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  1. If you are looking for a Clan that offers you home without pressure, strategy meetings, work, and training, rules... "[NBNN] No Brand, no name!" it is a place for you. There is only one rule that we have... do the Naval Battle every end weekend, take many stars as you can, in exchange we will give you the clan benefits (discount for upgrades, ships, more free XP, commander points, etc.). If you want to play division also, we can do that too, we have also a Discord server (u can join, or not) where we can talk to each other: https://discord.gg/27WYMPKTZC
  2. miomibv

    No Longer * Looking for a Clan

    If you are an active player, and you are looking for an active Clan, we have the best option for you! We do countdown division every day, active members, chill and fun. JOIN US ON DISCORD and try to know us - https://discordapp.com/invite/R6vdH2Z We are part of a big community, we have in our server representors from more than 67 other Clans in our Discord, and more than 360 community members Here is our forum post: