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  1. Poster_2015

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    Well HE is what im talking about. I fire at a BB 12km away and i get 1 hit for 2300 and no fires - and the aim was fine, just the shotgun spread ruined it. Just atm thats how my Lion HE experience looks like - the dispersion completely ruins everything. I dont know how "old Lion" worked, and if i just have bad luck (almost at conqueror so it would have to be a long bad luck), but atm I would rather be in a my KGV for HE spam. The concealment and repair make this ship workable and rather OK, but the fact that guns dont reward good aim just FEELS bad.
  2. Poster_2015

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    I really dont feel it being that OP now. The spread is absolutely awful so the consistency is non existant for me. I wont blame any "mini patch" for that, because frankly i havent seen Lion before them. One interesting thing about this ship is the AA on it. Its both amazing and absolutely awful. With a typical AA spec which i run (together with CE but not manual AA), the 611@5.1 km dps and 86 @7,2 is probably better then Iowa. It might actually be better then Montana without manual AA (manual AA Monty ofc will surpass Lion easily due to the almost 400@7.5 km dps). It has no problem dealing with t9 CVs, and even can handle t10 often. Thats why its awesome. Why is it awful at same time? Because of the fact that basically all of its AA power is in unarmored 40mm mounts. On top of that they have so low hp it feels like a bug actually. Just an example from the game from 5 mins ago. I lasted almost whole battle without being shot at, did nice AA dmg. At the end in the cyclone i got shot ONCE by bismarck salvo and some of his secondaries. It did 4k dmg + a fire that i repaired right away. My 40mm dps went from 611/611 to 230/611. I took 4k dmg and lost 2/3 of my AA power. I had games where i was still above half hp and i had NO AA mounts left at all. Now I dont run module/perk for AA mount durability. Im fully aware it would change a lot (and if i wasnt so cheap id get at least the module lol). But considering how ridiculous it is now, I dont expect it getting anywhere near "decent" even with full investment in AA durability. Edit: i took the module on, didnt change anything , every shell landing on my ship kills most of my AA right away.
  3. Well I must admit the title is a bit deceiving. I dont have a problem with the buff itself - im just wondering if the general direction WG is going is a healthy one for the game. For the longest time now, there is a generally BB oriented meta, with BBs lets face it - being strongest and most influential ships. If a cruiser can carry a game, its mostly because it feels like most BB players are clueless. In my opinion its a bit more complicated then BBs counter cruisers. Its not that BBs are too strong vs cruisers - in the general "balance charts", of cruisers beating "supports" (DD and CA), BBs beating cruisers and "supports" beating BBs, the straight power between those types is fine. The problem is twofold. 1) BBs "delete" cruisers too fast. In general, when a cruiser hunts a DD, it takes time. If a DD tries to torp a (somewhat skilled and not out of position) BB player, it can take a LOT of time. On the other hand, a BB can delete cruiser in seconds, and it hardly often depends on CA player skill. All it takes is some RNG or "more angles that you can cover from" situation. 2) Cruisers are actually very dangerous to BBs when unchecked. They do a lot of damage, they start fires etc. Those 2 things mean that not only BBs hit hard, but they have very strong incentive to prioritise cruisers and ignore everything else. Those 2 things turn the game into wild CA hunt from both sides BBs, and making the game as miserable for CA players as possible. On other hand, cruisers generally hit BBs a lot - because they do a lot of damage to them, and because they only can thrive once BBs are destroyed. CAs are supposed to hunt DDs? Well very often when given a choice between a BB and DD, you will go for the BB, just because once he is down you can kill DD easily. So in my opinion the correct way to solve this, is to lower BOTH priorities - BB hitting CAs and CAs hitting BBs. It means lowering BOTH the damage CAs take from BB shells AND the damage CA can deal to a BB. This means CAs can go in more boldly, hunt DDs and cover BBs, while not being priority target. Just image if hypothethically you halve the damage both sides do in this equation. BBs stop hunting CAs as a top priority, and CAs can focus on "their jobs". In this context - think if buffing the DAMAGE of cruisers vs BBs (because thats really what happens at high tier) is really that good. I agree german cruisers needed help, and in short run this buff might work well. But it only strengthens the meta of BBs sitting far back and sniping cruisers.
  4. Poster_2015

    Yorck - Worst. Ship. Ever.

    You are aware that generally %-ages add to 100? So 49% WR is nothing special, half of the ships are below 50%. Also Indianapolis being shittiest? I have one and its definitely decent, although I kinda agree one could complain that it got "gutted by comparison". It used to be unique radar source, now you have atlanta and belfast with lower detection and same radar. It used to be decently concealed AP platform - now Pensa has better concealment. So yea as a *premium* it might feel like you got cheated out of reasons you got it - but just looked at as a ship its kinda average.
  5. Poster_2015

    USS Kidd DD-661

    Hipper ma dokładnie takie same działa jak Roon czy Hinden. Po prostu inaczej sie troche gra, a do tego 50%+ pestek (Roon) czy 100% (Hinden) robi swoje - i więcej zapamiętujesz "super strzałów". Zrób sobie bitwę treningową i w tych samych warunkach postrzelaj do tego samego celu - zobaczysz że efekty są takie same .
  6. Poster_2015

    French cruisers or USSR cruisers

    Id like to say that unfortunately while Charles Martel is a great ship, Saint Louis is a total disappointment. Im actually surprised to say that - coming to the ship I expected sort of "more of the same". Afterall it seems similiar to CM, it has same guns. Should be just better AA, heal, and t9 module right? On top of that the MM is mostly the same, as it was extremely rare for T8 to be on top lately. So it seemed it should be a nice ship BUT: - Its extremely sluggish. CM was sluggish without boost, but with engine boost on it was actually quite nimble. As long as you kept track of the inevitable downtime in engine boost (which was low, given the special item boosting the duration to 4:30 mins), you could be very manouverable. Saint Louis is marginally faster in straight line, but it bleeds speed way more, it has very bad acceleration WITH the boost, and "battleship level" without. Ok i might exaggerate a bit with the battleship part, but the truth is, Saint Louis is less manouverable WITH boost then CM without. - Its less concealed. Not much else to say about that - Reload Module on guns makes the turrets slow (sort of US level slow) Those 3 points combined basically make the ship a lot less able to dodge shells, a lot less capable in a knife fight, and overally less impactful. You are way more forced into "sit at 18km and burn stuff" playstyle. Additionally the armor feels a lot weaker. I mean its iffy, it can bounce cruisers well, but its only Neptune where i got punished more severly for showing broadside to a BB. Its not a "30k less", its usually instant deletion from 40k+ hp to 0.
  7. Poster_2015

    Hindenburg AP damage decreased

    I disagree with your assessment of Zao as "lacking impact". If you only play it as flamethrower then sure, it CAN (but doesnt have to) lack impact. However Zao has amazing APs as well, "trollish" (meh i kinda dislike calling just good armor trollish, but it gets the point across i guess) armor, and insane damage torps. Drawbacks are poor torpedoe angles - but its something which everybody seems oblivious to - swing your hull a bit when close with a BB and they will panic thinking you shot torps as well as rather bad turret traverse (not really much worse then DM though). Still as much as i pretty much always start the match by long range firestarting with Zao, I always look for an opportunity to close up.
  8. Poster_2015

    Hindenburg AP damage decreased

    And thats exactly what I said - so please read whole post . I dont have a problem with Hindenburg in general. Dont make it sound like its 2k more It basically deals 20% more then US AP, and 10% more then Japanese/Russian. It has 10% more damage on broadsides then Zao, which has DD level dispersion, faster shells, and better penetration - which means even in ideal conditions (broadside close range), Zao will probably do MORE damage per salvo. Now given the reload time ofc Hindenburg gets to repeat it 4.5 sec earlier, but honestly I havent usually had occasions to have perfect broadsides for multiple salvos that often. usually its one shot then they angle. Des Moines Salvo is definitely weaker then Hindenburg, but the vast penetration increase makes it way easier to score citadels and devastating hits - assuming you can aim. Moskva definitely will lag in both DPM and alpha, but its strength is more in long distance fights. The GUNS/AP Shells are worst at tier 10. I covered the damage above. In terms of punishing broadsides, I think Des Moines is way more dangerous. Still the whole ship might be not. However actually I do think Hindenburg is worst tier 10 cruiser (name a worse one if you disagree ), but thats only because there HAS to be a "worst t10 cruiser". Its not considerably behind other t10s, I find it pretty enjoyable to play, and if its 5% behind others in effectiveness, well i can live with that.
  9. Poster_2015

    Hindenburg AP damage decreased

    Except EVERY t10 cruiser salvo does 15-17k on a broadside Yamato. Well not Minotaur (but it makes up with speed) but all other cruisers. Remember that all t10 guns are vastly upgraded over t8 ones, EXCEPT for Hindenburg, that gets Hipper guns just with more reload speed/number.
  10. Poster_2015

    Hindenburg AP damage decreased

    Its the close range/broadside as stated before. Thing is, there is this "myth" that german AP are somewhat good. Depending on tier it can work better or worse, but actually in my opinion Hindenburg has WORST AP out of all t10 cruisers. Ill discard HIV and Mino here, 1st because i dont have it yet, 2nd because its a rather different beast. But with other 2xx caliber cruisers Hinden has: - Worst penetration. Yes its actually lower then any other of those 4 nation. - Average shell arcs, which are in a way "the worst". Zao and Moskva lasers are clearly easier to land, while Des Moines actually has the "lob over island" technique. - Worst shell normalization - as in "normal", not US one. - Pretty good DPM, and highest alpha. Still, it only comes into play during brawling, due to the very low penetration. This Yamato salvos , would be higher dmg, more often , if you played a Des Moines, and if the distance was higher, Zao and Moskva could easily outperform it too (not at this range though). Having said that, while the AP is not that great on Hinden, I dont feel its a "fail ship". Its an excellent brawler overall: - it has great gun DPM at distance where the penetration doesnt feel lacking - it has imo best torpedoes, Yes Zao has more and faster, and with more dmg - but the angles are too restricting - as the only cruiser it has a thick turtleback armor, meaning at close range only Yamato can citadel you if you show full broadside (other german cruisers have it too thin to protect from 410 mm shells). Thats actually something many people arent aware of. I must say though, its of limited use, since your bow/stern arent so well protected, and showing broadside at close range to a BB can result with 30k hp gone WITHOUT any citadels. Still it had saved my life few times. And if you arent brawling, german HE are weak, but they are plentiful. You have 50% more shells then Zao or Moskva in the air, which compensates for their low power, and while Des Moines will outdmg/outfire you, that is only true if the skipper is a good shot with the lazy arcs .
  11. Poster_2015

    Grozovoi – Tier X

    Grozovoi jest teraz przyjemną zabawką. - Nowe camo daje bardzo dużo. Po prostu nawet jak inny DD wyspotuje cię szybciej to i tak do niego dopłyniesz w parę sekund. - AA jest gorsze niż na Fletcherze - więc jak chcesz DDka do bicia samolotów (który i tak jest dobry w innych sytuacjach), bierz Fletchera (Flecz ma lepsze AA niz gearing - na AA ddkach liczy sie tylko long range, bo AA skill daje x6 a nie x3 jak w CA, i do tego masz manualne AA).
  12. Poster_2015

    Is anyone else trying to use the higher tier French CA's?

    I think you exaggerate, although Omaha really has a decent firepower (up to 7 guns at 7 sec reload vs 9 at 12 is definitely a 33% better firepower). However the alpha is better, the shell trajectory is a bit better for french one, and while they are all squishy, Omaha seems easier to dmg due to the height. Still the point is, tier 5 and 6 french are simply lacking compared to their rivals, but IF you take IFHE, they become rather easy to grind though. I cant help but wonder, why galissoniere is pretty much exact copy of budyonny except worse at EVERYTHING except torp range (but then 2 torps are not really scary lol). Even the speed boost... WITH it on, Galli is just 0.5 knot SLOWER then Budyonny without lol. But IFHE is so overpowered skill at this tier, that even frenchies took just few games to get past for me .
  13. Poster_2015

    Is anyone else trying to use the higher tier French CA's?

    Algerie is a pure HE spammer. Sit at range, and burn the world. Its not just that she is a good ship at setting fires as Flamu posted, its also that she actually lacks qualities for brawling, and AP are rather bad. Still its a good enough firestarter to get me around 100k dmg per game on average - being very very nice for t7. I agree though I find that playstyle frustrating. Still its a good ship, if not very inspiring. Depending on how you plan to go with captains, IFHE turns tier 5 and 6 into respectable ships. Without it, indeed they are somewhat lacking. Still the Nicholas problems, Id rather attribute to whoever was behind the steering wheel. My salvos at low level DDs are around 4.5-5k , and given their HP it really doesnt take long. If they deal comparable damage ... they have 10k , you have 25k, if they deal realistically 6-8k dmg in return, its to be expected if the DD player is somewhat competent, and not the end of the world for you. Well I have 2 things to say. 1 is that CM is a very fine ship, and actually fun to play. After the HE spamming Algerie, you get a slightly better firestarter here - enough to justify one tier up. However as a bonus you get a competent brawler, with pretty good AP shells as well. On other hand, I wouldnt call it overpowered, but i DO understand how you feel about it. Let me ask you a question - did you play a decent amount of games in other t8 cruisers recently? Because over last 6 months the power creep at t8 was absolutely massive for cruisers. It might not be a bad thing, because they felt rather underwhelming, but its just a fact. Both Chapayev, Kutuzov and Mogami got the IFHE superpower on their 155mm guns, skyrocketing their dmg potential. New Orleans got a 25% DPM boost + camo almost equal to its radar. Hipper got better HE shells (although honestly its a bit lacking now). 6 months ago Charles Martel WOULD be overpowered, right now 120k average damage for a *competent* damage dealer like yourself, is nothing outstanding at t8 cruiser. To further emphasis on the power creep - I used to play a lot in Atago, and considered it definitely the best t8 cruiser. Now its middle of the pack at best, and lower portion above the Hipper at worst. Just because Atago didnt change, while everything around her did.
  14. Poster_2015

    Friant - t3 monster?

    Thing about Friant is that neither T2 or BBs will "eat her alive", since only Myogi can match her range - and she is actually very good dmg dealer at this range with IFHE. Its actually at least 14 point captain though for full use - without IFHE your long range damage lacks, without AFT you get inside enemy range and Friant is very squishy.
  15. Poster_2015

    Friant - t3 monster?

    Just wondering about your opinion guys, but while Friant is very solid when you grind through her, it feels it will be insanely OP with high lvl captain for sealclubbing. 139mm guns benefitting from both AFT and BFT means you outrange all the BBs and other cruisers, you actually hit stuff , you are fast enough to run away, and with IFHE you have no problems dealing dmg. Any thoughts?