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  1. iJoby

    German Containers: Really Wargaming?

    You won about 21000 doubloons worth of prizes for 3750 doubloons, WG should be ashamed of themselves.
  2. iJoby

    Make Money Recruiting - Event Prolonged!

    Must have accepted the Recruiting Station invitation between March 18, 00:00 UTC, and April 26, 23:59 UTC. Must reach their Recruit milestone before April 26, 23:59 UTC.
  3. Congrats to all Winners of my Codes and a massive thanks to @lup3s on yet another fantastic Holiday Lottery.
  4. iJoby

    Collectors Emblems

    I stopped using it, gone back to my old patch of the Pin-Up girl, easier on the eyes.
  5. iJoby

    Impero as AL Littorio?

    Changed to 30s, thanks for spotting the mistake. :)
  6. iJoby

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    Frederick (Vic) Bashford "The Russian guys were Top Notch" "We were bombed but out there, but that was no problem" 👊😎 True Heroes like Fred, 🥇🥇🥇 harder to find. Thanks for making these Videos WG.
  7. iJoby

    Dry Dock: Roma

    I was thinking of using some doubloons to buy her, might just wait to see if she gets that love first.
  8. Not a clever idea to ridicule co op players, you keep shooting at your own feet WG.
  9. The WGB Facebook group want this one as a perm camo, I personally think it is crap, and I am the one who created it.
  10. F*CK*NG ACE! I want this one. Regards. iJoby