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  1. __RSK__

    Naval center

    Lot of players who think they are good in this game base that on their stats. Buffing stats by plying few strong ships.. with this it will be even easier. U will be able to bully on higher tier than now. Imagine plying a stock ship ws. same tier ship with 3 upgrades.. this can only be fun for seal clubbers and stat padders.
  2. __RSK__

    CV Rework Discussion

    I'm a new CV player, started playing them after rework. I have round 7-8k battles in all ships and just over 200 in CV's. By those numbers alone you'd say I'm a noob in CV. In tier 8 CV's my average dmg is 70-90k depending on nation, being bottom tier drops this number and also having short games, but win rate is solid 60-70% I do not understand comments that doing damage in CVs is hard, its very easy for me. Especially in British ones, that helped me to unlock Audacious, my first tier 10 CV. In first game in it, with no modules, no upgrades and captain not retrained i did 200k dmg. I do not consider myself a good CV player, but numbers say otherwise.. can only imagine what can experienced player can do. This rework/unbalance is for me bringing game to point of no fun.
  3. __RSK__

    CV Rework Discussion

    Just had game where only 2 top tier ships were CVs, tier 6's... soooo much fun was had by all.
  4. __RSK__

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    how do we track our progress on this?
  5. __RSK__

    CV Rework Discussion

    Being a mostly DD player, decided to try CV's. Had zero games in CV before rework.. so I'm a complete noob. Bought myself a few and 50 games in, it's finally clear to me how influential CV is to game and just how easy is to play them. CV rework has broken the balance of game that WG has been working on for years. It has made CV gameplay more interesting to players like me, but it completely failed on addressing the issues that need the fixing and needed rework of entire class. Issue that even a noob like me can dominate match with out much effort. It took me a couple games to learn how to drop, now its easy to do damage. As there is usually a single DD per game (understandably) spot and eliminate him. After that find isolated ship and farm them. And being able to almost instantly support and focus critical point on map like no other class is game breaking in my opinion. Don't really think the is point to this post.. its just that my levels of frustration with this game is reaching critical point. ps. oh and just had game in tier 4, with 7 ships on each side.. an with 3 CV's per team... can you just imagine fun rest of player in this game had
  6. __RSK__

    CV Rework Discussion

    Pretty much the only DD that still that i still have fun is T-22. With full AA build and so many tier IV carriers i get 20-30 planes shot down on average.. in it i don't mind if CV focus me :)
  7. __RSK__

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Like the video.. but what I'd like even more is some info on when we can play them :)
  8. __RSK__

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    Well at least there are no CV's in.. so that is nice
  9. Well at least CV rework has made space battles an option, I've been hiding there since. But seriously.. what annoys me the most is that with no DD's in game, no one is going for caps. Game balance that WG has worked on for years is now completely gone. It has changed also how i play the game, almost to the point that is no longer fun. i find myself playing like 10-15 same ship all the time, out of 129 that i got currently in port.. i used to play all before not just DD's.
  10. __RSK__

    Azur Lane - collaboration part 2

    By all the excitement in this topic it's clear that good news start and end with this part: "We would like to remind you that you can hide the special commanders using the Additional Content settings panel "
  11. To be honest all this messing with CV's is just crushing my will to even play this game. It is just a broken class that will never be balanced.
  12. Recent changes to the site already made it confusing to use, this now makes it kinda pointless to even use it.
  13. __RSK__

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    For some reason I'm missing engine sounds, not a big deal, but it's kinda creepy sailing in a complete silence :D
  14. __RSK__

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Just nerf this HE already or even better remove it from high tier British BBs. Lower tier are broken, top tier will follow as more Conq start sailing.. If its money WG wants from this lets make a "Fixing British BBs collections fund" I'm willing to pay for this, just so i can return to playing game i like
  15. __RSK__

    How to get rid of all this anime ..stuff?

    I don't follow forums, i just play the game. Unlike you SHDRK... who seem to have more fun in forum than in game. Don't want to sell ship, got plenty of credits.. don't need to dismiss commanders, got enough room in the barracks. It's just an annoyance which seems to me like so easy fix that i thought I'm missing some button or an option. But thanks for help anyway.