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  1. Naturally it is lack of numbers. I have personally only Aurora, Diana, Murmansk, Molotov, Kutuzov, Ochotnik, Leningrad and Nikolai (not Krazny and Oleg yet) so there are far too few We need more. Not EU but RU may give lots of sales. Strange that they did not put in the effort in RU BBs that might actually be interesting among non-collectors , not hopeless cases like me who wants nearly everything. Like Borodino BC f.e. at T6.
  2. CW drags on for a while so maybe accept that all days you can not participate Maybe a little patience
  3. Absolutely zero chance for me selling those ships, can not see that they are nerfed beyond practical playability
  4. True as acollector I naturally must have her. But I have only 300K + after the Nelson affair + Bhulls etc on The RN line. But now I am on T9 so no more there. And plenty of flags. I think the prize also depends on her credit ability. If Nelsons style maybe 750K if Missouri style 900K? But she will hardly have a radargimick so I suppose less desirable from a gaming perspective considering you will probably play T10s anyway and less performing as a T9 may negate XP factors?
  5. Consider they think that 750 K för Missouri is too cheap I doubt it but let us hope.
  6. Yes I remenbered your recommendation to me a while ago in another thread. Bought her in the Soviet 4-ship bundle recently - lots of fresh doubloons as I had both Leningrad and Murmansk and I have not been disappointed. With a range of 19 km I hardly see the smoke nerf as a huge threat - but naturally fast ships may try to approach her. As a collector I want to keep her and I doubt that even if her effiency will go down she would be unplayable. Happy sofar 61 K avg dmg in 43 games, that is good for me, though I have not always a good impact on game. The frequent uptiering to T10 makes good damage numbers many times. Now when I have upgraded my Chappa cpt to 17 p and got DE I hope for good results in the future also. Last 2 points do not know what to grab. The cpt can be used on both Chappa Molotov and Murmansk, HA/JOT/EM or 2 1 p skills. Really doing a grind effort with dragonflags now. With the 50 XP win boosts with the package it really goes fast. Can only concur - you got just over 1 day left.
  7. When you do get the necessary exp she is odd and fun to play. She was accessible during august for a brief moment. Problem is that she has her own ship branch. 10 pt captain eases her play - her guns have bad range.
  8. Likes the QE a lot and likes Warspite. Therefor I invested in Prem camo so that I could grind my former Warspite captain who has been around for a long time to high numbers on both QE and Warspite. In the same manner as NM and Arizona. For some reason I have had very good results in QE and I expect them to plummet down to more normal stats. I bought the Prem on KGV too. Historical ships are more interesting for me. I like QEs guns. Sure she is a little slow but so are the other tech tree ships. Besides I like the mid tier ships so will play her more in the future.
  9. I might have misunderstood in parts of the discussion.
  10. Can not agree with either you or LeoApollo11 regarding combat flags part. You grind faster if you have premium, yes but you can achieve it with F2P. You will spend more games at lower tiers but you get same cpt level in the end it just takes more games. That you earn more containers/XP etc/hour sure but why should you have premium otherwise. Economic flags, XP etc alright combat things no. Earning things in missions etc Yes
  11. Met @15JG52Adler in my team in his Minotaur on trap. Domination. I played Gearing. We started by taking B. Focused down a Benson, sadly I was deprived of 50% of my health here as I catched somewhat sloppy a torp here.. Afterwards I tried to support C where after initial battles between many ships. I and a Shima and Tirpitz faced after some blows a Alabama and Shimakaze where I sank the Shima and the others Tirpitz. In the end there were 4 vs 3. I was down to 83 hp. Shima, Me in Gearing , Tirpitz ,Conqueror against Lion Biz and a Z52. Our Conqueror were a little trapped between Lion Biz and Z52 and was sunk however Lion was sunk also and our Shima had meanwhile gone too close, It was close on points standings, and sadly our Tirpitz first turned away back to C, leaving me alone in my nearly dead state. He turned later but I thought I had to do something. and were sunk. 15JG52Adler cursed me. However my thought process was this, if Tirpitz flees for no reason I must do something. You were correct that he should have capped but as he did not seem to do it, well I would not flee and lose on points as I calculated that they would have passed us with no more sinkings. That is a sure loss. I rather take the risks then. In the end I damaged Z52 enough before he hit me, the Tirpitz which have turned back and sunk the Z because our shooting have made him visible. Well 15JG52Adler it is always a gut decision but it was calculated one, you might not agree but there you go. Afterwards we in the end won and that is what is all about IMO. I wrote this just that you know that it was not just stupidity, and game time did not allow me to answer fully in game.
  12. Maybe because she and Colorado gets down to 8 vs 12 guns of their T6 predecessors (Fuso/NM) and that is a psychological thing to hit more vs the greater alpha. I like Nagato but I played and grinded her very early (like Colorado). Might be revisiting her and see how I can improve my stats on her. But that Nagato is a poor ship I have seldom seen. You can f.e. move compared with Colorado. You trade less durable hull with far more hit points. Sure sheis no Gneisenau but for me that have gun performance as the main issue I can not remember that I felt the ship was weak. Fuso has 12 guns yes but are harder to use and if you go bow in those 4 16-inchers guns are far stronger. For its time a sound construction. Compared with Biz/Scharnie she have as I am aware the all or nothing scheme so she takes more damage in some respects as this system are not so valued in WOWs.
  13. I recieved these flags in a container (Yamma mission) and consider I won the Monarch camo that has only Commander+ FreeXP this flag is useful in combination. If you only have T10 and save a few ships a long the line they might be less useful but there will always be new lines. For me as a collector every boosting flag is useful. With now 193 ships , even if many are premiums the demand is endless. Have only 2 19 p captains yet but say 100 from 10-18.
  14. Only problem is when the chat fills with unrelated stuff in other languages, it may be irrittaing if two f.e Greeks chat between the teams and you are not knowing what it is. But to refrain from playing - you can not be serious - english are understood by most but accept that there may be spelling issues and such in the heat of battle - and if answer to a German insult in "Deutsch" because I am from Sweden and learned it in School 35 years ago in slightly wrong fashion I do not care the slightest. Naturally it is more difficulty in countries where they dub every movie or TV-series to their native tongue - we do not and neither does Norwegians or Danes. Players involved in these games will learn basics after a while if there are those who does not live up to the standard well I do not see that as a problem. Also think of those that in the heat of the battle when you write something on English (or perhaps when a German tries german) you may obey a request because to understand and act is not a problem but wrote an appropriate answer may take too long for many players and distract them too much. Or you may decline without saying it. I usually answer in English even if it is German for case of speedy reply. But if it is calmer I may try German. What do expect of a world wide game OP?, that all in the world speaks perfect English, it is the most convenient language in EU but language knowledge is diverse. For me reasonably good in English and alright in German I do not find it a problem. You (a native Englisman) should have no problem whatsover. Poles may be a large portion of the playerbase, but what makes you think that the Brits are few on the server? My theory is that you react to the times where two Poles in this example recognizes each other or two Greeks or two Germans (many players) but you do not react when f.e. I would answer in English if you for some reason addresses me in the battle before start. Or for all the Clan recruiting in German which sometimes takes time in battle. But I do not see this as a problem to play the game. What is it specifically that you see as a problem @AngreyNoob?
  15. Excellent news for my Nikolai and Kamikaze R. Yubari, Katori can give me even more Elite captain points so it is great news, Even my König Albert and Ishizuchi will be played more, Ochotnik, Murmansk, texas there are lots of premiums in lower tiers that are far more attractive to play now, eapecially for first wins on saturday-mondays when it is 100%. I know it does not stack but it is extra incentives to play then. .