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  1. PedeNuts

    WoW double standards

    Or that is should be seen as "manly". There's nothing "manly" about being insulting or threatening.
  2. PedeNuts

    WTF ????

    By the love of God, please turn off your AA next time you're in a battle with CVs!!!
  3. PedeNuts

    does the game secretly aim for the player?

    First one has to make a satisfactory offering to the omnipotent clandestine aimbot. Then "improvement" will come.
  4. PedeNuts

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    To be fair, the chat ban did not specifically state, that your ban was because of trying to bypass the censor filter. The reason is that you made insults OR personal attacks OR abuse OR harassment OR typing in such a way to bypass the censor filter. So when you say "I'm not nearly as toxic and salty as I used to be", maybe there's still a possibility of triggering one or more of the above listed chat ban reasons once in a while - enough to get you a manual ban. Juuuust maybe.
  5. PedeNuts

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    If your post is referring to your second MM pic, then killing 2 cruisers put you in quite a disadvantage compared to killing just the enemy cruiser. And I absolutely love blapping DDs in my Orion, but I guess that's my personal preference.
  6. PedeNuts

    WG hype failure

  7. PedeNuts


    Poor bloke played with 8 fps 4 years ago... about time someone tries to help him! I just hope he spent the past 4 years learning Bosnian instead of playing 8 fps WoWS
  8. PedeNuts

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    How can I know that you don't know that I don't know? Or vice versa regarding the contrary stance? Do you know?
  9. Very unintentional. So I’ll give you this:
  10. I'd say quite a substantial portion of the playerbase feels like Sandra Bowlarks these CV re-work days.
  11. PedeNuts

    This game is missing a little somthing...

  12. PedeNuts

    Remove startrek Smoke binocular

    Could we drop these Star Trek gifs and get back to the much more interesting periscope chatter, please? *edited
  13. PedeNuts


    No lock yet? That means gif-time!
  14. PedeNuts

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    I just want to know one thing, OP. What's your favourite cheese?