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  1. Well, true, he sort of excels in this regard, and that's why we all love him. But when he claims things that isn't so, and are clearly influensing opinions made on wrong asumptions, it needs to be adressed. Flamu, in the comments below the video de-humanizes players who plays a CV. That's just wrong. I agree that you don't need a ton of experience to be able to play a CV, and that's fine, because you had a certain ceiling before the rework. It needs to be possible to play okish, and are harder to master. Top damage is dependant on much more factors than you have to all other classes, first and foremost CVs needs to be able to deal damage over a longer time period to be high on dmg numbers. :)
  2. Again we have a new YouTube video about CV gameplay where the gameplay mechanics and how a CV is working and played is commented with no recent experience of CV play at all: So... Where to begin? You see videos of CCs bitching about CV gameplay all the time. The thing is that there is so much that is being said that just isn't so. Claiming that defensive AA and AA in general isn't working and planes are unlimited just makes the commentaries look unprofessional and not serious. If the point of the video is to have a contribution to the CV debate, atleast facts needs to be correct, otherwise you end up in a trench warfare with with the eloquence of Donald Trump on the other side just bashing you into defeat. To the very least, please, the facts needs to be true.You can cherry pick any video (Like the once- in the lifetime one-hit DD kill) and clip in intensive attacks, but the 99% games isn't like that.The fact that so many CCs never ever even plays a CV should state the obvious that they don't know the class enough. Claims likeUnlimited planes: No, they respawn at a set rate with slight modification in capt. skills or modules.AA is useless: No, it shoots down planes. If CV player looses too many planes, you will have squadrons of 1/2 planes at the end of the game, pretty useless. A CV might have a total capacity of 85-110 planes at most at tier 10, plus the drop-fighters, who isn't able to attack ships.CV players are few and they are stupid or having mental defects (Quoting Flamu): Dehumanizing players who play a class you disagree with proves nothing, and makes you look unprofessional.At the very least, be constructive and don't make things up.Remove CVs: Some top clans have made it their mission to try to remove CVs from the game. Next thing we see, is a majority of russian cruisers, radar ships and ships designed to camp behind islands. Anyone wonder why K.O.T.S is so boring to watch? Two teams camping behind islands, eventually being taken out by a stray torp?Unlimited planes should be N3rf3d!!!11 : Generally making CVs limited for good players only or denying the ability to play in certain situations? Suggested by someone who doesn't have a clue about playing a CV.Pick any T8 CV, get dropped in a T10 match with 1-2 Hallands for DDs a nice spread of RU cruisers and maybe a Minotaur for flavor and then some BBs like Thunderer or Vermont and have them play together in groups of 2-4 ships each, afterwards tell me how effective you felt that match outside of being a glorified spotter plane.
  3. Erik_Aukan

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    Your post makes no sense. Cruisers already makes great AAA damage. Tons of YouTube videos out there with people complaining about their AA, but shoots down 60+ aircraft, then boasting about it. Stop lying about weak AA
  4. Erik_Aukan

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    A very good video that shows the difference between the different tier 8 CVs. Nerfing indirectly or directly premium ships is a behaviour by WG that must be stopped. This is a direct nerf. It is very likely that this is illegal by law, since they are reducing the quality and stats of the purchased item, therefore leaving the customer with a sub par product. This video shows that Graf Zeppelin already has sub -par damag output, together with Implacable. Laga strength is her torp bombers, not that critical.
  5. Erik_Aukan

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    compared to Audacious, her carpet bombs are a joke compared to the AP bombs. Japanese AP bombs are strong, but really that strong? rng, maneuvering and the big elipse still count, unless you are facing a stationary, bow in ship. That will probably give a couple of citadels. Bad play must be punished, especially those bow in ships like Stalingrads. CVs are a nice balancer against the cruiser meta.
  6. Erik_Aukan

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    I would argue that these are not global nerfs, but individually, negative nerfs on each ship. Each ship has it's own bomb damage value, aiming accuracy and elipse. They are individual nerfs to each ship. If WG is making a habit of nerfing premium ships after release, they are breaking the law. The product they are offering is of less value and quality. This is cheating the customers, who get nothing in return. I'm also getting tired of the constant "nerf" mentality to CVs, by people who don't have a clue about playing them.
  7. Erik_Aukan

    CV's Nerfed once again

    No, they are specifically nerfing the bombs carried by Graf Zeppelin and Enterprise. They are giving them invididual values. Nothing general here. What is their plan? selling premiums, then nerfing them after the purchase? that's shady business!
  8. Erik_Aukan

    CV's Nerfed once again

    Wondering what compensation there will be for nerfing two premium CVs?????
  9. Erik_Aukan

    PT 0.9.6 - General Feedback

    What compensation will there be if the massive nerf to AP bombs is introduced? You can't nerf the CVs so much that they become useless. Why are you nerfing premium ships?? I don't accept that premium ships I buy get massively nerfed! I didn't purchase them to be nerfed! This is not good at all! Graf Zeppelins bombers where almost useless as they where, most of the time they overpenetrate or miss!
  10. Yes, and yes. Agree. A half decent Halland player will shoot down many planes, unless his AA is turned off, probably 80-90%. US cruisers with good acceleration can defend an area by duping the CVs DB squad, managed to do this an entire game with a CV intent on taking me out because I was blocking a path with Des Moines.
  11. I fully agree, you have many valid points here. I also think the current meta is far more than CVs, they don't even have anything to do with some aspects of it. In clan battles, Stalingrads, Moskvas, Des Moines and BBs like Ohio and Kremlin rule surprime. There is very little variation. The amount of radar cruisers is so high that DDs almost are extince, because the few operational ranges they have is beyond 12-15 kms long range torps. And their DPM is too low to defend having one on the team. I've tried both CVs and BBs on the team. There isn't a guaranteed win in the CV, as you said, the DPM is lower than on a BB, so they can just push through and bully themselves through. Kremlin is very good here. There is almost no variation. If you bring the "wrong" ship, you will struggle against a meta-set up team. The special ship was rewards back then, but when Stalingrad was introduced, they completely replaced many tier 10 cruisers because they could not match it. You have very good points. More varied ships and ship types will be better, and you are right about competitive like KOTS. We are doing ourselves a disfavour of excluding classes, ships and tactics, because if 3-4 ships out of what? 300 available in wows, isn't that a bit sad and one-dimensional. (I know, tier 10 does not have 300 ships available) and you are right. Actually playing the game. Instead of complaining.
  12. You are asking me about apparently not having an idea about playing CV?? Have you played CV lately?? no? 1. Spotting is not really an issue outsite a DDs AA range, unless the DD is spotted from firing anyways. A CV will have trouble finding you if you choose to go dark. Sitting and blasting guns and AA in an exposed position will get you killed with or without a CV. I have a kinda idea on both playing a CV and a DD. If your AA is bad, turn it off, if it's good, turn it off and activate when CV overflies you. He'll either waste a lot of his planes, or he returns to CV. It is just as unlikely you are unscaved from a determined CV attack, but against which ship don't you get fire in return? CVs have changed in just about every patch, but people still bring up things that went away a year ago. Proving they don't play CV regularily 2. I wasn't talking about noobs, but opposite players. If you always expect to wtfpwn everything, there's a reality check for you. CVs are apparently your weakness. 3. Someone in a CV killed you, probably a good player. I'm not ranting about how OP every other ship is, but some like to do this, even put it on Youtube. 4. They might be bad, but it proves that AA can shoot down planes, even in great numbers. Good players, however, are not immune to get planes shot down, they trade in another way, but strong AA is still strong, you work around it.
  13. Did I hit a nerve there? You think you actually are something because of purple clan tag? Yes, a clan will probably get a good CV captain if they want to, but there is the no-CV mentality of some players, raving and raging about how it can't be countered (eh... use your AA?) and how bad it is for their precious, camping Stalingrads and Kremlins. Can this be the reason? camping players who get their e-peen hurt when "lesser players" are able to actually hit and hurt them. Wonder how it will be with submarines. I think we are heading for a more dynamic meta when stationary ships are being punished for camping. Seems like there is something rotten going on with the anti-CV mafia after all. There are people here speaking about how impossible it is to deal with CVs, still you see lots of YouTube videos with 50+ plane kills, 200k damage bragging about how they mutilated that CV with their AA. The class most vulnerable to massive damage by a CV is a BB, then in some cases cruisers, but they are certainly not defenceless or easy to hit if they maneuver. DDs in the current clan battle meta or random face radar cruisers, other DDs (some with radar/ hydro) in addition to CVs. This is downplayed because the owners of those ships are the same CV haters, who want to sit behind a rock spamming HE and radar DDs all day. I have seen complaints about the stalingrads weak AA in a post, lol! Yes, WEAK.
  14. Completely agree. The purple clans don't want any changes to their hegemony. Sure, they got some good CV players, but this is about them wanting them gone, so that can keep doing what they want. Clan battles have improved, fights are more dynamic now, and there is longer the campfest that someone apparantly wants. Yes to fun, no to boring campfests.
  15. Seems the counters work pretty well both on clan battles, randoms and ranked. And I don't think there are many players using Enterprise with Halsey and the achievement, that's a very rare scernario. Not that it's impossible, but very unlikely. The match of often over than anyways when you get the skill activated. You can just see it on YouTube. Lots of videos with 50+ shot down planes, by 1 ship. You don't see many CV matches above 300K anymore, but lots of other classes. If AA was so ineffective at times, they wouldn't have shot down so many planes.