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  1. I'm sure we're all concerned about nothing and if the ship does happen to under-perform on release, WG will be quick to implement buffs that will bring it up to a competitive standard. What do you mean, it's far too early for me to be this drunk?
  2. Researched my second tier 10 ship and I don't have to buy this one as it's the Moskva. Now all I need to do is grind through the Donkey again for the Nevsky.
  3. Strapps

    I like Mikoyan

    I didn't think it'd amount to much but I've been pleasantly surprised. I don't know whether I'll play it very often once the event is over as I also have the Molotov and Kirov (after the next patch) for training captains but free ship was free.
  4. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    Played my first battles in a sub. I now understand why every battle is populated with bots and it's not wholly due to more people having access to the subs. Very boring with the very occasional excitement of managing to land two pings on an enemy ship before your torps get too close. As they are right now, I could see them maybe being used in an operation where all the players are in subs and the enemy bots are a convoy that has to be attacked but I have nearly zero interest in seeing them appear in random battles.
  5. The tier VI EU DD, Västerås, doesn't get a hydrophone. No idea why, it's simply not listed under the ASW tab for that ship but it appears on all the other tier VI DDs I have, regardless of whether they have the hydro-acoustic consumable or not. Is this intentional or an oversight?
  6. Strapps

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Tried my luck on the second container of the day.
  7. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    Discovered another issue. Playing most DDs gives you hydrophones to help seek out submarines. Except EU DDs. This isn't because those other DDs are the ones with hydro as a consumable, it's available on my US and FR DDs that don't have hydro. It's simply not there on the Västerås.
  8. Strapps

    Chat window at score screen

    You're going to sue someone because you think he's responsible for you getting a chat ban? Wow. Just ... wow.
  9. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    Got a twitch mission to play different tier VI ships in random or submarine battles so I figured I might as well give it a shot in sub battles. First battle, three bots on each team. I'm not accusing my team mates of not pulling their weight, I mean literal WG bots straight from a training room or operation with double-colon names. Second and third battles had four bots each, then we had five bots to the enemy's four. Filling teams with bots because you're trying to get a battle in tier 2 at 3am is understandable. Seeing so many bots in a brand new mode at peak hours three days after its introduction is a pretty clear signal that something's seriously wrong and I really hope WG take note.
  10. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    Why not? You expected me to provide an explanation for my opinion, it's telling that you can't you support yours in the same way. I didn't say anything of the sort, you're attempting to imply it to deflect the question. Your argument is little more than petty point-scoring because you're upset that I don't agree with you and I see no reason to take this any further. Not sure why you quoted me with the 'okay then' opener as I don't disagree with any of these points, I even made a couple of them in my first reply. Yes, unlimited dive time is bad and there should be something like an air supply that drains while submerged to prevent it. Yes, sub spotting is currently OP. We're not talking about surface ships and I like to think that WG's repeated statements that this is a test of subs in random battles is honest. The only thing we appear to disagree on is that I'm not going to hang them for past mistakes until I see evidence that they haven't learned from them. The first trial run clearly designated as a test in a separate mode from randoms with limited ship choice isn't what I'd consider cast iron proof that any future implementation will fail horribly.
  11. Strapps

    Makarov in the shop

    According to the wiki she does have it, though I think you're right that it was implemented in a later patch than the Nürnberg received it.
  12. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    "I didn't go in with any preconceived bias but with the certain knowledge that everything WG has done recently is wrong". Please explain what you think is "PC game title worthy" about clicking on a blob in the distance. Sounds like both approaches could be taken as mobile-level gameplay if one was so inclined.
  13. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    That sounds about as entertaining as "sail to position, left click" when you phrase it like that. I was able to chase down and then intercept a few subs during my limited number of battles the other day, most memorable was taking on two subs in close proximity, turning and getting into position to drop charges while they tried to avoid and torp me in return. Maybe I'm too easily impressed by simple things but then I didn't go into battle looking for things to hate about it.
  14. Strapps

    Makarov in the shop

    Yes, it does.
  15. Strapps

    Submarines - first impressions

    I enjoyed playing a DD against subs, it's something new and different but doesn't come without frustrations. The hydrophone highlight is sometimes hard to catch if you're looking around for other threats and RL not working is a pain, particularly given the non-consumable or skill-based hydrophone does. Investing 4 points into a skill should be rewarded with that skill working, at least within hydrophone range. Sub concealment is annoying at times but I guess that's to be expected as that's the point of the class. I suspect it'll be changed at some point, otherwise we'll get the same situation with subs as we had with RTS CVs where a small number of highly skilled players can completely dominate a battle. Depth charges are entertaining, I hope that there's an option in the future for other ships to install ASW devices such as hedgehogs, maybe as a replacement for some secondaries or AA weapons to give players the choice of which to prioritise. The biggest issue is related to gameplay, IMO. Sub games require DDs and light cruisers to provide screening for their capital ships while the capitals focus on enemy surface ships but the majority of battles don't exhibit that level of interaction and cooperation without subs. Adding them only gives ADHD-suffering DD players something else to chase around the map. Overall, I applaud WG for trying something new and while this isn't quite a swing and a miss, it's far from being a home run.