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  1. The middle of 2 Brothers again

    They saw the enemy CV, then their willy brain took over control of their head brain, but, they had fun, even though it was a limp gesture.
  2. Invisible ships

    The DD is obviously firing from his concealment, you may have seen him for a brief while but not enough time to aim and fire at him, DD's have a habit of firing torps at BB players rushing them .
  3. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    @RedAnark 1 more thing, if you ask other players for advice on a ship you may be interested in, it may be best to let your stats be available and not hidden, a lot of advice given, will depend on how you personally play that certain class of ship.
  4. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    Budyonny is a great ship, fast accurate shells, good range of 16.6 km, deadly torps but only 4km range, but will wipe out most T6 BB's when in a last resort situation, but if you find it hard in the Kirov, then maybe you should leave it, you need to know how to play Russian cruisers to make them work for you. Master the Kirov, then you will enjoy the Budyonny and the Tiers after that.

    Is this the new T&C's?
  6. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    You worry too much about your team, just play your own game and enjoy it, getting stressed about your team mates just causes you to play bad. They probably want to win as much as you and play as well as you, but, other players have their own way of playing.
  7. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Replay please...
  8. Taglines/Signatures.

    @Bunnytob Go to settings (Little Down Arrow, is is next to your small avatar image) and just left of the search bar, scroll down to account settings, your signature settings are in there.
  9. How many French BBs did you get?

    I do too, and not everyone will get the RNG of the lucky few, for me, I am grateful for free (played missions for) ships and the other bonuses that we received with each crate. And nice to see you have been promoted to quality poster T0by, who do I give backhanders to? lol.....
  10. How many French BBs did you get?

    Collected the first set of 12 containers. Got the T5 Bretagne* in first container, and the T6 Normandie* in the 4th container. Completed the missions, both ships in port. I much preferred the way WG offered the RN BB's with the blueprints, but that was only for T3 to T5 ships, and the French crates do have T5 to T8 ships* so it is only right it would be more difficult to get ships, but, such is life, It is always nice to get stuff free. * denotes: French BB unlock missions.
  11. Update 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    UI disappeared in port again, then had error message after I had to exit the game.
  12. Critical error

    I had the same message today just after the UI disappeared in port.
  13. 100% with this. Has to be my all time favourite ship.