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  1. iJoby

    Old but still working bonuscode

    Thanks @MaxxyNL
  2. iJoby


    Weekend warriors have asked WG for another 12 months
  3. iJoby


    MaxxyNL already Posted this Code HERE
  4. iJoby

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    Bro, it's kinda obvious you are a re-roll player, doesn't that make you a seal clubber too., 1st account on NA and starting up an EU account, and soccer, did you mean football?
  5. iJoby

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    And people watched this stream? I watched a kettle boil once, life was dull during this period of my life.
  6. iJoby

    This is cheating right?

    My first week (3 years ago), I thought Jingles was a cheat, I knew nothing about stealth fire. All part of the learning process.
  7. iJoby

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Its ok, it was because I already used the code, my bad
  8. iJoby

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Thanks Fatty, I think TY20WGFEST18 has expired.
  9. iJoby

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    I love the Bismark, fun ship, helps to improve skills.
  10. iJoby

    LU advice.

    I see the Old Guy likes eBay, he even bought a Chelsea FC fan club medal.
  11. iJoby

    Merry Xmas from World of Warships (NOT)

    I play co-op, my side is always the winning side.
  12. iJoby

    Changes to the karma system

    I always say WP to any player that plays well and offer him/her a chance of a division or 2 games, and then maybe make some babies if we get on great.
  13. iJoby


    I had a quick co-op game in the Missouri before bed last night, although not every game is like this, I would be happy spending 8 minutes on a game making this many credits. even without the Wyvern and Zulu, its still around 300k
  14. Had me laughing for at least 3 minutes, did you mean Genius? A critic that can not spell.