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  1. McBeagle

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Down doggy. Hunting season is just within a few months. Have some patience.
  2. McBeagle

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Anyway, server down time because of patch and everyone is humping threads, just to kill time. If you are dutch speaking, have a headset grown to your skull and looking for playmates... Join us! PS: Bring your own batteries...
  3. McBeagle

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Zelfs beagles met teamspeak zijn welkom.
  4. McBeagle

    Game keeps crashing with Des Moines

    I have used Aslain in the past but, not anymore.
  5. McBeagle

    Game keeps crashing with Des Moines

    Every game I play with the Des Moines it crashes. Switching to the Zao is no problem. Switching back to Des Moines after a few games in the Zao it handles fine. The next day 3 games 3 crashes, 1 game 3 crashes. Its the only ship I have these errors. Anyone an idea?
  6. McBeagle

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Interface

    Indeed I find this quite irritating. I used to ignore the ARP content for the majority of the time and it hinders my navigation on IJN captains. Could this be solved by making ARP content invisible in total or just dismissing them in general? (I would also like to sell ARP ships since they are close to useless.)
  7. McBeagle

    Dragon Flags

    Did anyone here got the same issue? Only got 50 dragon flags, corresponding with the only T10 I had on september 16th. Meanwhile im on 3800 games so I expected 250 flags in stead of 50...
  8. McBeagle

    PT 0.5.9 announced - starting on 19.7 18:30 CEST

    In my opinion, the best thing to do is to reset the first line, with 1 point blocked on the first line. If you dont spend it, it sits there, idle... That way, the DDs can take their BFT, BBs with AA focus can get their BFT, CVs can pick whatever they fancy. Cruisers could go for BFT or BOS. Freaks with 19 points who went nuts on the first row, like previously mentioned , could pick an extra skill on line 2. This I think could be interesting for DDs who could pick Last Stand and Torpedo Armament Expertise...
  9. McBeagle

    DD suggestion on torps

    Hello everyone, I was thinking, how nice it would be, being able to switch torpedo types. You aim a salvo at 10 kms, reload, spot a cruiser behind the mountain, reload and fire shorter range, faster and heavier torps? This would alter the experience not?
  10. Because there isn't a dutch section.
  11. still looking for dutch/flemish? have a few
  12. Ok hier zijn we dan. Momenteel zijn we met een 4 fans om T8 team battles te spelen met Team Speak als fundament. De enige vereisten zijn minstens 1 T8 volledig uitgerust met een degelijke commander en de interesse om meerdere T8's te grinden om het team stabieler en gevariëerder te maken. Heel belangrijk voor ons is de fun en de algemene [edited]in Teamspeak. Maar wel serieus citadellen op die M/+x%"ker aan de overkant. TS server is dutchdevils.net en ingame kan er altijd contact genomen worden met McBeagle en Baxk83
  13. Hello everyone, I bought my Benson today and noticed the 3000 doubloon camou isnt available on the Benson. Has it never been available or it isnt for sale anymore? Cant find anything on google about it yet. Anyone can help?