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  1. Recent changes to the site already made it confusing to use, this now makes it kinda pointless to even use it.
  2. __RSK__

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    For some reason I'm missing engine sounds, not a big deal, but it's kinda creepy sailing in a complete silence :D
  3. __RSK__

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Just nerf this HE already or even better remove it from high tier British BBs. Lower tier are broken, top tier will follow as more Conq start sailing.. If its money WG wants from this lets make a "Fixing British BBs collections fund" I'm willing to pay for this, just so i can return to playing game i like
  4. __RSK__

    How to get rid of all this anime ..stuff?

    I don't follow forums, i just play the game. Unlike you SHDRK... who seem to have more fun in forum than in game. Don't want to sell ship, got plenty of credits.. don't need to dismiss commanders, got enough room in the barracks. It's just an annoyance which seems to me like so easy fix that i thought I'm missing some button or an option. But thanks for help anyway.
  5. How can i get rid of all this anime commanders? 20 or so of them in may barracks... can't just dismiss them like regular ones. In the additional content menu below turned off all that i could.. but that just makes them look like regular commanders? What am i missing here?
  6. __RSK__

    Play together / available in EU

    Newer mind.. I'm an idiot
  7. __RSK__

    Play together / available in EU

    Then why didn't he get Texas at same time as Diana?
  8. __RSK__

    Play together / available in EU

    Can someone clarify this one for me plz. I have referred a friend who didn't play for like 6 months. And after his first game he got Diana. Since he already has a tier IV ships, but has not played a single game in a tier V ship. can he even get Texas? A player who has played World of Warships but has not logged in for 3 months and has not played a battle on a ship higher than Tier 5 (excluding Premium ships) Tier II: One of your friends has made it to Tier VI in the Tech-tree
  9. __RSK__

    New sounds of are horrible !

    Same here.. after several attempts to install latest patch i can confirm that now game sounds like my old 56k dial up modem
  10. __RSK__

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Same here... the game is unplayable at the moment
  11. __RSK__

    A question about Project R

    Do you think that "Win 10 games as a Carrier" mission for 5 pearls reward will be necessary for collecting all 260 pearls? As i don't have, nor want to buy or play any carriers.
  12. __RSK__

    After testing, Carriers need more nerfs.

    My 2 cents. I came to this game to play battleships. I'm a beginner, lover tiers 5-6 BBs. Last game i played in BB ( Wyoming ) had 2 carriers on each team. Before i could even fire guns for the first time in game, i got torped 3 times and left on 20% hp. Where is the fun in that? Game before the, in Myogi, which has a much better AA than Wyoming. Had a 9 torpedo drops on me and shot down 1 plane! GG. Luckily for me they were using automatic torpedo drops, so i could dodge most but not all. Where is the fun in that? I'm quitting battleships, it's just too frustrating and rarely fun to play. I have never, nor will ever play carriers. Don't really like cruisers gameplay, all the HE spamming.. it's just kinda silly. So i guess.. all I'm left with in this game is destroyers.