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  1. BrinklyWollox

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @aboomination on the enemy team in his Graf Zeppelin B on Crash Zone Alpha while I played the Kagero (with TRB instead of smoke) as my team failed to do anything of any significance. A measure of how abject the performance was is that I sank the only enemy ship and finished second by xp despite doing little more than sailing in circles trying to drop as many torps as I could before their Smolensk finished me off. +1 sent for feeding me three planes as a small boost to my totals. And how weak are GZ planes if a Kagero can shoot down three of them?!
  2. BrinklyWollox

    Pearl Harbor - Fight for Arizona

    I appreciate the news article says there's not going to be a leader board for this event but is there anywhere we can at least see how many points we've earned? The event isn't even listed in the 'Combat Missions' section in game.
  3. BrinklyWollox


    I guess that's fine if you're happy to sit in a queue for 10 minutes before each battle while waiting for enough players to match with and you're also happy with your win rate not improving because you'll have no experience of fighting with or against better players. I don't see how that relates to match-making in ranked battles though, which is what this thread and my question are about.
  4. BrinklyWollox


    Fair's fair, you say you'd give it up in return for coal and you're not playing it in randoms but the fact that you got it because it was "totally OP" and you'd use it for CB tells me that despite your disgust, it's definitely worth getting.
  5. BrinklyWollox


    If you didn't have it in your port already, would your disgust be sufficient to stop you from getting it?
  6. BrinklyWollox

    wg seriously ranked..............

    Oooh, can I have one too, please?! I'm currently at rank 15 and haven't played ranked for a few days because I really can't be arsed but I thought if I asked nicely, I might be in with a chance.
  7. BrinklyWollox


    This thread has helped me in my current coal ship dilemma. I'd like to get the Georgia but the combination of a different skill set to regular US BB captains combined with it being tier 9 concerns me. The Smolensk is my other option, I'm not much of a light cruiser player and I'm fairly sure that I'd fail hard (at least to start with) but I can use my IFHE-sporting Dimitri Donkey captain and rotate between the Smolly and Moskva in whatever tier 10 mode happens along in the future. Plus being tier 10 means it has better credit-earning potential and will always be top tier. Besides, generating this much hate means it has to be a strong ship so I should probably grab it while I have the opportunity.
  8. BrinklyWollox


    I understand which win rate you're referring to but you haven't explained how it will be used or what measures you'll take to avoid players padding their win rate, for example by playing lots of battles in lower tiers with a division of Kamikaze R's. As the current system stands, it uses your win rate in ranked battles to determine where you end up, which IMO is about as good as we're going to get without implementing some convoluted ranking system that would take longer to understand that to reach rank 1.
  9. BrinklyWollox


    We can't share our opinions, your topic is set for poll-only meaning no one else can post on that thread.
  10. BrinklyWollox


    Isn't that what we've got now though? If you don't win, you don't progress up the ranks. Anyone who progresses up the ranks has to have won battles, even if they've gone AFK and been carried all the way. Or do you mean starting ranks based on current win rate from randoms? Which could also be achieved by going AFK and being carried by the team or a division.
  11. BrinklyWollox

    Coal/Steel/Containers from update

    Right now I need around 29k coal for the Georgia. I only need 40k coal for the Smolensk though, so I expect to give myself a headache trying to decide which to go for. Steel is being saved for the Stalingrad, I hope to get that next year so as long as I can earn sufficient coal for either ship before the voucher renews, I'll be happy.
  12. BrinklyWollox

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would also like to participate, please.
  13. I'm certainly not much of a CV player but I consider myself to be a fairly average DD player and IMO it's fine how it is. The detection radius is low enough that I can either shake off an inexperienced CV player or make it difficult enough to hit me that they look for damage elsewhere. Of course I don't usually fare so well against better players in CVs but that's also my experience facing better players in any other ship - the better player tends to win, that's why they're better. I don't see a CV player using the detected marker to narrow down my position any different to my using the direction of his flight to narrow down where he might be lurking. It might not be rocket science but it's something you learn as you gain experience and that's how it should be.
  14. If a good player takes advantage of the tools available while a bad player can't or doesn't know how to, doesn't that mean it's working as intended? Good players should have an advantage, same as in every other class of ship. Sure, it's annoying when you're on the team with the bad CV player but how is that any different to being on the team with a bad any-other-ship player? At least now the bad CV player doesn't necessarily doom his team to being perma-spotted while he feeds his planes to the enemy fighters.
  15. BrinklyWollox


    From the 0.8.10 patch notes ... I've switched to the Nomogram Modern crosshair, it's a simple line with demarcations in speed rather than time. Much quicker to give the appropriate lead than having to work it out from the time (and then having to adjust the next volley because you used the wrong timing marks ... although that could be a 'me' problem ).