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  1. PedeNuts


    No lock yet? That means gif-time!
  2. PedeNuts

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    I just want to know one thing, OP. What's your favourite cheese?
  3. PedeNuts

    CV Rework Discussion

    Crop-dusting caps!!
  4. PedeNuts


    He has 2669 coop battles under his belt. It looks like the transition from coop to randoms was too big a step.
  5. PedeNuts

    Summer Sale Ships's 50% off

  6. PedeNuts

    @WG Can we have a special captain called Chuck Norris?

    Chuck Norris memes are still a thing? Can we have a Rick Astley captain or a Star Wars Kid captain as well?
  7. PedeNuts

    [JPF] The Judean People's Front Now Recruiting !

    I'll get on the discord tonight, I just need to man-handle half a bottle of wine and few fags first. I'll probably have some cheese with above wine, come to think of it.
  8. PedeNuts

    [JPF] The Judean People's Front Now Recruiting !

    Any requirements regarding regular activity? Because I'm only online every second weekend. I've had a prolonged break from the game, and now I'm trying to find a clan suitable to my irregular low/mid tier activities. My favourite cheese is dutch parmesan/gouda hybrid (blessed are the cheesemakers).
  9. PedeNuts

    A word of THANKS

    I'd give them a word of WHARSHIPS as well!!! I'm hoping I can get my son on board with this game in a few years, when he's old enough. Would be awesome to division with him regularly.
  10. PedeNuts

    How do u tell ur mom ur a Asashio main?

    I'm not going to tell my my mum at all. However, OP - I told your mum last night...
  11. How do I feel about this topic? I'm not quite sure...
  12. PedeNuts

    Wargaming permits teamkilling

    If you get blood soaked hands in combination with your pink-tipped torp, then you need to see a variety of doctors immediately..
  13. PedeNuts

    No fun, no money

    Honestly, I think the best route for you would be to go back to lower tiers to learn more about the situational roles of the different classes you want to play high tier. Tier V seems to be a good spot for you, as your win-rate there is average. And in Tier V, you'll see much less radar and a little less manual drops from fighters. A reduction in those noice-factors will make it easier for you to focus on the basics of the battles. Reading the situation, reading your team movement, reading the enemy team movement, where should you be for maximum effect, should you push, should you island camp, etc. Once you get a bigger understanding for those things in the low-noice environment, it's time to move up the tiers if your desire is high-tier gameplay. And yes, I know you have more than 5x as many battles as I have, but I think my advise is sound.
  14. PedeNuts


    Are we doing gifs now? Allow me to contribute... Hey OP!!