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  1. Xanta99

    Suggestions thread

    Daily reset synchronisation: Current we have several things that have to reset each day. These include: Xp bonus for each ship Daily XP-based containers Daily missions Special events such as Royal navy tasks, etc From what I can tell, the reset timers for these are different. The XP bonus and containers reset about 4 hours sooner than the missions and special objectives. This can give us a weird void where we have an incentive to wait for a few hours instead of playing because not everything has reset. (For example right now I could easily use up most of my bonus XP for the day before today's counter for the Dreadnought mission is enabled) This only affects the small number of us who are sometimes in game during the night I admit, but it's still a thing. Please synchronise everything so the day starts for every aspect at the same time. It shouldn't be difficult.
  2. Xanta99

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    AA definitely deserves a mention (until the CV rework anyway). Tirpitz dies fast to AP bombs. They don't get much luck with Mass. Fewer reach it, and they don't land citadels every hit.
  3. Xanta99

    WG thx for giving players T10 especially special T10s

    Odd that people never seem to complain when this happens to the enemy team
  4. Xanta99

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery 
  5. Xanta99

    Ships you kept

    To add an extra point to this thread....the more ships you have in port then the more you benefit from the 9000 credit consumable event when it is on (i.e. right now). Every single ship can mount a premium damage control party, plus then whatever others they can mount that you want you can also buy on every ship possible. If you do this with *every* ship in port then the credit savings add up fast, at 13000 credits saved for every premium consumable you can buy during the event You then demount the lot when the event is over and use them up playing the ships you currently play.
  6. Xanta99

    Ships you kept

    I kept every single T6 and 7 ship for mucking around in Ops with, and I keep every ship I have a permacamo for from an event. The majority of 6 and 7s I added a permacamo to when they were half price too. For now I'm planning on keeping all T8s (except Amagi, I hated Amagi) in case any new Ops come out for T8 in addition to Cherry Blossom (and Hermes) (plus I ended up with a lot of T8 permacamos). What can I say, I like Ops T9s mostly get sold because they are so lacklustre compared to the T10, but I guess it's possible I might find one I like enough to keep at some point - but so far Seattle, Buffalo, FdG and Izumo are all deleted. That still leaves 104 ships in port.
  7. Xanta99

    Thoughts on 10% damage on torp bulge/spaced armor thing

    This idea has now been removed from the patch UPD: After the first stage of the version 0.7.11 public test, we decided to cancel the changes affecting the damage of shells to bulges, secondary battery/AA defense, and fully destroyed parts of a ship. The decision was made based on the collected statistics and feedback left by participants of the public test. Due to the specifics of the armor and layout of some ships, especially battleships, the new mechanics led to an excessive increase in damage received when hit in the area of bulges, and that adversely affected the ships' survivability. At the same time, the interaction of shells with secondary battery/AA defense, and fully destroyed parts of a ship worked correctly, however, the disadvantages of this solution outweigh the advantages. Note that the same changes, but with torpedo damage, remain in effect. This will aid in avoiding situations in combat, when a destroyer remains afloat after receiving a lot of torpedo hits without damage, due to the fact that the section of the ship was 'damage saturated' and had no Hit points remaining. Since the game mechanics are not removed from the game, but only switched off by means of coefficients, now the ribbon of "Over penetration" without causing damage will be replaced by "Penetration" without causing damage. This will have no effect on the amount of damage done by shells and will leave it at the 0.7.10 update level. Although the mechanics will not appear in the game with update 0.7.11, we will continue to search for a solution for cases where the player receives a "Penetration" ribbon without causing damage to the ship. Thank you for the time spent on the test and for your feedback!
  8. Xanta99

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    Getting far too many 2 star games because no one spots the catapults or the Black Lair and just charge in and kill Rasputin before 20 ships are down. I can spot one side but can't solo the entire thing before they roflstomp Rasputin. And it's not even the weekend yet.
  9. Xanta99

    I Really Like The Helena But I Love The Boise

    You realise that this week's Op as of today is the tier 6 Killer Whale? Of course if you can fill out a division you can still do T7 ones
  10. Xanta99

    I Really Like The Helena But I Love The Boise

    It was, although the stats were a bit boosted by killing the transports. Even so it was a very very close one. We started with two DDs on the team and thought we were doomed. The only reason we won at all was that I was divisioned with two excellent clan Atlantas. We seriously carried the match and even then almost lost. I was the only one left at the end and had to solo the entire last waves of ships. Including Normandie and Colorado. A few could stand to watch the replay and see what CL AP can do to those (I uploaded it as it was such epic fun) https://replayswows.com/replay/28254#stats And then the transport ship stole my kill. Even so look at how everyone else did. We were amazed we won. I also took 60k damage and lived, partially because of the heal ship and partially because of Boise's awesome heal.
  11. Xanta99

    I Really Like The Helena But I Love The Boise

    Oh and of course the monster heal does no harm either
  12. Xanta99

    I Really Like The Helena But I Love The Boise

    I like both but find myself playing Boise more. I already have all the US CLs so don't need XP on Helena. Boise being premium has its credit/XP advantages also. Especially while you still have the extra XP missions up
  13. Xanta99

    Demolition Expert underpower

    Zymeth I'm sorry I don't understand much of what you wrote. yes of course I meant 1000 shots because it was simpler than 100, you can't have 2.5 fires. Gnomus agreed. A lot of games I end up with Fires 1/0 or 2/0 on like 8 ships. I actually made a suggestion in the suggestions thread to give credit to people who had their damage DCPed off as soon as the DoT effect started (specifically when someone else then used the chance to get the ship covered in THEIR fires) However DE still gives you more chance to reapply those fires than not having it. More importantly perhaps it gives you more chance to get them to blow DCP on a fire then land a flood on them.
  14. Xanta99

    Demolition Expert underpower

    One last example just to really demonstrate how the "5%" chance you see in port is possibly catastrophically overestimating things if you come up against someone who is ready for fire, and not overmatched. Now your YY has IFHE but not DE and you have no flags equipped. And it is trying to set a fire on a Yamato who IS using DCM1, who DOES have fire prevention and who DOES have a fire prevention flag. This is pretty much the worst imaginable scenario. (0.5005) x (1 - 0.05 - 0.10) x (0.05 + 0.00 + 0.00 - 0.01) = 1.70% fire chance. OMG THIS IS NOT 5%! Compared to the very first example shooting at a T10 with no DCM or FP we now have 17 fires instead of 25. A loss of 32% of our fires Let's ditch IFHE: (0.5005) x (1 - 0.05 - 0.10) x (0.05 + 0.00 + 0.00 - 0.00) = 2.127% We have improved our fire chance by 25% by ditching IFHE but we're still lower than we expect even if we know it should be 2.5%, and that is entirely due to the measures the yamato has taken. Please also note from this how effective the captain FP skill can be. It does not lower your fire chance by a flat 10% It simply prevents 1/10 of the fires that would have started. (and of course limits you to 3 at once). Even if you get shot with a full HE salvo by a Monqueror he will lose 10% of the fires he'd start. And it will not lower a "5%" chance to less than zero. Finally let's keep IFHE because reasons, but get DE to try and help: (0.5005) x (1 - 0.05 - 0.10) x (0.05 + 0.02 + 0.00 - 0.01) = 2.553% Compared to 1.70% chance without DE we have gained 33% more fires. We're actually getting more fires now than if the yamato had no protection and we didn't have IFHE.
  15. Xanta99

    Demolition Expert underpower

    For a further example let's have a YY trying to pick on an Amagi, who has the top hull but is not running DCM1 and doesn't have the FP captain skill. The FCR is much worse for a T8, even one that isn't stock, being shot by a T10 (0.6337) x (1 - 0.00 - 0.00) x (0.05 + 0.00 + 0.00 - 0.00) = 3.1685% fire chance That's 31-32 fires against a T8 when you'd have 25 against a T10 assuming the exact same amount of hits. Or 27% more fires. So you really can pick on those poor baby ships MM has been cruel to (even worse if the poor little guy is running a stock hull) But what if you want IFHE? Against the same ship you do more direct damage now but your fire chance is: (0.6337) x (1 - 0.00 - 0.00) x (0.05 + 0.00 + 0.00 - 0.01) = 2.53% fire chance against the poor wittle bullied T8 (worth noting that against a T10 it is now 2.00%) Well 25.3 fires instead of 31.7 means you just lost about 25% of your potential fires. ok Let's get DE to compensate: (0.6337) x (1 - 0.00 - 0.00) x (0.05 + 0.02 + 0.00 - 0.01) = 3.80% fire chance 38 fires instead of 25.3 means DE has given us 33% more fires against our Amagi. (For shooting a T10 fire chance is up from 2.00% to 3.00%, which is a 50% gain) There is no quick easy answer to what effect DE has because as you can see it depends entirely on how your ship is set up, and what you are shooting at. But one thing that is always true is that it has a greater benefit to a ship with a low base fire chance, who may struggle to set almost any fires at all without it.