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  1. Xanta99

    Harugumo - overpowered main battery

    Coming soon, new thread by same poster: "omg I love my haru lololol look at this replay"
  2. Xanta99

    Operation Killer Whale (Op of the Week)

    There is one exception to the "CVs were replaced with BBs" rule in Ops. Narai still has a Lexington to kill for a bonus star, and it has no planes.
  3. Xanta99

    Kurfürst with Two Gun turrets

    The gun angles on it are so bad it's often a 6 gun ship anyway
  4. Xanta99

    Unable to get IFHE........

    Um don't retrain it to a premium ship. Find a tech tree ship that would benefit from having the skills that captain has and for which he is an upgrade and train it to that (difficult to match a dedicated Mass captain ideally to something else I admit). Then move it over to Mass (free, no training required) and it can be used on both. Also if you can be patient WG *might* give us another free reset at some point, which includes retraining to a new ship.
  5. Xanta99

    Theories on new lines?

    Um there is quite a difference between launching a strike on a declared enemy during hostilities and launching an attack during peacetime with zero warning. THAT was why the US decided from day one that unconditional Japanese surrender was the only way it would end. Anyway: What I think should be next: Italian cruisers, DDs, BBs. French DDs (confirmed incoming) Pan-European lines, Pan-American lines (even if only low to mid tiers) What I think will be next because WG: Russian CVs
  6. Xanta99

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    It's not just lack of FP, SI although those are significant things to be missing out on. If you equip both secondary upgrades in slots 3 and 6 your Musashi will also lose main gun accuracy and fire rate. (or whatever else you had there) It's hilarious to go full secondary build but Musashi secondaries are so awful (compared to others) it's not the right ship to do it on. Massachusets, Georgia, Republique, Bis/Tirp, FdG and GK though....let the rain of shells commence. But don't ever complain if you get BBQed :)
  7. Xanta99

    DD scores

    It's because spotting doesn't give anywhere near as much XP and credits as it deserves, and organising gives none at all - unless a higher chance of winning counts in your eyes. WG like damage and kills over all other things. Even useless healable damage. (Which is why Henris and Conqs find it so easy to save stars in ranked losses)
  8. Xanta99

    Drydock: Kremlin

    Turns out that in fact Gangut (pretty much the only real ship) was actually a furniture delivery van according to WG:
  9. Xanta99

    do u see anything "strange" in those pics?

    2 kills but the enemy has only lost one ship
  10. Xanta99


    No need to talk in chat for credit, but some rooms/streamers are well worth chatting to. Just don't mute twitch's sound or it won't count you as watching. It's kinda random even if you watch for hours but eh, free stuff is not to be whined about (many will try and prove me wrong on this). Most streamers will have twitch drops enabled and will say so in their stream topic. If you have amazon prime already you can get one free subscription to a streamer of your choice by linking it to twitch as well (subs remove ads, add emotes and basically support the guy you picked a little) Mainly though I watch for fun and the boxes are a bonus
  11. Daily login bonuses for this month, now that they've reset, seem to include one free box to get it going (last on the list of course, but still easy enough to get to)
  12. Xanta99

    Co op in 8.4

    What did you do? Bots now drive around in coop like the worst sort of random potato. They sail away from where they spawn to all gather in a huddle, ram islands and each other, form lemming trains while reversing. It's a gigantic, unfun mess and if they all sail away from YOU then you get no XP guaranteed - some DD will torp them all at the other end of the map before you get in range. Put the AI back how it was please and stop messing with it. Please don't ruin coop like Operations were ruined. It's the only decent game mode left. Or was. Where are the bot CVs that were promised in 8.4? Why aren't there any patch notes explaining all these changes and omissions?
  13. I've been running the numbers on service costs and can provide a few tips as a result. This is most useful for anyone playing coop, and especially anyone doing it in a silver ship - but it applies to all games as well. If you've reached the point that credits are meaningless to you then yay for you, we don't need you to reply about how rich you are. First the wall of numbers, I don't expect you to read all of this but some might. The main things to look at here are a) how much do I save putting a signal on this ship? b) Is it worth buying a permacamo? There are a few assumptions made: Although I've calculated and shown the value per game of being in a clan, I have not bothered to do the full calculations for NOT being in one. As such you won't find a service cost for using a signal, having a perma camo equipped and not being in a clan - because duh, join one. Plenty of clans out there who will let you join for perks and expect nothing oppressive of you. Also it so happens that my clan currently has the -12% service cost for all tiers modifier and so that is the one used here. A reminder that possibles (in order) are: 5%(T1-6), 5% (7-8) 5% (9-10) 10% (all tiers) 12% (all tiers) 15% (all tiers) and so your mileage may vary. I have not included the effect of a flag from ranked because using that is not really a choice - once you get it you'll use it on everything until it goes away. The top half of the image is for all game modes except coop. The bottom half is coop as that gets a -25% modifier. The left half is about tech tree ships, the right half premiums. Ok so now what the hell does it mean: The columns coloured orange green and pink in each left/right half show the actual saving per game of each of the three things you can influence service cost with: signal (10%), permacamo(10-50%), clan membership (5-15% but 12% in this pic) If you are wondering how much you would save in any given game with these, look up the values in these columns. e.g a T4 premium would save an additional 500 credits mounting a signal in a random match, but if you put it on Yamato in random it'd save 18000. 1) T9 silver ships hurt to play no matter what you do. They cost more per game than a T10 if you are using permacamos without even factoring in that the T10 camo gives extra credits as well. The permacamo is weak at T9 and this is the problem, because the base cost is much higher than it was at T8 and the camo does not offset this much at all. A T9 permacamo in coop saves 18000 per game. A T10 one saves 67500. 2) A T10 with a permacamo has a similar service cost to a T8. But you'd expect it to generate more credits than a T8, especially since the T10 camo also gets a +20% credits modifier. 3) If you have a limited supply of India Bravo Terrathree signals and are wondering where to use them it is very simple: if you own any T10s silver ships, use them for that. Each will save you 13500-18000 credits per game depending on game mode. If not then keep them for the highest tier ships you have and count premiums as 1-2 tiers lower compared to silver ships 4) Do not use this signal on a premium ship unless you somehow have an almost unlimited supply or you are silly and have prems that are much higher than your silver ships. Premium service costs are already lower and, unlike your silver ships, you are guaranteed to own a permacamo for them. Even so using one on a Salem or other T10 prem will save 9000 per random game. This is half what it's worth on a silver ship but might be worth it for you. This saving drops off sharply at lower tiers. 5) Service costs for all premiums are extremely low and as you know are your go-to emergency ATM. The T10 premiums are of special note, since they are adding more of them, because without a signal they cost a measly 34200, and include a free +20% credits. Salem, etc really do make good credits. This is a similar cost to a silver T7 with permacamo with a free zulu signal thrown in for good luck. 6) If you see any events at all that can earn you a free camo for a silver ship that you plan to play, do it. ESPECIALLY if it's a T10 one (Go Navy gave two - DM and Worcs, so it's possible there might be others at some point). If you don't have the ship yet it doesn't matter, it'll be waiting for you when you do. 7) If your clan is playing high tier ships encourage them to get the better Naval Base buildings to maximize savings. I'm not saying this for WG's benefit at all but it is how it is and they have engineered the costs deliberately to cause it I believe : If you want to play T10 coop and not haemorrhage credits every single game, you need the camos. The same would apply at T9 were the cost of the camos not ludicrously high given their effect. These things really need a rework given they are 4000 DBs each. -20% is just not good enough. I simply don't play T9s much after the grind is done for this reason. If you get any free from events etc then great - but they're still not fabulous. I won't buy any T9 camos until they get massively improved and prefer just to bench the ships and play T10. Permacamos below T9 save no more than 7500 credits in any game mode and are nice if you can get them for nothing, but otherwise a bit meh and are dubious value for the doubloons unless you plan to play a ship allllllllllllll the time. Edit: You can use the signals column to decide if you want to buy -10% signals for coal. 20 of them cost 3200 coal without a coupon, so decide if the saving for the ship you plan to use them on is worth 160 coal for you..
  14. Xanta99

    Best of 3! Crippling Caliber

    You have to deal 50%+ of HP and destroy the ship in one salvo. Musashi was still alive after the salvo, so no dev strike would be given even if he finished it off later.
  15. Xanta99

    Best of 3! Crippling Caliber

    Nice play by all. Just one thing. Battleship doesn't get a Dev Strike, yet wins Dev Strike category?