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  1. Game Centre going berserk

    The downloads you are getting are just pre-downloads for 0.7.10, this saves the you a lot of time on the day of the update. Update 0.7.10. is available for immediate pre-download for users of the Wargaming Game Center. Once the Update is officially released, WGC will automatically install the game client files you previously downloaded. This means that players will be able to get back to naval battles straight after the updated servers go live! WGC is available for download.
  2. I voted "Fine as it is" well balanced for the tier.
  3. difference in XP

    @Egoleter & @Allied_Winter have the answer, that's all you need to know.
  4. @The_EURL_Guy (It seems you are a bot, because you never reply to comments directed at you, but I will try 1 more time) is the devs blog a dead FB page, should everyone unfollow?
  5. Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    After 64 hard earned containers and 0 results, I spent some my sovereigns on 5 crates, and won 2 RN DD missions , Icarus and Acasta, I am pleased, the sovereigns used were just leftovers from buying Gallant to get the 4500 doubloons, and Capt Berty Dunkirk. Sill 59 days to go to get Lightning and Jervis.
  6. Matchmaking

    Google Translate. iJoby Translate. Hi Mateys. Today, I want to talk about bad Matchmaking & to announce my hatred for this game. Unfortunately, there are some players who are childlike and do not understand how to play, or are simply fools. I took part in 9 battles in the glorious Yamato. all battle were defeats, but in all 9 battles, I was top of the leaderboard with the most points. This game badly needs to be fixed for sensible Matchmaking. As we all know, players have different levels of ability and skills. In one battle I saw a Tirpitz player fire torps to an enemy ship over 10 km, away from him. Tirpitz torps have a max range of 6 km. he must be a kid. Please fix Matchmaking and make the fundamental changes to the game, so that when I play Yamato, I might be able to kill something instead of watching the rest of the team.
  7. I must turn off alert for Announcement threads now.
  8. Errr.....Wtf just happened to wows part #2

    These 2 guys should have their own TV show. Dumber and Dumbest.
  9. Mine would still be the same, but in due course it will obviously change. Maybe somebody should start a new thread.
  10. 59 containers so far, none bought, and zilch, not a sausage.
  11. You will have the same chance as a player who has just bought his Hosho/Langley, Equal chance for everyone.
  12. This guy has the game sussed, exactly what I would do.
  13. UK WOWS Event??

    20 min walk for me across the Great Lines and boom, i'm there.. have to meet up one day for a cuppa n chat.
  14. 58 containers, none bought, no RN DD Missions, long way to go yet, plenty of time.
  15. UK WOWS Event??

    You missed a massive event this year at Chatham Dockyard, It was the 400th anniversary festival, people came from all over the world, and I dare say a few players attended too. Let's hope WoWs EU make it for 2019. and thanks for replying.