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  1. Cleveland in 2015/16. The early days grinding hard for ships, I had already started grinding the IJN cruiser line, and then saw a player in a Cleveland melting everything in sight I stopped grinding IJN and started American cruisers, and eventually and deservedly received my Cleveland.. Best base XP I ever earned was 3620. I still play her now and then.
  2. You are right, I did get it wrong, thanks for pointing that out. ☑️
  3. ? sorry, please delete.
  4. My Estimates: Smolensk Soviet Tier X Cruiser will be available for Coal; (Estimate 220,000 - 240,000) Somers American Tier X Destroyer will be available for Steel; (Estimate 22,000 - 24,000) Friesland Dutch Tier IX Destroyer will be available for FreeXP. (Estimate 750,000 - 800,000)
  5. iJoby

    0.8.6 PTS - General feedback

    The Marseilles port is really drab, a few balloons, badly needs sparkling up.
  6. iJoby

    USS Benham: The Marathon Guide

    Great article @Alex_Connor
  7. Couldn't invite you, you have your stats hidden, you need to show your stats.


  8. When do we get the Prizes we won on the #MerryLittleShipmas Contest, It states before 22nd December, but I never got mine.

  9. When do we get the Prizes we won on the #MerryLittleShipmas Contest, It states before 22nd December, but I never got mine.

  10. Hi Mr. Conway.


    I own the blog wows-gamer-blog


    It seems that in the new EULA Rules that I need to seek permission to post any articles regarding World of Warships and Wargaming that contain any content that is owned by the latter.

    As for profit made by using WG content, well, I can show WG my adsense income from the 2 or 3 ads on my site, Income usually about 50 pence a month.

    My site is based on reaching players that are new and learning, I also provide links to all WG content I publish.

    So, I hereby ask permission to to use content that is Wargaming own.


    If this becomes a problem for me, I will have no problem blocking all previous posts and changing the format on how the blog will run.


    Kindest Regards.


    1. iJoby


      Have you overlooked this message?

    2. MrConway




      I have indeed not noticed this.


      In general we do not mind fan-sites using any of our content - even with ads enabled.


      Feel free to proceed :)




    3. iJoby


      Fantastic, Thx

  11. iJoby

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    Where's the May 4th Weekend Mission "End of WWII in Europe"?
  12. iJoby

    Ugly Sweater #Shipmas Special


    No problems and thanks
  13. iJoby

    Ugly Sweater #Shipmas Special


    @Tuccy You put 2pm-4pm, is that GMT?
  14. You only killed 1 DD. the Fletcher, the other 3 kills were 2 BB's and a cruiser.

    1. Jaki_AJK


      Nope buddy! 2 DDs in any number of matches. So, i should have gotten 1 progress done.... But nope.... See the screenshots i posted.

    2. iJoby


      Ah my bad, I only looked at the 1 screenshot.

  15. iJoby

    Operation Dynamo


    OK, thanks for the info. Bring on the Gallant and let's spend some money.