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  1. WoWs + Twitch Prime

    Cancel the Amazon Prime account subscription and credit card details, wait a couple of days until the offer is available again on Twitch, then re-apply but make sure everything is linked to your WOWS Game UID. EDIT: If you paid any subscription fees, they will be refunded back to your credit card.
  2. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Not had a chance to play that scenario yet, but was told it's pretty tough. +1 to OP
  3. Pensacola is still crap

    That's so true, 233 games with an average 53% WR, but she is a funtastic ship, I got my best ever Base XP in this ship 3903 XP. A ship I would never sell.
  4. No need for damage farming

    Plane kills count a lot to damage dealt, i believe 44 plane kills is equal to 1 & 1/2 60k hp BB's kills, also i believe solo caps also count as great multipliers. I had this 1 game in my old UID from over a year ago, that I thought of as just an average game when it comes to damage caused by fire and shell hits, but the plane kills and caps made the results fantastic.
  5. Finally some good news for CV fans

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess as an Anime fan, this would be your idea of beauty.
  6. Finally some good news for CV fans

    Not the same plane in the image, but what she would have looked like (or very similar) on the deck of the USS Lexington in her heyday. The F3F-1 Grumman VF-6B was truly a beautiful plane from a very heroic ship.
  7. Commander Kappa

    Thanks Jethro.
  8. I played Aigle for the complete missions, and got the unlock missions for the Richelieu on the 2nd to last container of Mission 3, and all done in PVE. I think I received 4.5Mil credits for the Dunkerque camo, The Maid of Orleans camos for Richelieu & Gascogne (ship not owned) look nice.
  9. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    I did already get a reply on the question asked, but I do agree, I wish they would keep camos to original designs, but I dare say some players will like it, especially the French.
  10. Used Aigle, spent the day grinding gold of France (Completed all missions), averaging 100-180 ribbons per game, have to admit, the ribbons mission were a struggle, but with Aigle, you can click on Task 2 & 3 on all missions and complete the Campaign faster.
  11. I never said it had engine boost, I said "Burst of speed" and if saying Normandie is already fast enough is not related to the topic, maybe you need to go to Specsavers.
  12. Operation Hermes Tips

    Finished it in the Lyon twice 5 stars, great ship to tail the other ships and killing those planes coming from the south. 52 plane kills.
  13. Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    Is the Camo I won in Gold for France campaigns, the same as the in-game 5k doubloons Camo or does it look like the one in the image?