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  1. Mavadelo

    Counter to RPF/RDF

    I like their defense of "hardly anyone will take it because it is an expensive skill and their are better options" if that is the case..... why add it in the first place is it is so "situational"
  2. Mavadelo

    I may have to eat my words re: MM.

    ​ correct on that note here is another one I play a lot of T8 recently as I love the akizuki. 9 out of 10 battles I am the lowest DD and on the team with the least amount of dd's. Today especially. I had more games than not where I was the ONLY T8 DD facing Gearings and Shimakazes
  3. Mavadelo

    Should WG remove RPF ?

    I voted yes and yes I tried it for myself on the PTS.. Both rounds. If you where indeed true to what you stated about testing before deciding and not just putting down a troll vote because "74 people voted yes and they might not have tested it" you would have voted the only valid option... "don't know" Now however you did the same as that you accuse the yes voters of, you decided without testing it
  4. Mavadelo

    Press F to pay Respecs - 0.6.0 incoming!

    NO... I will REFUSE to lay down my Shira and Aki to rest, I will use it to kill those annoying border hugging BB's and CL's that think they are safe with their ivisifire at the borders, I will make their lives a living hell and I hope anyone that hates RPF will do the same. The quicker we get the BBabies to cry out for removal the better because it seems that WG only listens to the BBabies
  5. Mavadelo

    Regarding update 0.6.0!

    I think there are some good additions to the new skill tree, I especially like the Ridiculous Pathetic F#ckup skill that said, RPF excluded I really want to see how the new tree pans out when live before condemning the game to oblivion
  6. Mavadelo

    0.6.0. Commander skills opinions.

    Maybe dumb question but is every square on the grid a separate sector as referred to by the devs? because in that case no mods or hacks are needed, just take the middle of the line that shows the direction and you are good to go, just shoot in that general direction and blind hits are sure to follow on a regular basis, of course followed bu accusations of hacking ​
  7. Mavadelo

    Low tier RDF seal clubbing ring

    I will have to use it on all my DD's (being an IJN DD player it is a must have) that said.. I love this game but I kinda suck at it so I will prolly be at the seal end of seal clubbing
  8. Mavadelo


    I for one will not abandon my Shratsuyu and Akizuki (don't really like the yugomo which lated my grind to the shimikaze). I think when it hits live a crapload of players that are unaware of this coming (not everybody comes to forums, not everybody pays attention to the launcher, in fact... most don't) will collectively crap their pants and think the servers suddenly got invested by hackers. Many players (those that DID pay attention) will get reported as hackers after which WG support will have to send out support replies going something like "no, this player is not a hacker, we added an intergrated wallhack to "enhance" gameplay" followed by a massive drop of the casal players that don't stand any chance anymore. Many "regulars" will stop playing (for a while) as well, money will go down the drain and the wallhack will be removed in patch 0.6.3
  9. Mavadelo

    0.6.0. Commander skills opinions.

    " Radio Position Finding: Now this skill is OP OP OP for any ships that have torpedos especially for destroyers." Which makes it funny it get's in there as it are especially DD players that do not want this in the game yes I know, there are Cruiser and BB players that don't want it as well
  10. Mavadelo

    about the new incoming skill "Radio Location"

    If you don't want comments why create a topic and not posting it in the feedback topic that was created to have this posted in? really? that rubbish excuse again? it is not relevant how many people will take it, the fact it is posible even one DD hunter has it makes it that the only counter for it for any DD player is having it yourself. possibility 1: DD will go the way of CV and hardly anyone will play DD Possibility 2 EVery friging DD ingame will have the skill, BBabies will be found at their favorite border/corner of the map more easy now and the outcry about how "overpowered" DD's and RPF are will fil forums and chat (I already seen "hacker" comments dueto RPF on PTS in abundance In fact, possibility 2 would be the preffered one as it ensures this shitty excuse for a skill get's removed asap and reallyy? he has to take it easy because "you like it" ? didn't know you having an opinion made it immune to criticism
  11. Mavadelo

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Hi, I am WG, I am making a special server and forum area so you can test and give feedback then we do nothing with the results from the feedback of course reminds me of the Trump election "Nah... not a chance he get's in" .... then Trump got elected "nah... not a chance RPF comes in" ... then patch 0.6.0 happend
  12. Mavadelo

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Don't forget to enter the PTS survey (not sure if all regions can vote there though) ​http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/PT060-NA/ to voice your content/discontent with the new update edit : seems http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/PT060-EU/ works as well
  13. Mavadelo

    strange teamkiller group

    naming/shaming for DELIBERATE teamkillers should be allowed gawddanged, it is pretty clear when something is deliberate but I guess they then come and cry and complain about being named and shamed even though "it was his own fault for calling me [insert favorite idiom here]"