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  1. WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    I use it, I'm another who installed it with Planes and haven't had any problems with it. I'd like to be able to rearrange the tabs and close it properly when I click the 'X' rather than having it minimise to the system tray but those are niggles rather than issues.
  2. Appreciation thread for Space Battles

    Thoroughly enjoying both the mode and the elite commander xp I'm collecting. A firm thumbs-up and thank you from me, with a caveat on the third question as I'd prefer this sort of mode to be occasional rather than constant to keep it novel and engaging.
  3. PLZ GET RID OF the emblems

    Well, quite.
  4. Space Battles

    It's a bit of fun, I'm grateful for the opportunity to grind up elite commander xp as I don't have any 19-point captains of my own and I'm enjoying playing the tier 10 ships of a few lines I'm currently part-way through grinding. Overall it gets a thumbs-up from me.
  5. Tranparent map mod without transparent islan

    I may have missed something here but it sounds as though you've installed a transparency mod and the effect you want is available in the vanilla client ... so remove the mod and use the vanilla transparency option ... In battle, hold CTRL and click on the cogwheels at the top-right of the minimap (red circle), then adjust the slider for water transparency (red box) until you get the result you're looking for. Whatever you set it to is saved automatically when you release the CTRL key.
  6. When can we lay our Hands on the T-61 ????

    I've given up waiting for this and after getting the Snowy camo from the DoY campaign, I'm using the 128mm guns on the Gaede. It's not as flexible as a proper premium nor does it have the ridiculously strong torpedo reload of the T-61 but it's a lot cheaper.
  7. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    So there's nothing wrong with the mod but if it's implemented in vanilla you want its use to be restricted because it's unfair.
  8. Under the radar features

    You're right, I didn't read it properly. Sorry, OP.
  9. Under the radar features

    I don't understand. You think you'll avoid the negative effects of XVM by giving essentially the same information to everyone by default? Otherwise what's the value of this change? Instead of players crying because the other team have better stats, they'll be crying about who's in the better league. As for best play of the game, that's a thing in Overwatch but I don't see how you'd apply it in Warships. This isn't an out-and-out shooter where whoever does the most damage or has the best kill streak can be considered the player who's contributed most to a victory. You're giving no credit for spotting, capping, closing a flank and forcing the enemy into other positions, etc. and there'd be too many players who'd rather chase those man of the match awards than focus on playing for the team. It's bad enough as things stand, never mind if there were awards for sitting on the edge of the map damage farming. I prefer it as it is. Yes, the other team might have considerably better players than mine but I struggle to think of any circumstance where knowing that from the start would benefit my game.
  10. On the opposite team from @BeauNidl3 and @Odo_Toothless just now, Domination on Sleeping Giant. Not a great battle for me in the Maass but it didn't look promising from the start when all our BBs and CAs looked for safe positions behind islands rather than give support to any of the DDs. I was at least able to take out Odo's steering and set a fire on Beau's Richelieu before my inevitable sinking as I tried to hydro their Fletcher in the hope of retaining at least one cap. Nice to see you chaps and exchange pleasantries at least. Nil desperandum, onwards and upwards and all that!
  11. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    So you have no horse in the race except that you use the mod. And you accuse others of intellectual dishonesty. I'd address your other points but I see no value in pursuing a discussion with someone as wilfully ignorant as you've decided to be.
  12. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    It does seem rather odd to ask for specific examples and when one is provided, respond that other shots were more viable.
  13. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    This. Priority Target only counts the number of ships targeting you with main battery guns, torps aren't counted. It's why I often run exclusively in torp view when I'm trying to sneak drop enemy ships - they know they're spotted but not who I'm aiming at, which can mean the difference between them rail sailing and employing WASD hax. Turning hard, switching to torps and not firing can also get a player who knows about the PT counter to turn away, thinking you might have dropped them. I've used that trick to escape pursuit while I'm reloading torps.
  14. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    If ignorance of game mechanics is to be penalised, IJN DD nerfs really need to be rolled back. Vanilla tracers don't start at the gun barrels, you have to follow the path back. There are mods which provide extended tracers but I believe those are on the no-no list. As for your point regarding WASD keys, that's irrelevant. Being unable to utilise the advantage your mods are giving you has no bearing on the subject.
  15. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    No, the topic is the banning of the mod. What I've done is join the conversation with broad agreement and then clarified my personal position with the view that if the mod isn't banned, the rule needs to be changed to specifically allow for it because as it stands currently, it's invalid. But the rule isn't wide or general. Under the category of forbidden mods that may lead to account suspension it states categorically: Applications and mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game, that includes any predictive aiming mods. That's what I have taken issue with. I accept that there's a subsequent line: Applications and mods that make otherwise unknown information available, except for those mentioned and approved on the official forums or portal. And I accept that this latter line means that the mod is currently legal. I (and multiple others) have taken issue with the mod under the former condition. You can argue that it's semantics or that the latter negates the former despite being a separate point but it's clear that there's an advantage to be gained from using the mod and therefore it's a valid discussion given the aiming rule is specifically stated. I haven't accused you of anything or put any words in your mouth, I've simply tried to answer the questions you've raised regarding my position. Oh, and Freedom of Expression has never covered the release of confidential information. Claiming otherwise is simply wrong.