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  1. Xanta99

    Share of real ships for each nation

    I didn't make this, someone called TomsonPRD did. I just found it
  2. Xanta99

    Share of real ships for each nation

    Taking the name Red Navy literally, at least we know why it got the name now
  3. Xanta99

    Share of real ships for each nation

    This seems like a good place to add this thing I found on reddit:
  4. Xanta99

    an idea that may be something good

    This does already exist. It's called Azur Lane
  5. Xanta99

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    Regardless of how nauseating this video is and sums up much that has gone wrong with WoWs the actual answer is, was and remains.......Essex Oh sorry did you mean BATTLEship?
  6. Xanta99

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    Yeah aren't they just terrible:
  7. Xanta99

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    Even if you really wanted the ship it showed you'd be crazy to buy it before you'd spent all the tokens you get from the directives as you might get it anyway for free. And then you'd have spent 1000 db for the credit cost of the ship, port slot etc. Mine is showing me the T6 available but I won't buy it unless I get nothing from the free tokens
  8. Xanta99

    Poll: Proposed Legendary changes

    So far 19 want to keep the missions. And 2 want to get rid of them, one of whom appears to just want the mission out of his log That's 90.4% by the way, so spreadsheet says
  9. Xanta99

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    I didn't keep track of the exact contents but still: 24 crates from T10 snowflakes, all trash
  10. Xanta99

    Santa's crates

    Don't buy more than 20 in one go. Spend DBs gained on ships in the armory, thus removing them from the list of ships that might drop in the next batch. And buy the cheapest ones first, leave all the higher value ones to be potential drops (unless you really, really want a certain ship)
  11. Xanta99

    Will you complete directive 2?

    The XP is easily farmed in operations. DD XP done yesterday in Aegis, cruiser and BB XP almost done in Aegis and Narai. 400k XP done in the process. Cleared a lot of snowflakes in the process too. Used a few camos and signals up but no loss, that's where they'd be used anyway. I have too many snowflakes to do (211) to bother running T6 CVs over and over in Ops for that one It'll be less easy today as it's Newport for T6 now - but eh can always try for a group in the Op channel for something else. 150 fires/floods etc done in coop without much trouble. Will get either damage or PD done there depending which ticks over first. And no, DDs are not useless in Ops:
  12. I was tempted to add the option "sack whoever made all the major decisions of 2019"
  13. Xanta99

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    As probably already stated a million times: DO NOT REMOVE our legendary grind. By all means add a second way to get the modules but these grinds take so long and a lot of us will be quite far into them and furious if you delete all that progress. Just once this year do something that doesn't upset absolutely everyone
  14. Xanta99


    Edinburgh used to do extremely well in Cherry Blossom, when it existed
  15. Xanta99

    Aegis Operation Bugged

    I had this happen on my first Aegis game today. Nothing you can do other than farm damage because you can't win. There were several weird things: One transport did start moving but even when freed it kept sailing south. This eventually spawned the Amagi etc and of course meant it could not be won One of the BBs for the star spawned at the same time as the transports, way over in the top left corner then just sat there (I was in Furious so spotted it) Shchors never moved. Mahan woke up halfway through the game for some reason However the other 17 Aegis games I had today after that were all fine (other than a bit of window licking)