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  1. French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

    Looking at some of the debating skills going on in this thread....
  2. My prediction of Soviet BBs special feature

    Premium Adidas camouflage?
  3. Battleships are now obsolete

    I'm guessing the hydrodynamic coefficients for torpedoes armed with helicopters are sub-par compared to other torpedoes. +1 for thinking outside the citadel, though.
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I'm certainly in the Christmas spirits after reading that gem of a post!!
  5. Are you kidding me 7 dd's in a clan battle????

    OP coming back to read this thread:
  6. So WG when can i brawl again ?

    WG, let the brawlers brawl!!! And let the trawlers trawl.
  7. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    Deep water minefields?

    Were they relevant to the thread topic?
  9. Scharnhorst no wins possible anymore

    Hey, I won 1 game in my Kamikaze R, then I lost the following game. Did they nerf it in between the two games?
  10. When it says +100%, you get 200% in total. When it says +214%, you get 314% in total. If it said +314%, you would get 414% in total.
  11. My win-rate is 157%.
  12. I just tried it on company time. Still can't finish the damn thing.
  13. Rewards for participating in Public Test 0.6.2

    You also seem to be missing a sense of humour ;)