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  1. being the only BB in tier 8-9-10 that can frontally penetrate other BB's really made me realise how much the bow tanking meta sucks at those tiers. the fights that are the most fun are fight agaisnt other Yamato because i know i'm never safe, and it encourages both to stay mobile and not go on a frontal mexican standoff whenever any non-yamato (and non german i guess) BB face each other. whenever i play my Iowa, i rarely push, and it's not because i don't want to, it's because i know i can't: i know in most situation, if i push i'm gonna be facing an ennemy BB's front at close range that i can't damage, and that just sits there infront of me preventing me to turn or be mobile and agressive so i have absolutely no choice but to backpaddle slowly while cruisers and DD burn me and my team call me a noob... but with yamato, you can damage that BB front that's acting as a roadblock and preventing you to lead the team's push further. BB at tier 8+ are waaaay too fragile from the side, even yamato (they all suffer from an unrealistic, massive above water citadel, except the german ones) and wayyy too invincible from the front... this is what encourages BB to never push at high tier: because they turn so slow, you know once you are commited to a direction, you can't turn anymore cause if you show your side even once, even just for 1 turn every BB on ennemy team will focus you and wreck you. i think the way to solve this is just to make every BB able to penetrate the front of each other at tier 8+ , but make the citadel size realistic like at lower tier to compensate. it's just better and more realistic that way. Bow tanking will still remain a perfectly viable tactic: you still present a smaller target, and citadels from front whould still be exceptionnal, it whould be more regular pens from front. look at tier 5-6-7 BB gameplay, the place where it is the most fun and the best balanced Imo: nagato, colorado,fuso,kongo,new mex... ect... all those BB can penetrate each other's front, and they are less static, and more mobile, more active and more agressive as a result... (well, of course there will always be camping potatoes at all tiers, but you get my idea, it's more rare at lower tiers). WG just announced recently they are planning to give Iowa and Montana a more realistic, underwater citadel, so clearly they arn't opposed to these kind of changes (althout if they make it lke the North Carolina's citadel, it won't be too high anymore but still too wide compared to irl... so it's only a start!) now if only they whould also fix the ridiculous citadel of Izumo and Yamato, and reduce Bow armor of all tier 8+BB....
  2. the icon seems to imply so as there is a plane on the far right of it... has anybody tested this ? now that air superiority is cheaper i have many leftover unused points on my CV captains, and the 2 New CV skills suck B*lls so might as well grab that then. but obviously i don't really feel like paying doubloons to respec multiples level 15 captains if it turns out it doesn't work... so i'd like to be sure.
  3. Flash_overlord

    Yamato uses the wrong AP shells!

    i just noticed this! on the gun stats it says it's the Type 91 460mm APC... but in real life, this type was replaced by the slightly improved Type 1 460mm APC in.... 1941! (Yamato was commissioned in December 1941 and Musashi in 1942) that means, the Yamato class never used the older Type 91 in combat, and given their commission dates, they probably never even carried the Type 91 at all! compared to the Type 91, the Type 1 improvements are mostly minor tweaks (as far as i can tell), they have the exact same warhead, the Type 1 does have a dye bag so might have been marginally heavier... i do not know wether the armor piercing cap or the body was different in shape or design to the type 91 (couldn't find information) the main difference is Type 1 has a longer, more streamlined windshield (= better ballistics and less speed reduction at long range even tough muzzle velocity is the same?) either way, those 2 shells are similar enough to be given the same stats in game potentially, if you don't want to mess with balance. but just change the name at least to make it historaically accurate, please! its just a name, it costs nothing to change it!
  4. Flash_overlord

    buy Dunkerque with doubloons when ?

    anyone has an idea how long it takes on avereage before a premium gets added to the tech tree so we can buy it ingame with doubloons we already have ? i see it took around a year or so for Blizkawica, more than a year for others.... but then again for Arizona, Saipan and others it was much quicker... so, any info on when the Dunkerque in particular is buyable ingame ? i'm interested....
  5. Flash_overlord

    Anyone concerned about War Thunder Naval Battles?

    ohhhhh how interesting! these small Patrol boats and gunships are plenty interesting too, and it's something that is very rarely seen and never focused on in naval games, i kinda like the idea to be honest! so yes, you have picked my interest, let's see what they do with it tough... one thing that worry me about the concept is that most of those ships were designed for hit-and-run torpedo attacks on larger ships... if the entire game is about those small boats and there is no larger ships to use torpedo on.... does that mean their entire game is just gonna be PT boats shooting each other with machineguns all day...?
  6. since the new matchmaker got introduced in 5.9; the combination of 2 rules: -only 1 carrier per team at tier 8,9 and 10 -carrier in 1V1 can only fight carriers of the same tier means that all CV of tier 8,9 and 10 will now ONLY fight one CV of the same tier, every game, no exception. meaning the 3 points captain skill, Dogfighting Expert, is now going to have no effect whatsoever on a CV of those tiers (for those of you who don't know, this skill gives an attack bonus to your fighters when they are fighting ennemy planes of higher tier) so, what do you guys think ? time to change/revise it ? or even remove it and replace it with something more useful for CV at 3 points ? it's just a poorly tought out skill in my opinion that s very rarely useful (if useful at all) anyway, and generally not worth at all taking for CV over the reduced repair time or the faster torpedos...
  7. Flash_overlord

    General Feedback

    make citadels gold again please! the medal looks ugly in black! when you do a ton of damage, its nice to see the big gold & red combo pop up in the corner of the screen (citadel + ship sunk) , now in black, you often barely notice it! why change ? it was fine in gold... you guys say because the incapacitation medal was gold too it needs to be changed because people confused them, really?? nonsence! people arn't that stupid, we can still make the difference between a gold medal with a picture of a ship and a gold medal with a picture of a lightining you know same reasonning for the tracer color change, make the AP tracer gold again please! it looks weird in white ; they were already easy enough to differenciate from HE tracers, if you really want to make a big difference make HE tracer more Orange, and let AP tracer more yellow/gold. but not white/blue like now please, it looks weird..
  8. Flash_overlord

    smoke consumable -NEED- to change: rank 5+ discussion

    @ColonelPete: this is the current meta in ranked 5+: everyone sits in smoke and 1 or 2 DD with the concealment expert skill go outside to scout, the entire games revolves around who can snipe those scouting DD first. or sometimes, not enough DD on the team or they don't want to scout: then yes: exactly as you described: both team cam in smoke and wait for the otehr to make a move. in rank 5+ this season it's not exceptionnal to see games where the timer is down to 12 mins and nobody got killed. see the problem yet ? @Daki 1: teamwork being important is fine; but when the game at rank 5+ revolves 100% around smoke camping and DD scouting everytime, and no other tactics or maneuvers are viable, how is that somehow not OP ? 2: you're being disingenuous or don't know how to read. that is not what i think, and that is 100% not what i said. what i said is "even good players will do bad if no smoke, and even bad players will do good if in smoke". 3: i'm not proposing a change because of rank 5 per se. i'm using it as an exemple because it's a situation wher teamwork is more proeminent and it really shows in this conditions how smoke can become OP 4: see point 3: you misunderstood me: i'm proposing the new smoke mechanic for all gamemodes, not just for ranked. i think if smoke is still used for hiding it remains viable for DD in random battle 5: look, you think i'm an idiot and that's fine. then, i humbly suggest you to go ask to your friend or other players that are rank 5+ that you trust more and you don't think are idiots what they think of the current gameplay, because as far as i can see every game in game chat. Everybody hates it and Everybody thinks the smoke canping is stupid. even the DD players do. fine. let smoke as it is then. i'm an idiot who has no idea what he's talking about.
  9. Flash_overlord

    smoke consumable -NEED- to change: rank 5+ discussion

    @Userext if you do not play ranked at rank 5+ i have no trouble seeing why you think that way, as i say in the post, i whould have agreed with you just a couple weeks ago. if you reach rank 5+ then trust me you will change your mind very very quick, i was shocked myself to discover just how badly this game can be broken by smoke when used wth more templay than in random. PS:sorry for misreading your name @159Hunter yes, the behind-island camping to exploit higher fire arc with DD and cruiser is also a problem. your point being ? are you trying to say because island camping is another problem that exists we shouldn't fix smoke camping ? i don't understand your logic ? also, at least island camping can be done only at certain spots and can be fixed partially via map tweaking. smoke camping can happen anywhere including on a cap point
  10. Flash_overlord

    smoke consumable -NEED- to change: rank 5+ discussion

    @usertext: what an insightful and interesting contribution to the conversation, thank you a lot for your effort. @ColonelPete this is the appropriate answer in random battle. NOT in ranked: their entire fleet is camping in smoke, on the capture point . you cannot really ignore it. you Have to attack it or you lose.
  11. hi all, so as someone who plays a little bit of all classes, i was always of the opinion that the smoke screen consumable of DD is a little bit cheesy and annoying, but mostly fine as it is -in random battle that is... however, in regards to the litteral spawn of satan that is the current rank 5+ meta in ranked season 4; i have changed my mind completely. -in any type of competitive environnement where there is lot of communication and teamwork, the Smoke consumable is NOT fine. it is NOT fine at all. it is , in fact, so overpowered that the entire games revolves just around it. the cruisers and battleships are just a token force, ltteraly the ONLY thing that decides the game is which team has the best destroyers, that can smoke friendly ships and kill ennemy DD. it does not matter how good or bad the Cruiser and BB players are. if nobody smoke them they WILL die without being able to do anything no matter how good they are. if somebody smokes them they WILL do good no matter how bad they are. this leads to the detestable "smoke camping/ snipe an ennemy DD before the ennemy team do and you won" meta we are all suffering trough right now in ranked. the invisifire from smoke is just WAYYYYYYYY too OP and thats all it is. it is cheesy but fine in random battle. it is a game breaker in ranked battles. anyone who is at rank 5+ will, i'm sure, agree with me. but how to nerf smokescreen without overnerfing DD who need it to be competitive you ask? -my proposal is simple: make the smokescreen basically a portable Hurricane instead: ships inside the smoke can only be seen at the minimum assured spot range (base 2km) just like right now; BUT: they can see outside the smoke just like 5km (maybe even reduce to the assured spot range of 2km if you really want to go hard on it). just like in the hurricane, they can know where ennemy ships are cause they see them on the minimap, but they wont see them in game and wont be able to fire on them unless they area bout 5km away or even closer. why is my idea good: the smoke now becomes the purely -DEFENSIVE- tool that it should be: DD can still use it to escape a bad situation just like before, and they can smoke friendly ships who are trapped in a bad spot or low on HP, but this curbs stomp hard on the long range smoke sniping /smoke camping meta that we all hate. if a ship want to sit 100% safe in smoke fine; but then he can't participate in the fight either. sounds much more fair doesn't it ? what do you guys think ?
  12. Flash_overlord

    Are you having fun in Ranked ?

    i used to! ... then i reached rank 5. accurate representation of my feelings about ranked gameplay and meta in ranks 5-1, in just 1 emote:
  13. Flash_overlord

    Help with Lexington

    first off, you're right to use the strike loadout. fighters loadout suck and are useless for your team and to you. if you're gonna go strike loadout at high tier, where the Japanese CV have fast moving fighters and lots of them; you have to be sneaky: don't hesitate to separate your squadrons in 2 groups and go in different parts of the map. he can't be everywhere at once. remember that ships (cruisers and BB at least) can't see your planes as far as your planes can see them: try to keep your planes at the limit of their spot range so the ennemy can't see them on minimap. and then swoop in quickly when you want to attack and retreat immediately before the fighters arrive. remember too that his fighters (the Jap one at least) have barely enough ammo to shoot down 1 squadron as long as you dodge the fighter strafe ability. don't underestimate your dive bombers: they are no longer a mere fire-tool at this tier: they get 500 kg bombs and if you aim manually and get lucky they can do 10K damage plus for a single squadron! with that said; if you're up against a good jap CV player you're gonna struggle. it's sadly the stae of US carrier balance right now; and the reason i prefer jap ones personally. i still love the lexington with that said; but you have to be careful in your playstyle and have to hope the ennemy CV makes mistakes or you can't do much.
  14. Flash_overlord

    The new Additional XP system... God Why?!

    what's so bad about the new system ? actually, as someone who does studies in science, i whould weep tears of joy and go dance naked in the street if the USA whould Finally adopt the metric system. let alone overnight
  15. Flash_overlord

    US Battleships - why so much hate ?

    that excatly. also, the US have shorter range (moslty); wich force them to fire from closer (hence more hits) regardless of playstyle. also,Rhobir did you just really friggin suggest that my stats personally, with my few hundreds of games in US BB is more representative than the polled stats of the entire server ?! with hundreds of thousands of game ? and all playstyles taken into account rather than just mine ?? because sample size is for the weak right ? do i even need to comment on that ? robihr, on 09 June 2016 - 11:28 AM, said: it is. he complained that USN BB have worse accuracy than IJN BB and he has better hit ratio with USN than with IJN. maybe, but just maybe 2 line have different playstyles, and their accuracy fits their playstyle? and if you read my post you'll have seen that the point of this topic is precisely to say their intended playstyle don't fit US BB imo; and is also unhistorical.