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  1. Erik_Aukan

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Gunning down a Montana and a Hindenburg, inbetween them detonating a Jean Bart, all close quarter fighting. And I forgot to turn on my secondaries :P.
  2. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Problem? loosing that many planes gives you maybe 1-2 planes per squadron in total. Some AA ships are sitting with an insane amount of shot down aircraft. This clearly shows the massive nerfs have gone too far. AA balance shouldn't cater only to those who doesn't want their ships to be touched or demands 50+ shot down planes every CV match they're in. For USS Enterprise, for example, planes just fall to the ground when you see an AA ship. Everyone is strugling with this ship.
  3. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    80-90 planes lost is insane, but it is happening every day! This horrible imbalance must be fixed. 100% of players actually wants a balanced game, no class is fun to play where you have this redicoulus mechanic that shuts everything down. Reducing AA power should be done first. last game I had on islands of ice, in the Blizzard, I couldn't even spot a DD who was just below me, must have been less than 2km at most. Don't know if it is a bug. 1 strike, and a dusin shot down planes? Ships should not be untouchable.
  4. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Loosing 70-80-90 planes a match to AA is completely redicoulous!!! AA balance is competely out of control! cruisers vaporize planes, some BBs can just sail alone and trust their own AA for protection, DDs is on a level where you actually spot them by minimums distance now. Last patch have been implemented with a sledge hammer, things that worked before is not working now! When players also start to learn to use their AA, CV planes only last for 1 maaaybe 2 strikes, and then is gone. 80 shot down aircraft?? in a Midway?? this is completely out of control! Things are only getting worse with the CV rework, it was supposed to revitalize the CVs, but when you just nerf it, people don't think it's fun anymore. The CV rework was sometihing I was looking forward to. The old RTS style was full of flaws, and strafing in particular was often unusable because the planes never where there you thought they was. I have played mostly CVs, and a lot of tier 8 CV games after 0.8.0, trying to figure out how to best play the class. I have played the new CVs since the beta stage and gotten some decent skill and understanding of the class. Now, a lone cruiser with a squadron (!) of fighter planes have more stopping power than your "instant fighter" consumable, completely mesiing up an attack, apparently able to pop them again at short notice. There are some people that don't think the CV rework should have been done, but CVs are here to stay. We should make playing them comfortable, so that people enjoy them. Having to work your lower end of the neck off to obtain a mediocre result is not fun. CV play needs more versatiliy and possibilities to suceed, even a tier 8 in a tier 10 match. I have heard several people might leave the game if the CV rework isn't fixed, where there is a possible way to play without frustration and discomfort because the tools you have (planes) are completely outmatched by other ship classes. Please, @MrConway , a suggestion I would come with is to increase plane generation or survivability, increase the spotting range for cruisers (especially those in the angry smokes...) make the fighters slightly more comfortable. I do great with bombers now, if I want to hunt DDs, they get smashed by them sooner than rockets, but what was then the point with fighters? Change AA sectors on the CV when flying? reducing the crippling AA on some ships? CVs now struggle to keep up with the damage numbers, except for some games where rng and dots are lucky. But I have my share of games where total DOT damage is below 10k...
  5. Erik_Aukan

    Where are CVs?

    This is true. all of this if very familiar if you play a CV. ironically, ship launched catapult planes shoot down more planes than many CVs during their entire match... And yet, despite the horrendous loss of planes, you still get those who thinks CVs should be nerfed, lol... There too much "insta-death" scenarios for aircraft, and even when you survive for a bit, you still get chewed down by continous damage too fast.
  6. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    True, many people just want the CV to do absolutely nothing, if not removed at all. There is 0 value in listening to such people.
  7. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    True, if you are being chased by an AA cruiser or AA specced DD, you encounter something that is untouchable. This shouldn'w be so! It should be so that you have a decent ability to actually hurt another ship, noone should be able to have a ship that is godmode to a certain class.
  8. Erik_Aukan

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Unrewarding, frustrating and anger- inducing. Having your planes wiped out in two-three salvos from a stealth minotaur or or even some DDs without a warning or being able to do anything is beyond frustrating. All this due to " balancing" (which it's not atm!!! ) Balancing has gone to far as to CVs being almost harmless to blobs of heavy AA ships, even lone BBs will shoot down 15-20+ aircraft in a battle. Still CCs like Notser continues to charge on and demand more nerfs (calling them "buffs") Rocket planes, whos main purpose was to harass and attack DDs because of their otherwise flimsy health, does not have much purpose left after scouting and attacking is nerfed so much that you need several passes to do meaningful damage, discounting the lucky strike now and then. Best strike I had now was an AFK DD Gearing sitting idle. had to pass him twice to get the attack off, loosing sight of him before returning. This is too stupid! WG is nerfing CVs with a sledgehammer! Why don't we see many CCs and WG staff actually playing more tier 6-8 CVs? Is it because they will show the need to improve the survivability and comfort of the class. I have played many CV games after 0.8.0 and onwards. I think the CV game degrades every "fix", some minor improvements to some aspects, true, but generally playing a CV is more frustrating now! Enterprise got a buff to her dive bombers, which is nice and was needed. Please @MrConway , forward our concerns to the balancing department! The recent adjustment of aircraft spotting by -20 and the adjustmens to rocket attacks where too severe, even rendering the weapon reasonably pointless to its main purpose, attacking light armored DDs and cruisers. They are mostly reduced to spotting. (see the above statement about stealth firing AA) Cruisers that are already very powerful not only is a no-fly zone, but also a plane trap, since you can not avoid running into them anymore because you can not spot them.
  9. Erik_Aukan

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    True, that's happened some times, but you struggle with range, gunpower, reload time and HP, most of the time it feels like tier 10 on hard mode. Even the DDs can kick a cruisers butt.
  10. Erik_Aukan

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    It can still be somewhat fun, when tier 10 enemy players perform badly and are sitting broadside to you because they don't respect you. But there is very little you can do with a bow on Des Moines or a tier 10 battleship intent on killing you . Tier 8 is the tier that requires most attention regarding balancing at the moment!
  11. Erik_Aukan

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    every time you are dropped in a tier 10 fight, you could as well just swear at the enemy ships, because all you can do is being more passive. If it takes longer to find a match, so be it. tier 8 are not supposed to fight tier 10s on a regular basis
  12. Tier 8 seem to be the absolute worst tier for matchmaking at the moment, most of the time you are getting trown into games together with 90% tier 10s, having to survive against ships you really can not fight on a fair level. I think it's time to fix the matchmaking for tier 8, making tier 8 face same tier most of the time, and higher tiers drastically less.
  13. My first impressions of the new carrier gameplay: Take off sequence is cool, and gives an immersive gameplay experience commanding a squardon of planes. The aircraft are responding nice, torpedo planes are more sluggish, but that is to be expevted. what I think should be adjusted is when you move your mouse, the aircraft steer in that direction. I think that should be an option you could toggle on/off. Not sure if I like this feature, because I want to see where the torpedo hit the target or where the bomb lands while the squadron is moving straight away. How about a hotkey for that? ctrl+ x or something? The bad thing: You feel disconnected from the actual ship management. You don't feel you are running an aircraft carrier, oonly squadron commander. My ship was attacked by torpedoes and set on fire, but no ability to damage con or make navigational adjustmens while controlling the squadron. The choice is to abort the attack, even when you are on the other side of the map. This feels to awkward and should be resolved by having damage con for your ship available at all times. Damage control on your ship was the top of the priority in real lfe, why is this taken away from CV gameplay? players should have direct control over their ship. It's a ship game, so it is a core part of gameplay to be able to fine-steer and damage con your ship. You seem to still be able to control ship speed, I heard the machine telegraph responding to speed changes, but now it feels less polished. which is fine in a test enviroment. The good thing: More action paced, you don't feel you sit and wait for your aircraft to reach their destination, you see the scenery and is able to spot smoke and take a close look at the action. Grahpics are nice, I like the aircraft models, really nice to be able to take a closer look at them! Heavy anti air is nice too! Controls feel responsive and fast, you can control your attack by increasing and decreasing speed to position yourself for an attack. CV gameplay feels more immersive and action paced. It is a good thing. You can still spot with your aircraft, I was a pain in the [edited]tothe enemy DD that tried to cap our base. Playing for the objective is still a thing! supporting friedlies by spotting is better now, since you have several attacks and can deal with targets in a more involved way without being bored. impressions: steering controls are pretty ok, aircraft is responsive and throttle allows you to navigate into position. Torpedo attack is easy to understand and make use of. on ranger the distance is harder to predict. Rocket attack is somewhat more trickier to hit with at tier 6, because you have less rockets and targeting requires more practice. Bombing is the least intuitive attack mode. Obviously you have to pre-aim in front of the direction of movement, but during the bomb aiming phase, how you move the bomb reticle is not very obvious. This makes it initially harder to hit, although my first bomb hit was on a moving and evading destroyer. AA levels seem to be pretty strong. it should be possible to punish lone battleships or DDs without murdering the whole squadron. I understad AA cruisers will hurt you, but the game shouldn't be balanced so that a fuso can maintain anti air defense on its own. My CV feels vulnerable. not able to take immediate control over damage control, aerial attacks. navigation is horrible. if you sail your ship into an island, which is a realistic scenario only using waypoints, you are basically stuck there without the fine control you have with direct steering.
  14. Erik_Aukan

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, technically I think this would work fine, filtering and sorting players by skill is absolutely possible. The core issue is too few CV players to make a decent matchmaking in a reasonable time. Starcraft II is all about RTS and you have players tuned in to that. Wows is mainly an arcade with the odd CV having RTS style play. The other point is that it isn't fun for many people. I have enjoyed CV games and have many of the premium CVs. I got my "Solo Warrior" from playing CV. Crossdropping is fun when everything comes together. Lowest amount of planes I did succeed with was 3 planes, lol. The issue, especially in high tiers, is that you have great contrast. Either AA barrage now is overwhelming, a good tier 10 CV can just about kill every other ship in a concentrated attack, or atleast gimp you the rest of the game. You risk to loose a lot of your planes, and even find yourself deplaned and unable to do anything but hope for a secondary kill. The interface has lag issues, so fighter interaction with the strafing mecanic is dodgy. Bombing is also too dependant on RNG, even with a skilled and on-target drop. either you get a citadel or overpen, or fire, or no fire, just a damaged module. I think the new gameplay might revitalize CV gameplay, make it more immersive and hopefully make the game more predictable and comfortable to play for both CV and target.
  15. Erik_Aukan

    CV Rework Discussion

    CVs are broken as they are today, change was necassary. Gameplay with CVs was not fun when your team gets a potato-poop player and the other one is a unikum. This new gameplay will make it easier for more players to get a decent result, while a good player will still do better. No more ROFLSTOMP. Gameplay looks fun and you will probably still be able to do decent damage. Current gameplay and UI is too bugged and suffering from issues like weird lag, like plane strafing and you find that you did no damage because the enemy planes wheren't extactly where you thought they where. Today, a lot of CV-games are dominated by a few, elite players. This isn't healthy for the game.