play on T8 and 9. It is just not fun to play very defensive 8 games out of 10, as the cruiser player must be careful anyway. Therefor it is sad that many ships are out of the playing list for the wrong reasons
  14. Not only that they will remain there for the entire game thinking they get valuable points..........