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  1. iJoby

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    I remember on my early days, I wanted Zao so badly, I was grinding like mad to get her, and that was where the fun was, the grind, and eventually getting Zao to find out, my skill level was <T8 (and still is) hence why my Zao has a below average WR. IMHO I dont think grinding rewards or any rewards are generous enough, flags Meh! we all want free ships, even if they are low tier.
  2. iJoby

    My 150+ containers dissapeared?

    Bro, don'y be too lazy to look at your flags n camos to see that you have a ton more than you had before you clicked the "Open All Containers" Button.
  3. iJoby

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    If it's freebie clone as with Takao/Atago Kamikaze R/Minekaze, I will take it all day long.
  4. All Prem CV's are WIP, I think the portal said until 0.8.4.
  5. I have Hermes and Furious, need 1089 Florins and 64 Crowns for Implacable. :)
  6. iJoby

    Air supply Container. ^^

    You get full credit cost for duplicates.
  7. iJoby

    Air supply Container. ^^

    I presume you will get 8.8 million credits if you already own the Edinburgh, so basicially, finish the mission and get a nice big credit reward.
  8. iJoby

    HMS Exeter Tier V

    Tłumacz Google: Przepraszam. Moduł dymu jest WIP i może być zaimplementowany w aktualizacji 0.8.2.
  9. iJoby

    Public Test of Update 0.8.2: Round 2

    Edited :)
  10. iJoby has arrived... not

    Working now.
  11. iJoby has arrived... not

    Time doesnt have to be wasted. I am sure you have other things in your life (A chore) that needs to be done, or you could read up and srutinise what all the changes in this patch means. As for money wasted, I have noticed that WoWs EU have been very generous in rewarding players that were affected by down time, and a lot better than other regions.
  12. #WorldofWarships #JoinTheNavy by iJoby on EU [WGB] Clan
  13. iJoby

    ST - New maps

    Always good to see new maps in the game.
  14. I think Yoshino will be around 200k-300k coal, I have nearly 440k of coal and a 25% off coupon and badly need to spend it, Yoshino will be in my port (If armour buffed).
  15. Azuma (FXP) Yoshino (Coal) Neustrashimy (Steel) Confirmed Resources Confirmed not long ago on WoWs Devs.