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  1. BrinklyWollox

    What's with the GRONINGEN?

    In game, there's an option in the Inventory.
  2. BrinklyWollox

    Update 10.7 survey

    The Missouri question is interesting. Do you own it? If yes, how to you enjoy playing it (rate 1-5)? Nothing about whether we've noticed the change in its credit earning potential or how we feel about that. A cynical person might wonder if the responses to this question might be used later to justify the update on the grounds that the players still enjoy playing the ship.
  3. BrinklyWollox

    Free captain skill rework duration ?

    Link to source.
  4. BrinklyWollox

    What's with the GRONINGEN?

    Thanks to me for pointing it out, of course (blows own trumpet so hard a vein pops and an underwear incident occurs). Anyway, the swap has been made and I now have a Groningen proudly bobbing in my port, captained by Michiel de Ruyter in order to put some useful points into him ahead of the Dutch line becoming fully researchable. Now all I need to do is earn enough steel to buy a Ragnar and then train a Pan-EU captain without any torpedo skills because it's a pure gunboat and ... er ... wait, I really need a gunboat premium to train a captain for that nation ... what have I done ...
  5. BrinklyWollox

    What's with the GRONINGEN?

    Nope, we had this discussion when the Groningen/Friesland swap was first mooted by WG. Friesland is a full premium and was available for purchase with cash without the caveat and that can't be added retrospectively. Also nope, at least as far as the Groningen is concerned. The 'can be changed' tag isn't in the sale pages I linked to earlier but other new premiums such as the Borodino and Constellation do have it. It really looks as though WG made Groningen an unadulterated copy of Friesland. For me, it's great news. The nerfable caveat was the only sticking point on my decision of whether to swap my Friesland. I have the Blys for training Pan-EU captains and hadn't built a captain specifically for Friesland so I won't lose anything by swapping. That gives me a Dutch premium for captain training, meaning I can take my time over deciding how grind-hard I want to play for the D7P marathon. Though I might take a couple of screenshots of the current sale pages before I swap just in case the description gets updated later ...
  6. BrinklyWollox

    What's with the GRONINGEN?

    I may be missing something (poor observation is a common factor in my battles) but the two Groningen offers in the premium shop do not appear to have a 'nerfable' caveat (Admiral pack, regular).
  7. BrinklyWollox

    Friesland IRL in port in Sweden

    Did you ask if they were going to swap their ship for a Groningen?
  8. BrinklyWollox

    Constellation in the Armory

    Because a BB is bigger than a cruiser and therefore can mount the radar higher. Obviously.
  9. Code appeared to work on this and my NA account in the last five minutes, thanks!
  10. BrinklyWollox

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    The SC I got for today's daily login reward gave me 50 Halloween camo, handy for when I eventually get to regrinding lines.
  11. BrinklyWollox

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Second resources crate of the day.
  12. How many addictions are actually fun? I've dipped my toe into the waters of GBs and quite enjoyed them, though I'm treating it a bit like Bronze ranked and playing DDs that I'm grinding. The number of BBs in queue means there's nearly always some straight-liners in each battle and my torpedoes thank them for it. I might take one of those super BBs out eventually but I've only got 8m credits in the bank so outfitting them will nearly wipe me out and I'm not going to waste my time taking out an unequipped ship. In short, it's a fun enough way to test the accuracy accumulator gimmick but there's no real difference between it and randoms. If you enjoy it, good. If you don't, do something else.
  13. BrinklyWollox

    login reard

    I hadn't touched that setting and wasn't offered the daily reward when I logged in to my NA account last night but did get it logging into EU a couple of hours ago. Using the same client but I didn't change any settings between logins, though I did run the modstation update.
  14. BrinklyWollox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Who needs gimmicks? Long range hydro is a tool, definitely not a gimmick.
  15. BrinklyWollox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Just logged in today to find a message from the CV player explaining that he focused me because as an RU DD, the potential I have to harass and distract his team was too great to warrant ignoring me. Can't fault him for that, it's exactly what I planned to do (I run a max range gunboat/zero concealment build) so while it was annoying as all get-out to deal with, I understand why he did it. Now that's definitely a great achievement, finding a CV player who can identify threats and counter them effectively for the benefit of his team, not simply feed aircraft to DAA cruisers while making wide spread torp drops.