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  1. OP coming back to read this thread:
  2. So WG when can i brawl again ?

    WG, let the brawlers brawl!!! And let the trawlers trawl.
  3. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    Deep water minefields?

    Were they relevant to the thread topic?
  5. Scharnhorst no wins possible anymore

    Hey, I won 1 game in my Kamikaze R, then I lost the following game. Did they nerf it in between the two games?
  6. When it says +100%, you get 200% in total. When it says +214%, you get 314% in total. If it said +314%, you would get 414% in total.
  7. My win-rate is 157%.
  8. I just tried it on company time. Still can't finish the damn thing.
  9. You also seem to be missing a sense of humour ;)
  10. Medway in flames

    Agree, mate. I started playing Pirates on my Amiga. I just enjoy the remake for voyages down memory lane once in a while. Are we talking Cargo Fluyt heading out of Curacao?
  11. Medway in flames

    Totally with you on that one... and ahem.
  12. Being pink doesn't equal griefing people in ranked. It can be the case, but it can also be the opposite. We had two different experiences with pink players, so yes - it's a question of bad luck.
  13. I had quite a few ranked battles yesterday with pink players - none of them did any team damage deliberately. You were unlucky, and that only means one thing: That you had bad luck. Not that the system is flawed.