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    Low Tier US Carriers are way too OP

    I dont find that very encouraging tbh... games against IJN are fun and balanced, games against USN are frustrating and not fun and unbalanced. simple as that. The difference is huge. what should i do? wait for him to die somehow so i can be of use to my team? do the ninja [planes around map] tactic and hope for the best? (which in fact didnt really work, i only landed two torps and a fire on him before he kills all my planes) what should i do? am i a bad player? i dont consider myself a bad player (literally next game, and a ranked one too) Please help. i dont wanna whine for no reason. i am either looking for validation on my arguements, or a helpful reply that gives a solution to my problems
  2. Sticky_Icky

    Low Tier US Carriers are way too OP

    I wont whine too much... picture speaks for itself and this is regular. whenever its a fighter build bogue on the other side, this happens. The previous of this game i ended with only one ribbon: [1 Plane Destroyed].... ONE.... with two full squads of Fighers and rear gunners and AA I was able to kill ONE of his planes, while he killed all 30 of mine Also, their AA is ridiculous too. in the picture attached, after he raped one full squadron of everything, i decided to go straight for the bogue. his planes werent there, but he managed to leave me with 1 Torpedo bomber and 3 of my fighters... only with its AA... now this is ridiculous and not fun, and unbalanced as it gets. please adress or i wont have the strength to do all this tedious, ridiculous and frustrating grind to higher tier IJN CVs...
  3. Sticky_Icky

    Has 0.5.6 changed BBs for the worse? Cruisers AP buffed?

    this seriously says nothing.... 4 battles say absolutely nothing about a potential problem... do you even statistics bruh?
  4. Sticky_Icky

    I just can't win

    i feel you mate, i really do... since i started playing again after some time, which is a little before the Grand Battles Event, my winrate is dropping constantly while every other stat is going up. for real, my average damage, average kills, average experience, survival ratio, kills/deaths ratio, LITERALLY EVERYTHING has gone up (probably from tryharding so much), but my winratio is going down... i had 59% winratio in like 900 games (yes, i am kinda good, and i strive to be) and it has dropped to 56.7%, now at 1.050 games. i simply dont understand why this is happening, its like my teammates have gone full retard... -Domination: nobody caps, and I as a Battleship am forced to go in the cap zones vs DDs, in order to tank the damage and maybe make my team stop being little p*ssies, and go in and help me... -Standard Battle: they spread badly, and one side (curiously, always the one I am not in) dies so fast, and after that its simple math... 12 vs 8 is almost impossible.... OR, they just all go on one side, and the other team caps our base... Really, its getting frustrating, and i dont understand why am i getting such bad teammates... I believe even random battles should work on some kind of ranking system (like hidden MMR or something) and queue you with equally good teammates as you... I dont think i deserve to get matched with 48% winratio guys.... i really dont.... Also, ranked season hasnt started yet, in order to actually play some good games, all i can do is queue to random and pray to RNGsus to get matched with good teammates...
  5. Sticky_Icky

    Poll - is 0.5.6 AA change legit

    i was dead today in my Amagi because of CV torps (which i find that i am a particularly juicy target for them, for some reason.... might be the ships bad AA even with all the AA upgrades and skills? I DONT KNOW!) and i was looking at a friendly Iowa... when i see some torp and bomb planes coming, i write him on chat to be careful, but he didnt react at all.... and as the planes come closer, i see them dropping from the sky like flies...... so the Iowa didnt get phased one bit, he was just sailing straight, and not a single plane reached him.... when i previously only downed 3 before i died.... so, all in all, i believe that your poll doesnt contain a very importand option: BALANCE i get that USN BBs have superior AA, but in the name of balance,(since this is a game actually, and historical accuracy has already been severely compromised) the difference between their AA shouldnt be RIDICULOUS vs PRACTICALLY NONEXISTENT but something like PRETTY GOOD - MEDIOCRE AT BEST... if that makes any sense... Also the other day i was playing my Bogue, and while i didnt know about that BB Texas, i order my Torp planes to go get him..... well, without anyone else even close to the BB (to combine AA), out of 6 torp planes, only 2 torpedoes actually made it into the water, and only 1 came back..... and this is BEFORE the new patch that it got buffed even more! in the name of balance again.... i dont believe USN BBs should be untouchable by Torp/Bomb planes... this is absolutely ridiculous.... also as a result, all the torp hate is funneled to the IJN BBs that cannot even defend themselves... so they basically buff USN BBs, and indirectly nerfing IJN BBs... WELL THANKS! I am starting to regret going for IJN BBs.... all that keeps me sane is that distant vision of the Yamato....
  6. Sticky_Icky


    well obviously me and other people know that already... the point is to make it clear to all the other damned "46% winratio casuals" that cannot think straight enough to realise it. i am not talking about shifting the economy, make anything more or less profitable... i am talking about tweaking it, in order to pass the message. what a more straightforward approach than to make defeats be more punishing and wins more profitable? the balance will be kept, but the incentive to win will be higher. the EVEN MORE straightforward approach is to make defeats costs you full repair cost... that way you wont have to care about surviving a "lost battle" (which is not lost obviously, but maybe on your mind it is, thats why you throw away all chances of winning by running away of the fight) but focus more on fighting like a man with nothing else to lose but a lot to gain. thats the whole point of the post. i feel like some of you people dont think there is too much of a problem, but even if there isnt (which i assure you there is, but anyway) it doesnt hurt to do this change. with a 50% winratio as the base, you will not lose nor win much, just as it currently is. the lower winrates will make you lose more and more, and the higher will make you win more and more. thats the whole point, and what is more fair than rewarding good players? i am pretty convinced this will create much more enjoyable games for everyone, and embrace the point of the game, which is battling with warships, not running away like a chicken from other warships...
  7. Sticky_Icky


    well thank you all for your input. i would like you, though, to focus more on the fact of running away trying to stay at max range, while there are objectives that need attention, and less on the actual border of the map. in my first comment (im the OP) i might have used the wrong terminology. the actual problem is that people are trying to save themselves from the repairs, rather than trying to win the battle. also, about the "lost battle" that has been mentioned...: the battle is lost the moment the other team pushes for objectives while the BBs and other ships have already started running back to safety. thats all im saying. there are not lost battles, except maybe for ridiculous MM which is unavoidable ofcourse... all games can be won with coordination and aggressive but tactical and strategic play. my suggestions are meant to encourage aggressive play and punish cowardice... you are a coward and dont contribute to the battle to the max? get a huge credit penalty for being a p*ssey... you are a MAN and tryhard for the best possible outcome? get majorly rewarded! (with that being said i believe that damage done and capping should give even more credits, all in a good balance ofcourse to not ruin the current economy of the game) running away from all objectives to minimize damage taken in a Domination battle is an assured defeat. ASSURED DEFEAT. and it happes SO OFTEN its ridiculous... fyi im T8 (and i have been in T10 matches ofcourse too, where the problem doesnt get any less often) it happens way too much to not be a problem... and a gameplay problem SHOULD be adressed...
  8. Sticky_Icky


    I believe this is a serious problem right now, and its making the game much less enjoyable for me and many others, mainly because its detrimental to the outcome of the battle, and also because its a direct result of WG's ingame economics (and therefore can be just as easily get fixed by tweaking it) as i have seen, and been told and experienced myself, the main reason of borderhugging BBs is the ridiculously high repair cost of their ships (mostly on tiers 7 and above) i clearly had a Yamato captain today say this exact thing to me (as i was flaming him for running away of the fight): "do you know how much these things cost for a full repair? i pay 300k every time i die..." so i propose a meaningful balancing in WG economy... two main proposals here, please add your own in the comments if you have a good and meaningful idea: 1) make it so that in a defeat they pay full repair cost, no matter the hp they survived with. as an incentive to actually play like a man in this game, trying to actually win it, rather than survive unscathed, and make Wins give even more Credits to compensate for the defeat credit loss. that way, players will struggle more to win, rather than stay alive in order to not lose too much Credits... the defeats will feel very punishing, and the wins will feel very rewarding 2) make it so that wins give much more Credits that defeats, and Defeats much less than they do now. Still, defeats will feel punishing, and wins will be more rewarding and therefore sought after I believe 1) is much more straightforward approach and will actually end up solving the problem that many people are complaining about and are driving us brave captains TOTALLY NUTS! i get the concept of having to farm with my lower tier ships in order to play my high tiers, and i support that, really. i dont ask to actually farm Credits from high tier games, but the way this is going now, all it does is create cowardice, frustration, and low winrates.... and in this game that is so teamplay based and personal performance cannot secure you a win, i believe WG HAS to make a change. what are your thoughts?
  9. Sticky_Icky

    Conspiracy teories.

    The last month, with the Event going on, ive seen a lot of weird stuff. Not what u said about citadels... in my Amagi i get from 2 to 6 every game, i have accepted their randomness, and i dont bother any more. i just aim as perfect as i can, and pray it hits. (because u know.... BBs....) what i have seen though, is very weird indeed.... in my latest 100 matches i have been consistently doing good in my new bought amagi (not so much at first, but i do now) and have been continuously raising my average damage, average frags, average experience alltogether, doing better and better in matches.... WHILE I LOSE MOST OF THEM.... my winratio is dropping while every other stat is raising.. probably from all this tryhard trying to carry my shitty team, talk some sense into them, kill people enough so they can have it easier, covering them, etc etc... and all that ever happens, is that i lose from 1000 points because nobody decided that its a good strategy to actually cap the caps.... they just sail just right of the red caps, not giving a damn, and we end up losing no matter how good ive done. or anyone for that matter. and im a damn BB... i do try to cap when its possible, i really do, but there is only so much a bb can do... lets not talk about the border hugging.... this drives me nuts! even when i see a bb on the ENEMY team that is 100% health at the end of the battle because he was borderhugging trying his luck with sniping, i cannot help but flame them. even though they are my enemy, I HATE THESE PEOPLE WITH A PASSION
  10. Sticky_Icky

    Change magazine detonations

    i totally agree with this post.. detonations are a not-fun mechanic... neither for the detonated nor for the detonator... o.O which means i dont like getting detonated (obviously, who does?) but i dont like it when i detonate someone either... i just feel cheap... a kill without trying... rng favored me... yeah! i guess... the ideas listed here are very unique and quite good regarding the skill based gameplay and the fun aspect of the game. i hope devs see these posts because they could learn a lot of things... it would be awesome if this was implemented properly in the game. detonations would become actually cool!
  11. Sticky_Icky

    POLL/PROPOSAL: Secondary Artillery changes

    they can just give stronger secondaries to all! its not that difficult, it also adds depth and diversity to the game! now close quarters battles will be much more fun and exciting than watching your sad excuses of secondaries go all over the place except the freaking ship you are supposed to be aiming at, while reloading...... at least thats my life in a bb... they all praise the Nagato secondaries for example, and my damned secondaries couldnt kill a 1000 hp dd for 28 seconds, until i reloaded and killed it myself... actually... THEY DIDNT EVEN HIT IT.... it had the same hp afer 2-3 secondary salvos.... i mean who the hell operates these guns? drunk russian sailors smashed with vodka? ON A JAPANESE SHIP?
  12. Sticky_Icky

    Bots or utter stupidity?

    THIS 100% THIS Ever since that damned event, all i see is my Average Damage, Average Experience and Frags rise (from all this tryharding) AND WINRATE FALLING... i mean, im a 59% winrate guy, and ive been playing a lot the last month (not because of the event but because i got interested in the game again) and while my personal performance is getting better, i end up losing so much... these lemmings going around red cap points, not bothering to go inside, or bbs turning around and running at the sight of more than 3 enemies..... its ridiculous. and you can run yes, but you can do it while shooting back when they chase you, and actually winning the fight. ive done it a lot (because i end up alone from all the full hp friendlies running away) and killed my chasers, but this is not the point we are talking about.... we are talking about COWARDS, and IDIOTS. i mean, everytime you dont cap or actively fight for a cap, and just follow the lemming train to the edge of the map, YOU WILL 100% POSITIVELY LOSE. and i dont know how the hell is this connected to the Event, probably because the active players rose, with more of the "slightly interested casual that barely bothers" just playing a couple games for the event progress, while not giving a crapabout the outcome of the battle... they are just here to farm diamonds...... but even if this goes away, and my winrate goes back to its former glory, the bb borderhugging wont change... today i read this simple reply, and i was shocked... was playing with some Yamatos and Montanas and the answer to my flame (because they were running from the fight) was this: "do you know how much repairs for these ships cost? i pay 300.000 credits everytime i die with this ship".... THIS IS IT... they are afraid of the freaking repair...... they dont care to do good in the fight so they can make money back.... THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE REPAIR. they just dont want to stay alive. they dont wanna take dmg. thats it! staying alive is more important to them than winning the game...... i seriously believe this needs adressing.....otherwise, i might actually go back to f*cking sh*t up with my Fuso and other low tier ships just for the fun and jiggles.... looks like the endgame is way too cowardly for my playstyle...
  13. Sticky_Icky

    Dispersion - Deviation?

    I havent found anything like that, and i was really wondering..... We all know about max dispersion and we have probably seen the graphs with the differences between IJN BB max dispersion and USN BB max dispersion, but i have an important question to make..... does Standard Deviation change from ship to ship or tier to tier? or does it stay the same? is it just placebo e.g. saying that the Amagi is more Accurate than the Nagato? because max Dispersion doesnt mean a lot without knowing about Standard Deviation... if 1000 shots land with a maximum dispersion of 240m for two battleships, but BB No.1 has a tighter spread close to the middle than No.2, then we can safely say that the No.1 is more accurate than the No.2 does this kind of mechanic exist like a hidden stat, or it is universally the same for all USN BBs and the same for all IJN BBs? if it does, can modules affect it, like a Hull upgrade, or a Gun Fire Control System upgrade?
  14. Sticky_Icky

    Ranked Battles and the Team Parasites

    Regarding the players that have been linked here...... HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SOOOO BAD? i mean, i think myself as above average, and i got Battles 616 Win rate 58.77% Damage 31 793 (i dont know why this is so low, i have done up to 169k with my Fuso, and i usually do above 100k with it :/ maybe my first low tier games i guess) Kills / deaths 1.46 and i am just doing what i think as the right thing to do... i aim the best way i can for citadels, i angle myself to other ships, help on the objectives, switch to the right ammo type, not suiciding etc etc... like any gamer worth its salt should do. am i right? if you are playing a game, then play the freaking game like its supposed to... how can someone joke around in a game like this? i mean, afks and disconnects are ok, it happens. but trolling and doing circles and being a coward the whole game, avoiding all contact, what is this? LoL? how old are you, 13? and that last part about cowardness.... OH MY GOD they are suuuuch cowards! you are a big fat badass battleship, just get in there and kick some [edited]! anyway, regarding the ranked battles, i dont have much experience because i enjoy this game while playing with my two friends, and i cannot do that in ranked games (this should change.... really now.... just give us duo at least....), but my two cents on this, is that the problem is the Match Making, and how it can be exploited to get carried while doing nothing, not the players themselves (u cant make a bad player better, only avoid him)... it really should work differently, and award rank progression based on ingame performance, rather than simple win/lose conditions. that way, only if you are good enough, you can advance higher.... also, you should get placed with players very close to your rank AND tier.... and really now, nobody cares about wait times, if it guarantees a balanced game... at least i dont! id rather wait 5 minutes to find a good game, than waste 15-20 minutes of my life for a ridiculous game with bad MM. ----- shout out to the devs here.... consider the above, its not a bad thing to change a bad thing.... nobody will cry about a good change that brings balance and less frustration. ---- ALSO! please change how divisions work....people should not be able to bring their Hermelin friend in a T5 game.... for real.... and also, for the same reasons, i shouldnt as a t6 player, drag my t5 friends in a t8 game.... the highest tier in a division SHOULD NEVER be the lowest tier in a game. do some changes in this game, it desperately needs them. Cheers
  15. no they are not really.... the ridiculous overpenetration got a pseudo-fix (when hitting the water the ap shell arms and then it penetrates the hull underwater and detonates inside) but other than that, i am doing 1020 dmg all day long in my Fuso except when i hit citadels (which are pretty often in my fuso so i dont complain) but in my Nagato, that i recently bought (and yes i got the first hull upgrade) i basically do close to none citadels, in any battle.... and lower damage too, for many reasons it has worse dispersion (even with the accuracy upgrade) and i assure you, i can aim pretty well it apparently has weaker citadel armor than Fuso in some places, and it dies more easily than the Fuso, even though it has more HP. (i got double-citadeled by a kongo the other day) Less guns (and the higher damage doesnt make up for losing 4 guns), slower reload, moves slower... I MEAN COME ON, EVERYTHING IS FREAKING WORSE THAN THE FUSO, its totally a downgrade. how can someone say its better? people sometimes say that its a brawler... HOW exactly? with less citadel/magazine armor slower speed and less guns? just because of the secondaries? big deal... others say that its a sniper... HOW exactly? with bigger dispersion than Fuso (that they call a shotgun)? i am seriously thinking of just keeping my Fuso (which is [edited]awesome.... had a game with 169k total damage) and selling Nagato, to switch to the USN BB line. they are pretty good and consistent after tier 6-7 up to the Montana