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  1. Saltwater_Navigator

    trying to login

    found it! a special premium DD for us william D porter a premium variant of fletcher class DD gimmick: instead of detonation it resets connection to the server "technical reasons found"
  2. Saltwater_Navigator

    trying to login

    well if you ask me, for a blunder of this magnitude first there has to be options. like chose 1 from below: Imperator nikolai IV kamikaze R gremy belfast kutuzov ofc 1 week premium and then exeter for everyone. it's not enough i know but it's a start
  3. Saltwater_Navigator

    trying to login

    lets talk about compensation then shall we?
  4. Saltwater_Navigator

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    that depends. the usual goal is to try to play your best. facing difficult positions is a great way to improve gameplay however the experience can get really frustrating if the match requires support from team mates and you dont get. 1- Play to improve your game. more challenging games improves game play against difficult scenarios. Easy games can be less frustrating but also boring 2- Play aggressive/conservative and risk according to support to and the ability most DDs die contesting caps and then blame the team for lack of support. at first they are right but the thing is if there is no support (which can be seen from minimap) they should also play more conservative. the problem is these DDs play as if there is support and when they die they complain about no support. So first of all you should play according to team position on the minimap. expect what you can expect depending on minimap. camos, flags, signals, clan tags, and positioning tell a lot about the skill level of your teammate use these clues to asses what can you expect from them. 3- Salvage potato play this is another way to minimize losses on potato teams. for ex suicidal teammates are going to die but if it's a GK it might take some time. while your team mate is keeping them busy and lit you can use this time to damage them without the returning fire, relocate close distance for a drop, cap, prey on week enemy without support go dark etc. you can even position your self to fire from cover and use friendly afk ships as a spotter 4- Play with independent/multi role ships I really enjoy playing with flint but she is a ship that requires others doing the spotting. So in a game with no cv and bad friendly DDs it can be a frustrating experience. switching to more independent ships help lower toxicity building. 5- low tiers ships like vampire, clemson, yubari, are very fun to play for me and even you have a very bad team you can still carry them. if you find an enjoyable ship you will have fun no matter how hard your team sucks
  5. Saltwater_Navigator

    Battleship RNG

    halloween boosts necromancy skills apparently
  6. Saltwater_Navigator

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    I got 2 times the extra 3 crates from the hall of fame and bought by mistake a container instead of buying guineas. so that makes a lot of container. and if 22% of general populace didnt receive a DD i think i am an unicum
  7. Saltwater_Navigator

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    well i feel a bit depressed now. i started playing with khaba last season and going very good also but more importantly i was believing in her. i had to drop her because of toxicity from all sources, potatoes and unicums alike even before the start of the match
  8. Saltwater_Navigator

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    I was doing great with MO also but not anymore. I dont remember from where i read but someone said about a bug with accuracy mod making the dispersion worse cause of a patch. I dont know but there is definitely smtg wrong with Missouri cause i cant explain why i suddenly playing much way worse with this ship. I cant punish broadside cruisers nor land good salvos on DDs anymore. I hated iowa that's why i was not considering MO. then i heard about the accuracy and i bought it and loved it. now she is just like an iowa with radar which sits mainly in port i have 4 19pts US captains none of them are on BBs now.
  9. Saltwater_Navigator

    Yamato shells all over the place

    well i noticed that this weekend on consecutive salvos while grinding unique mod on moskva. some dispersion was exactly like as if no target was selected. de-select and re-select target fixs the issue. so there is smtg which needs to be fixed. on bbs with larger dispersion and low rof you might not notice but on ship like moskva it's like wtf???. and it's not just a bad dispersion either it's exactly as no target selected so yes there is definitely a bug @MrConway
  10. Saltwater_Navigator

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    The duration of high tier us radar with the module is too much imo. Especially when you combine it with the stealth range < radar range. Russian radars requires more skill cause many times you try to decide to radar or not because you are not sure of the outcome. You turned around a corner you got detected, then you look at minimap check the islands and covers DDs last positions and try to asses the range, asses even the bearing. I guess radar play should be like this
  11. Saltwater_Navigator

    AP close range on broadside targets - aim under waterline - faulty mechanic

    i did some test before with yamato vs. edinburgh. underwater pens was possible only at ranges like 3-4 kms. at longer ranges i couldnt hit anything by aiming below waterline
  12. Saltwater_Navigator

    Moskva - tips plox

    AP bombs... moskva is one of the most effective target for AP bombs sadly so def AA is a must you can think AFT too. i would suggest also DE instead of EM and 1 of 1 point skill
  13. Saltwater_Navigator

    Moskva - tips plox

    people play the moskva like this; set shop near a cap point protecting your broadside with an island and bow tank with a possible way to retreat back to full cover. radar DDs near cap which is very boring if you ask me. not sure it's effective or not. i play with her also as a roaming cruiser cause i hate sitting and going back and forth taking cover. if i enjoyed playing like that i would be still playing world of tanks. I really hate game mechanics that promotes this kind of game play. it's basically world of tanks applied to ships. Moskva is a fast ship with good reach and good ballistics. which makes her good at long range kiting and AP sniping anything (at some point you will get used to citing for example FDGs from 19km) or HE spamming. you have excellent guns and being able to use all of them is very important if you ask me. when you are roaming you can check minimap and decide where to commit according to the info. but if let say you decide to a some specific position and bow tank there radar the cap etc. you wont know how effective it will be. shell velocity means you can reliably hit things from longer ranges while others cant and you should capitalize every advantage you have. Almost every game i start kiting but i find my self bow tanking after a period. cause lots of situation also demands that. but what i dont do is to assume a bow tanking position with the start. Moskva can tank ap but a zao can land 10 to 12 HE with every salvo on a sitting moskva. last note: shells are really fast but dispersion/sigma is wonky (or my aim is crap). 6 barrels are not enough to reliably hit targets like DDs. another thing is the selection of shell type. in zao, HIV, hindenburg you are pretty sure what type would be the best for the current range target and angle but in moskva especially against BBs things are a bit complicated. at least for me. and i blame not my self but the gun's dispersion. last last note. i tried stearing gear mod3 instead of concealment like in hinden. sadly it didnt help much.. dont try to HE dakka dakka all the time. asses the situation, mark a cruiser take position open up , land a few citas with the first salvo if she is still alive land some more damage then check the minimap go dark again. the thing is moskva is not a zao even a hinden. if you start to evade when the shells are in flight while showing a good angle. you might eat a cita. try to keep the angle before the shells leave the BBs barrels
  14. Saltwater_Navigator

    Türk Oyuncu Topluluğumuz İçin Önemli Bir Duyuru

    Türkün türkten başka dostu yoktur diim tam olsun. eeeyyyyyyyyy WWWWWWWWWGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG törkish tech tree çıksın alayınızı batıracaaz evet türk gemisi istiyoruz! çünkü oyunda yeteri kadar farklı isimde aynı amarigan muhribi yok!
  15. Saltwater_Navigator

    Update 0.6.9 - General Feedback

    game launched in windowed mode when switched to fullscreen monitor turns black with the error input not supported