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  1. Well done to the winners.
  2. +1 to @Egoleter 23,000 more people like you and we will the perfect game.
  3. The game is nothing like it was a year ago, where you started your ships and head towards the enemy in a battle that would be fairly even, but now, it's all about the ship with the best gimmicks on-board, the flame is slowly fading after each and every patch.
  4. Cleveland, Shchors, Atago/Takao, and Myoko/Nachi.
  5. You really need to write more articles, I was hooked, and then disappointed at the end, when there wasn't, "And they all lived happily ever after". Excellent stuff, OP.
  6. I'm happy with my Kamikaze and Shinonome as they are, maybe you should specify what DD's you mean.
  7. Ahh! I see what you mean.
  8. Very true, maybe they should get reading lessons before asking to join any clan.
  9. Send your rejects to me @[TOAST] Some of these players may be future champions, My clan is in no hurry to be clan leaders (if ever) but, we do think there is a place for everyone.
  10. @CatOnKeyboard You have got to stop your 3 year old child playing your games and writing posts on this forum bro.
  11. 100% agree with this. Why don't you just play your Gearing? a ship you are used to playing.
  12. Missouri, a ship you will never regret buying.
  13. You say pay to win as if paying is a guaranteed win on every game, by paying for a ship, this will give you a slight advantage over other ships of that tier, although saying that and after watching Flamu and Notser test the ship, the AA does seem a bit OP, no DD should be able to disintegrate planes as easy as the KIdd does, It may be a premium advantage for the ship but totally unfair to CV players, I am surprised ST's did not stipulate strongly about the AA being OP.
  14. Your chance to cap while the enemy chase the rest of your team.