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  1. Same as mine but different collectable. :)
  2. Well Done, What was in your Lootbox Container?
  3. Thanks @Tuccy Well pleased with the Container. Congrats to @Waifu_is_Laifu You will love the Hood.
  4. Received my "Talk like a Pirate" Flag along with an Anniversary Lootbox I won from the WGeu Q&A Yesterday, Thanks @Tuccy, especially for the 100 x 300% Bonus FXP Signals. Winners Announced HERE
  5. Well done on the win. looks like Admiral Nelson's strategy for "The Battle of Trafalgar" in 1805, and that was a win too. :) You may also notice some pretty well known RN ships names on this image.
  6. @Ph3lan @Ev1n THX for answering my 2 questions.
  7. Missouri price is here to stay bro, I am pretty sure they base the FXP cost on what you would need in Ship XP to reach the Tier of the FXP ship on offer, but I may be worng.
  8. Thanks @Negativvv I still work a few hours a day on graphics design, at a PC so can jump in a game anytime I want. and your right, 60 is still young. and there is a ton of us Silver Surfers in the game.
  9. I am semi-retired, I have as much time as I want to play WOWS, worked hard for 45 years, decent pension, so, brother, I take your saltiness with a pinch of salt.
  10. Purchased a container for fun, played 4 random battles and 1 CO-OP, it must be a good day 5 wins. 6 collectables collected and over the moon getting the 10 x Hunter Camo's and 30 x November Echoe Setteseven signals
  11. I am curious to know if you have ever had a chat ban on the RU server?