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  1. r00barb

    The game is ruined

  2. I guess it's because there are fewer GC than the others - try it first with the least common of the OP ships to gauge the reaction. The GC has always been a strong ship, moving it to tier 6 makes sense and would allow WG to put it on sale again ahead of the introduction of the first regular Italian line(s). That said, I'm not sure I'd want to keep mine. As a tier 5 BB, captain skills aren't as crucial so I could conceivably use the GC to train captains for any line. Tier 6 is where captain skills start to be much more important, particularly CE when you're facing tier 8 opponents that can use the concealment module.
  3. r00barb

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    When I was finishing my Akizuki grind, I shot down 24 planes in one battle and in my second with the Kitekaze I shot down 14 planes. I had no problems with being perma-spotted in either battle because once I'd shot down the first couple of squadrons, the CV player left me alone. Yes, in both cases I was probably facing a CV player who wasn't the best but you can only play the battle given to you by the match-maker. I'm not claiming those battles are indicative of DD vs. CV play across the server but it shows that DDs aren't dead yet. I had plenty of battles before the patch with no DDs, they're a bit more common now but a lot of that is because people are still adapting. I don't think we need a hard cap, I think the numbers will drop off naturally. We've already got notification of a hot-fix less than a week after the patch that's going to address some of the TX trolling CV play and we always knew there'd be a period of settlement when the rework was introduced. It would have been great to have the patch drop and gameplay being perfect from the start but that's an unrealistic expectation given the scope of the changes. Although I'll be happy to eat my words and grab my burning pitchfork with everyone else if we reach 8.2 with the same issues as we have currently.
  4. r00barb

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Agreed but as I noted earlier, CV gameplay is under review and we know changes are coming in a hot-fix (i.e. not even waiting for the next patch) so IMO it's too early to dismiss the new system when the meta is still developing and the gameplay is being tweaked. Direct CV-on-CV fights have been removed but (for the sake of an example) team mates supporting each other with AA cover can be an effective counter to a CV and that meta is still developing, albeit in a game where team play is still an exception rather than the rule. The danger of that, of course, is the development of a lemming train meta where no one's willing to split away from the pack for fear of CV focus but I maintain that it's far too early to be making such predictions post-patch and that we're likely to see further changes as the game develops from both game tweaks and player adaptation.
  5. r00barb

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Ok, so how is that different to the good RTS CV player wiping his opponent's squadrons before dominating the battle? Poor choice of words on my part to say "ignoring" (although I stand by my point that the poor DD player could be taken out by the team) but it doesn't change anything about the point I'm making regarding the impact of a good player over a poorer player.
  6. r00barb

    New CVs

    I'd like to add to this by offering the option to click in the centre circle of the sectors to return to balanced AA. Clicking the highlighted sector to return to balanced feels counter-intuitive. Also, the option to abort an attack run for the planes would be welcome.
  7. r00barb

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    How is that different to a unicorn player in a DD? Taking advantage of having a 19-point captain with excellent concealment, ignoring the opposing 10-point DD because his team can take care of it and meanwhile he's moving around the map, taking advantage of cover, molesting all the other ships. The same can be said for a good player in any class compared to an opponent who struggles to tie his shoelaces. Again, under the old CV RTS system, a unicorn could control most of the map - under the new system, he's limited to making attacks one-on-one like any other player. Yes, there's work to be done with AA and balancing, we're all aware of that, but the argument that a good player can still dominate a bad one is moot because a good player should be able to dominate a bad one - that's a direct comparison of two players' skill level. The difference now is that a good CV player can no longer dominate the entire battle (Hakuryu torpedo spam excepted as that's already under review), hence balance is improved.
  8. r00barb

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Shouldn't a unicorn player dominate a potato regardless of what class they're playing? I don't have a problem with the skill gap, it's more balanced now because the unicorn (or even slightly more competent player) might dominate a poor opponent but he's not controlling 90% of the map in the way he could with the old RTS system.
  9. r00barb

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Decided to try my luck with the first of my daily containers and it paid off! I know it's not a ship that's particularly high up on anyone's wish-list but it's my first ship from a super container and I feel as though drawing a Krispy Kreme is a rite of passage.
  10. r00barb

    aa sector reinforcement. what?

    After you select a sector, that sector is highlighted on the model of your ship in the lower left corner of the screen. The sector selection graphic brought up by 'o' or the tilde key is in the same orientation.
  11. r00barb

    PSA: Tier IX Discounts

    THANK YOU! I've been going mad looking for a news item about this after noticing the perma-camo was half-price on my new Kitekaze to find out how long I'd have to decide if I wanted to spend the doubloons! I guess it's because ranked is tier 9. Would have been nice to have some sort of notification about it but I'm not complaining.
  12. r00barb

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Second battle in the Kitekaze, hopefully a sign of more to come.* Helped by both enemy Musashi's taking a tunnel-vision approach and the enemy being reluctant to push in to the first cap I took despite lighting me with radar (I hugged an island until it ran out). Favourite moment would be when the enemy CV lined up his first rocket squadron and I shot them all down before he'd even started the attack run (WASD and sector focus). * We don't talk about the first battle but suffice to say it was the fault of everyone who isn't me.
  13. r00barb

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    As contrast, in my last battle with the Akizuki before researching the Kitekaze I shot down 24 planes and survived the battle. All I did was apply some WASD hax and switch the AAA focus sector as each attack came in (I have it set up on a mouse button for convenience). I was charging their CV, so I didn't have long to wait for each new flight to pop up.
  14. r00barb

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Couldn't agree more (and I include myself in the majority)! Just lost another battle in the Akizuki where the CV was little more than harassment value, my team had more trouble dealing with a DM and Salem pair who found a nice set of rocks to go nose-in behind and simply sat there spamming everything that came close. I'm glad that I snuck the cap they were guarding from under their noses by sitting just beyond radar range (Atlantic map, rocks between the NE cap (can't remember if that's A or C) and B). At least I won the consolation prizes of a flesh wound medal for torping the DM after he finally emerged and finishing top of the team on xp. I don't mean to play down the impact of the CV changes, I fully expect that in time we'll go back to a situation similar to what we had before where good CV players can carry a battle but from what I've seen so far, there's much more balance now and a player who can carry a battle in a CV is comparable to one who can carry a battle in any other class, rather than being a slightly better RTS player than his opposing number. IMO the "death of the DD" is simply not happening. If anything, once the CV gets bored trying to drop the guy who can turn out from his attacks, the DD is stronger than before because the planes no longer spot his torpedoes.
  15. r00barb

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    I'm not suggesting or planning anything, I'm reporting my personal experience of the patch so far. There's no need to get snippy and imply I give broadsides away for fun or rely on the opponent making mistakes because you disagree. Have you played with those rockets on live or in co-op or PTS? Because the AI ships haven't been updated for new AAA or the CV changes, thus any result you get from playing against them is practically moot. Have you played a DD on the live server in randoms yet? I simply don't recognise that description from today's play or yesterday's. The only issue I've experienced so far was my pointing out that they had 4 radar ships and we had 2, only for ours to immediately bugger off to the cap furthest from their spawn position because their division mate was on that side. Other than those guys, the biggest problem has been avoiding friendly torps dropped by team mates so eager to sink an enemy ship that they launch from behind their own DDs. Plus ça change and all that.