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  1. Xanta99

    Double CVs at tier 8 is a nightmare.

    People have clearly forgotten what facing 2 CVs EACH with 4-5 attack squadrons in the air at once was like, especially if yours were potatos. And with better alpha strike too
  2. More that people might not think of it and use all 5 up before they reach this part, then have to grind Plus sometimes rewards for things don't count to other missions (mainly directives etc) so confirmation is not a bad thing
  3. If doing the mission chain for free regular black Friday containers the Free XP generated by a normal Alaska from the mission given after acquiring Alaska B counts for the FXP stage of the mission. So two games and nothing else and it's done, if you'd rather save it for that than burn through a bunch of FXP signals: I mean this part:
  4. Xanta99

    Graf Zeppelin - An Analysis

    The TB range would be a bit more useful if TBs got torp predictors like DDs do
  5. Xanta99

    AlaskaB or MassachusettsB/AsashioB ?

    Spend 250 doubloons worth of those savings on the one dirt cheap premium black friday crate you can get in the Armory. Then cross your fingers (and toes) and pray for Alaska for almost nothing.
  6. Playing Mutanovsk in Twilight battles. Truce agreed between our team and another and we're happily clearing the DDs around Rasputin together Pew Pew Pew goes my Mut in a straight line outside their torp range. Zoomed in for extra goodness with the guns BAM I ram a (friendly) red Crocolisk with his immunity up. Oops didn't see you. He takes offence at this breach of truce and deletes our cruiser. Our BB fires at him ... Everyone dies Except Rasputin
  7. Xanta99

    Scharnhorst B and Mission received, this seems off?

    Sims mission is worse for a good reason. Sims costs £14. Sims B costs £10. 2500 DB is about £7. You'd effectively be getting a second Sims for about £3 if the mission gave 2500. As it is you're getting it for about £6 once you include the 1500 DB. Not bad at all, perhaps low enough to entice people into getting a second one. Also worth noting that the effective cost of Scharnhorst B is £19 - £7 = £12 for existing Scharn drivers. Normal Scharnhorst is £27. Again, a great price for anoyone who ever wanted two different builds, access to more +xp dailies (hi there Narai), snowflakes or whatever. We had all these threads last year. Please can we not have them again next year (as if)
  8. Xanta99

    doubloons and blackfriday event

    It is. It's a thanks to people who like a ship so much they buy it twice
  9. Xanta99

    Blyska Camo Missions

    Coop isn't fabulous due to bots charging into the caps, team mates sharing cap points etc. But if you get one of those great 7 bots on your team games and your bots all suicide then this can happen. Note the ship used: Mission complete. Best part: I was only actually there to finish my spot ships directive
  10. Xanta99

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    Not really. If you play 5 games in Sims and own Sims B you get 1500 DB For most of the other B ships it's 2500 DB. This includes last year's. For Alaska it's 2500 DB and 100,000 FXP. Not a bad little compensation. Given that you still have a ship you can set up differently if you want (here comes my full secondary build GZ B with my 19 pt GK captain just for coop lolz), can farm +daily XP bonuses with and can use for a snowflake EDIT: Also, 10 crates got GZ, Scharnhorst and a bunch of misc stuff for me EDIT2: and the 250 DB prem crate from the armory had 35k FXP
  11. I "hear" that there "will" soon "be" a "ship" on "sale" that is "bought" using "only" extraneous "quotation" marks. At least one person will get it on release day
  12. Xanta99

    Weekly Combat Missions: "303 Squadron"

    Not allowing cap assist ribbons is lunacy. You want me to torp greens who dare to enter my cap? All for a camo on a boat that already has several?
  13. Xanta99

    Ever Increasing worthless XP

    Just a reminder that the point of keeping old ships is that they are fun to play
  14. Xanta99

    The best tier 8 Premium BB

    What I find most amusing over time is the way she took "good top speed of 27.5 knots" for Alabama and that had turned into "Horribly slow at 27.5 knots" by the time Massaschusetts came along. As I say, some info is no longer quite as current as on release day. Also, get Mass. Did I mention that already?
  15. Xanta99

    The best tier 8 Premium BB

    My vote is for Massachusetts. yes it has worse main guns than Alabama, but nothing undoes the fact it is a US BB with such fun and awesome secondaries, especially when the captain has AFT. But as for all of them. Well.... Taken from Littlewhitemouse's reviews: (disclaimer, some of this info may be outdated) Massachusetts PROs Excellent anti-torpedo protection with a 46% damage reduction. 50% faster reset timer on her Repair Party consumable, allowing her to recover damage more quickly. Low velocity 406mm shells have good overall dispersion area and her AP shells hit like trucks. Improved secondaries compared to Alabama with 2.5km additional range, 50% faster rate of fire and 40% increased accuracy. Excellent anti-aircraft firepower. Very agile for a high tier battleship — even more so than Alabama — with a great rate of turn. CONs Very vulnerable to cruiser-caliber HE fire with the majority of the ship having only 32mm of protection. Main battery is short ranged at 18.3km base. Main battery dispersion is a bit wonky with 1.7 sigma. Secondary guns are small caliber and struggle to deal direct damage to most targets. Horribly slow for a tier VIII battleship at 27.5 knots. Large surface detection range for an American battleship at 16.6km base. Kii PROs Large hit point pool of 68,200hp. Powerful main battery armament with excellent AP performance. Armed with torpedoes (!) Excellent AA firepower. Good top speed of 29.5 knots. The optional Makoto Kobayashi – Kii camouflage transforms her into one of the best credit earning and training premiums in the game currently. CONs Horrible armour, bad torpedo protection and a large, exposed citadel Slow 31s reload on her main battery. Dispersion often feels wonky with a 1.7 sigma value. Torpedo armament has poor firing angles, doesn’t hit hard and provides enemies with a long reaction time. Weak secondary gun battery armament. Clumsy handling, with a large 880m turning circle and slow rate of turn. Enormous surface and aerial detection range. Makoto Kobayashi – Kii camouflage is only available in larger bundles. It cannot be purchased after the fact for doubloons Gascogne PROs Fast resetting Repair Party consumable allows her to recover damage quickly. High muzzle velocity coupled with good energy preservation maintains her penetration power even at range. Fast main battery reload at 28 seconds. Secondaries have a 7.0km base range. Ridiculously fast for a battleship with a 32.0 knot top speed. Has access to an extended duration Engine Boost consumable to make her even faster. Excellent rate of turn for a battleship at 4.4º/s Beauty and the Beast memes. CONs Nearly the entirety of this ship is vulnerable to light cruiser HE fire. Her 380mm guns suffer from low DPM and cannot overmatch 27mm bows of select heavy cruisers. Awful main battery gun dispersion, particularly on the vertical axis. Poor gun layout combined with bad firing angles which significantly hurts her damage output. Her secondaries either fire too slowly or don’t have enough penetration to do direct damage. Ineffective anti-aircraft firepower. Large turning radius of 850m. Vanguard PROS Large hit point pool of 71,700hp. Main battery has a quick 25s reload and excellent gun handling. Has the same dispersion pattern as Warspite, Hood and Queen Elizabeth and boasts 2.0 sigma, making her one of the most precise battleships in the game. Excellent AP and HE performance for a 381mm shell, including good penetration and damage values, rewarding versatile ammunition choice. Very fast rudder shift time for a battleship of 9.7 seconds. Improved Repair Party, queuing and healing back more than standard and with fast reset timer. CONS Exposed, above-water citadel. Absolutely appalling firing angles on her main battery. Main battery is only eight 381mm rifles creating issues with overmatching and DPM. AA defense is for self defense only and is concentrated in 3.5km range, medium caliber mounts that are easily knocked out. Large turning radius of 850m and slow rate of turn exacerbates the issues with her fire angles. Roma PROs Has an extended belt which reaches halfway up the prow. Excellent gun handling with fast turret traverse. Phenomenal muzzle velocity and energy retention, giving her fast shell flight times over distance. Great AP penetration power over range. Good concealment with a 14.9km surface detection range which can be reduced down to 11.2km. CONs Citadel sits well above the waterline. Short ranged for a tier VIII battleship at 18.1km. Her guns misbehave, with poor dispersion values, overmatch problems and overpenetration after overpenetration. Awful HE performance with low alpha strike, poor fire chance and mediocre module damage. Anti-aircraft firepower is short ranged with only modest DPS. Large turning radius, mediocre ship rotation rate. Lenin PROS Excellent armour profile for shattering HE shells and autobouncing AP. All forward gun arrangement with excellent 6º/s rotation rate and good fire arcs. Very accurate at medium to close ranges. Powerful, 406mm AP shell with high, 13,100hp damage. Very nice HE shell with decent damage (5,850hp) and good fire chance (41%). Soviet Damage Control Party. CONS High-water citadel, making the ship very vulnerable when flanked. Smaller hit point pool and low healing potential. Inflexible with short main battery range and only a modest top speed. Slow rate of fire with a 33s reload. Only modest AP penetration for a 406mm armed battleship. Mediocre anti-aircraft firepower. Large surface and aerial detection ranges. Soviet Damage Control Party and Repair Party. Alabama PROs: Massive anti-torpedo bulges which provide 49% damage reduction — the 2nd best value in the game. Powerful, long range guns with a 21.1km reach and good vertical dispersion. Responsive turret rotation at 4.5º per second. Excellent levels of anti-aircraft firepower. Good top speed of 27.5 knots. Small 710m turning circle and fastest turning rate of any of the mid to high tier USN Battleships. Excellent credit earning potential. CONs: Her citadel sits very high over the waterline, extending from beneath the full length of the #1 turret to the #3 turret. Her armour isn’t quite as good as advertised. Improper angling will lead to many penetrating and citadel hits. Bow is easily overmatched by Yamato’s 460mm rifles. Her aft transverse bulkhead protecting her lower citadel is only 16mm thick. Low muzzle velocity and long shell flight times over range. And just to be complete: Tirpitz PROs: Excellent armour protection and nigh invulnerable to citadel hits from AP shells. Main battery has a fast, 26s reload and good gun handling characteristics with a traverse rate of 5º per second. High penetration HE shells, capable of besting 95mm of armour with a 34% fire chance per shell. Heavy secondary gun battery complement with excellent 7.5km base range and improved, 37mm penetration on her 150mm guns. Powerful torpedo armament, especially for a battleship. Fast at 30.5 knots. Awesome selection of premium camouflages for long-time veterans. CONs: Poor anti-torpedo defense. Inaccurate main battery guns with low DPM, poor HE shell damage and poor fire angles. 105mm secondaries cannot damage the hulls of tier VIII+ destroyers. Short 6km range on her torpedoes. Torpedo tubes are vulnerable and get disabled often. Weak AA power for a tier 8 Battleship and easily one-shot by AP Bomb armed carriers. Very large turning circle of 850m. Lacks Hydroacoustic Search found on high tier German Battleships