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  1. I am up on Henri IV now, and I can also feel the same thing as you did in your previous posts f.e. 8 and Viktor_Slanskis response. I have compared with other T8/9 cruisers (which I played before the Frenchies) in some cases long before where I did not understand high tier play at all, but even if my dam stats in some if not many cruisers are poor they are on the whole better WR wise. I played Edinburgh with radar and I regardless of my WR rate felt that both in the US T8-10 and Edinburgh I had more influence on the game. Success with radar attack regardless if I was killed or not and high damage percentage on DDs made a larger correlation between my personal success and the teams success. I have had some witherers in the Frenchies starting from T6, but even if long range spamming gives high damage numbers, it often gives less impact to the game. Zao is a little of the same but it easier to play at least sometimes closer to enemy. If I want/need huge damagenumbers in fires I try often French but I am better with Zao now that I unlocked her and I found the French ships rather onedimensional. I recieved a negative karma from two players yesterday in my Zao (but it could well have happen in a HenriIV or other French cruiser. They did not think I contributed enough. Well I ended third in the standings with 117 K in that game and have had similar games with my Frenchies but I responded to them you play your ship to your strength which is kiting and I can understand why that is annoying to players in more close-up friendly ships. You do not play distant by personal choice , you do it because of your ship choice. In Hindenburg you can play very different. Few ships I have had so many games with really OK games damagewise that I felt that I did what I could in the French high tier ships but with so little game impact. But they are probably the most consistent line and easy for beginners to reach decent numbers in, I am struggling however with them to carry games. Obviusly if you have exceptional games you will influence, but as such a large part of your damage is on BBs it is difficult. It might be easier in divisions with a BB perhaps, that is a question I have asked myself as you have a BB that can take advantage of your HE spam. As I play solo your impact is decided on how well the cooperation goes with the BBs. Nevertheless I find Martel and Saint Louis good ships that I enjoy play from time to time, they are ships that I return to, now that I got 14p captains on them but they are not ships that I want to play huge numbers of games in. I have now all T10 cruisers and if I want to HE spam I play Zao, and Henri IV is the least desirable ship. I might change opinion in the future. I have speedboost on every French cruiser T6 and up as I bought 3 from the COTE and have won a few in SC, so this helps a lot.
  2. You might have better memory
  3. Well in reality the last verisons of Lion had their side armour thinned as the expected battleranges (Immune zone ) was moved further out, if I remember correctly down to around 11 inch. But the laid down version Yes. You can look in the article of Lion class in Warship magazine (I am not at home so I can not name the issues but it was back in the days when it was quarterly magazine not a Yearbook.
  4. It is an idea worthy of consideration, but after I thought of it I say no. In a F2P game where the grind and training is the essence of captain skill, enough players would buy the captain of each line. Think of the permacamo on TierX for 5000. Here is a at first glance cheap and sound option to buy a premium captain but it will broke the game vs normal players if the veterans/walletwarriors could with relative ease get 19 p captains for whole lines and combined with elite XP willl inflate high captains too easy. Even if I personally would benefit great from it I say no , regardless of price. It would also give less incentive for players to buy premium ships in huge numbers as the accumulation of eliteXP will for a veteran player be far easier. That will probably be less beneficial for WG. It is my initial thoughts in the morning, nothing more.
  5. Wyoming is pretty OK so I am not with you an that one.
  6. To RN fans this is a problem , I enjoy RN but you can not have every ship represented in the game you have other nations and similar ships in overflow will not improve or enrich gameplay
  7. Stage 4 and 5 have always been constructed to be more difficult and last stage the meaning is that small part should complete a 5-10 % max. Lots of these missions go far easier when you have climbed up the tiers as the ships are larger at T5 100000 damage for a new player can be difficult, whilst at T10 even if you are average it is pretty easy at least in BBs. So while you may be disappointed now when you beacme experienced and climbe up the trees (especially many trees, which gives more flexibility) your chances of fulfillment increases a lot. That is deliberate from WG. OTOH these RN missions have the important thing at stage 3 so most should fix it as you already have done. I think that it has been answered in other places that port slots are included.
  8. Most definately impossible. Fortunately I plan to play the RN BBs the normal way (T3-5 via Mission partly) and then in at normal pace. I have decent number of camos and ESCL + premium time. All my otherlines except CVs (which I hardly play and do not grind) and German DDs (T9) are at T10. So RN is no problem for me but to a newcomer.... The FreeXP on lower tiers are pitifully small. I have Anshan which I find decent to play and Tirpitz with the freexp camo and the T10s, some with permacamos and a lots other premiums accumulates FreeXP at least somewhat without flags. But even for you and me 375000 FreeXP for Nelson is not to sneeze at , at least it is lots of strategic decisions. Do they have lots of more FreeXP ships in the future and which? I paid 5000 doubloons for my Missouri in 35:1 sale the rest I grinded it was an one/off I thought then but now , hmm there might be several interesting quirky or not quirky ships behind pay/grindwalls. I have taken the decision to be more careful of modules spending in the future to suffer a little more by using ESCL+ first win bonuses to at least take part of the stock grinds. Somehow I want to have at least a few hundred thousand of freexP in store to be ready, not to start from scratch when next ship arrives hopefully. The flags are fine but so expensive so then I rather convert 35:1 on sales. If they would have been 50% cheaper I might have bought several.
  9. Well I have also had my FreeXp gone up a huge amount of XP and I have on two weeks play grinded about 180000 FreeXP (vacation) by using lots of above ll papapapa and some of the 777% flag. Problem is not the FreeXp grind itself , it is that first they launch a new series of flags, expensive, then you plan to use them for Bhulls etc when it is necessary and now you have to use them for Nelson (I have Missouri). So they create a new FreeXP economy which ypu so to speak have to take part in. Earlier you had only Papapapa abut you on the other hand "only" had to spend them in B-hulls at higher tiers and FreeXP of hopeless ships. With the FreeXP both uses and flags starting to increase and a lot of the FreeXP economy behind paywalls or extreme grind, this part pay/part grind section of the game increases. I have had far mor time to play the game since I started to play the game oct 2015 until recently than I expect to have in the future so I am glad to have the Missouri already but in the future I expect to have to pay real money far more (for converting freeXP) if there are lots of expensive ships that I want (and as I collector I want them). I have not anything against this mix of grind/freeXP conversion per se but then Nelson is too expensive compared with T7 grind for 1 single ship. Yes you compare with grinding to T7 but then you have 5 ships from T3-7 which gves far more in return than 1 ship or in the case of Missouri 7 ships from SC-Iowa. My accumulated FreeXP to convert after 12000 games is more or less infinite. And my problem (having to convert and pay ) is naturally less than newer players. WG staff has stated that Missouri is too cheap in current economy - and that is bizarre considering the number of games you have to play.
  10. Surv radar mod ----> Des Moines + 1000 doubloons well it could have been worse at least.
  11. But you must have get the Blueprint flag at stage 3, I did it yesterday
  12. yes that is true, that is why I wrote f.e. but I like the railgun AP of RU cruisers and Fijis fine AP.
  13. Check your inventory - you can find your upgrades there
  14. Budyonny , Fiji, Chappa f.e. , as you have mirrored teams you can get a lot of cits quickly against enemy cruisers
  15. Using selected cruisers in co-op is an excellent way