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  1. Game ban for Wan*ers like them, I hope they got 100 game pink ship penalties added.
  2. 1st Attempt in the Gallant 5 stars, the rest of the ships were Anthony's.
  3. You sir, are correct.
  4. Your wrong, I have 3 had event containers today.
  5. 1st game of the day, Great game, please RNGesus, make all my games like this.
  6. I've had 3 event containers so far, and lucky not to get any duplicates collectables, 5/16, so, well on the way to completing the collectables and getting Jack Dunkirk.
  7. Bought the Captains Bundle Gallant, seems the best choice with all the extras. using the 19 Point Anthony captain for now.
  8. Pretty hard to forget these specialised Commanders.
  9. Glad you quoted this, I have just realised, I have a perm Camo for the Cleve. Welcome to "The Silver Surfers Club" brother. EDIT - I think we need our own logo, working on it later
  10. until

    OK, thanks for the info. Bring on the Gallant and let's spend some money.
  11. I am a great believer of this quote. Accusations of cheating, and rigging must be investigated by the official means provided by the game, in this case, all evidence and statement sent to WG support, and then, waiting for an official response and verdict. 22cm. your idea of keeping the game fair is very different to mine. Asking your peers to Accuse, Ridicule, making personal assumptions without 100% concrete evidence on a forum, to me is unfair and kinda childish, Hey, if that's how you roll, then that's your choice.
  12. Zao, for me is a great long range ship, precise, HE shells from range hurt badly and chance of fire is great, close range, Zao AP shells are devastating, torps are fast and tight, but saying all that, the Zao is best when she is escorting other ships, BB's DD's, I always find if you have a division of Zao, BB and DD, the enemy is gonna have a tough time.
  13. Silver Surfer (I like it ) I still do quite a bit of Web Design, but now private not commercial anymore, made enough money to retire and not be told by CEO's what to do anymore, Now, start work when I want, Finish when I want too, now I have time to go fishing, spend time with the Gkids, all the things that us old guys like to do after years of grafting and labour. WOWS is my online hobby, play it to take a break from the toils and troubles of real life, it makes me smile, but frown when I see whingers, it's just a game, games are designed for fun, you don't have to spend money with this game, you can play free an still win prem ships, doubloons etc etc. the Cleveland is a free ship, enjoy it yeh! :)
  14. The Gallant will be about 18 Euro for standard bundle, Gallant and Port Slot, Perm Camo with 50% XP Bunus
  15. I'm in the 60's club now, well just turned 60, retired web designer, kids all grown up now with their own kids. I class my stats as average, I play the cleve probably 2 or 3 times a week, usually to boost my elite commanders XP, but always have fun playing the beauty.