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  1. i saw somewhere that i can excange 20000 free xp for 5000 coal...but it doesnt say how?
  2. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    Wait, is this a troll thread? It has to be, right? I'm a fairly crappy player and even I can see how freakin' OP the kebab is. Losing the 10km torps was the smallest nerf they could have given her, and the rudder shift can be completely negated by taking the appropriate modules. I bet you're running CE and stealth module and trying to contest caps, aren't you? I belive you think you are really smart ...arent you? Think again before you write something!
  3. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    well you dont see my point...if in a game there are 2 dds in every team...someone has to cap at some time...sicnce in order to win you dont need damage or kills but points...So your team has a big disadvantage from the beggining...After that as light cruiser (actually what is that? Are there another light cruiser? How much life a light cruiser must have? Zao what it is and it has the previlledge to have 8km torps? Udaloi..had 14,5 km range ..15 torps..with 8km range for what.???? sacrifising a tower? and it is 9lvl!) in my point of view it is the only ship in the game that it has been nerfed 4 times in a raw...and it does not deserve it!
  4. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    It is not a Cruiser...Light or not..and it is not strange why i am the only khaba in my last few games...(i used to face one or two enemys with khabas in the past while now i am the only one i most of my games!)
  5. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    It doesnt go like that...its a dd...and in many games the only one...and it cannot cap...9.7 km visibillity...It is not a cruiser and it doesnt have 18km range and it turns worse than a cruiser...even the bbs are wreking me ...so what it is?
  6. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    I said when they are in smoke....all destroyes can torp in a smoke...even cruisers can ...like zao and Hinde....but not the Khaba....
  7. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    mtm 78... you are wrong...the ship as it is now is a big crap...i have it for more than a year...and i can tell you about it...it was a balance ship..but the torpido decrease made everyone its last choice...Udaloi is a much superior ship...
  8. kokdim

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    Neggative you are completely right...i will never spend my money on camos....what annoys me the most is that they never stop nerfing that ship...the torpido ragne decrease was the cherry on the pie....even a benson in a smoke can reck you and you cannot do anything about it (29 instead of 47....is not less?????)
  9. Come on guys what's going on with you???? You have nerfed the Khaba 3 or 4 times....you have made it unplayable an all us players unhuppy with it....why you dont remove the torps completely and also make the range 10Km...it doesnt turn...it doesnt torp ...and it does not have range!!!!! Nice...! I regret the money spent on the camo!!!!
  10. kokdim

    Unfair the khabarovsk change

    I dont know if its only me, but when shuch a ship fires a salvo every three seconds, even if it doesnt pen you, it causes you massive damge...in adition with the radar and possible other ships beside it...you have no luck!
  11. kokdim

    Unfair the khabarovsk change

    The khabarovk should not loose its shooting capabilities especially after the launch of the Minotaur. The shooting power of the Minotaur is overwhelming anything else in the map!