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  1. Thanks. I'm under no illusion that there's plenty for me to work on before I have to worry about RNG holding me back.
  2. I tried again this morning (with a fake gmail account) because I'd like to gift a code to someone, passing it forward as it were. Didn't get a single WG card. Not saying they've run out but I had a few invite codes yesterday, nothing today.
  3. Thanks for posting this bonus code, great to see a Graf Zeppelin in my port! Note: this is an joke because the hashtags immediately made me think of bonus codes. Please do not leap to the sort of conclusions made by OP - I do not have a Graf Zeppelin. Yet.
  4. I see. No wonder you're upset if you consider a percentage chance for fire or flooding is the same as RNG for shell and bomb dispersion. I can only hope that one day I get to be such a great player that RNG is the limiting factor to my results.
  5. Fair enough. We'll have to agree to disagree on whether that RNG is within acceptable boundaries. Any chance you could share what they are? Clearly I'm unaware of all these other RNG factors so this is a learning opportunity.
  6. Clicking the close button minimises the launcher to the system tray. I'd be grateful for an option to simply close the launcher as I'd rather download things when I want to and don't need half-a-dozen bloody game launchers eating my bandwidth when I'm trying to stream pr0n. Steam does the same thing and it's a pain in the hole. Close program means close the bloody program, not hide where you think I can't see it any more. The "LEAVE FEEDBACK" button in the launcher takes you to Support and if you raise a ticket to leave your feedback, which is the only option available, they reply telling you it's nothing to do with them and ask that you post about it on the Tanks forum instead. Other than that, looks good and seems functional. Some of the content is a little out of date ("Yamamoto Campaign Coming Soon!") but that's obviously a minor niggle.
  7. I opened two accounts (one phone, one tablet), read all the comics on both of them and opened all the packs only to see a couple of invite codes and as mentioned earlier, a bunch of stuff for games I've never heard of. Then I was sent a code by a very generous person who'd got a second one, which I'm even more grateful for now. First win after a couple of losses, would have been a Kraken if my stupid team hadn't won on points while I was spamming the enemy Emile Bertin with HE. Seems to be a good credit earner and has other surprises, like this one. How on earth did I manage to shoot down 5 enemy planes in a ship with an AA rating of 11? Thanks again to OP for telling us about this and to my benefactor!
  8. Say it isn't so! I really enjoyed the earlier ships and thought it was shaping up to be a great gunboat line to complement my IJN DD torp boats. I knew the T-22 had a reputation of sorts, I didn't realise the later ships were more of the same.
  9. You only need to keep it installed long enough to get the bonus code. It's like the 5-second rule for food dropped on the floor. You can also register using different twitter, Google and facebook accounts to get multiple attempts. Apparently. If you do that, however, when you uninstall you should check the settings on the accounts you used as they'll still have granted permissions to the app. I'd like to thank the very kind player who sent me their second code via PM, which worked first time. Extremely grateful to that person, I only hesitate to name them because of the possibility that they'll get swamped with PMs. By all means come forward if you wish to, I wanted to thank them again for their kindness. Such a great community, so much better than those tankie people.
  10. "This WG code is not valid". I swear, with my luck if I fell into a barrel of boobs, I'd come out sucking my thumb.
  11. I had as much luck as I have getting SC drops.
  12. Yeah, I've got 2 invite codes so far and 6 days premium for something called "Armoured Warface" (whatever that is ) along with a bunch of stuff for games I've never heard of. I think the Legacy of Discord: Pack of Low Quality is my favourite so far on the basis that it's such an honest description.
  13. Free thing is free?! Inb4 free thing is not free because free lunches, etc. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll give it a go and report back.
  14. My experience of PTS in WoT is that nothing changes between that and live unless it's truly game-breaking. Initial balance is done on the supertest server and it's tweaked after launch, though on WoT PTS it's difficult to evaluate anything because it's full of kids playing tier 10 with full gold load-outs because everyone gets 100m credits to play with. I imagine this is a teaser to get people playing the RN BBs, particularly those players like me who don't play many BBs and aren't thinking of starting another new line right now.
  15. Honestly thought it was a problem at my end, something to do with screen size or the position of my mouse pointer when I right-clicked, something like that. I never even considered that it would be something that had been implemented because who on earth would think that was a good idea?