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  1. iJoby

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    Superb reply, giving chaos_umbra some valuable education.
  2. iJoby

    Christmas in the Navy

    It would have been nice to see Xmas images from the rest of the worlds Navies too. but thx for sharing.
  3. A Happy & Prosperous 2020 to everyone.
  4. iJoby

    KotS Camouflage Contest – Cast your Vote!

    You might as well tell number 10 he has already won.
  5. iJoby

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Great Britain 1/2 the size of Sweden, built a lot more than sweden ever did, when it comes to defence.
  6. iJoby

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    SMALAND European (Swedish) Tier X Destroyer WIP Stats World of Warships https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/12/smaland-european-swedish-tier-x-destroyer.html
  7. Guys, Thanks very much for spotting the mistakes, I had a short time to post the articles before leaving for work. the mistakes should be fixed now.
  8. iJoby

    Results – Doubloon Doubles

    This is good news, shame it is only for 30 days, hardly enough time for recruits to reach milestones. even 90 days would be tough.
  9. iJoby

    Black Friday

    0.8.10 Black Friday Ship Flags & Dog Tags *UPDATED 27 NOV* https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/10/0810-ship-and-event-flags-dog-tags.html
  10. I get 10% cashback Doubloons each month on all 4 servers, but neither myself or any of the shipmates that I have spoke to have ever won a ship. Kinda would have expected at least 1 ship crate out of some of the 856 shipmates recruited.