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  1. Strappster

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Ah well, at least I've learned to read things before jumping in. I'm sure I'll learn from that and not do exactly the same thing again in a couple of weeks after I've forgotten. Although I've just played a battle with BFT and IFHE and been largely impressed with the result. Same damage as the previous battle (with SI and CE) but much more dynamic because I'm playing it like a Russian gunboat instead of a terribad stealth DD. Silver linings and all that. Edit to add, yeah, I think I can work with this new setup. Mid-tier battle and admittedly their Atlanta stayed out of radar range and only one DD came my side but you can only play the battle you're dealt.
  2. Strappster

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Used about 75k free xp to boost my Aigle captain to 10 points so I could put CE on him. Unfortunately I hadn't done my homework and it only takes the concealment down to 6.8km (7.5km without) so I'm still out-spotted by the majority of other DDs. With CE it's the same as my Gnevny, whose captain has AFT instead of CE. Unfortunately I think AFT isn't particularly workable on this ship given the initial shell velocity of 700m/s, whereas IFHE on the 139mm shells would give enough pen to make all those cruisers and lower tier BBs that much more vulnerable and with a 9% base fire chance I could afford to lose the 1%. So 75k free xp and 250 gold to re-spec when I could have played with the fitting tool and got it right first time.
  3. Strappster

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    On the same team as DAVY's @Thracen, standard battle on Haven with him in his Gallant while I went for some French flair with the Aigle. I had a so-so battle, Thracen did much better taking a couple of kills and the team went on for the win. Pleasantries were exchanged, always a pleasure to be carried by a forumite!
  4. Strappster


    This. I can see in-game chat filling up with heartfelt apologies turning to abuse if forgiveness isn't forthcoming regardless of whether it was intentional or not. I've turned pink thanks to idiots rushing into my torps but the key thing is they're my torps - I'm responsible for them from the moment they're launched until they hit something or run out of range. I'd much rather that be the default position than players having an expectation of forgiveness if they spam torps that could potentially hit allies. You could always throw an ally a compliment for good manners if they apologise promptly, +1 karma doesn't do anything with the pink status but it's an acknowledgement that you're aware they didn't intend it.
  5. Strappster

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Shot down a plane with the Gallant's AA rating of 2, which I believe is achieved by the captain standing in the conning tower yelling at enemy planes to f*** off. Probably helped that the enemy CV sent all his attack squadrons after me because I'd spotted him while our CV was busy eating crayons at the back of the map.
  6. Strappster

    Main Battery Reload Booster - What's the verdict?

    I wasn't convinced when I tried it on the test server but having used it more often on the live server, I'm a convert. Having the option to dump out a few salvos in quick succession when a target of opportunity appears is great. I don't use the premium variant on my Algie or CM, I find the regular free version is enough. I bought the LaGal back to try it and was pleased with it on that ship too but on balance for a light cruiser I prefer the faster base reload of the De Grasse so I sold it again. I'm also close to selling the Algie but that's mostly because the Yorck was buffed. I'm not sure the MBRB makes enough of a difference on the Algie to warrant keeping both ships.
  7. Strappster

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finished the Honourable Service campaign and finally got my hands on the Shinonome. Unfortunately I don't have enough credits to outfit the ship because I've only recently bought the Richelieu but it shouldn't take too long. In other news, I like the Richelieu already, scoring citadels against a couple of Iowa at nearly maximum range gives me a warm feeling about any ship. Edit to add, I like it even more now. Typical early morning battle with only 8 players on each team but at least I was top tier. Felt rather abandoned at the start as my team decided to push one side until they saw the enemy and then turned back to our cap without firing very often, if at all, so I was taking the brunt of the damage. Thankfully the enemy didn't try to push too hard, allowing me to inflict a fair amount of damage on their cruisers and I'm grateful to them for not thinking about angling very often. Came down to me and their Tirpitz (who could have done a lot more for his team if he'd been closer to the action for most of the battle) and we sank each other with the last exchange of salvos as I reversed with my spood beest running to ensure he couldn't torp me. Best thing for me from this battle was the feeling that I've finally found a BB line that I can really enjoy playing. The combination of good mobility with armour and decent guns works for me in a way that I haven't been able to exploit in the other BBs I've played.
  8. Strappster

    Alexander Ovechkin - Dual Russian/American special captain

    Sure-fire way to annoy Canadians - wait for them to start talking about hockey (because they will) and join in enthusiastically with stories about when you played field hockey at school. When they stress the bit about ice, laugh and agree that their fields probably were frozen, what with the weather they get.
  9. Strappster

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Frosty Fir, easy winner for the instant-headache award. I only protest in spirit, however, having bought more of them with coal recently because the bonuses are excellent for grinding.
  10. Strappster

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had the undeniable pleasure of being carried by a top tier division of @OttoZander, @Aufklarer_UK and @_Willis_ as they dominated a tier 10 battle on Loop. I also witnessed the scale of a Salem's heal after I stuck plenty of Chapayev IFHE into him and lit two fires, only to see him pop out again back to three-quarters of his hp. Thankfully my dumbass mistake of thinking I had to sail somewhere instead of staying in cover behind an island wasn't punished too hard with the aforementioned carry! Edit: And Otto even beats me in reporting the meeting!
  11. Strappster

    British destroyer line: Do they all get good ap?

    You're right, it doesn't change the outcome - you're still wrong to state that 120mm guns have 20mm penetration with HE. Sure, I could have acknowledged that the majority of DD plating is 19mm thick but that merely perpetuates the misconception that regular HE penetration is 1/6th of gun calibre. I hate when people throw insults instead of simply saying, "yeah, I meant that". It's lazy and demonstrates an inability to communicate in a mature manner by acknowledging one's mistakes.
  12. Strappster

    British destroyer line: Do they all get good ap?

    Firstly, the tier 9 and 10 RN DDs use 113mm guns, not 120mm. Secondly, 120mm HE doesn't penetrate 20mm armour, 20mm is the shatter threshold and the armour has to be thinner than that for it to pen.
  13. Strappster

    British destroyer line: Do they all get good ap?

    The RN 113mm AP is short-fused, meaning it only needs 0.01s to arm rather than the 0.033s of regular AP, so you shouldn't get as many over-pens when firing at other DDs. Even with IFHE, those guns can't pen 25mm plating (without it you can't even pen other DDs) so with that and the improved ricochet angles in mind, it would seem the top two RN DDs will be AP monsters and the HE will only be useful for setting fires.
  14. Strappster


    The camo was updated after the review was published, it's discussed later in the review thread (here).
  15. Strappster

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    Neither. I don't play US CAs very often and I don't see how bigger guns with a longer reload is going to change that. Maybe I'll reconsider once I've finally got the DM but as that's always top tier and I have the FREEDOM! camo to go on it from the Sharks vs. Eagles arc, it'll probably satisfy a lot of my high-tier credit urges. I was set on getting the Kronshtadt until the Stalingrad appeared, now it seems to be a lesser version of the tier 10 ship, much as the Mushy is to the Tomato. It'll take me a while to get enough steel for it, this is my first year playing ranked and clan battles but that's fine, it'll give me time to get some decent captain skills on Dasha.