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  1. iJoby

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    Frederick (Vic) Bashford "The Russian guys were Top Notch" "We were bombed but out there, but that was no problem" 👊😎 True Heroes like Fred, 🥇🥇🥇 harder to find. Thanks for making these Videos WG.
  2. iJoby

    Dry Dock: Roma

    I was thinking of using some doubloons to buy her, might just wait to see if she gets that love first.
  3. Not a clever idea to ridicule co op players, you keep shooting at your own feet WG.
  4. iJoby

    Results: Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    Because the recruitment bureau brings me great rewards every month, I am not too bothered about this recent event, but getting the flag will be nice. I haven't got the time to play a battle with all my recruits.
  5. The WGB Facebook group want this one as a perm camo, I personally think it is crap, and I am the one who created it.
  6. F*CK*NG ACE! I want this one. Regards. iJoby
  7. iJoby

    Naval Legends: USS Slater – Trailer

    Great video
  8. iJoby

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    Superb reply, giving chaos_umbra some valuable education.
  9. iJoby

    Christmas in the Navy

    It would have been nice to see Xmas images from the rest of the worlds Navies too. but thx for sharing.
  10. A Happy & Prosperous 2020 to everyone.