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  1. I'm trying to join a clan, but when I click on "Join a Clan" in the game, I get sent to this URL. Can anyone help please? Failed to load URL https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/gateway/wows/auth/?spa_id=531739617&token=86446753 with error (-138).
  2. book__123

    Battle of Imbros combat mission for destroyers

    Got it now thanks, didn't realise different stages were for different ships when I started the thread.
  3. book__123

    Battle of Imbros combat mission for destroyers

    D'oh missed the previous thread, sorry! At least everyone agrees it's a daft challenge ;) Didn't realise stage 4 was any class and 5 is BB only. Makes more sense now, I thought the whole thing was for destroyers.
  4. Anyone know how to complete stages 4 and 5 of this one? It's for tier 4 and above..... It's in 5 stages, stages 1, 2 and 3 are ok to do. Stage 4/5 is: In one battle, Become the best in your team by experience received. Cause 1 HP of damage to ships by ramming Stage 5/5 is: Survive a battle and ... Hit enemy ships 125 times with secondary battery. Destroy 2 ships. OK, stage 4, I can see being the best by experience is achievable, but 1 HP by ramming? Suicide, surely. And then stage 5, how do you hit ships with your secondary battery? Do DDs even have secondary batteries?? Any help gratefully received...
  5. book__123

    Do you like DD's

    Used to love playing IJN DD's, but the powers that be (aka idiots in charge) have ruined them. They are so unplayable these days that I've stopped playing the game.
  6. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    Luke Lepapier 15 December 2016 11:26Dear book__123, Thank you for contacting our Customer Support regarding your request! I would really love to help you but you no longer have those doubloons. Therefore, we cannot proceed with the refund. So, no refund. It's only a small amount of cash, but let this be a warning to anyone who buys anything from WOWS. They say they'll refund if you're not happy, but if they can worm out of it, they will. I'm pretty much done with the game now anyway. One very unhappy ex-customer here. Stuff 'em.
  7. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    Following my recent doubloon purchase, World of Warships have sent me an email which included... You have the right to withdraw from this purchase contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 calendar days from the day of the conclusion of this purchase contract. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us, Wargaming Group Limited105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia 1080, Cyprus e-mail: support@wargaming.netphone: +357 22 864444fax: +357 22 864454 of your decision to withdraw from this purchase contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail). You may use the model withdrawal form you find under http://content.wargaming.net/Withdrawal%20Form.docx, but it is not obligatory. Soooo, as I'm not happy, I've asked for a refund of the money I spent on the 500 doubloons. It's only a small amount but it's become a point of principle. I was stupid to pay them anything when I'm not happy with their latest update. It's not down to me to correct what they've done to IJN DD players, it's up to them. I hope they honour their offer. No response from them as yet.
  8. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    I'd have given it a go anyway, loved playing the Minekaze, but I've had 3 battles in it since the last update, lost them all, and been killed 3 times too. It's not the way I play, it's the ship, it's been nerfed to a point where it can't compete fairly. I think the whole game is going on my embargo list.
  9. book__123

    IJN DD's in PTS 0.5.15

    I'm an IJN DD player and they've pretty much killed it for me. First they gave ships sonar so that smoke is no longer a defence, now they've butchered them to a point where they're looking pretty unplayable. And why have they moved captains round without giving players any choice in the matter? Can't see me bothering to play much in future, thanks WOWS.
  10. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers

    I had an 18 point captain on the Minekaze. I spent a lot of time building him up and now WOW have moved him against my wishes to the Mutsuki, which is an awful ship by comparison. Unless they have a rethink, I can't see me bothering to play much in future. Shame, as I loved the game.
  11. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers

    Now Ragoda has pointed it out, I too can see the torp speed on Jap DDs has been reduced, so they still have no gun power and now they have reduced torp capability. Terrible upgrade for anyone who plays Jap DDs.
  12. book__123

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    Well I'm not happy with this latest update. I play the Minekaze and my 18 point Commander Skills captain has been re-assigned to the Mutsuki, which I don't like. I've got a new captain on the Minekaze with only 5 Commander Skills to spend. All I want to know is ..... How do I get my original captain back onto my Minekaze?