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  1. On the other team from a [BAD-A|F] division of @xxNihilanxx and @Amarretto, standard battle on Neighbours. Not a bad battle though the BBs on either side were playing like a hesitant suitor and failing to fully commit. Decent battle nonetheless as they ended up taking the win, I felt our team could have done a bit more but then I shouldn't have committed to chasing out their Nagato from behind our cap as I gave up half my remaining hp through the rear of my ship doing so. That said, I think they had a significant points advantage at that point with time fast running out so it wouldn't have made a huge difference to the end result other than maybe boosting my results a bit. Well met, chaps!
  2. Acasta from the second crate I opened, completed all the missions in both available directives and didn't get any more. Haven't bought any containers and don't plan to.
  3. 5 oclock not here

    You can do the first couple with the Gallant (if you have it), otherwise you're reliant on getting one from a mission given to you from a RN crate. And you can only do the later missions if you're lucky enough to get the Jervis or Lightning or buy a Cossack as those missions are also tier restricted to VII or VIII. In short, it's all down to the whims of RNGesus.
  4. Buccaneer-Invader

    Just because his location is in England it doesn't automatically follow that he has to be English, Brexit hasn't happened yet. Although if he's a native Yorkshireman that would also explain a lot.
  5. Yes, it'll sit in your inventory until you put it on the ship (and will return there if you use another camo for better bonuses at some point). I have Des Moines and Yamato camos sitting in mine and I'm nowhere near either ship.
  6. I'm pretty sure you'll get a feeling of regret closely followed by misplaced outrage at the unfairness of not getting gold or xp.
  7. All of the this. I don't see much value in speculating on how submarines will work in PvP when all we've seen is a clip of some PvE gameplay and it's been made clear that any potential introduction to PvP is a long way off. I appreciate that this is a discussion forum and part of the discussion is speculation but writing off the mechanics or the gameplay when there's so little information to work from is little more than wasted effort and FUD. Otherwise you may as well start ranting about how OP Russian satellite-launched ICBMs are going to be compared to the NATO alternatives ... we've seen nothing whatsoever about them but that doesn't mean it's not being worked on. Right now I'm more intrigued about the giant sea creature we saw in the video. Is that simply underwater 'flavour' or will it form part of the event?
  8. Reading between the lines, with the CV rework incoming and now submarines, this is official WG confirmation of the introduction of IJN I-400 class subs.
  9. Pan Asian Destroyer Balance?

    I started the Pan-Asian DDs with the Fushun after earning it from a set of missions way back when (and I didn't like the Fushun at all despite really enjoying my Anshan) and prompted by this thread, I invested a bit of free xp to get a Shenyang and put a 3-point commander on it. Yeah, it's rubbish. That was in a double-CV battle and included an enemy Shenyang sailing naked who didn't fire his guns but tried to torp me repeatedly. It's an excellent seal-clubber, particularly playing at a tier where plenty of enemy BBs rail-sail and many players don't understand the mechanics of the game. And it gets +1 match-making because tier 4. I'd quite like a better fire chance (it's 4% as stock) and a better gun reload but that would make it ridiculously OP. I guess that's why we have captain skills such as DE and BFT.
  10. Agreed. Sounds as though they've already put a lot of thought into that, such as you're only able to stay submerged for a limited time because you'll have an oxygen meter, variable dive depth, different types of torpedo. Obviously the Halloween event is only a first-taste in a PvE environment and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see anything of subs for most of next year while they're tweaked and tested.
  11. That's the same thing @Sub_Octavian said at the start of the announcement, he'd been told from day one that subs wouldn't be added. I think it's great, shows that they're committed to adding content to the game and it'll give us new things to learn to play and to counter. I'm looking forward to depth charge mechanics, it's always bugged me to see them on every DD and not be able to drop them. It'll be a while before anything gets added to the main game though ... maybe I should throw in a super-test application in the hope of getting a look sooner ...
  12. Halloween 2018 plans?

    Yes! To quote @Sub_Octavian, submarines will need to employ, "vertical torpedo beats" to avoid them.
  13. Halloween 2018 plans?

    Nope. Playable submarines coming in the Halloween event - I'm watching the announcement stream right now.
  14. Halloween 2018 plans?

    Submarines! I hope this means DDs will be able to use their depth charges.
  15. You know those Russian dolls where there's a smaller doll inside and a smaller one inside that, etc.? When a Russian BB is badly damaged, it'll split in half and you'll sail on in a CA. That in turn will split to release a CL, which will split giving you a DD and if that's sunk you'll end up surfing on a torpedo.