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  1. Not any more, Nuts folded in 2014 and loaded went under in 2015, although a digital version was launched later that year with less of a focus on scantily-clad young ladies.
  2. There aren't any major differences between the Kamikaze, Kami R., and Fujin, they're essentially the same ship with different paint. What distinguishes them from the current iteration of the tier 5 Minekaze is that the torpedoes run at 68kts compared to the tech tree ship's 57kts, making it much easier to land hits because you don't have to give as much lead or rely on the target straight-lining for as long. I played through the Minekaze before it was nerfed (it had the 68kts torps), the Kamikaze was removed from occasional sale at the same time. A 10-pt captain in a Kami-clone is extremely strong and it's still very capable even without CE so makes a great trainer for new captains too. There are a couple of posts in this thread from people who completed the 90k torpedo damage mission using a Kami-clone. There are a few of us who dabble and a couple of the guys are more committed to this over tanks but I think WJDE is still only at 15 members. The boss doesn't play tanks any more, I think Excavatus and Stixius both post on this forum regularly too. I can't say hello in game until my current chat ban ends on Friday evening but I can say hello after that!
  3. Being reported for nothing

    True, I've seen players get angry in response to quick chat messages, like the guy who was clearly having a bad day, started the battle pink, didn't like the map and didn't take kindly to being wished good luck. He then opened fire on his own team because he was sick of the game and wanted us to know it. I've put an image of the chat in a spoiler because it contains swearing. Some children just want everyone to know they're in a huff and it's all so unfair.
  4. First game of the day was a wash-out in the Akatsuki, I still can't find the balance between sneaky torpedo boat and aggressive gun boat. Or I'm playing it completely wrong, which is more likely. Second game was in the Akisuki, a ship I'd wanted from the first time I saw her (across a crowded ocean, my eyes met her funnel, those sleek lines, those gorgeous curves, those wonderful shells curving gracefully with such velocity, my therapy session is late this week, I need help) and I think I did ok, based on the enemy Alabama saying, "wp dd, pain in my a**"
  5. I have a feeling that Friday evening might be a night for another game with everyone trying to finish missions.
  6. Is game broken?

    Could be worse. I recently bought an Akisuki but my captain only has 12 points so no IFHE yet. I've never had a battle before where I've landed 50 shells and managed to get about 2k damage. (I was trying to light a fire before switching to AP but RNGesus wasn't with me.)
  7. Done. The only missions I have outstanding are to score 90k torpedo damage from the North Cape campaign and to get a high calibre medal in a BB from NYR. My collection is complete so I'm not too worried if I don't get those before time runs out but it'd be nice to have completed everything. I rarely play co-op but dropped in for a couple of the final missions (win and sink a DD, win and finish in the top 3 by xp with the DoY) because of the randomness of randoms. Did the final mission in my Akisuki, which now has the upgraded hull and fire control and is rapidly becoming a new favourite. I've enjoyed this campaign, came to it late as I hadn't play Ships for a while, came back to go for the Missouri before she's removed from the tech tree and I've enjoyed it for the most part. I found it to be relatively achievable in mid-tier ships despite some grumbles over the final part and I'm pleased to have leap-frogged the lower tiers of a couple of lines (I already had the French and German ships). All this playing has resulted in my only needing another 95k free xp and with all the Papa-Papa flags and Frosty Fir camos I've been finding in these containers, that will hopefully come along soon too. In short, thanks for the campaign, WG. Now, how about another marathon with a Kamikaze at the end? Pretty please?
  8. Blimey. And I thought some of the camo schemes we've been given were a bit headache-inducing (Frosty Fir doesn't look particularly frosty to me).
  9. Is game broken?

    Putting zero-damage hits and game mechanics to one side for a moment in favour of realism, I know the video clip doesn't include a battleship but what it shows is a 152mm artillery shell bouncing off the roof of a Lada. Maybe that illustrates sufficiently that strange bounces are indeed a thing.
  10. A new level of ABYSMAL...

    I was playing my Leander the other day, made a complete fluff-up right at the start of the battle and went down having inflicted a total of 6,061 damage. I somehow still managed to finish second on my team but it's not much of an achievement to point at the rest of the team when I played so poorly in the first place.
  11. Warplanes often includes bots to make up the numbers and they've started issuing chat lines for more flavour. It's usually innocuous things like "let's get them!" and "good luck have fun!" but I once saw, "let's get them!" followed by the same bot saying, "the first law of robotics has been suspended!"
  12. From the source @WolfGewehr provided ... ... because one thing I've thought when playing the GC is that it really needs fewer over-pens against tier 4 opposition.
  13. It varies but not more than five or six hours when I was grinding out that 75k xp. Again, mostly playing tier 5 and 6. I completed the collection and got the DoY without spending a penny on containers or ships because I had enough duplicates to convert for the pieces I was missing. I'm on the fifth set of NYR missions, currently about half-way through. How am I generalising? I said that's how I felt about it in response to your repeated subjective claims and as I said earlier, that doesn't change my objective view in the slightest. I haven't said that my view is the view of the masses or claimed to speak for anyone else but your argument is continually that what you think is what every other player thinks. I don't understand why you think that giving away a ship for free is in any way an incentive to buy that ship. Yes, if the ship wasn't available for free by completing some pretty straightforward missions and there was a campaign to earn free stuff for that ship, I'd consider that a sales promotion. But that's not what's happening here. You've built your argument on your subjective opinion of the campaign's goals and now you're claiming that because I don't agree, that must mean that I don't understand. Seriously? I've put forward that argument throughout and because I don't reach the same conclusions as you, you want me to reconsider until I agree? Wait, what? That's the same thing I've just said but you dismissed it because it's my subjective opinion. Now you're claiming that by not seeing exactly the same thing, Forlorn doesn't see your point? I'm done trying to navigate my way through this circular load of bollocks. Have fun completing the campaign. Or don't. Whatever.
  14. Because I have premium account time (purchased from Tanks) and completed the 75k mission in a day mostly by using camo and flags that boosted my xp earnings even more and which I'd received from daily containers previously for simply logging in and playing a few battles. I don't know how to answer that. Why on earth would you feel pressured to buy the ship you're trying to earn for free in order to complete the missions that would give you that ship for free? Getting a special camo for Scharnhorst wouldn't make me buy a Scharnhorst, it's far more likely to make me not bother with those missions because I've got no use for it. I haven't felt exploited or manipulated at any point during any of these promotions, except by my own blinkered hopes for getting a Kamikaze out of a Santa box.
  15. What makes a top recruiter? Most friends who reach tier 5? Most battles played, battles won, battles played with friends in divisions? Most alternative emails used to create friend accounts?