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  1. Strapps

    Dunkerque no crosses on turrets?

    That depends on how many people ask for a refund ...
  2. Sounds like the same issue reported in this thread. The OP claimed he'd mitigated the issue by disabling replays; I haven't done that but the spikes I reported at the time have certainly reduced or I'm not playing for as long in a single session as I was then (Odin directives) so haven't noticed it.
  3. Well, I can't guarantee results for you but I found when I took my head out of my fundament and accepted that random teams are random, I was much mellowed. That's not to pretend I've never had a chat ban or no longer criticise plays that strike me as particularly wooden-headed but understanding that dunderheads won't be swayed regardless of how persuasive I perceive myself to be allows me to tolerate a considerably greater degree of dumb. I find a similar approach can pay a comparative dividend in the forum.
  4. Gosh, what a marvellous idea! Get all your like-minded friends to intentionally break the game rules too and once you all get banned, we'll have a better chance of finding a decent team of reasonable players. In case you're wondering ... 5.05. Intentionally informing participants of the opposing team through battle or voice chat or through any other communication tool about the location of ships belonging to players of the same team. ... is the rule in question. You can read this and many other rules here, which you agreed to when you started playing.
  5. You only have to look at Tanks to see what Conway's saying. Everyone playing that game knows that you gain more xp from damage so there's a nearly constant refrain of "no cap, kill all" in every random battle. Before team damage was removed I'd even seen players willing to turn blue by shooting their own team in the cap in order to get more damage. It's bad enough in Boats when teams snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by chasing damage instead of sitting back on a two-cap advantage and waiting. I'd hate to see what would happen if the xp and/or credits calculations were public.
  6. After however many battles over however many years I've been playing (on and off), I finally finished grinding my first 19-point commander in the first line I ground to tier 10, German cruisers. Now I can grind the elite commander XP I need to reset all the other commanders I've set up badly over the years!
  7. Strapps

    How to Yorck?

    I wonder if that's down to Yorck using 210mm guns instead of the 203mm on the later ships?
  8. And that team damage wouldn't have occurred (meaning the reporting and bans wouldn't be relevant) if player behaviour was not the instigating factor. You're skipping past the inciting incident. The DD/CV thing isn't relevant to the stats/insult discussion. That's merely your opinion, it doesn't follow that everyone else will agree with you. It's a shame that you're not going to say more because I'd like you to point out where exactly I excused the Littorio for shooting his team mate. I didn't say anything of the sort, I pointed out a possible reason for it. I don't condone team damage for any reason and frankly it's rather telling that you're unable to address my actual points but have to throw up a strawman of your own to suit your personal narrative.
  9. So? It's ranked, you're 1/7th of the team and you've just told everyone the team sucks. It may be true but it's hardly tactful to draw attention to it before you've left spawn. And further to that, fair play to the Littorio for landing a shot across the map with no lock-on using Roma's guns. Seems his stats might not tell the whole story.
  10. Yes, there's no reflected damage in WoT, which used to mean players in troll platoons could goad a player into damaging them until they turned blue and then TK them without penalty. It didn't happen regularly but it was enough for WoT to remove friendly damage altogether a few patches ago. Now if you shoot a friendly they get a bounce notification and that's it.
  11. I believe you. Why would he go forward? Someone hit F10 at the start and your immediate response was to refer to stats. Why risk pushing to support someone with that attitude? Better to sit back and try to save a star because the team's bad and at least one player has already written off the team's chances.
  12. That you didn't name a particular individual and you include yourself is irrelevant, you told the team the game would be hard because they're bad players as shown by their stats. If you can't see how that's a negative approach then there's nothing I can add which will change that.
  13. Excusing one insult because other things are said that are more insulting is, to borrow a phrase, [edited] ridiculous. Except it's a key point because I strongly suspect the AL Littorio wouldn't have even considered shooting his team mate at the start of a battle if he hadn't been provoked. The DD/CV incident is separate and I addressed it separately in recognition of that. Or have I missed something and player behaviour is not the problem posted in this thread? If the thread is about player behaviour, why is OP's behaviour not relevant?
  14. Strapps

    How to Yorck?

    I found the AP quite 'floaty' at longer ranges, when I switched to HE it made a lot of difference. AP inside 10km when you have a broadside, HE otherwise. Standard 10-point cruiser CE build works well (PT or PM/AR/DE or SI/CE) and you have a turtleback for later in the game when you need to push in.
  15. That's not what you said though, is it. According to your own report, you stat-shamed your team. Saying a battle will be hard is quite different to assigning blame before you start. Do you think telling your team mates they're going to struggle because they're crap before the battle starts is productive and helpful?