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  1. Another 5000 free xp today. As far as I know it's always been like that. Not sure how that's a "new low", unless you mean that WG are doing something which doesn't suit your particular needs.
  2. #1 250 Doubloons #2 5000 Free xp #3 250 Doubloons
  3. Funny how it just started working after several people explained what base xp means and I asked you to post a screenshot of your results in the other thread. Congrats on resolving this "bug".
  4. Post up a screenshot of your results, the final page should show all the xp earned with each bonus listed.
  5. I'm guessing because you're looking at the total xp you earned in that battle. You need 1600 base xp, which is the figure earned before any modifiers such as a premium ship bonus get added. You can see the base xp in the team list of the results as well as on the final page.
  6. Handles like a barge, torps are only good for island surprise, guns are fun if you can get them all on target. I love it because I'm a fan of anything that's a bit different (such a hipster) but buy it because you think it'll be fun, not because you think it'll carry battles.
  7. Completed the October Revolution missions and got the ship. Getting 500 ribbons was fairly straightforward but then getting 3 wins was hampered by my repeatedly getting teams who were too busy eating paste to play the damn game. My fault for playing DDs and chasing the game when it was too early but I got there in the end, glad I did too as the OR is rather good.
  8. I think I'll be keeping mine, for now at least. I had some good battles in it tonight and while I still have plenty to learn, at least I'm not charging in thinking "it's OP so I'm immortal!" any more. The deal runs until the 6.14 patch so there's plenty of time to change my mind but my initial impression is positive.
  9. Seconded. I'd given up trying yesterday, thought I'd play one more battle in the Graf Spee as I'm training a new captain and ended up with 1,604 base xp. The game wasn't anything special - tier 7, 57.5k damage, 1 kill, 4 planes shot down and 3 capture assists. There was a Blys in the same battle on my team who got 3 kills and finished with 1,875 base so it's certainly achieveable in mid-tier ships. Being premium ships makes no difference as the bonuses are added to the base xp figure, they're not part of it.
  10. He makes a compelling argument but on the other hand, keeping the Belfast means yet another ship I have to learn how to play properly.
  11. I think keeping ships that you're not going to play again is a bit weird.
  12. Following the above battle, I've played two battles in my Nurnberg ... first one I ate three torps launched from second line by one of our DDs whose target was not only behind me but also behind an island ... second one I told a King George that he was an idiot after he blocked me from turning out to avoid a CV drop so he gave me a full HE broadside and turned pink. I think I've used up all my luck for today.
  13. I knew I might struggle to get the first part of the October Revolution mission today, it's not often I get 1,600 base xp. Played several games and it appeared I was absolutely correct, best was coming in around 1,200 so I thought one more battle and I'll try again tomorrow. Decided to take the Graf Spee out and ... ... I was surprised to see at the bottom of the results screen that I'd completed the first part! Clicking through confirmed that I'd got it by the skin of my teeth. I'm just pleased to have done the hard bit, now to take out my spammiest ships and rack up some ribbons!
  14. Speaking for myself, I'm not considering the power of the ship, I'm more concerned that I can't play it properly now so with less concealment in the smoke, it's not going to get any easier for me to play. I've only played a handful of battles, however, so I'm unsure if it's something I can learn to play in time (or maybe just stop trying to play it like a fat DD and getting cancelled in the first five minutes).
  15. Latest patch video from WG says you'll get the full value in doubloons for any of the three ships should you decide to sell.